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The Recruiter

I met this older man, about fifty or so, on an oil company recruiting field trip for graduate students. He was a recruiter and I was a prospective hire. I thought that he was cute…not exactly hot, just cute. He had the most amazing eyes, a dark blue-green; I had never seen eyes quite like them before. He was about six feet tall, medium-build, with dark hair, black-framed rectangular glasses; slightly nerdy, but oh so cute!

Unfortunately, I spotted a wedding band, but I could not help but be attracted to him anyway. I have a thing for older men, especially professors or men that I look up to, intellectually. There is some sort of weird attraction/intimidation presence that men like him have that I happen to find absolutely irresistible. It always feels so inappropriate but I think that is the allure. That feeling, however, causes me to freeze up and turn into a stuttering fool sometimes.

I found myself around him a lot on the trip. I sat with or near to him at dinner each night and traveled in the same vehicle as him most of the time, but I was not always the one making an effort, if I wasn’t around him, he was around me. We conversed quite a bit and it turned out that we had lot of common interests; our science, love for good food and wine, travel, etc. I loved listening to the deepness of his voice and the cadence at which he spoke; it was unique and marked by living in many different places over the years.

After the trip was over we parted ways but kept in touch via email and phone regarding employment, but I did not end up working for the company that he was with. After graduation I ended up landing a job with another company in the same city as him. His office was just two blocks from mine and I hoped that I might bump into him in the neighborhood, maybe the bookstore or the coffee shop, but it never happened.

As time passed I found that often times my thoughts would drift to him and I would fantasize about what I would do if I did see him. Eventually, I was having so many fantasies about him that it was becoming distracting. I was so goddamned horny. I had recently ended a long term relationship, moved to a new and strange city, hardly knew anybody (let alone any men), so needless to say my hormones were raging.

I saw him again about two months later, briefly, at a professional conference in New Orleans. Oh, and he was looking quite hot to me this time, not just "cute". He was dressed impeccably in a perfectly fitted dark charcoal gray pinstripe suit. He was wonderfully friendly and warm. As much as I would have liked to have been outgoing I ended up acting shy and distracted around him. He probably thought that I was uncomfortable because of the job situation, but that wasn’t it. He had just caught me by surprise and I felt strange because of all of the dirty thoughts that I had been having about him.

I could feel my face getting warm while I was talking to him. He invited my colleagues and me to dinner but we had plans already, unfortunately. There was something about him that drove me crazy and I felt like there was some sort of spark between the two of us. One of the women with me even noticed it. Seeing him only made me realize how much of a crush I had on him. It was bad!

About six months after that sighting I attended another yet another conference, this one in Charleston, S.C. I was one of a two people leading an after-conference field trip to an island off the coast of Georgia to study barrier island geology. As we were meeting up to leave I gazed through the crowd of about fifteen, split about equal between men and women. Then I saw him. I felt a rush of heat and nervousness pass over me and I felt my palms begin to sweat. He seemed surprised to see me as well, but he had to have expected it, I was listed as field trip instructor for god’s sake!

It turned out that he decided to come at the last minute after somebody cancelled and a spot opened up. A few of his colleagues were already signed up and asked him to come along, so it made sense that he had no idea that I was going to be there. I knew that I was going to need to get over my anxiety and self-consciousness quickly or I was going to have a really uncomfortable few days. Once we greeted each other I immediately noticed that he was making an effort to be around me as much as he could. He split away from his group to ride in the vehicle I was driving and sat up front with me. He looked really good, just as cute and hot as before but a few days unshaven and his hair was a little longer and mussed up, but in a good way.

We stopped outside of Savannah for dinner the first night. He sat across from me and we passed a more than a few glances between each other, some of them lasting a bit longer than others. Those damn sexy deep blue-green eyes, I just wanted to drown in them! He even ordered a bottle of my favorite wine, I wondered if he remembered. Regardless, it was quite the turn-on.

The next morning we were leaving for the island. We all had breakfast on the beach near the ferry dock. I could tell that he was checking me out while the other instructor and I were sitting down and planning the logistics of the rest of the day. He was sitting back on a reclining chair and I could see his eyes, he was not wearing sunglasses. Neither was I, so he was fully aware that I had noticed him looking at me. He did not even make an effort to look away when I caught him! I just smiled, and looked down, but I could feel my face getting hot and I think that I was visibly blushing.

The other instructor even asked me if I was okay at one point. I was checking him out too and I was definitely into what I was seeing. He had long dark green cargo shorts on, and a black t-shirt. His legs were gorgeous, strong and nicely tanned. It was then that I noticed that he was not wearing a wedding band. I knew that he had been wearing one on the recruiting trip when we first met.

Later on that morning I spotted him standing on the pier looking out over the water. I don't know what came over me, but I approached him and found myself reaching up to put my hand on his shoulder, just for a second, before moving it down to the pier rail next to his hand. I reached over and touched his hand and ring finger. He turned and looked into my eyes.

“We split up about nine months ago, or at least we made it official then. It was a good thing, amicable I mean. It had been in the cards for a while,” he said.

I said nothing, just smiled and looked out toward the water. He put his hand on the small of my back for a moment. His touch sent a warm tingle through my body.

“I am surprised that you noticed,” he said.

I just smiled as he stared into my big brown eyes and he smiled back. Good god, he had a sexy smile. He put his hand over mine and he looked like he wanted to say something, but he remained quiet. We stood there, for a few seconds before the ferry arrived to transport our group to the island.

The first night at the campsite there was a lot of drinking and partying going on. I chose to take it easy, I needed to be up and ready to go early the next morning. He sat with me all night by the fire with the rest of the group. As the night went on I found him sitting closer and closer to me.

Was he making subtle moves on me, I wondered? I was so unsure and nervous. All I wanted to do was jump his bones but I was afraid of making a complete ass of myself. I was so self-conscious around him. I just kept the thought of being rejected by him in the back of my mind. Nevertheless, I managed to pull off some subtle flirting, like touching his back and shoulder while stepping over the log we were leaning against for balance or holding eye contact just a bit longer than normal.

The weather had cooled off quite a bit after the sun went down and he had changed into a pair of dark blue button fly 501’s. He had such a cute ass and those jeans really did it justice. I was pretty sure he was aware of my staring, but I did not even care. I caught him staring at my rack a few times, but I get that a lot. I am by no means a skinny mini, I am quite voluptuous and my curves have caught the attention of quite a few men. I was more than happy to get his attention.

We eventually snagged two recliners and lay side by side further away from the group; it was too hot and smoky by the fire. I could not keep my eyes off of his nether regions while we were sitting together. Being the crotch watcher that I am, I had noticed before that he appeared to be quite well endowed. He must have been wearing boxers tonight because I could clearly make out what was going on down there. His cock was lying along his right upper thigh and I could see that he was easily five inches flaccid, and very thick. He was definitely a "show-er". At one point is caught myself staring and biting my lower lip. It looked like he had a damn beer can in his pants. I was getting wet just looking at it, wondering how much bigger it could possibly get. As we sat there I thought about placing my hand on to his hand, or touching his arm, anything to let him know that I wanted him, but I was way too shy. I was hoping that he would do something, but he did not. Maybe the flirting that was going on was only in my head.

Eventually and somehow, I must have shut my eyes and fallen asleep because the next thing I knew was that he was quietly calling my name to wake me up. His hand was on my arm and he then extended his hand to help me up.

“I fell asleep too,” he said in a deep, sleepy voice. “Let me walk you back to your tent.”

“Oh, I am fine,” I said.

He took a hold of my hand. “I know, but I still want to,” he said.

When we got to my tent and he said good night and squeezed my hand as he lifted it to his face before placing a light little kiss on the inside of my wrist. I was so suprised, I said nothing. He stood facing the fire behind me which allowed me to still see his face in the darkness. He smiled and winked before wandering off to his tent.

I slipped into my tent and sat wondering what the hell was going on. I could not imagine that somebody like him would be seriously attracted to me. Don’t get me wrong, I have attracted plenty of wonderful men in my life, just not ones that were quite as sophisticated or established as him. I might be highly educated and well acquainted with the finer things in life, but I also have a wild streak which is usually pretty obvious to most people who meet me. I have a few tattoos, sometimes smoke cigarettes when I drink, and love to listen to metal. I am sure that is a turn-off to some, but I am who I am.

Most of the men that I have serious relationships in the past have been artists or academics, my last being another graduate student who was just as poor and un-established as myself. Why would this guy be interested in somebody like me, I wondered? I thought that he was just trying to be a nice guy, or possibly just trying to score with a much younger woman.

After dinner the second night on the island I was lying in a net hammock staring up into the blue sky. The campground was located in a beautiful live oak grove covered in Spanish moss and was about one hundred meters from the beach. The island itself is not open to the public, so it is very quiet and private. I was deep in thought about him, trying to decide if I should make a move. If I could only get him alone..I smiled to myself and closed my eyes.

Then my thoughts rapidly shifted to how gross my bare skin was going to look after I got off of the hammock...that damn hammock webbing always leaves marks that take hours to fade. I had been so distracted while wrapped up in my self-consciousness that I did not even hear him approach. The next thing I knew he was standing next to me asking if I would like to grab a bottle of wine take a walk along the beach with him. I was a little surprised, but so happy that he had asked. Thankfully, I don’t think he even noticed the oh-so-lovely hammock pattern that had been pressed into the back of my thighs.

We made our way up the trail and wandered along the beach for about forty-five minutes or so, drinking red wine out of insulated coffee mugs and poking at various sea-creatures that had washed up to the beach. He was wearing a black fleece jacket, white t-shirt, and orange swim trunks. We came across a large driftwood log that we decided sit by to watch the sunset. He found a spot near the base and he leaned back. I sat down next to him and we continued chatting while he got the bottle of wine from the bag and poured both of us some more. The sun was just starting to set as we sat there.

He handed me my wine, leaned back and put his arm up on the log behind me, but not really around me. I was unsure if this was just a friendly gesture or maybe a little more. I looked into his eyes as I leaned back as he lifted one brow sort of mischievously and scanned me head to toe as I got comfortable. I was wearing a dark purple halter-top and very short shorts, showing a lot of leg. He then moved his arm up around my lower back for a few seconds and then rested his hand my shoulder. I looked into his eyes again and he squeezed me a bit and moved a little closer to me.

“I love your eyes, they are so sexy," I said to him.

Oh my god, did I just say that out loud, I wondered? I don’t know where this forwardness inside of me was coming from. He flashed one of those sexy smiles and looked down for a second. I noticed that his face became a bit flushed.

How sweet, he was shy, I thought to myself. Seeing him show that slight bit of bashfulness gave me a bit more confidence. I leaned against his side and put my head against his shoulder. He began stroking my long brown hair and twirling his fingers through it slowly. We sat like this for a while, drinking our wine and watching the sunset.

We talked about restaurants we liked and asked me if I had ever been to one in particular. When I told him I had not he told me that he would like to take me sometime. I told him that I would love to go with him. We sat quietly for a few moments until I giggled a bit to myself because I thought about the fact that here I was, sitting on a private beach with a guy I was crushing on, drinking wine and watching the sunset…how stereotypical, it was like a scene out of a cheesy romance novel!

What is so funny?” he asked.

“Oh, nothing…I just…it’s nothing really,” I said.

“Okay, but you better not be laughing at me,” he said.

“Trust me, it is nothing bad. I am just somewhat surprised that you asked me to come out here with you,” I said.

“Really?” he said, “You are surprised? Hmm…duly noted, I guess that I will need to express my intentions more clearly in the future."

He said that in such a tone that any feelings of doubt about what was going on left me. It felt like we were miles away from anybody, which was pretty much the case. The rest of the group was either back around the camp or swimming very far away from us, and looking behind us I could barely make out their forms, or even if they were still there. He became very quiet and slowing started playing with my hair some more, then caressing my neck and shoulder with the one hand. His touch was electrifying. His head was turned toward mine and I could feel his face against the back of my head.

I felt his chest rise as he was breathing in the scent of my hair and he began to give me a few very gentle kisses along the top of my head. I turned and looked up into his beautiful eyes again, which were now smoldering. The look he was giving me, it was so unbelievably sexy. He moved his hand up along my jaw line before turning my chin up toward him so he could kiss me. He looked at my mouth and I felt a twinge of arousal flow through me. I closed my eyes and felt his lips touch mine, ever so gently. I started to feel very warm all over and filled with lust for him. I returned his kiss and he moaned, almost as if in relief. We carried on, first in soft bouts which became more intense.

He stopped and we both opened our eyes and looked at each other, somewhat surprised about what was happening. It was not awkward like most first kisses are, we had amazing chemistry and we both felt it. He leaned back a bit as I moved up, putting us face to face. I moved in and planted the most passionate, lusty kiss on his lips while moving my hands up to hold his face and run my hands through his gorgeous black and silver hair.

He was kissing me back so passionately. I could tell that this was the kind of kiss that he really meant, the type that a man gives when he is really into a girl. I think that we were realizing that we both harbored the same burning crush on each other. He desperately pulled me closer to him...I was quivering mess and I just let him pull me in. He held me in his arms so sweetly. I pulled myself together and mustered up the courage to sit on his lap, straddling him face to face, which evoked a very mischievous little smile from him.

He pulled my hips toward him and I could feel his excitement against me. I couldn't get over how hard he had become, just from me kissing him. I could feel myself getting wet as and I let out a little moan of surprise and approval at his size. He responded with an almost evil smile and sinister laugh before starting he started to kiss me again. Arching my back I began to rub on him, teasing him. I moved in to kiss his neck and ears, and I softly moaned his name into his ear. I felt his cock twitch against me as he moaned deeply. I was driving him absolutely wild.

We must kept this up for twenty minutes or so, kissing and enjoying the excitement of learning what it took to turn the other on. I could tell that he loved to watch me writhe around in his lap. Every time he moaned I could feel my pussy throb, aching for him, I couldn't help but buck my hips against his lap. He paused to run his hand down between us to readjust his manhood for maximum pleasure for me.

I quickly returned to rubbing against him while I looked into his eyes. Feeling the full length of his shaft made me shutter with pleasure as licked my lips. He gave me a little wink, acknowledging our mutual pleasure. I could cum at any moment if we kept this up, the head of his cock was hitting just in the right spot. Before I knew it my back arched uncontrollably, I began to let out a series of quiet moans into his ear as I began to have an orgasm. I gasped as my body shuttered. I looked down at him and I could make out an expression of shear surprise.

“Wow,” he said as I sat on him dazed and giggly “that was so…”

I hung my head down onto his shoulder. “You drive me wild,” I whispered into his ear, still a bit out of breath.

I climbed off of him, revealing the impressive bulge in his shorts. His t-shirt had been pushed up a bit by my writhing, exposing his surprisingly well defined abs and a spot of precum on his shorts. He adjusted himself a bit and the sight of him expertly handling his junk got me even more turned on.

“See those trees behind the dune over there?” he asked. “That is where I am going take you right now.”

“Okay,” I replied, still in a bit of a daze.

He held out his hand and pulled me up close to him. I wanted to grab that bulge in his pants but before I could he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. I screamed out loud in surprise and laughed. I felt a bit like a cavewoman being dragged to the cave by her caveman, but I knew I was going to be well taken care of. He carried me to a private little spot and laid me down in the sand. The sun was still setting and the orange light shined through the pine trees. He lay down next to me on his side and began kissing my neck and speaking softly and deeply in to my ear between kisses.

“I have wanted you since I first laid eyes on you...I have not been able to get you out of my mind and I was so worried that I may not see you again. I wanted to call so many times...but I was sure you would think I was a pervert or something. You are so gorgeous and I get all disoriented when you are near me. The past few days the only thing I have been able to think about is having you to myself. The way you smile and blush when you catch me looking at you…oh it drives me insane.”

“If you only knew all of the dirty thoughts I have about you,” I said as I reached down to place my hand on his shaft.

I rubbed him over his shorts as he sighed.

“Oh my god, that feels amazing," he moaned. "And you’re not shy either, I really like that.”

“I am more shy than you will ever know," I said. “but you are just too damn irresistible.”

He kissed the underside of my forearm and wrist, which gave me goose bumps and made my nipples very hard. He gently started to rub one of my breasts. I looked down and watched as he softly caressed my nipple through the thin fabric. He reached up and untied my halter straps and began kissing me, moving so slowly closer to my left nipple, teasing me as he pulled down the fabric.

He slipped his other hand under the fabric and very gently circled his palm over my other nipple, barely touching me. I could feel it instantly harden under his touch and I listened to him moaned deeply. He slowing peeled back my top and sucked my left nipple softly. He alternated between gentle sucking, licking, and biting. He was taking his sweet time and that was just fine with me. I was in heaven, left moaning and stroking his hair and watching him as he worked his magic on me.

He moved one hand down my belly and then ran his fingers over my still clothed mound, just enough to tease me with the thought of him between my legs.

“May I?” he asked.

I just moaned approval to him and he continued. He slipped his fingers under my shorts just enough so that he could rub my slit over my wet panties, it excited him to find them so soaked.

“Oh yeah, that’s my girl,” he whispered into my ear.

I let out a sigh when I felt his fingers under my panties. He continued to suck on my nipples while he slowly rubbed me into to pure bliss. I felt so helpless under his spell, I have never felt somebody have that much control over my body before, and it was exhilarating. It was like he had some divine knowledge of my body…he was going to make me cum exactly when he wanted me too, no sooner and no later, and he was in complete control.

And just as quickly as he started he stopped.

He got on his knees took off his shirt and glasses and tossed them into the sand. His chest and arms were surprisingly well defined for an older guy. He began to slowly rub that thick erection of his through his shorts while as I watched, it was such a huge turn-on to watch him touch himself. I sat up and placed my hand on his shaft and took over the task for him. He melted like butter as he lay back into the sand. I reached into his shorts and wrapped my hand around his heavy manhood. He was a beast.

I gripped him tight and stroked him, up, over and down; he just closed his eyes as he became a victim to my touch. I pulled his shorts down and continued to stroke him. His shaft was so smooth, and not too freakishly long, but a good eight and a half inches, and his skin felt like velvet in my hands. He was thick, thicker than anybody I had ever been with before.

"Oh baby, I have not had a proper hand-job since I was high school, and it was nothing like this" he cooed.

He was a beautiful specimen; simply perfect in my eyes. I began to gently massage his balls and I felt his cock twitch in my other hand. I reached down and scooped some lube from my pussy and continued to stroke him. I wanted so badly to move down wrap my lips around him but he rolled over on top of me before I could. He started kissing my neck and moved slowly down my body. He lifted my legs straight up and kissed behind my knees before removing my shorts and panties in one firm tug. He moved his head down between my legs and started to rub my clit with his fingers again as I felt his breath on my thighs.

“Do you like to be kissed here?" he asked as he looked up at me seductively.

“Please,” I said, desperately. I felt his lips touch me as he started slowly, licking me in different spots, using different amounts of pressure, exploring for my favorite sensation.

“Don’t be shy, just let me know what you like best,” he said.

He slowly slipped two fingers in to my pussy and pressed upward inside me as he licked and sucked my clit. I had never felt anything quite like this. What was he doing, I wondered? It was a sensation that I had not felt in a very long time. He paused to run his fingers from his other hand through my silky wetness and reached up to work on one of my nipples. I felt my legs begin to tremble uncontrollably.

I could not remember that ever happening to me, at least not since my first boy when I was sixteen. He knew that he had found my pot of gold and he was incredible. He did not take any breaks to switch to his fingers while attending to my clit, no shortcuts… it was all tongue and sucking the entire time. It was like he already knew my every desire and he was determined to satisfy each and every one of them.

It did not take me long to cum, and hell, it felt like I had a brain aneurysm when I did. He sat on his heels as he watched me writhe like a damn snake in the sand. I looked up at him and thought to I know what a dirty old man he really was under that respectable clean-cut exterior of his. He was such an animal! I knew that mouth of his had to be good for something more than talking about rocks. I giggled to myself about it, but really, it was such an aphrodisiac. He moved up to kiss me and I could taste myself on him.

“I want to be inside you, I want make love to you,” he said between kisses.

Make love. He said make love. How much sexier can he get? Damn, I thought. I sat up and pulled him back toward me as we fell back to the sand. He slid his cock into me slowly. It hurt at first because he was so thick.

“Oh fuck,” he moaned, “I have fantasized about this for so long, I don’t think that I am going be able to hold back,” he said to me softly.

“It’s okay, you have been so good to me already,” I said back to him.

He was gentle at first and soon the pain gave away to sheer pleasure. After a while he slowed down and gave me another one of those epic kisses. I ran my hands over his strong arms, shoulders and back as he thrust into me.

“Oh baby, fuck me harder,” I begged as I ran my hands through his chest hair.

He responded by lifting my right leg up and over his shoulder for deeper penetration. He started to pound me harder and harder. He pulled my arms above my head and pinned them down with his weight as he peered deeply into my eyes. His face, chest, and back were wet with sweat and he began to tell me was going to cum and I felt his body shutter as he pulled out and shot his load on to my belly and breasts. He sat back and rubbed his face, breathing heavily. He collapsed next to me in the sand and wrapped his arms me around before resting his head on my shoulder.

We stayed on the beach for a while before making that long walk back to camp. Thankfully everybody else was either sleeping or too drunk to realize that we came back together, and showered together. After cleaning up we both climbed into my tent and he started to fall asleep almost immediately after lying down next to me. I turned over and kissed him on the cheek but he was already out.

Early the next morning I woke up in his arms, him spooning me, I think we slept that way all night. I don’t normally like to “snuggle” while I sleep but I felt so nice to be in his arms. It was raining and I could hear thunder in this distance.

“Good morning,” he said in that deep, sexy voice of his.

“Good morning, sweetie,” I said.

He began to kiss the back of my neck very seductively.

“Mmm, I could get used to waking up with you next to me, you calling me sweetie,” he said. “Will I even have a chance to do this with you when we get back…I mean, are you going to be my girl?”

God, he was so sweet, but I felt kind of bad. I hoped that he did think he was just a random romp for me. Without a word I turned to kiss him hard, so hard, so passionately and then I buried my head in his chest. I felt like crying. He lifted my chin and looked into my eyes deeply.

Before I could say anything he kissed me, a long, really sexy kiss. When we finished he held my chin up again and looked into my eyes,

“This…I mean the two of us together… it’s going to be crazy good… insanely good,” he said.

I smiled and turned back over and he squeezed me tight and I could feel that he was semi-erect.

“Oh my,” I said jokingly as he pulled my hips toward his.

He began kissing the nape of my neck again, this time he included gentle little bites too, it was so sexy. He started pumping his erection along my backside, moaning, and kissing my neck, shoulders and ears. He furiously grabbed my breasts and massaged them through my camisole, waiting for my nipples to harden.

He was almost panting in my ear and I could not help but become completely aroused. I could feel wetness begin to flow between my legs. While continuing to kiss my neck he pulled off his boxers, and lifted my leg and pulled my panties to the side before plunging that huge, fully erect rod inside of me. I gasped and I yelled out his name in surprise.

If there was anybody awake on that campground they heard me. I was on top of him, with my back to him. He returned his hands my breasts, this time up under my camisole and began to lightly pinch my nipples as he slowly pumped his cock inside of me.

“Shhh, I am going to take good care of you baby, just relax,” he whispered into my ear.

The confidence in which he expressed his ability to please me made it probably the sexiest thing a man had ever said to me. We continued on like this, both trying to remain very quiet, as we made love in the rain. He was so big, being able to penetrate me that deep from the position we were in. He slowly moved one hand down under my panties to my clit and found it slippery wet again and he gently flicked and rubbed it.

His excitement from finding me this wet came through in the intensity of moaning, kissing, and biting of my neck and shoulders. He massaged my pussy gently, as if he was being careful not to make me come too fast. He was an insanely passionate and creative lover and I have never been with somebody quite like him. His thrusting slowed a bit as he began to speak.

He began to tell me about the huge erections he got when he first met me on the recruiting field trip and how they would happen under table at dinner whenever I would talk to him or make eye contact with him. He could recall what I was wearing the and how hot I looked in this and that.

He confessed to me that it made him feel like a pervert because he would have to go back to his room and masturbate each night before he could get to sleep. I begged him to tell me how he managed to hide those erections, which surely somebody must have noticed! I told him how much I would have loved for him to come by my room those nights to let me help ease his frustration, and how much I would have enjoyed wrapping my lips around his cock to suck him off. He told me that it really turned him on to know that because it would have been so wildly inappropriate, and that he could have gotten into a lot of trouble if it really would have happened.

He asked more questions about what he could have done to me on that trip and I continued to go on in explicit detail about the fantasies I would have about him while staring at his package...while I should have been listening to him talk about regional geology. I think that he was honestly surprised and really excited by me telling him that. I loved the fact that my words were able to do that for him because nothing could turn me on more than making him feel good right then.

“My god, such a dirty mind, you are such a bad girl!” he said as he continued to slowly fuck me. “You have no idea how much that turns me on.”

He started to thrust harder and deeper into me and I could tell he was about to cum. The sound of him moaning made me cum hard and I could feel my contractions pulling his meat further into me and he went off like a fire plug inside me. We both tried so hard to keep quiet and he managed to bite me pretty hard in the process, right where my neck meets my shoulder. He apologized profusely for the bite, but I did not mind.

Later that day we packed up to leave. He was flying out with his colleagues from the trip and a bunch of us shared one of those van cabs to get to the airport. Those men all seemed to be very nice, but I could help but to feel a bit uncomfortable. They were all very influential men within the business and I had a feeling that they knew what was going on.

I instantly felt like I had made a huge mistake, that they were going to think that I was a whore and that tales of our escapade would get spread around to everybody I knew. The oil business can be small world sometimes, full of good ole boys where ladies are not really welcome, or worse, used for sex.

We needed to separate after the security checkpoint at the airport. Before I left he pulled me into a doorwell and gave me a really hot, passionate kiss. Afterward, he looked down to his phone and I immediately heard mine ring. I looked at the caller i.d. and I saw that it was him.

“I see you still have my number from last year,” I said.

“I see you still have mine saved in your contacts list,” he said.

He gave me another quick kiss.

“You will be hearing from me,” he said.

He gave me a sexy little wink as we parted.


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