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The Reunion Chapter 3

A young mother attends her college reunion
This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and if you have, or have a particular plot you would like to see developed let him know at






Chapter 3


The girl's class dinner fro Tri-Delta was held in the Faculty dining room which to say the least, was opulent. There were many ohhs and ahhhs from the assemblage as they inspected the premises and most commented on now they knew where all the tuition money went.


The tables were set in twos, fours and eights and Alma and Carol chose a table for two in a quiet corner. They were seated by one of the wait staff and as advertised, he was a jock and gorgeous. He told them he was their personal waiter for the evening and their wish was his command. Alma looked at him mischievously and said, "Any wish?". His response was huge smile.


During cocktails and dinner the girls flirted with their new found sex object unabashedly. It became obvious to all three that he was definitively interested in some after dinner fun but where? Certainly not the Tri-Delta house. Towards the end of the evening he slipped Carol a note with the name and address of a motel nearby with midnight written next to the address with a question mark. She quickly wrote on it that they would be there but he had to have a friend with him as they wanted at least two of these hunks to fuck their brains out. He read the note, nodded, smiled and melted into the crowd.


"Wow, what do you think," asked Carol?


"I think we're going to have one helluva night sweetcheeks. Are you ready for some serious fucking?"


"Well, I've been fucked by the biggest cock I have ever seen already, do you think these young studs will measure up?"


"Honey, I know they will!"


After the dinner the ladies made excuses, went back to the house, changed, and left for the motel. As they pulled in the parking area, they saw the young man who waited on them beckoning them to a room in the rear. They parked and got out of the car.


"Hi, I'm Hank, the others are inside,"


"Others, as in plural," queried Carol?


"You asked to bring someone along and I figured you two were so hot that it would take four of us to satisfy you."


"Hmmm, sounds like fun," laughed Alma.


Carol and Alma followed Hank into the room. It was nice as motel rooms go with two queen size beds, large bath and plenty of room for whatever was about to happen. The sight that took their breath away and elicited an audible gasp from Carol was the three young men standing in the center of the room. They were handsome, had incredible physiques and the most gorgeous cocks she had ever seen. All were soft (but not for long) and hung down at least six inches which meant there was a ton of man meat to eat when they were hard.


Hank said, "This is Eric, Chuck and Paul and I can assure you since we are scholarship athletes we are drug and disease free."


"Honey, with pricks like those, I don't care," replied Alma and she sunk to her knees and engulfed Eric's cock in her hungry mouth.


"No no, not so fast ladies. We'd like a little show from you first. Why don't you strip down, let us see your bodies and then make love to each other?"


The ladies looked at each other, grinned, nodded and quickly doffed their tee shirts, bras and shorts. Alma took Carol in her arms and kissed deeply and passionately while Carol fingered Alma's pussy. The two women quickly fell on one of the beds and engaged in a slow, sensual sixty nine.


Hank had stripped and was standing there with the other three slowly stroking his prick to life. He was by far the largest and erect stood at a magnificent twelve inches. His cock was so big that it could not stand straight out but hung from his ball sack like a bludgeon. The other three were almost as large and their dicks hung likewise.


Carol was enjoying the sweet taste of Alma and Alma's head was buried between Carol's thighs and she was tenderly sucking at her cunt. They had positioned themselves in the middle of the bed and Paul had climbed up on the bed and placed his cock at the entrance to Alma's pussy. Carol's eyes were wide as she saw his cock enter her and she began to lick his shaft as he pushed into Alma.


"Oh wow, I don't know whose cock it is but it feels great, Stick it deep honey, fuck mama, hard!" Hank moved in front of Alma on his knees  and presented his cock to her eager mouth. Alma's eyes grew wide as she gazed at the monstrous cock she was about to suck, She took the head and licked it lovingly, savoring the salty taste of the pre-cum already forming in the hole. Hank pushed the head into her mouth completely filling it as she grabbed it with both hands and began to stroke him rhythmically. She was in sexual heaven, her cunt was filled with cock and her mouth was overflowing with another enormous prick. What more could a girl want and her best friend was lapping furiously at her clit!


Paul pushed his engorged cock fully into Alma's hot, wet pussy and she groaned though it was muffled by Hank's cock filling her mouth. She jerked furiously on Hank's dick as Paul pumped her from behind. He had a great dick and technique. He would draw it out until his glans was exposed to let Carol lick him, then he would slide it right to his balls filling her cunt completely. In and out he went and Alma suddenly shuddered as if in surprise as the first of many orgasms ripped thru her. She tried to stuff her mouth with Hank's cock but it was too big so jerked harder and soon was rewarded as his cum flowed in hot spurts down her throat and over flowed her lips and dripped on Carol's pussy.


"Oh you hot fucking bitch, pump my cock, make me cum, drink my cum you hot cunt," yelled Hank as he continued to spew forth his spooge into her eager mouth. Spurt after spurt shot forth from his super hard cock down Alma's throat. Alma began to gag a little on the sheer volume of the cum but forced it back down into her belly. Paul could feel his cock harden and knew he was about to blow his load but he wanted to shoot it down Carol's mouth so just before he came he pulled his cock from Alma's cunt and stuffed into Carol's surprised mouth. She felt the first of his cum by grabbing the shaft and then sucked as hard as she could drawing his hot silvery load from deep within his balls. It flowed from deep within him directly down her throat and into her belly. She knew how to suppress her gag reflex so she was able to consume all his hot load.


The two young men withdrew their dripping pricks from the women and rose from the bed. It was obvious they were ready for more as they stood there stroking their dripping cocks; the last drops of cum dribbling from the ends. But Carol had her eye on Eric and Chuck. She had always dreamed of two men at once and now she was going to have it. She climbed up on the other bed and motioned the two young men over. She sat on the edge of the bed and stroked both their rock hard dicks. The velvety texture was such a turn on! She held their ball sacks and lovingly licked them, not missing a spot. The young men moaned at her ministrations as their dicks grew harder. She teased each of them by only lightly sucking their dick heads; just enough to make the pre-cum appear and she hungrily licked it down.


She sucked one and then the other just giving each of them a hint of what she could do, She loved the immense size of each man as her husband was quite "normal", only five inches or so. These guys were hung like horses and she loved sucking their horse like cocks. She told Eric (as his cock was the larger of the two) to lie  on the bed and she was going to do a forward cowgirl on him. She straddled over him and slowly lowered herself onto his stiff love pole. She savored the slow ride down his turgid prick as each inch filled her. She felt the head of his cock deep in her. Never had any man penetrated her so deeply and filled her so completely. She fought off the urge to cum right then and there as she wanted another cock; this one up her ass.


She rode Eric's cock slowly enjoying the full feeling and the told Chuck, "Chuck, reach into my bag and there is a tube of lube. Grease that prick of yours and fuck my ass." Chuck did as bidden and placed his cock at her tiny asshole opening. He had never enjoyed anal sex and wondered how his monstrous cock was going to get in her small asshole.


"No honey, use your fingers first. Get me lubed and wet. First one finger,  then two and then three. That will stretch me out a little. Again Chuck followed her wishes and as he inserted his third finger she began to moan. "Oh baby, that's good, now place that cock of yours and push it in, slowly baby." She felt the head of his cock at her entrance and felt the slight push as he pushed against her. He was big and this was going to hurt a little bit it was what she had dreamed of. She rose up on Eric's cock and then pushed hard against them both and felt the pop of her sphincter as his cock entered her.


Chuck felt his cock enter her tight ass and pushed. Inch by inch he filled her ass. It was tighter than any pussy he had ever fucked and soon felt his cock start to go super hard on him and knew he would blow his load soon. Carol rose up and down riding both cock's every inch. She could feel the pressure start to build within her and tried to fight it off but soon her body took over and she began to tremble as the most intense, crashing orgasm she had ever had took over her body. Chuck could feel her body shake and let his load go deep in her ass and Eric held on as long as he could . Eric wanted to shove his huge cock deep in her hot cunt just as his white, hot load of cum erupted from deep within his balls.


He could feel his scrotum start to contract and he pulled from her just a bit and then as his stream shot forth he plunged his cock as deep as it could go. Carol screamed, "Oh fuck,YES!" As she felt the torrent of cum throb into her, His cock throbbed and pulsed as stream after stream shot forth into her mixing with her juices and sliding down her filled pussy and dripped out of her onto his lap and down his thighs. She humped his cock as fast as she could and in doing so forced Chuck from her ass but he was spent and stood there with the last of his load seeping from his cock eyelet.


Alma saw his cum and quickly got on her knees and inhaled his softening cock into her mouth tasting Carol's spunk all over it. She cared not, she only wanted to drink more cum. She sucked on him so hard that his rod started to stiffen again. Great she thought, lets see if he can get off again.  His cock grew to its full eight inches and was pushing at the back of her throat as she relaxed and led him slide down her gullet.


Wow, he thought, she's throating me. God it feels just like her cunt, wet and tight. And, he slowly pushed his prick in and out of her hot, tight throat. As she sucked him she felt fingers searching for her pussy and spread  her legs. She felt the fingers enter her pussy and begin to finger fuck her. Her pussy was on fire and it would not take long for her to cum again but first she had to milk this stud's cock dry. She began to pump his cock with both hands and was soon rewarded as she felt his prick really start to  get hard and his strokes increase in speed within her throat. She couldn't wait to feel his hard cock pulse with explosive orgasm and the flood of silvery cum pour into her.


And there it was! Her throat and mouth overflowed with his hot cum. His cock throbbed against the walls of her throat and she felt the hot liquid flow down into her belly, her pussy reacted with a jolt as another orgasm tore thru her. She had fingers in her pussy and ass and a cock way down her throat and her body was jerking convulsively in  the throes of a titanic orgasm. Her screams of pleasure were mere gurgles as the cum continued to spew forth from his incredible prick. Her mind reeled at the sexual lust that consumed her. She wanted his cum never to stop and her orgasm to go on, and on , and on.


Finally he pulled his softening cock from her throat and the last vestiges of his huge silvery load left long threads of cum attaching her lips to his prick. She fell back, exhausted, licking her lips and sucking in the last of his cum.


Hank and Paul were hard and wanted to fuck. They grabbed Carol and threw her on the bed. Carol protested and said, "Hey, not so rough guys, there's plenty  for all..".


"Fuck you slut, open your mouth and suck my cock," demanded Paul as he thrust his cock deep in her mouth. Hank spread her legs, took a few licks of her pussy and plunged his huge cock deep within her. Carol was afraid for the first time. She was being raped and their was nothing she could do about it. She felt the truncheon sized cock go deep in her  and her body reacted against her will. She wanted to be taken, the rougher the better. She fought and squirmed but he drove his cock all the deeper until she could feel his balls slap at her ass. He hammered her with piston like strokes and she could feel the beginnings of her unwanted orgasm start deep within her. Or, was it unwanted?


She sucked at Paul's cock and jerked his shaft but her mind was focused on the fucking she was getting. In and out went his prick of steel, it felt so good! Suddenly he rammed her very hard, his body stiffened and he cried out, "Oh you fucking little whore, I'm cumming, yeah, I'm cumming right inside you, you fucking cunt!" And she could feel his pulse thru his cock in her as his load shot forth. He continued to pump at her for at least another minute leaving a huge amount of cum deep in her.


Meanwhile Paul stiffened, pulled his cock from her mouth and showered her face and hair with his hot load of cum. Spurt after spurt shot forth and she opened her mouth trying to catch some, which she did. He jerked his cock until the last spurt dribbled forth and he let it flow into her waiting mouth which she thirstily drank. She had never let her husband cum in her mouth and now she couldn't get enough of it. She loved the feel of cum on her tongue; the salty, bitter taste and the viscosity of it as she swallowed it down.

She was becoming a true cum slut and it all began not less than twenty four hours ago with a truck driver named Ben.


Alma was exhausted from her last climax but Carol wanted more sex. She looked at the four young men and all had limp dicks so wondered what she could do next. She then remembered the two headed dildo that Alma had brought along "just in case" so she got it out of the bag and lay down with her pussy next to Alma's. She inserted the dildo into Alma's pussy and then shoved it up hers and began to fuck Alma and herself to orgasm. The four guys watched incredulously as Carol fucked Alma and then went into orgasmic convulsions as she finally came. Alma had recovered and was fucking her back and also had another orgasm and now was totally spent. The two women lay there, pussys touching, filled by the rubber dildo.


The guys had managed to get hard for one more shot and moved the women onto the floor so they were head to head. They then began to jerk off and shot their final loads all over the two exhausted women. Cum flew everywhere as the guys jerked themselves into a sexual frenzy. As a parting shot each managed to get his softening cock into both pussys for a few final jabs.


The guys dressed and left the women lying on the floor.


End of Chapter Three


This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

Copyright © This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are not 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and if you have, or have a particular plot you would like to see developed let him know at

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