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The Prostitute2

Feeling horny after work, I meet up with a girl off the internet.
For my next meeting with a prostitute, I played it a little safer. I´d enjoyed my outdoor encounter with my albanian girl, but this time I chose someone off the internet, who had her own apartment. I had been searching for girls in my area, but a certain amount of miles away as to be sure that we´d not cross each others paths too often.

She had stood out from most of the other girls, and although there were probably better looking one´s, there was just something so sexy about her. Her name was Sabrina, she was south american, brazilian to be exact. She was twenty four years old, with a beautiful round ass and a body to die for. Her pictures showed her in various outfits, such as nurses, maids and even a sexy mrs santa outfit. But the one that caught my eye was a sexy black net top, which underneath she had a black bra and the skimpiest black thong that i´d seen, topped off with thigh high black boots. I´d always liked south american girls, so jotted down her phone number for the next time that I would be in her area.

Luck would have it, I got a delivery the next week in a village next to Sabrina´s. I finished as quick as I could, and pulled up to call her number. She answered straight away and told me that she was free, and whereabouts she lived. I was only ten minutes away, so told her that I would be there shortly. It was going to cost me a little more than my outdoor adventure, but there was less of a risk, so I considered it worthwhile.

I arrived at her apartment complex, parked my van up and approached the gate. I had to ring her again, to obtain the code and she buzzed me in. As I exited the lift to her floor, I felt as though everyone who was out by the communal pool, was watching me. I felt them saying to themselves, "we know where you´re going", even though I really knew that they didn´t. I reached her apartment, and pressed the buzzer. I was greeted by a vision in sexy lingerie. She didn´t disappoint in the flesh. She looked stunning, wearing all black underwear, including the skimpy black thong that I had seen in the pics.

I followed her in, and she gave me a kiss on both cheeks. We got through the pleasantries, and I handed over the money. She led me into one of the bedrooms, which was very clean and modern. I struggled to take my eyes off her sexy ass as I followed her. She told me to get undressed, whilst she went into the bathroom to freshen up. She returned and beckoned for me to follow her back into the bathroom. I was then told to freshen up, with which she meant my cock and balls. At least hygiene was high on her list, which suited me.

Upon my return, she led me to the bed and told me to lie on my back. She straddled me, and proceeded to kiss my neck, occasionally our lips met and we kissed. Sabrina then slowly worked her way down to my chest, stopping at my nipples and softly licking the tips of each one in turn. It felt incredible, I had always had sensitive nipples and I let out a slight moan to show my appreciation. She continued for a while to work them with her hot tongue, before moving on to my stomach. She teasingly worked her tongue there for a few minutes. Whilst she was doing that, her hand slid down and tenderly stroked my hard cock.

This continued for a while, then she looked me in the eyes and smiled. Her head went down to my groin area, and I felt my cock entering the warmth of her mouth. It felt amazing, I was leaking pre cum, but this didn´t put her off as she slowly sucked away. Her long dark hair had slid down over her face covering my view, but she must have sensed this and sexily flicked it back with her hand, winking at me at the same time. I could now see everything, as her head bobbed up and down, taking in all my 7 inches. I felt her hand grip the base of my cock, and in one fluid movement she began to stroke it simultaneously with her mouth going up and down. I was close to orgasm when she stopped, slipped a condom into her mouth and went back down on me. Using her mouth, she slipped the condom completely over my cock. She gave me another one of her hot smiles, and squatted, hovvering just above my ready and willing penis. She grabbed it with her hand and guided into her pussy. She then leant back, so I could see everything and slowly slid down, pushing me deep inside her. Her body looked amazing, as she worked my cock in and out, pausing everytime she reached the tip.

After a few minutes, she withdrew my cock and beckoned me to lick her pussy. I didn´t need telling twice, and I eagerly placed my hands each side of her hips and buried my head between her legs. I slowly licked her clit and her hips started to grind in unison. She kept giving out small moans of delight, as I eventually inserted my tongue deep inside her. She tasted so good, and was starting to get very wet, as her hand gripped the back of my head and pushed me deeper in. Then Sabrina stopped me, and bought her body up next to mine and proceeded to kiss me, shoving her tongue deep into my mouth. I reached down and fondled her smooth ample breasts, slowly rubbing her nipples. She guided my cock back inside her, and it slid easily in her now soaking wet pussy. She worked her body up and down my cock. I could hear her moaning as she kissed me, sensing that she was nearing orgasm. Her body shook, as I felt her cum run down my cock and onto my balls. This was too much for me, and I immediately felt my cum rising inside me and then shooting deep inside her.

We carried on kissing for a while longer, and her hot breath felt heavenly against my mouth. I caressed her soft dark skin and reached down to stroke her beautiful ass. We came up for breath, and I sensed my time was up. She reached down, took hold of my cock and slipped it out of her cum soaked pussy.

We went to the bathroom, cleaned ourselves up and both got dressed. I stared at how hot she looked in her underwear and took one last look at her beautiful ass wishing that I had more time with her. We kissed at the door, and I stepped out onto the landing, thinking how hot my afternoon had been. I had forgotten that I had paid her, and she was only doing her job. As far as I was concerned, the last hour had been spent having amazing sex with a gorgeous hot babe, and I didn´t give a shit!!

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