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The Receptionist

A receptionist meets an interviewee.
His hands were in his lap, he was so nervous. This interview could make or break him and he knew he couldn’t mess up. He went over what he was going to say in his head;
“I’m enthusiastic, punctual, a team player, and always willing to seek advice if I cannot handle a situation myself.” He knew that this was one of those moments in his life that he would either look back on and say “Oh yeah, I nailed that.” Or “Oh well, I gave it my best.”

He pushed negative ideas out of his mind and stretched his legs out. He closed his eyes and after a little while could hear voices coming towards him. He opened his eyes and saw a redhead with shoulder length hair walking in his direction. She had a clip board he noticed, but he couldn’t take his eyes off her breasts. They looked the perfect size, not too big, not too small, just perfect for him to take in his mouth and pleasure. His mind raced with ideas about how he could play with her tits when unexpectedly, she spoke.

“Mr John, you are next up for interview, are you okay? You look a little dazed?”
“Oh erm, yes I’m fine thank you.” He replied, he couldn’t think of anything else. 

All that preparation, all the work for this moment and now he was completely distracted by the red haired receptionist with her perky tits and long legs. He looked into his lap, he could not bring himself to look anywhere else, but she spoke again.

“Do I know you? I’m Amber.”
“Erm, I don’t think so Amber, you may have me confused with someone else?”
“Oh yeah, possibly.” She replied.
He really wanted to reply ‘Oh yeah, you don’t know me now, but we could get to know each other pretty well after.’

“Mr John, you can come in now.” 
The interviewer was calling him in. He quickly tried to remember everything he had practiced.
“I’m enthusiastic, tits. Punctual,  Amber’s blouse button being open so he could see the top of her breast. A team player, the way her arse looked in that pencil skirt and I’m always willing to seek advice if I cannot handle a situation myself, Amber’s lips, how they parted when she smiled.”… He was screwed.

He slowly walked to the interview room and stepped inside. The panel were watching him, they looked intimidating. He started to worry that he had forgotten why he was even here, and ran over everything in his head; I will be the best for this job, I can do it, I am candidate with such a high level of training.
“Good morning Mr John, how are you today?” The interviewer asked. He couldn’t even answer that.

Twenty minutes passed with him stumbling through interview questions that he had prepared for. He walked out feeling annoyed and Amber was sitting at her desk directly outside the room he had come out of, smiling at him. 

“Did it go okay?”
“No, it was shit.” He replied, he wanted to tell her why.
“Oh, I hope it wasn’t me that distracted you. I saw the way you looked at me earlier.” Her voice dropped to a whisper, “The way you looked at me made me so wet.”
‘Shit’ he thought, how did she know? “Sorry, I never meant to look at you that way.”
“Oh.” She sounded disappointed. “I just thought… Well it doesn’t matter.”
“Oh no, I wasn’t saying I didn’t want to look at you, I did. I mean, I really did. You’re… fucking hot.”
She smiled. “Fancy coming with me? I finish in oh about 5 minutes.”
“Yeah, I do.”

He waited, she finished what she was doing, grabbed her coat and they walked out into the cold night air together. It was evening, but the November nights were dark. They walked through town away from the office where his agonising interview had taken place. They were chatting while they walked, about their jobs, how she thought she knew him, and he was listening and smiling. He really quite liked her. She had freckles on her nose, and gorgeous green eyes. He was deep in thought when she took him by surprise.

“So, as its dark and there are not many people around, fancy going down the side of these buildings and letting me put your cock in my mouth?”
“Fuck, I mean, wow you took me by surprise! Yeah, I’d love that.”

They walked between the buildings, it was almost completely black and he could hardly see Amber, then he felt her hand touch his and her mouth touch his lips. His cock started to grow. She kissed him hard and fast. She was so hot, he wanted to feel her mouth around his now throbbing cock.

She wasted no time, before he knew it, his trousers were unbuttoned, she was kneeling down and his hard cock was in her mouth. She flicked her tongue over his tip, tasting his pre-come. She pushed his cock as far back into her throat as it would go, he was so turned on he felt like if she went any faster he could so easily shoot his load.
She pulled his cock out to speak. 
“Fuck my mouth, I want to feel you.” 
This was such a fucking good offer, he thought, so he pushed his cock in and out. Slowly at first, he didn’t want to hurt her. 
“Faster!” She mumbled, the word vibrating through his cock. 

She was so fucking sexy. Amber grabbed his arse and pulled it towards her, making his cock go further down her throat, he was fucking her mouth, he picked up rhythm and started groaning. He could hear people walking past now, he looked towards the edge of the buildings and saw three women walking past. He got nervous but Amber’s mouth was amazing, he had never felt like this when he was given head before. She pulled his cock out of her mouth, stood up and turned around so her arse was up against his cock. She hitched her skirt up; she had no panties on.

“Ohh.” He groaned. “You are fucking amazing.”
She giggled “Thanks. Now fuck me doggy. I want to feel your balls hit my clit.”
He pulled his trousers down further, and could hear more people than ever walking past. He wondered if they had been seen, they were in a pretty open place but he didn’t care; it was getting him off even more.

He eased his cock into Amber’s soaking wet cunt. She groaned as he pushed his whole length in.
“Fuck, fuck me hard.” 
 He thrust his cock deep into her pussy, faster and harder. Her groans were getting louder. He was looking at the street, there seemed to be even more people now.

“Shit, I’m going to squirt, fuck its coming. I’m coming!” 
 He fucked her harder and faster, everything was turning into a blur, he could feel his head swelling, he felt that familiar feeling in his balls; he was coming too.
“I’m go… I’m coming, shit.” He managed to splutter.

Amber started pushing her ass back into him, he felt his load about to shoot. Then everything got incredibly wet. With a loud moan she squirted all over his cock, even his balls were wet. Then with one last powerful, loud thrust, he came too.

She stood up, pulled her skirt down, turned around and kissed him hard on the lips. He bent down, pulled his trousers up and tried to get his breath back. 
“Thank you, that was just what I needed, your cock is amazing. It hit all the right spots, I hope we can do it again.”
He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t breathe, he just smiled at her.
“I’ll go now. And I’ll see you soon.” She said, walking away. He watched her leave. As she got to the edge of the building she turned around and looked at him and said 

“You got the job, by the way.”

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