The Quiet One

By Bigbreasts22

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It's basketball season so at night you can always find me at the local sports bar a couple blocks away from my apartment. I’m not really there to watch the games, but more to check out the guys. The guy who has my eye tonight is Bryan. For the past week I have noticed him sitting at the end of the bar with his friends. They are usually only concerned with getting hammered and hitting on girls but Bryan just sits there quietly watching the game and drinking his beer. The way he grips onto that bottle is the way I want to be gripping onto his cock.

He has dirty blonde hair that lays perfectly and bright blue eyes. Even though he is wearing a jersey and loose jeans I can tell that he is very fit, certainly no body builder, but the guy takes care of himself. It’s time to make my move.

As I stand up I give my long brown hair a toss, grab my beer and head over towards him. I’m wearing black heels, gray skinny jeans that hug my tight ass, and a burgundy v-neck t-shirt that allows just enough of my large, round, 36D breasts to show.

“Enjoying the game?” I say as I take a seat on the stool next to him.

“Yeah, my team is winning,” he says without making eye contact.

“We must be cheering for the same team then!” I say a little too peppy, trying to get his attention.

It works. Bryan turns his head and looks at me; I notice his strong jaw line, light stubble, and perfect lips. I want to take him right here; straddle him, ride him. I tell him my name is Jess and he says his is Bryan (I already knew this because I asked my friend who is the bartender).

We begin talking and he goes on to say that he and his girlfriend are visiting friends from college. The guys come watch basketball every night here. What a stupid girlfriend, leaving her hot boy toy out in the open for the taking.

I order us a couple more beers. I can tell Bryan is reluctant at first but then gives in when I flash him my big green puppy dog eyes. We continue to watch the game, drink beer, and laugh. As the small talk continues I put my hand on this thigh, it feels so strong. He looks like he might move my hand but then doesn’t and I’m certainly not going to pull away. I gradually move my hand up his thigh, further and further trying not to make it look too noticeable. But he does notice, not by saying anything, but I can tell by feeling the slight twitch in his pants. I give his thigh a little squeeze and his cock twitches again. I scoot my stool closer to his causing my hand to be right on top of his cock. It is starting to harden up against his jeans, I can tell is must be about 7 or 8 inches.

When the game is over I ask Bryan if he could walk me home. I know it's only a few blocks away but it's dark out and I’m thinking that maybe I can convince him to come inside. He says that he can walk me home if it's not too far; he doesn’t want his friends to know he gone.

As we walk back to my place I link arms with him. We don’t talk much, he seems to be nervous at my touch and I must admit it’s kind of cute. When we reach the door; I convince him to walk me inside and have another drink.

Bryan sits on one side of the couch and I sit beside him with my feet on his lap; his cock is still somewhat hard. I start moving my foot along it and give him a sly grin. His cock grows and I know he wants this too but he is too shy to make a move. If this is going to happen it is going to be up to me.

I curl my leg around his waist so I am straddling him. I pause for a moment to assess his reaction, when he hugs my body close to his I know I have the green light. As I’m grinding my pelvis against his, our breathing is getting heavy. His cock is growing with every motion; he is so big. When our lips finally meet it is amazing. My tongue dances around his mouth.

We shift around so he is lying on the couch and I am on top of him. He tries to touch my breasts but this is all for him; I grab his hands and pin them over his head. Mmm I love having him in this position with me in total control.

I take his shirt off and kiss him from his lips across his jaw line and nibble his ear. His cock grows and twitches again. My lips continue to follow a trail down his neck and across his stomach to his waistline.

I unclasp the button of his pants and give a slight tug allowing his rock hard cock to spring free. I was right, it is about 8 inches. I glide my body back up his letting his cock feel all of me. I whisper into his ear, “Your girlfriend is never going to be able to compare to what I’m about to do to you.” When sliding back down I kiss every inch of his sexy body, taking in all of it. Bryan moans deeply and moves his hips forward; I know where he wants me.

As my lips reach his cock it is intoxicating. I give the tip a soft kiss before lowering my head onto the entire mass. I can feel it hit the back of my throat and I hold it there for a moment, it tastes so good. My tongue swirls around the shaft as I lift my head.

I continue to do this until I can feel his cock pulsating in my mouth. I kiss down to his balls and gently take each one into my mouth, tugging slightly. I can hear Bryan saying, “Fuck yeah, baby, that feels so good! Don’t stop! Oh, Jess!” With every moan he makes my pussy gets wetter and wetter.

I sit up and take off my jeans and shirt. His eyes are glued to my body and it makes me excited knowing he likes what he sees. I straddle him and lower my wet pussy onto his thick throbbing cock. It is so tight but it feels so good. I uncontrollably scream his name before he is even all the way in. I put my hands on his chest and bounce my hips and down and in little circles. Fuck he is so thick. I can tell Bryan isn’t going to last much longer; I can feel his cock tense up. I ride him harder. I start doing little circles again when he thrusts his hips into me hard, shooting his load into the back of my pussy. I keep riding him as the mixture of our juices flows down his cock and onto our legs. The moisture and smell of sex in the air is so erotic.

When he finishes shooting his load I move up his body until I am straddling his face. He takes in my scent and glides his tongue on my slit, licking up his own cum and tasting my juices. His hands are firmly on my hips holding me steady so I cannot move too much. He draws circles with his tongue around my swollen clit, the sensation is amazing. Then I feel a slight tug as he sucks on my clit with his lips, bringing me to the edge.

I slide my pussy across his face as I begin to orgasm; he tries to hold me steady but I can’t seem to control my hips as the move back and forth. Bryan’s tongue is going wild as he trying to lick up all of my sweet juices. When I think he is satisfied I lean down to kiss him. The mixture of our juices together tastes so good.

Slowly I pull away and start walking toward the bathroom, I glance back at him at say, “It’s time for a shower, you dirty boy.”

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