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The Prostitute

On my way home, I decide to stop off for sex!
It wasn´t on my mind when I set off that morning, but as I drove along and saw all the gorgeous looking girls of all ages, sizes and colour, I knew that I wouldn´t be able to resist.

I was nearly home, only another 20 minutes left, and I would be there. Another night in front of the television, making small talk with my wife. Then we will retire to bed and again lie back to back. Since I had turned 40, my sex drive had shot through the roof. Alas, my wife´s hadn´t, and I knew that it was going to be another night of no sex.

I had visited prostitutes before, but at their apartment or in a brothel. This was way more risky, but I didn´t care.

The road that I was driving along was well known for having prostitutes standing each side, for at least a mile. The locals had tried to get them moved on, but the local police weren´t interested. They would often pass by them, turning a blind eye to them selling their bodies, sometimes pulling over to check their paperwork, but thay was all. My head was going from left to right, taking in the sight of scantilly clad girls, mostly from south america and eastern europe, I was like a kid in a candy store. Some of them weren´t exactly young, and looked like they had had a hard life. However, dressed in thigh high boots and really short skirts, they looked pleasing to this sex starved man. In fact, the way I was feeling, the sluttier dressed the better. I had passed the point of no return, and despite the chance of being seen my anyone that knew me, it was now just the matter of picking which girl, that I was going to stick my throbbing cock into.

Reality hit me for a while, and I started to look for a girl that was standing near a well hidden spot. Most of the girls were standing near to some vineyards, where you were expected to pull into to complete the deed. Not very well hidden from passers by. Then I noticed a few were standing in places that would take you out of the view of passing motorists, which obviously appealed to me. I did a few u-turns up and down the road, trying to find a good looking girl who was also in a well hidden spot.

Eventually I saw a dark short haired girl, fairly tall, wearing a short black skirt and thigh high black boots. I drove past her twice, and thought how attractive she looked, which was a bonus as by now looks weren´t that important. I had to have sex!!

I pulled into a petrol station that was very close by her spot, and without buying anything, pulled out again slowly. As I drove up the slip road leading back onto the main one, I checked my rear view mirror and noticed that the traffic was sparse behind me. Also the oncoming traffic was quiet, so I pulled over and turned into the gravel road alongside her spot. I pulled in a bit too far, nervously trying to avoid being seen by anyone. She walked over to the passenger side window, which I had lowered, and leaned in. Up close I noticed how attractive she was, and my mind was made up, even before we discussed a price. She told me her services in her best english accent, and told me a blowjob was €20, and a blowjob followed by full sex was €30. I nodded in agreement at the latter, and she opened the car door and got in. Then she motioned for me to drive forward, and take a left turn into a well shaded field. There were high conifers all around us, and even though the traffic was close by, no-one would know what was about to take place.

I parked up, and handed her over the money. She popped it into her bag and took out a condom. I asked her where she was from, and she told me she was albanian. Then she leant over to my seat and proceeded to unzip my jeans. In one move, she pulled them down along with my boxers. Luckily, my cock was standing at full attention and a smile came across her gorgeous face. Before I could ask her her name, she leant over further and placed her lips near to my rock hard cock. First she licked the tip whilst working my balls with her hand, before gradually easing it further and further into her mouth. She sucked, slowly at first, then speeding up, taking me all the way in. I reached over and placed my hand under her skirt, and started to rub her soft smooth ass. She stopped, looked me in the eyes, and reached back pulling her skirt higher up, revealing her skimpy black thong. It rode deep into her ass, and I carried on stroking it, as she returned to the job in hand, of sucking me off.

With the sight of her sexy ass, and the feel of her hot lips around my cock, I felt myself nearing a orgasm. I stopped her, and she smiled again, and placed the condom on my cock. Then she swung her leg over my lap, so that we were nearly face to face, reached down with her hand and guided my cock inside her wet pussy. She leant forward and began kissing my neck, as I continued to caress her ass. Again she started off slowly, letting my cock almost leave her pussy, pausing at the top before plunging down hard. I was in heaven, and forgot that she was only doing her job. I wanted it to go on for ever, but after 5 minutes, began to feel the cum building up inside me. She must have sensed this, and speeded up, obviously wanting to get back to her spot for her next client. She began to moan, as I exploded inside her. Again I knew it was probably all part of the act, but what an act it was. It was an oscar performance!

She climbed off of me, reached down and took off the condom, full with my cum. She smiled at me and asked me if it was ok, to which I replied "Yes, it was amazing".

We cleaned ourselves up, and I drove her back to her spot. Before she got out of the car, she kissed me on my cheek, and asked if she would see me again.

I asked her if she was here every day, and always in the same place, to which she said that she was. I told her I would probably be back again very soon...........and I was!!

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