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The Restaurant and a Surprise - Part 2

The Restaurant and a Surprise - Part 2

A most erotic dinner.

Driving home from our day on the river which ended up being three unforgettable days, Maggie made a phone call. She asked to speak to Jasmine who is the hostess at the restaurant we dined at last week. She made a reservation for Friday night at eight.

After hanging up, Maggie said that we are going to have a small private room with April as our server. She looked at me and said that since it was dark out she was going to get more comfortable. She pulled her top up, stopping at her now protruding nipples.

With one hand she gently ran her fingers across the soft exposed skin starting at the underside. Then moving up to the edge of her t-shirt and back down. With each pass her hand pressed harder and her moans became louder.

Maggie slid her other hand into her shorts and was rubbing her clit, moving her fingers along the swollen lips. She was rocking her hips back and forth as her finger slowly pushed its way into the depths of her pussy.

Her thighs firmly held her hand in place as her finger moved rapidly within her as her thumb rubbed her clit. Her other hand was moving from breast to breast caressing and squeezing as she started to come. She lifted her ass off the seat and put a second finger in her pussy as her breathing had turned to short breaths while she moaned and groaned that she was coming.

With her body shuddering in orgasm, she arched her back and I could see her juices covering the inner thighs. When it was over she settled back in the seat. As she was reaching up to finish removing her top, she saw that I had released my cock from the shorts and was stroking the shaft.

I began slowly moving my hand up until I reached the base of the head. Pausing briefly, I moved onto the head making a circular motion then went down the shaft and continued doing so several more times. When my hand reached the base of the shaft I moved further down and caressed my swollen balls for a moment. I started to move my hand faster along the shaft making sure to rub the head and caress my balls.

Maggie kept her eyes on my cock as she removed her shorts, exposing herself to me and anyone driving by us. As I was stroking my shaft, she rubbed the head and fondled my balls. She felt precum on her hand and quickened her hand motions as I quickened mine. When she felt I was about to come, she leaned down putting only the head in her mouth while I kept stroking and she kept fondling the balls.

I soon released my load as Maggie swallowed most of it and then let my cock slip from her mouth so the final spurts landed in her hand. She then sat up and looked out her window to see car alongside of us. Turning to face the couple she took and rubbed the cum into her breasts. The woman in the other car quickly got in the back seat removed her clothes and kneeled on the seat so we could see her masturbate.

Maggie moved to the back as well and did what the other woman was doing. Her male partner and I smiled at each other as I sped up so he could watch Maggie. Then he would speed up so I could watch his partner. We took turns until both had reached their orgasm. They sped off never to be seen again.

Maggie remained naked the rest of the ride home, reclined in her seat and never stopped stimulating herself. I had a hard time keeping my eyes on the road. We got off the highway and onto the two lane road to my house. 

When we got back to town she asked where we were going as I wasn't heading to my parents. I told her that I had gotten a place of my own and we were going there.

It was one in the morning when we pulled into the driveway. Maggie got out of the car wearing only her sneakers and a smile. We walked arm in arm to the door and that is when she went to her knees pulling my shorts down. Reaching behind me she placed her hands on my ass and pulled me towards her open mouth. She kept pulling me until the entire length of my rigid cock was in.

She did not waste time in making me come all over her breasts. When she was finished, she stood and we went inside. Maggie slipped her sneakers off as I took mine off then I removed my shorts. Walking over to me, her breasts gently moved with every step. Now in front of me, she removed my t-shirt while pressing her cum covered breasts into me.

As we kissed I reached down taking her clit between my thumb and finger. Letting out a sigh as we continued kissing, she parted her legs to allow my finger to slip inside her. We stopped kissing and looked down at our hands stimulating each other.

I felt her hand start to fondle my balls as a finger on her other hand slipped into a very wet pussy with my finger. At the same time I placed my other hand on my shaft and began stroking as she moved from the balls to the head.

As we continued stimulating each other we let our fingers slip out of her now dripping pussy and brought our fingers to our lips bathing them in her wetness. We then kissed as our hands continued stroking my cock. Maggie felt precum oozing out as she rubbed the head and gathered it up putting it on her lips. Smiling, she reached back down and gathered more on her finger and put it on my lips then we kissed once more.

I picked Maggie up as we continued kissing and carried her to the bedroom. Once there I placed her at the foot of the bed in the sitting position. Getting on my knees, I kissed my way up her inner to the edge of her pussy as she fondled her breasts.

My tongue followed the edge to the now swollen clit and pressing against it, Maggie let out a soft moan as she pinched her nipples. For a brief moment, I teased her clit swirling my tongue around it and pressing it between my lips. She was now teasing her nipples with her tongue and taking them between her lips to suck on them.

Placing a finger between her swollen lips I slowly stroked her slit while gently pressing as my tongue slowly pushed past. Making circular motions as my tongue stimulated her even more, Maggie rocked her hips back and forth as she continued fondling her breasts.

Feeling my tongue slipping out, she reached down grabbed my head and pulled me into her. Twirling my tongue around her clit I pushed two fingers into her very wet pussy. She screamed out to me to go faster as her orgasm was near.

Her thighs tightened their grip on my head, she arched her back and released the grip on my head. Her hands went to her nipples and began pinching them until she came flooding my mouth with her sweet nectar.

After catching her breath she reached into her pussy with two fingers and pulled them out. Maggie took them and spread her juice onto my cock and balls. She did this until I was covered in her juices.

As she lay back on the bed she smiled at me as she pressed her breasts together. Seductively sliding her tongue across her lips I moved over her, straddling her hips. Using her finger she beckoned me to move forward. I moved slowly making sure my balls barely touched her skin.

Upon reaching her breasts, Maggie reached out grabbed my ass and pulled me up further. Stopping only when she could swirl her tongue around them. She then took my cock in her hand and as I moved to bring my cock to her waiting mouth. Putting my hands on her head I held her still while thrusting in and out.

She pushed me away releasing my cock and whispered "Fuck my tits, Rich."

Moving down I placed my cock in her cleavage and started to fuck her. Maggie pressed her breasts together. When the head of the cock appeared she would take it in her mouth to lick and suck it.

At the same time, I was pinching and teasing her nipples with my fingers. When I was about to come, I took my hand and stroked the shaft. Maggie rubbed the head and fondled my balls. Soon I sent load after load all over her breasts. When I finished she rubbed some cum on her lips.

I moved down her body and lay on her cum covered breasts and we kissed. When we had rested for a while we got up and facing each other, rubbed the cum into our skin. I walked over lifting her in my arms and went to the shower.

Maggie looked stunning as the water cascaded down from the shower head above like a gentle rainfall. I watched as the droplets traveled down her supple body, glistening in the light. Droplets were dripping from her erect nipples and breasts. Watching the soap suds appear as she washed her breasts and stomach was breath- taking.

After the shower we went to bed and before falling asleep we agreed to abstain from any physical contact for the next three days. We wanted to be ready for our Friday night dinner date.


Friday finally arrived and Maggie came over to get ready for what we knew was going to be a very special evening. She brought several bags with her and when I asked what was in them, she told me I would have to wait and see. I took the bags and carried them to her room so she could get ready. Then I went to my room to change for the evening.

I was dressed in my tux and was pouring some wine when she appeared. I was taken aback, Maggie had on black stilettos, a knee length black skirt with slits on both sides that went high enough to show a hint of a garter and the top of her nylons. They were black with diamond studs along the back.

Her gray V-neck cashmere sweater was accented by a diamond pendant that rested at the top of her cleavage. The earrings were diamond tear drops and she had my favorite perfume on which is White Diamonds.

We toasted to what was to come this evening and headed out to the restaurant. Upon our arrival Jasmine was there to greet us. She is of Japanese descent standing at five feet seven inches, one hundred thirty-five pounds, with black hair to her shoulders, brown eyes, toned body, 32D cup and shaved pussy.

She was wearing a yellow dress that had a V-neck to her waist and a scooped back that went down to the waist. The slits on both sides showed a hint of garter and yellow nylon and her shoes were yellow stilettos.

Jasmine escorted us to our private dining area. Before leaving, she embraced Maggie giving her a very passionate kiss while her hands explored her body. When Maggie reached out to touch her, Jasmine stopped her and said there would be plenty of time later for that.

As Jasmine turned to me she smiled, taking my hand and pulled it to her breast. She told me to squeeze her nipple as hard as I could. Then she kissed me just as passionately as she did with Maggie and rubbed my cock. Breaking away she said that April would be with us shortly and she would check on us later.

The room was quite large with four oversized leather chairs. The booth we were sitting at was the only one in the room and it was curved. This was also leather and oversized. There was a fireplace that was on and soft music played in the background. The only light came from candles placed around the room.

A few minutes later, April entered the room with an ice bucket and a bottle of champagne.

April is an ebony beauty standing at five feet eleven inches, one hundred forty pounds, medium length auburn hair, brown eyes, toned body, 36D cup, shaved pussy.

April was wearing a gray dress that was exactly like Jasmine's. She too had on garters with gray nylons and gray stilettos to match. She opened the champagne, poured us each a glass. Then Maggie made a toast to a most unforgettable evening yet to come.

When our glasses were empty, April asked if we were ready for an appetizer and Maggie said yes. Without hesitation April took Maggie by the hand taking her to the center of the room. She had Maggie sit in the chair as she stood in front of her and spread her legs while pulling up her dress.

Maggie reached out to pull April closer to her until her mouth was on her pussy. Twirling her tongue around the clit then sucking on it made April gasp. As she released the clit, Maggie began licking the swollen lips and teased her by pushing the tip of her tongue just past the opening to her pussy. She repeated this until April grabbed the back of her head and pulled her tightly against her.

Maggie had no choice but to push her tongue deep within April who was now in the throes of her orgasm. Whatever she was doing with her tongue, it had April screaming out in pleasure. Maggie was taking all the juice in her mouth as April came. When April caught her breath she stepped back from Maggie, straightened herself out and said she would return with the appetizer.

As Maggie seated herself next to me she turned and giving me a very passionate kiss asked "do you like the appetizer April gave me?"

I responded by kissing her and taking what was left of Aprils' sweet taste. We were unaware of Jasmine's presence until she placed a bucket with ice and a bottle of champagne next to the table. Startled, we broke our kiss and watched as she popped open the bottle and poured us each a glass.

Looking at Maggie, she asked if the appetizer April gave her was to her taste and Maggie replied with a smile as she seductively licked her lips. Then she looked at me and asked if April had offered me any and I told her no. Walking over to me she took my hand as she led me to a chair and sat me down.

Reaching down, Jasmine used her fingers and followed the outline of my cock. When it became stiff she moved her fingers to my balls and did the same to them. The fingers on my cock now turned into her hand stroking me. As she continued the slow stimulation she whispered to me what she was going to do to my cock after this.

She told me to close my eyes and listen. "I am going to undo your belt, lean over and pull the zipper down using only my teeth. When the head appears, I will take it in my mouth and suck it. My tongue will swirl all around getting it very wet. As the shaft appears I will do the same and go back up to the head. Then back down the shaft several times before pulling the zipper further down.

I will do this until your entire length is exposed. Then I will free your balls from their confinement and lick each one until wet. Then suck on each one separately as I stroke your shaft and rub the head. When I am satisfied that you are ready, my mouth will take in both cum filled balls at the same time. I will not stop sucking them until you beg me to such your cock.

When you do, in one motion I will take your entire length in my mouth to its base. I will suck your cock until I feel the first load hit the back of my throat. Then move so only the head is in as you fill my mouth with the rest of your cum. When you finish I will kiss you and share some cum with you. Finally, I will go to Maggie and share the rest with her in a kiss."

Twenty minutes later Jasmine shared some of my cum with me as we kissed. She went over to Maggie and shared the rest with her. Looking over her shoulder as she walked to the door she smiled and said she would check in on us later.

April came with our appetizer and she asked if there was anything else we needed. I replied "You and Jasmine as our dessert."

April said she was hoping that would be our response and told us dinner would be served in fifteen minutes.

When dinner arrived, both April and Jasmine served us. When we were finished we were asked if we would like to have dessert at their place and Maggie said "oh yes."

With that they left us so we could have a few moments alone as they went to clock out.

Ten minutes later, we were in our car with April in the back with Maggie and Jasmine up front with me as we headed to their place for dessert.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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