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The Restaurant and a Surprise

The Restaurant and a Surprise

New Experiences For Maggie and Rich
On a cold Saturday morning, I called Maggie to ask her out for lunch. She asked me to pick her up at one o' clock and to bring my swim trunks and a towel. When I started to ask questions, she cut me off and said, "Rich, it's a surprise.”

She was waiting for me when I arrived. Driving to the restaurant, I tried to get Maggie to tell me about the surprise but to no avail. She distracted me by opening her coat and sliding her hand inside her pants to tease me.

When we arrived, she removed her hand and placed her fingers on my lips giving me a taste of what was to come.

In the restaurant, we noticed a couple sitting at the bar and no one in the dining room. The bartender along with the hostess and waitress were the only ones up front. I asked for a booth and the hostess led us to a more secluded and much darker area. We were seated in a semi-circular booth.

Maggie continued to tease me as we sat next to each other. Seductively licking her lips and running her hand slowly on my thigh until her hand was on my cock. I placed my hand on her knee and moved slowly up until it was on her pussy.

We both began stroking each other only to stop as our waitress approached. April had long brown hair that reached to the middle of her back and long legs. Her breasts filled out the top of the uniform very nicely.

During our meal, we kept teasing each other. Maggie whispered in my ear to watch the waitress as she approached with dessert. I kept my eye on her and when she was right beside us that's when Maggie pulled down my zipper.

April placed our dessert on the table as she watched the scene unfold before her. My cock was being released from its confines and Maggie began to stroke the entire length.

Both of us watched April for any reaction. As she continued stroking my cock, we saw April run her tongue over her lips as she looked over at Maggie.

Maggie smiled and nodded at April as she continued stroking me. April came closer, placed her hand on the head of my cock and began to move in a circular motion.

We slid over so April could sit down. She eagerly accepted and both of them started to move their hands in unison. I reached over and placed a hand on each pussy. They both reached down with their free hand and started to caress my balls.

All three of us were now beginning to feel the effects of our hands on each other. As we were cumming we held back our moans of ecstasy as not to be heard by the others. April and Maggie licked the cum from their hands all the while looking at one another.

We all straightened ourselves up. April leaned across me, gave Maggie a kiss on the lips and then kissed me. As she got up said she would be right back. Several minutes later she returned with the hostess. April introduced us to Jasmine who had shoulder length black hair and breasts, which pushed, out her top.

We both looked quizzically at April. She smiled and told us she had given Jasmine all the details as to what transpired. We were horrified to say the least. April reassured us nothing was wrong as she put her arm around Jasmine's waist and pulled her close.

Jasmine went on to explain that since we were open minded enough to allow her lover to join us that our meal was on the house. April handed us a note with their phone number and invited us to their place anytime. Maggie said that they would be hearing from us soon. Before leaving Jasmine and April gave us each a kiss goodbye.

As we walked to the car I asked Maggie if she had ever done anything like that before and her response was no. She asked if I was comfortable with it and if was I looking forward to seeing them again. I told her yes and that this was a new experience for me.

As we drove off Maggie asked if I was ready for her surprise. Of course, I said yes then she told me to head for the city. Giving me directions as I drove, she still would not tell me about her surprise. Finally arriving at our destination, it was called, "The Hot Tub Place."

Upon entering, I noticed there were couples along with families waiting to be called. Maggie got our number and we headed to the changing rooms. As I started to head to mine, she grabbed my hand and pulled me into hers.

Once inside we began removing each other's clothing. I could not wait any longer and began kissing her breasts and sucking on her nipples. She grabbed my cock and squeezed it telling me to wait just a little longer. After putting on my swimsuit she told me to turn around and not look. Finally, she said I could turn around.

I was disappointed to see Maggie wearing a t-shirt and shorts. We exited the changing room and when our number was called we followed the hostess.

Upon entering the room, we noticed a very large walk -in shower off to the side and the hot tub in the center. There was soft romantic music playing and the lighting was lowered to add to the romantic atmosphere.

Once again, Maggie told me to turn around. When I was told to look there, she was wearing a pink sling shot swimsuit. The two strips of material barely covered her nipples and the material between her legs did not come close to covering her pussy completely.

I walked over and taking her hand pulled her to me in a passionate embrace as we kissed. Reaching around I started to run my hands over her ass and squeezing at the same time. Moving my tongue around her ear slowly and moving down to her neck my hands moved to up to the sides of her breasts gently pushing them.

We broke off the embrace long enough to get in the shower. Turning on the multiple heads, we felt the water cascading over every part of our bodies. Maggie got on her knees and yanked off my trunks then in one motion took my hard cock in her mouth down to the base.

She fondled my balls as she sucked my cock pausing to lick the shaft and head. Swirling her tongue on the shaft as my cock disappeared again and again into her mouth.

As I was about to cum Maggie released my cock from her mouth then aimed it at her breasts as the first load landed then the next and the next. I never took my eyes off her not even when she rubbed the cum into her breasts and nipples.

Helping her up she turned around pushing her ass into me and I placed my cock at the opening of her pussy. Slowly I pushed in but she would not have any of that and pushed back as hard as she could until I was completely in.

My thrusts became harder and faster. When I pulled back so that just the cock head was inside she would try to push back and I would stop her. All this time she was rubbing her clit and with a final thrust we both came.

Maggie stepped forward releasing my cock. Turning to face me, she put her arms around my neck. I carried her to the hot tub and gently lowered her into the water. After getting in, I went to her and kissed each cheek then her lips.

I began moving down her neck with light, quick kisses and to her breasts and teasing each nipple with my tongue until they were erect. I continued covering each with kisses especially the undersides of her breasts. All the while Maggie let out moans of delight.

She was stroking my cock and balls. I moved my hand to her pussy and inserted two fingers, with my thumb rubbing her clit. I continued to cover her breasts and nipples with kisses.

I then gently took a nipple between my teeth and bit down. This sent Maggie screaming for me to bite a little harder as we both kept our hands busy under the water.

Maggie began to shake as she began to cum. My fingers and thumb moved faster as we kissed deeply and passionately. Her grip on my cock grew tighter and tighter. As the orgasm reached its peak, her pussy squeezed my fingers and Maggie let out a very loud scream.

She continued pumping my cock and I told her I needed to sit on the edge of the tub as I was close to cumming. Aiming my cock at her breasts, I released an even bigger load. Maggie opened her mouth taking the last load and swallowing all of it as we looked into each other’s eyes. Any cum left on my cock was quickly licked away.

Maggie took her fingers and moved them over her cum covered breasts. She then brought them to her lips and licked them clean all the while looking into my eyes. I got back in and helped her clean up offering my cum covered fingers for her to lick clean.

After soaking in the tub and some foreplay, we went and took a shower to clean up.

Back in the changing room, we could not resist a quickie. As we emerged from the room a couple came out of the one next to us smiled and licked their lips. When we got outside Maggie said, "Rich, I think they heard us."

I replied, "I know they did."

As we drove back, Maggie reclined her seat all the way back. Opening her coat, she gave me a mischievous smile and pulled up her t-shirt exposing her bare breasts. Then reaching down she undid her pants pulling them down far enough to expose her bare pussy.

As she began to move her hands over her body and fingering her pussy she said, "I'm warming up for you Rich so hurry and get us home."

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Copyright ©2014. All Rights Reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author, Banes1.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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