The reunion

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“Glad to see you can follow instructions. Are you ready”? It was Catherine, as she opened the hotel room door. “Oh, yes”, I replied.

I had been out of town for two weeks on business. Catherine and I had planned to stay the last weekend, so she flew in to meet me. Just before her plane took off, I received a text with instructions. “Be clean, be naked and have your butt plug in your ass.” Of course I had complied. I knew the consequences would be rather severe if I hadn’t.

She hopped in the shower and returned naked. Opening her toy bag, Catherine went about the room setting everything up. I took it all in, not saying a word. Video camera, large butt plug, her personal butt plug, strap-on dildo, lube, all of the things she would need for the night.

As Catherine put the strap-on around her waist, she commented, “You must be horny as hell, two weeks with no pussy. I’m horny too. But I really want to be fucked properly and you will probably cum after a few strokes. So, let’s fix that right now.”

She ordered me onto the bed, legs high above, so that I was almost upside down. My cock was just about staring me in the face. Catherine knelt beside me, dildo at my mouth. “Suck my cock,” she said. I opened my mouth and started sucking her dildo while she kept playing with the plug in my ass. Her other hand found my hard cock and she started jerking at a terrifying speed.

She was right, I came very quickly. When I started, she aimed my cock at my mouth, so my semen was spurting all around the dildo I was sucking.

“Now, we can get down to some real fucking.”

She removed the dildo and told me to lick up all the cum. As I did, she said, “put a pillow on the floor for your knees and bend over the bed.” Assuming the position, she got behind me, removed my butt plug, and lubed the dildo and my ass. Catherine slowly inserted the strap-on into me. Pausing to make sure she was fully in, she asked, “You ok”? I moaned, “Oh yes, please fuck me.”

And she did, slow, long strokes. Every time she would go back so far the dildo would almost come out of my ass, then all the way in until her hips bumped my ass.

Catherine stopped after about five minutes or so, removing the strap-on, jumped up and grabbed the video camera. Holding the camera in one hand, she spread my ass cheeks with the other. Long strokes again, all captured on video. Abruptly stopping again, she reset the camera. “Move up on the bed some,” she instructed. As I did, Catherine buried that strap-on inside me in one stroke. Fast and furious, short strokes had me on the edge in minutes.

“I’m going to cum again,” I warned her.

“Good, cause I’m horny and want to fuck for a while,” she responded.

Catherine reached around, found my cock and started jerking me to the rhythm of her strokes. Every time she pulled out of my ass, her hand was at my cock head. Slamming the dildo all the way in, her hand would be at my balls. I was the creamy center of the Oreo; she was the hard, cookie parts on both sides. It didn’t take much of this and I was shooting cum all over the bed.

Removing the dildo, Catherine stepped out of the strap-on. Noticing I was going soft, she yelled, “Oh, HELL NO. We are just getting started. Come here!”

She sat on the bed and pulled me to her, taking my softening cock in her mouth. Closing my eyes, I had forgotten about the other toys she had brought. I felt something probing my ass again, realizing it was the new larger butt plug she had brought. It took some work, but she finally had that plug seated firmly in my ass. I had reached down and started fingering her pussy, realizing how wet she was.

Once she had sucked me hard, Catherine laid back, spreading her legs.

“Eat me, I need your tongue!” I immediately went down to her pussy, using my hands to separate her lips, massaging her clit with my tongue. Damn, she felt like a waterfall, almost gushing her wet pussy juice all over. She came pretty quickly, spasms of toe curling jerks running over body.

“I want your dick inside me now!” she panted. I leaned up and started to enter her, she stopped me. “Lay down,” she almost yelled. As I did, she climbed on top of me, her knees by my side, reaching between her legs to guide my cock inside her still very wet pussy.

Catherine sat on my cock, one full stroke, all the way down. “Oh my god!” I thought. Her pussy was like a volcano, so warm, so wet. Instead of riding up and down, she just starting grinding her clit against my pubic bone. I reached up and grabbed one breast in each hand. Cupping them from the bottom, like a cup of coffee, I squeezed, hard. That’s when Catherine caught the orgasm wave, forcing her pussy down on my cock, trying to get as much cock into her as possible. Convulsions and spasms hit her like a baseball bat. She went stiff, riding my cock and her orgasm.

Knowing Catherine was capable of multiple multiples; and the fact that around the 3rd or 4th orgasm wave she would pass out, I now had my mission clearly defined.

She eased off of me, asking, “How do you want to fuck me”? “Doggie style, I want to watch your ass while my cock is plunging inside you.” She quickly put her knees on the floor, bent over the bed. “Please hurry. I need your cock.” I got behind her, sinking my cock into her wetness. I put my hands on her ass, spreading her cheeks so I could watch her pussy lips grip my cock.

Catherine hit her next orgasm when I slid my thumb in her ass. Legs straight out, she launched her entire body onto the bed. Luckily, I knew what was coming, holding her hips to my cock, I went with her. She was moaning so loud, I hoped no one called security!

Lying flat on the bed, legs together, rigid from her orgasm, I kept pumping my cock into her. I was getting close to shooting when she caught another wave. Catherine went silent and limp, she had passed out. I removed my cock from her and let loose my own orgasm, all over her ass.

I had forgotten about the large plug in my ass, until I came so hard I almost passed out. I was seeing stars.

Catherine started coming around; she’s usually not out long. Moaning, so weak she could barely move.

 “Did you cum”?

“All over your ass”, I told her. “Lick it off of me, we need a nap,” she said. I gave her a good tonguing, slurping my cum and hers, as I went. She turned over, took my cock in her mouth, cleaning our cum from me. As she did, she reached around and removed the plug from my ass.

“Did you like that plug?" she asked.

“Oh, yeah, made me cum hard”, I said. “Come here and hold me while we nap, you’re going to need your rest. It’s going to be a long weekend”…..