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The Rebound Girl

A man and woman fall for each other over the course of the night leading up to hot passionate sex.
One hundred and sixty-four days. That was how long I had been single. That six months mark was coming up, and although I swore I didn’t care… it was glaringly untrue. It’s not like I had it marked on my calendar or anything. I kept track in my head, and perhaps that was worse. But it’s not like six months was a bad thing. It wasn’t as though that mark signified I was a loser or anything. I have had my fair share of women, and relationships. I was a fit, good looking guy, but now in my late twenties I was tired of the game.

I was even tired of calling it the game, because I hated being associated with everyone else, and so many others called it such and also claimed their distaste for it. What else could I do though? …I’m being too general, and that’s on purpose, because I know you’ve heard all before. I’m tired of the chase, the competition, and every other little dance guys and girls do to wrestle around the notion of whether or not we like each other. My loneliness is nothing you haven’t heard before, so I’m cautious to complain about it.

This weekend I reluctantly said yes to a trip with my friend Van. For those that know about Van ask why I still hang out with the fucker, he’s an asshole. And it’s simple, we all have an asshole friend that we tolerate, because as much as we hate to admit it, sometimes he’s good for something. Plus, being an asshole, he was still single and willing to go out and meet women. It was always good to have a wingman.

Although the gathering this weekend wasn’t to go out on the town. Tonight we were hanging out with two other friends, identical twin brothers, but spending the night in, sharing drinks and laughs as tomorrow we were headed out to the dunes to enjoy a day on the water. It was a guy’s weekend, no women. Yes ladies, guys have them too… that is unless you have friend named Van.

“So,” Van explained. “This chick I’ve been workin’ on for months now, finally ditches her fucking boyfriend. They’ve been living together for like a year now, and I see the perfect opportunity. I got this huge ass place, she’s got no place to go, so I invite her to stay with me and say she can stay as long as she wants. I give her, her own bedroom and bathroom, and things have been great. She’s cool as shit, she drinks, she tells dirty jokes, she walks around in boxers and a tee shirt with no bra. I’ve been trying to catch her skinny dipping in the pool, but no such luck just yet.”

“You lucky son-of-a-bitch.” One of the twins, Ryan said.

His brother was Steve, and both of them listened intently to his story. Me, I just sat back and listened to more garbage come out of Van’s mouth. He had a new woman every week. I didn’t have a real interest in another one of his whore stories.

“You would think.” Van said, “You would think she was on the rebound looking for some real dick to satisfy her, but she’s shut me out. I fucking make her meals and massage her back and do all this other shit she should be digging, but for two weeks I’ve got nothin’ to show for it. Except! Finally last night she helped me out and gave me a blowjob.”


“Yeah it was amazing. And tonight, I’m sealing the deal. She’s getting off work in an hour. We’ll be well into our third and fourth drinks, well not Jay over there, he’ll happily sip one all night.”

I threw him a sarcastic smile.

“And when she gets here we’ll catch her up, and before the night’s over, she’ll be mine.”

“I thought tonight was just a guys night?” I inquired.

“No, asshole. It’s just us guys tomorrow, so we can pick up some hot women at the dunes, but tonight I’m this girl’s rebound.”

“Screw that. If she’s as hot as you’ve described, I’m gonna be her rebound.” Ryan offered up competition.

“Clearly I’m the best looking guy here.” Steve the identical twin stated.

“Not that I’m worried about you three, but she’s fuckin’ mine. I’ve been working on her for far too long.”

“I never said I wanted to be part of this.” I protested, but was ignored.

“Hey if she falls for me, she falls for me.” Ryan confidently blurted out.

“If you fuck her, I’m kicking your ass plain and simple.” Van finished the conversation.

So with that highly intelligent conversation we kicked the night off. Van broke out the vodka and beers, turned on some music, and changed into a pair of board shorts where he proceeded to walk around his place with no shirt on. His intention, and I know this because I’ve partied with Van before was to casually walk around in a swimsuit for an hour to show off his body to impress women, and take a dip in the pool for like two minutes. The two minutes justified going shirtless all night, because the less clothes he had on, the closer he was to being naked with a woman.

I was in the kitchen mixing a drink when the ‘rebound girl’ came home and walked through while the other three were outside on the patio lounging around the pool.

“Oh hello!” She said a little surprised to find me in the kitchen.

Now I’ll admit with Van there was a perception of what women he pulled looked like. Usually they were too skinny, with fake boobs, fake everything else, and an ugly face. They had the personality of a coat rack with a twisted outlook of life that revolved around them. Their age range was one of two things. Too young trying to act older or too old trying to act younger. He pulled a lot of forty-five year olds, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I like MILF’s, but with Van MILF stood for ‘mom I’d like to forget.’

However this women, was nothing like any of what I described. She was a mature mid-twenties beauty with a vibrant face. Intelligence oozed from her facial expressions. She had long black hair with big round light brown eyes that made her appear more intelligent than any other woman I’d seen in my life. I’d never been so mesmerized by brown eyes before. Her gaze showed a caring quality that exemplified her listening ability. She was tall, standing around 5’8, and her skin color was a glowing caramel. The absolute best part of her though was the fact that wasn’t skinny. I’m not calling her fat, or even overweight. She was just right. She had healthy curves that screamed stare at me. And although her breasts were tightly packed into her shirt, but I could tell, so was quite busty.

“You must be one of Van’s friends.”

I stared silently, perhaps a second longer than I should have, but quickly broke myself out of it. “As long as that portrays me in a good light, then yes.”

She smiled almost laughing. “I don’t know, the jury’s still out on Van.”

Oh no it wasn’t, he was an asshole, if she only knew. This girl was awesome, and yes I came to that conclusion after knowing her for only five seconds. Why would she be into Van? Why would she give him a blowjob?

“Oh god dammit!” Van shouted entering the kitchen. “You ran into Jay first. Hopefully he didn’t put you to sleep with one of his sad mopey relationship stories.” He went up to her and kissed her on the cheek.

“No.” She said energetically. “I just walked in. I haven’t even been properly introduced to Jay.”

“Oh well. This is Jay. This sorry boy has been womanless for damn near six months now. He’s just been hurt by one too many women to gather enough courage to get himself another one.”

Asshole. Drunk asshole. He made me sound like a sad sap, or more simply put, a loser! I spoke directly to the girl. “I think the jury’s reached a verdict.”

The girl smiled.

“Jury? I’ve got your hung jury right here.” Van stated obliviously grabbing his crotch.

“Wow, okay. Well Jay, I’m Connery.”

“Connery?” I dug it.

“Yes, my parents were big James Bond fans.”

“I kinda like it, it’s unique.”

She gave a half smile and shrug, and immediately I felt stupid. I kinda like it, it’s unique? How many times did she hear that one? I had to remember it was her name for her entire life. She’s probably getting comments like that constantly.

“Okay well, I’m gonna go change and—” She was cut off.

“You’re hanging out with us right?” Van interrupted.

“Yes, I said I would hang out with you guys for an hour and have a drink, but I’ve been at work all day and I’m tired.”

It was ten-thirty at night. I was curious as to what she did, but I allowed her to leave still feeling silly over my generic comment. I finished making my drink and went out to the patio sitting in a relaxing position on a reclining chair.

After twenty minutes of shooting the shit with the boys Connery finally came out with a drink in hand and was introduced to the twins who made no intentions of hiding their attraction to her. Van then garnered most her attention and tried to keep her interest. And me? You know me? I said it earlier. I was tired of the game. The chase, the competition. It was my impression anyway that this girl was not looking for anything. She sounded tired, agitated, and ready for bed, so I stayed away and did not pursue her affection. I simply sat back, sipped my drink, listened to the music, and watched the ripples in the lighted underground pool shimmer in the cool night. I don’t know for how long I did that. I heard the chatter of everyone else, but easily ignored it slipping away in my thoughts.

That was broken by Connery who broke free of Van’s presence as he went in to make another drink. She had changed clothes and was in a pair of short green shorts and a white tee shirt. She also had her hair pulled back in a tight ponytail.

She plopped down next to me and started up a conversation. “So, Mr. Jay,” She was in a lighter more relaxed mood now. “Are you having lady problems? Is that why you’re sitting over here all alone kinda making Van sound like he knew what he was talking about?”

“No, I don’t have lady problems. I’m just enjoying the night. We got a fun filled day tomorrow, so I’m not looking to party too hard tonight.”

“Yeah, you guys got a trip tomorrow. I’ll be working. I’m a little jealous, but hey, I’ll have the whole place to myself when I get home. Maybe I’ll rummage through Van’s closets or something.”

“Trust me. You don’t want to do that. You would not be staying here if you knew what he had in the back of his closets.” We both enjoyed a laugh. “What is it you do anyway?”

“What you can’t tell with my awesome hours and coming home smelling like a dirty kitchen? I’m a waitress.”

“First of all there’s no way you’re a waitress, and you don’t smell like a dirty kitchen.”

“Why can’t I be a waitress?”

Oh boy, I needed to watch what I said here. “You’re just. You don’t look like a waitress. You look like you work at an office or something with lawyers and businessmen.”

“Well yeah, that’s what I do. I’m a waitress at a restaurant that serves only lawyers and businessmen. We have a strict jacket and tie dress code, meals are served out of briefcases, and the lawyers yell objection if their food order isn’t right.”

I shook my head and announced my discovery. “You’re a smartass.”

“Oh is that it? Does my ass look smart?” She looked down at her butt. “Is that why I don’t look like a waitress? An intelligent ass?”

I bit my lip smiling and shaking my head. I wasn’t going to get anywhere by playing it serious, so I played along. “Yeah all you need to do is tattoo a pair of glasses to your cheeks and you’ll be all set.”

She gasped joking. “Who told you about my tattoo?”

“Well you do live with Van, there are no secrets with him.”

“Well the ex did offer to let me stay with him until I found my own place, but living here is better than with that cheating asshole. Van’s a lifesaver.”

“A bad break-up huh?”

“I don’t get why I suck at relationships.” She explained.

“Through experience I have developed a theory.”

“Oh yes, Philosophical Jay. Do tell.”

“I understand your frustration with relationships. The hurt sucks. Giving yourself completely to someone and still having your effort thrown in your face is probably the worst feeling in the world. You promise yourself, you won’t let it happen again. Next time, you’ll be more careful, but it never works out that way. As soon as you let your guard down the person you love says there’s somebody else or they’re just not feeling it anymore. And you can sit there for years trying to figure out where thing went wrong and never get the answer. The pain of moving on, of letting go of someone you loved is paralyzing. After knowing the in-and-outs of someone and being comfortable with their flaws, not only being comfortable with them, but embracing them, you have to go out and find someone else, and that is the least appealing thing in the world. You don’t want to learn someone else’s pet peeves and favorite foods. You don’t want to get used to another routine or have to meet someone else’s family. You want that familiar scent, that corny inside joke, that person who instinctively knows when you need a hug. The person that willingly gives that up sucks at relationships, not you.

“If I had a diary, I would accuse you of reading it. You’re in my fucking head.”

She was looking at me with those beaming brown eyes, and I still wondered why she was here? Who wouldn’t want her? Why was she interested in Van?

We shared a moment, and as unsuspecting and quickly as it came, it was taken away. Van swooped in, scooped her up, and tossed her in the pool. She screamed just before hitting the water and came up with a playful anger. Van jumped in and joined her, and the twins stripped down to their boxers and dove in also. A woman in wet clothes unleashed the hounds, and I enjoyed it because having two more dicks in the water probably pissed Van off.

I simply sat back and watched as they splashed around. Connery eventually removed her shirt and swam around in a black bra. Although I had not officially joined this competition of scoring the rebound girl, I certainly wouldn’t object to a night with her, but there were too many penises in that pool. Adding a fourth had cock bumping written all over it, especially with a beautiful woman practically spilling out of her bra. What were they double D’s?

Van proved dominant and once the childish pool activities dissipated Connery and he settled into a seated wading position in the pool with his arms wrapped around her.

Ryan and Steve received a phone call. Upon completing that conversation Ryan announced, “Dude, our drunk ass mother got arrested again. We have to go. Don’t worry, it won’t take long. We’ll be back and ready for tomorrow.”

When they left, that left Van and Connery alone in the pool together, and I wasn’t going to sit around and watch that, so I went inside and turned on the TV. I was in luck as Die Hard was on, it was basic cable, so there’d be commercials and a severe censorship hacking, but still it was Die Hard! I was good for the night.

Twenty minutes of Bruce Willis running around barefoot blowing away bad guys passed and I heard the two come inside and a couple of doors close. I tried not to think about what was happening. I didn’t want Van ruining Connery. She was way too awesome for him, so I was happy to see her walk into the living room.

I was actually happy for two reasons, her walking in, and her walking in, in a clean white tee shirt and skimpy boxer shorts. She was freshly showered spreading an aroma around the room and her hair flowed down in wet strands. She hadn’t slept with Van, she took a shower! Her luscious legs were thick, tight, and muscular. The meat on her bones quickly became an obsession of mine.

I was seated at the end of Van’s leather couch wrapped in a blanket and she took the love seat and stretched out in it. “Oh great selection!” She commented on the movie just as it broke for commercial.

This girl dug Die Hard? Could she get any better? I had to flirt with her. “This really? I figured you’d want me to change it.”

“What? You don’t think a girl could love this movie?”

“No, it’s just that this is a Christmas movie, and it’s the middle of August.”

“This is not a Christmas movie!”

“Yes it is.” I happily argued. “They’re at a Christmas party.”

“Just because a movie takes place during Christmas doesn’t make it a Christmas movie.”

“It kinda does.”

“Well you’re stupid. You like the smell of other people’s farts.”

This girl was hilarious. “You’re such a child.”

“I know you are but what am I?”

“That’s another kid joke.”

“No dookie.” She said quickly and definitely.

I shook my head with a silent laugh. “I guess that’s the level of intelligence I can expect from a waitress.”

She quickly sat up and shriveled her face. “Oh! That’s a low blow!” She grabbed the pillow she had been resting her head on and threw it at me, which I easily caught laughing as I did, and tucked it between my arm and the couch. When she returned to her rested state she realized she really missed that pillow. “Can I have my pillow back?”

“Ch-yeah, so you can throw it at me again? No.”

“I’m not going do that. I need it to rest my pretty little head. Come on, I’m broken hearted over here remember? You’re supposed to be comforting me.”

“You’re going to use your failed relationship as leverage to get a pillow? No way. I’m all about me, how does giving back the pillow benefit me? What do I get in return?”

“I promise not to kill you in your sleep.”

“Well I sleep with one eye open.” I teased. “Plus you’re a girl. I’m not too worried.”

She turned her nose up and readjusted to make herself comfortable without the pillow.

“Listen if you really want this pillow back, you-”

“Shut up Die Hard’s back on. You don’t talk during Die Hard. Those are the rules. If you want to talk to me you have to do so during commercial.”


“Shhhhh!” She turned to me with a finger over her lips.

So that was that. I happily watched the movie stealing glances at her smooth tan legs covered in faint goose bumps. That was until Van came in and sat on the edge of the love seat next to Connery forcing himself next to her. He tried to canoodle up mumbling a conversation with her. This continued for a few minutes and I tried to ignore it, but Van was distracting. Connery and I were having a good time by ourselves. Nobody invited my pal to the party.

As I looked over annoyed I saw Van swoop in and make his move kissing her cheek. She didn’t object, but wasn’t giving him too much attention. He continued on kissing downward until his pecks reached her neck where he changed it up and began at her with an open mouth sucking on her skin. At that she appeared agitated and leaned back so she could watch the TV. When he persisted she pushed him away. “Van, stop! I’m trying to watch the movie.”

Pissed, Van stood up and walked away uttering, “Bitch.” A few seconds later a door slammed. It was his bedroom door.

“Your friend’s an asshole.” She told me.

I was sympathetic, but realistic. “He is, but you gave him a blowjob, so now he’s going to expect sex.”

She cocked her head and bit down on both her lips. “He told you that?”

“Yeah. Like I said with Van, there are no secrets.”

“I did, but damn. I’m not… I just got out of a long-term relationship. He was nice too me. I was looking for comfort.”

“You don’t have to explain yourself. I get it. I was just trying to be funny anyway and get as many playful insults in as I can while it’s commercial.”

She turned to the TV and laughed seeing that it in fact was a commercial break. That returned her to the playful girl I was falling for. “That’s right. It was just a blowjob. I’m single, I’m allowed. It was a sympathy blow anyway. He was begging for it.”

That sounded like Van.

“You on the other hand are actually friends with him, which must make you asshole-like just like him.”

“I am so not like Van.”

“How long have you been friends with him?”

“Since high school.”

“Yeah, if you weren’t like him, you wouldn’t still be his friend. I’ve got my eyes on you.”

What a heinous statement! Nobody had ever compared me too him, and I knew she was messing with me, but still it burned. As the commercial ended and the next segment started all I could think about was her comparison. That was until she stood up, walked over, and plopped herself down next to me pulling the blanket away from my body. She covered herself with half of it and leaned against me. My sleeve absorbed her damp drying hair. There were no words between us, because of the rule that was in place, so as soon as the next commercial break started she explained.

“Van keeps this place so freakin’ cold all the time. Do you mind if we share the blanket?”

She looked at me with her soft yet matured face. “I don’t know.” I sarcastically complained. “Under here is icy cold just like Van. You may not want to get too close.”

She gawked slamming the blanket down off our torsos, but keeping our legs covered. The movement swooshed up a euphoric scent of her coconut mango body wash. “You’re such a little bitch all the time. No wonder you’re single.”

A look of playful anger drew across my face. We were flirting like crazy.

“Waitress comment, waitress comment.” She sputtered out reminding me that her comment was payback for my earlier one. As I settled, I could read her eyes and see a plan formulate in her head. With a brief moment of silence she grinned and quickly darted for my shirt pulling the collar down before I pulled away. “You shave your chest. You are just like Van! There is proof.”

“That doesn’t mean I’m just like him! It just looks better that’s all.”


“Yeah jee, no wonder you’re single too. You’re so rude!” I pouted.

“You want to know why I’m single? Because my boyfriend was shallow. I gained weight and he became uninterested. Even when I busted my ass and lost it, it didn’t matter. From then on I was tainted and he moved on.”

“You have like, the perfect body. He’s an idiot.”

She blushed a bit. “Oh yeah? And why do you say that? What is it that you look for in a woman? What is your favorite feature?”

“You’re going to think it’s stupid, but it’s in the cheeks… On the face!” I could tell she was brewing to say something if I didn’t clarify. “There’s this thing that certain girl’s have. They can do so much with their cheeks, smile of course, but more than that. A girl with good cheeks can tell you her whole story in them.”

“Bullshit, you’re a guy. You like boobs or ass. Don’t lie.”

“I do, but the cheeks are what do it for me.” I said this knowing that she had that feature. “What about you? What do you look for in a man?”

Confidently she spoke. “I’m about the boobs. A man with a firm chest is what I look for.” She tapped my pectoral. “Even you, the Hairless Wonder, have some confidence in your chest. A man presents himself differently if he has a good chest, you walk differently, and act differently because you’re confident. And that’s what all women want. They want a man who stands firm and can protect.”

I enjoyed the fact that both of us looked for other features other than the typical ones most people look for.

“So, I shared with you. Now it’s your turn. Why are you single?”

“Oh we’ve gotten serious now huh?” I remarked. “I don’t know. I just get hurt. I think I’m doing everything right, and they just… move on. I’m beginning to think women have no clue what they want.”

“Yeah we’re such bitches, but I understand. Our voyage was different but we’re in the same boat.”

“Well at least you didn’t do something rebellious, and be like ‘I need a change!’ and chop off your hair.”

“Why did you?” She asked.

“No, I’m just saying. Girls do that all the time, and it makes me sad when such long beautiful hair gets hacked away.”

“Ah, well I did get a tattoo.”

“I know glasses on the ass cheeks.”

“No, a real one.”

“No you didn’t. I saw you in the pool.”

“Yeah I was in a bra and shorts in the pool.”

I perked up. Was she implying that she got a tattoo in a very, very naughty place? I had to see it, and luckily I didn’t have to ask.

“You want to see it?”

“Uh, yeah if you don’t mind showing me.”

“Tattoo’s are meant to be shown off right?”

“Yeah, uh of course.”

She lightly tossed the blanket from her waist and kneeled next to me on the couch reaching for her waistline.

“Please be a dolphin jumping over the vagina.” I said out loud.

“Really? After talking to me all night, that’s what you think I’d get.”

“That’s what I would get if I had a vagina.”

“Will you shut up so I can show this to you?”

I was giddy, and very turned on. I was happy for the blanket to be hiding portions of me. “Okay I’m done talking. I’m ready. Show me this vagina tattoo.”

“Oh my god it’s not on my vagina, and don’t you try vagina peeking either.”

“Now that you’ve put the thought in my head, no promises. I’m like a kid.”

“Yes you are, I’m trying to show you something, and you won’t shut up.”

“Okay I’m done.” And finally I clammed up.

Connery peeked up to see if Van was anywhere to be seen and once she had scanned the area she wigged down her boxers off her waistline. She exposed the fleshy portion of her upper pubic region where it met her waist. In front of me in black ink sat a small tattoo of the 007 logo with gun made famous by the James Bond movies. It was pretty cool, and after a few long seconds of staring it, and her still displaying, I felt I had to step my flirting up a notch and do exactly what she told me not to do. I quickly whipped my hand in and pulled down her boxers further. I managed to glimpse a well trimmed pubic line, but that was it. She playfully screamed as if she was expecting me to do that and fell to a seated position protectively covering back up. Once she recomposed she slapped her hand down and hit me right in the penis, which was fully erect, but still masked under the blanket. She had to have felt it, but I hoped not, and tried to hide it by keeling over in pain, acting as if her slap really hurt.

“That was a cool tattoo though.” I mumbled out another joke.

She murmured a negatively sounding audible noise and pointed to the TV with a beat red face. She was indicating to me, that the movie was back on, and there was no more talking.

The next segment was excruciatingly long and as wonderful movie as it was, all I wanted was that next commercial break. I had noticed that despite my rude antics she returned under the blanket to a touching position and leaned up next to me as we watched. Our two bodies were generating a lot of heat and I took what I felt was the next logical step in this little game we were playing. I placed my hand upon her bare upper thigh gripping her skin with my fingertips, but allowing the base of my palm to stay perched over her boxers in hopes she’d think I just wanted to rest my hand somewhere and I wasn’t grabbing her because I wanted to rip her clothes off. It appeared to work as she didn’t complain or move my hand away, instead she rested her head on my shoulder.

Several minutes later, and still no commercial break the palm of my hand had started to sweat in heat underneath the blanket. She squirmed a bit staying next to me, but took her hand and moved my hand off her thigh. Damn, if was nice while it lasted though. I thought that’d be as far as it was going to go, but she held my hand and intertwined our fingers resting them in her lap. The game was still on.

With my hand in her lap, my upper arm had shifted and was firmly pressing against the side of her breast. Her large boobs weren’t even protected or supported by a bra. I don’t know how I hadn’t noticed that before, but I didn’t. I must have been distracted by her golden legs… or the radiant rise in her cheeks whenever we talked during commercials.

Our bodies radiated more heat, and sweat formed where our legs were touching. She removed her hand out of mine and spoke, “Jeez, now I’m hot.” She flipped the blanket off her chest and resettled taking the hand I had been holding and wrapped it around my arm. My hand, now without its five digit partner had to rest somewhere. I held open expecting her to re-grip it, but she decided to hug my arm instead, so I set it down without disturbing our position. My hand dropped on top of her pubic region. I was nervous and excited at the same time. The only thing between me and her womanhood was a thin pair of boxer shorts. Was she going to protest? No. I was in the clear and very confident, that this snuggling wasn’t innocent.

She lightly pet my chest with her free hand. She lazily and lightly brushed over my muscles sending the message loud and clear in both directions, both my brain and penis were telling me the same thing.

Finally the commercial broke and I turned my head to her, she raised her head looking at me with her big round eyes. I leaned in for the kiss and she tilted her head upward to allow me better access to her lips. We kissed gently at first, our lips like glue not wanting to separate, we dipped in for a more passionate second kiss allowing our tongues to touch. I breathed in her minty breath and pressed firmly against her wet lips as we opened our mouths to each other.

Leaning into me she went from petting my chest to securely gripping it as I pressed my tongue against hers and pushed it back past her teeth. My hand tightened on its resting spot and sank into the warmth between her legs. We separated our lip lock and looked into each other’s eyes once again. She closed her brown beauties and allowed me to kiss her again this time softer and lightly.

We quickly adjusted on the couch, and with a rubbing of leather I was on my back with my head on the armrest and she was straddling me. She pulled my shirt up and off and kissed the bare chest she had teased me about earlier. My erection pushed through my pants and she had firmly planted her pelvis on top of it. She circled my nipples with her tongue before cooling licking them. She continued by pecking her mouth down my rib cage and back up. Her hair, mostly dried, draped and dragged against my quivering abdomen. The black shiny locks smelled edible. I was in such ecstasy, I couldn’t concentrate to recognize the scent. All I could tell you was it was lovely.

She came back up to my mouth and we kissed some more. She grew aggressive as she became more aroused biting my lower lip and sucking it. She pressed her slippery tongue firmly in my mouth and our two tasters danced around each others. As I ran my hand over her shirt I took her large breat in my hand cupping and sliding over the mound. Her nipple protruded upward through the thin fabric of her tee shirt and stood out as I rubbed over it. With the fondling she pressed her pelvis down on me rocking back and forth ever so slightly.

Without our lips separating I slipped my hand under her shirt and took hold over her heavy breast. Not being satisfied and feeling as if I was neglecting the other I took my other hand under her shirt and clutched the other. The two colossal breasts hung with gracefulness. Taking them in my hands feeling their great mass made me hungry for her appetizing chest.

She felt it too and sat up allowing me to raise her shirt enough to pull the cotton over her jugs and expose them. Her pink areolas sat directly in front of me with fully erect nipples in the center. A light hint of stretch marks were visibly at the formations of her elegant pair indicating the weight gain and loss she mentioned earlier. I took them in my mouth heartily nibbling at each one for only a few seconds at a time before alternating trying to take in a much as I could. As I cravingly tasted her boobs she removed her shirt completely and tossed it to the ground. I stayed on her bosom for a long time, enjoying her soft moans and loving her assistance in exposing them fully to me by brushing back her hair that kept dangling in the way. However enough was enough after a bit and she pushed me back down with a kiss and gazed at me with a mischievous grin unbuttoning my shorts. With a firm yank my pants were slipped off taking my underwear with them.

My penis lay against me, the head resting just under my naval. Connery finished pulling my shorts completely off my legs and admired what I had to offer. After wrapping her hand around it and sliding it over her palm a few times she sat on my erection immediately warming it up and removing it from the cold air. As she tortured me propelling herself back and forth on my penis I gripped her ass helping her grind. Her breasts dragged and mashed against my chest, our lips constantly found each others. Her juices flowed freely soaking her boxer. I felt the gushing with my penis through them.

My erection hit the right spot prodding against her clitoris through the fabric. She groaned loudly in one gasp as if it caught her by surprise. Both of us concentrated our efforts on hitting that spot again. She sat back up resting her hands on my chest allowing her chest to sway and rubbed my stern-ness along her opening. My penis delightfully stretched the fabric and sank between her lips. We both intently watched our crotches as she slid along my shaft. The head of my penis burrowed forward slamming into her clit again and she reacted with the same intense ecstasy as before. She found the rhythm and lunged back onto that spot several times.

My penis began to stir and a familiar burning sensation started bubbling deep down. It was the start of the end, and as wonderful as the dry humping was. I wanted her. Delicately a reached for the boxers pulling them partially down exposing the neatly shaved area I had seen earlier. She had wonderfully large lips that didn’t expose much of her to me, but as she lifted herself up and removed her boxers I marveled in the glistening damp flower. She clamored back to that just right spot placing her wonderful legs by my hips and directed my penis right inside of her. She sat down and immersed my penis fully inside her. She dripped in gratification and verbally let me know it. Again she wasn’t this rail thin girl that couldn’t handle taking all of me. I slipped into her perfectly reaching a point so deep in her it’s as though we locked in place. My penis was the fitted key to her locked vagina. It was a point so deep I could honestly say I had never been that engulfed before. Her vaginal lips wrapped around my penis hugging it and persuading me to try and go deeper, and deeper I went. She gobbled it up too arcing her legs out to allow me to slide in a far as I could go. All her weight sat on my groin and she lightly bounced up and down. She displaced very little weight on her legs. She was taking all of me and relishing in it.

With heavy heaves she lifted herself off and rubbed her juicy opening over me long ways before returning to penetration. There were no shallow thrusts. She went deep down on me and stayed there fiercely bearing down on my shaft. A pool of juices formed on my pelvic region and stomach and we sloshed through it. My hands were firmly planted on her ass cheeks spreading them and offering a firmer resistance to slam back on to allow a better ride.

She burst with short moans and the deeper long ones at various intervals every few minutes. I wasn’t an expert, nor was I going to ask, but I think she was in one long orgasm as she was flooding our bodies and the couch with thick juices. Lastly she had a spasm and jerked stopping her rhythm at the base of my shaft. She quivered and despite trying to hold it she bellowed a short burst of pleasure. As her walls contracted and quaked around me, the tip of my penis was burning ready. I clenched internally trying to hold on as long as I could as her legs shivered, spasmed, and squeezed me. She bit down ravenously on my collar bone as her body uncontrollably shook, and with that shake I exploded shooting a stream up into her and propelling my penis almost out of her hole. I rammed it back in sending a cold pleasure up my spine and released two more spurts inside of her.

Famished we heaved our bodies in rhythm against one another in silence catching our breath. After settling our heart rates we still didn’t move. Well that’s not entirely true. With her wrapped around me in a hug I moved and detangled the blanket that got jammed into a crevice and covered us up. We then kissed some more refusing to leave each other’s warmth. I kept my semi-erect penis inside of her enjoying every nook of her warmth.

I was the one with the courage to speak first as I saw the credits to the movie rolling. “I think we broke the commercial rule.”

Happily she responded. “The rule was no talking. Nothing was said about hot sex and moaning.”

“I like the way you think.”

Two minutes passed before she spoke, I had gone completely limp inside of her, and I still did not wish to leave. “I want to stay like this forever, but I know we can’t. If Van knows what we did he’ll kick me out. We can’t tell him.”

I really liked this girl, she was everything I wanted and needed, and I say that knowing I not being some fool caught up in the moment, I had had those moments before, and this was different. She wasn’t a rebound girl. “I know, but we can stay like this for a bit can’t we?”


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