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The Reunion Chapter 4

A young mother attends her college reunion
This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and if you have, or have a particular plot you would like to see developed let him know at






Chapter 4


Carol's mind was a jumble of confused thoughts as she left the Evanston campus. She had left home as "Harriet Housewife" and was returning as "Sally Slut". She had fucked men whose names she didn't know. She had savored the taste of a strange man's cum and begged him for more. She had been fucked by a woman wearing a huge dildo and she had been  fucked in the ass and cunt at the same time. She had licked cum from a woman's pussy and many more acts that now seemed incomprehensible to her.


How could she face her husband and children? Could she bring herself to tell her husband she wanted him to cum in her mouth? Fuck her in the ass? Maybe have a threesome or foursome?


All these thoughts clouded her mind that she didn't notice she forgot to fill her gas tank when she left and now her engine began to sputter...out of gas. Oh shit, she thought, where the hell am I?


She was on a feeder road out in the country about five miles from the Interstate. Alone, no houses, no farms, nothing. She sat by the side of the road for about an hour when she heard the rumble of motorcycles.


Oh God, she thought, just what I need, a herd of grimy, filthy bikers.


Apprehension gripped her as twenty men and women, all on Harleys drove up and stopped. They were all dressed in grease covered leather and denim. All the men looked as if they hadn't bathed in a week and the women were not much cleaner.


"Got a problem little lady," asked one of them?


"Why  no, I'm just taking in the sun on this beautiful afternoon. Of course I have, I'm out of gas," she replied very sarcastically hoping if she appeared tough they wouldn't try anything funny.


One of the bikers appeared to be the leader took an appraising look at Carol and thought, man, what a hot looking bitch. He said, "Well baby, you are fifty miles from any gas we know of so you had better hop on my hog here and we'll ride you there." Yeah, he thought, I'll ride your hot pussy the first chance I get.  He patted the back of his hog saddle and motioned for her to get on.


Carol hesitated a moment but figured she had no choice so walked over to him. "Ever rode a hog before, baby?"


"No, I can't say that I have."


"Well sling that cute ass of your up here behind me and we'll be off. Did you lock your car?"


"Of course."


Uppity bitch, he thought, but you won't be so uppity when we get through with you.


Carol climbed onto the Harley and looked for a place to put her hands to hold on when he reached behind himself and pulled her arms around him. She could feel the sweat and grease on him and was nauseated. "Ya gotta hang onto old Big Mike else you'll fall of so hold on tight cause a here we go..........." and he roared away with the others behind.


Carol held tightly to him as she was extremely frightened of the bike, him and what may lay in store for her. Oddly though, she felt the vibration of the bike through the saddle and she felt herself getting a little stimulated by it. Her pussy had had so much use over the past three days that anything could get her hot at this point. She began to squirm around on the saddle to maximize the feeling and Mike could feel it.


Hmmm, he thought, hot little bitch is getting off on the bike. He had his legs spread on the travel bars so  reached down and unzipped his fly to let is man meat hang out. He had a an eight inch cock and he had no problem pulling it out and letting it lay on the horn of the saddle letting the vibrations of the machine bring it to life.


In a few minutes he had a raging hardon so he took her hand and placed it on his hard shaft.


Carol gasped when she felt his extended cock. She had to hold on to it for fear of falling off and she certainly was not thrilled to be hanging onto to this dirty biker's cock. But, the vibration on her pussy was stimulating to such an extent that she couldn't help herself as she started to stroke his prick. Her pussy was tingling and she wished she could rub at her clit but she dare not let go of him, or his hard prick.


He started to move with her hand as if he were fucking her fist and she could feel him do it. He felt very large but she couldn't see it since his body blocked her view. She leaned into him and put both her hands on his cock and was astonished that it filled both her hands. Her hands moved up and down him slowly as he fucked them and she could feel him begin to tremble slightly as he got ready to cum.


He felt her grip tighten on his cock and smiled. He began to move his cock up and down in her hand as her grip tightened. So, the hot little cunt wants to jerk me off, eh? Well, let's not disappoint her. He began to thrust his cock faster and then felt her second hand grab him as she leaned into him to hold on. Should I slow down? Fuck no! Let her beat me off at 80 MPH and he increased the throttle on the big hog.


Her hands were silky soft and it felt great to him and he feel his load start to rise from deep within his balls. The vibration of the bike and the smoothness of her stroke was going to make him cum. He pushed harder into her hands to make himself cum.


She felt his cock stiffen and knew he was ready  and strained to see his silvery load erupt from his cock but she could not. She felt him shudder and then the warm, thick hot, fluid was in her hands and twirled around her fingers as she continued to jerk him off. She heard him grunt in an animalistic fashion. God, she thought, what kind of slut have I become? She felt his cock wilt in her hands and she rubbed his cum into his denim jacket as she hung on to him.


Hmmm, great hand job, wonder if he can give good head, mused the biker.


The gaggle of bikers rode for another forty minutes and were soon in what looked like a commune to Carol. "So where is the gas station?"


"Later baby, later, lets have some food and drink and then we'll take care of you."


Oh oh, she thought, I don't like the look of this. She looked at the group and saw that some of the women might be attractive if they cleaned up and some of the men weren't so bad either. But, they were all filthy, yuck! And Big Mike was proudly showing off the dried cum all over his jacket and pants and some of the women were licking him! She almost puked when she saw that.


She was invited to sit at the communal table and accepted as she was starved. The food was good and washed down with jug wine. After a few glasses Carol began to feel a little buzz and started to get a bit animated. What she did not know was her wine had been spiked with some PCP and she was rapidly losing control.


One of the bikers jumped onto the table and knelt in front of her. He slowly unzipped his fly and spread the zipper open so she could see his cock. Instinctively she reached for his prick and pulled it out and began to smoothly caress it. "Oh baby, YEAH!" he cried out and all the others joined in: "Go for it cunt,  suck that cock, yeah baby, yeah, suck him off. Make the boy cum, go baby go........"


Her mind was blur, all she wanted was sex, sex, and more sex..........


She took his cock in her mouth and sucked him to full erection. As she did this someone removed her top and she saw a female head began to suck at her hardening nipples. At the same time there were hands at her shorts and fingers searching for her wet pussy. They pulled her folding chair away and stripped her shorts to her ankles. Someone's tongue was immediately lapping at her cunt while someone else's finger was plunged deep in her. She felt the cock grow to full length in her mouth and used her newly acquired throating technique to swallow him. "Holy fuckin' shit, she just swallowed my fuckin' dick!"


"Go cunt, go, save some for all of us!"


She focused on his cock and kept it deep in her throat as the first cock entered her from behind. She felt the push and her pussy was full of hardened prick. In and out she was pumped and quite suddenly she felt him cum deep within her. His cock pulsed as he shot his stream of hot white cum deep in her. The cock was removed and another  immediately drove deep within her. Her mind registered thru the drug induced fog that she was  being gang banged and she didn't care. Just give me more!


The cock in her throat erupted in a hot stream which flowed down her into her belly. She let him finish and then pulled his cock from her throat.


"OK, you fucking sleaze, who's next?" she asked. "any hot cunt in the crowd, I'd love to suck some clit."


A female biker with filthy blond hair jumped up on the table and stripped her pants off. She lay back on the table and said, "You bitch, suck my cunt, make me cum."


Carol got on her knees and bent down to the woman's pussy and the stench was overpowering. The women hadn't bathed in days and had obviously been fucked several times as well. Her cunt literally stunk!


"Whasamatter cunt, can't handle it?" and she spread her lips wide open to reveal her bulging clit. Carol was fascinated by the protruding clit and stench aside, bent over and began to suck it. "Oh yeah bitch, that's it, yeah, suck that little man, oh yeah...."


As Carol sucked the filthy woman's clit, she felt her ass spread and another cock pushing at her asshole. At least the cock was lubed and it slid smoothly into her ass. It slid in and out and she felt fingers bury themselves in her pussy. The dirty blonde's hips began to buck as Carol worked her clit. She bit down on it and the girl screamed as her orgasm hit her. Her cunt juice flowed into Carol's mouth along with the stench of her. Carol almost threw up on the spot but she focused on the ass fucking she was getting and kept the bile down. "Oh fuckin' ay, the bitch made me cum, wow!"


She had no idea whose cock was assaulting her ass nor did she care. It was big and it was hard and it was ramming into her. She was lost in a depraved world of sex and lust and didn't care what they did to her. Just fuck her and make her cum.


The blonde recovered from her climax and positioned herself under Carol and began to suck at her pussy as the man ass fucked her. Carol moaned, "Oh yeah, that's it, eat my pussy, fuck my ass!"


Big Mike looked at the others and said, "Wow, what a find. This cunt loves to be fucked and doesn't care where she gets it. Spider, get on the table and let her suck your huge hog."


The man called Spider stripped his jeans revealing a huge hunk of meat hanging down his leg. He got his nickname from the web that was tattooed across his lower belly. One of the women called out, "Hey Spidey, betcha she can't take it all the way down..."


Spider hopped on the table and stood in front of Carol who was oblivious to everything. Only when he pressed his hardening cock against her lips did she open her eyes. She looked at this awesome prick pushing its way into her mouth and opened her mouth greedily sucking the head deep in her throat. She had throated half the NU football team but none of them were this big. She relaxed her throat and let his cock harden and slip fully down her throat.


Meanwhile the blonde was sucking her clit furiously and Carol felt her orgasm start to build within her. In the back of her mind she knew this would be a mind blowing orgasm as the cock shoved in and out of her ass, Spider's cock was fully extended down her throat and her cunt ached with desire from the eating she was getting. Her climax hit her like freight train. Her knees buckled, she gagged on the cock in her throat and her pussy gushed. Spider's cock began to spew its silvery load down in her belly as she fought the desire to regurgitate. The guy behind her pulled his dick from her ass and shoved it in the blonde's mouth and she drank his cum with loud slurping noises. Carol screamed, "OHHHHHH, YESSSSSSSS!!!!!" as Spider pulled his dick from her mouth and his cum dribbled from her lips. Carol fell flat on the table, her body convulsing in one huge orgasm. The muscles in her body rippled from head to toe as she came and came. Her hands instinctively went to her clit and she frigged herself hard making the orgasm last as long as possible.


The biker gang backed off and watched in amazement as Carol lay there panting, cum still oozing from between her lips.


"Wow, what a hot fucking cunt."


"No shit."


"I want to fuck her some more."


"Let her rest a few minutes..."




A few minutes later Carol regained her composure and wondered what she was doing. Why was she enjoying this so much? These were filthy low lifes and she was letting them fuck her, eat her and she was sucking their dicks, and, she was loving every minute of it? What the fuck was wrong with her? She was a happily married woman with two kids, what was she becoming?


She heard herself saying, "OK, I need to be fucked, whose going to give me a  really good fucking? Maybe one in the ass at the same time?"


Big Mike stepped forward, "Honey, get ready for the fucking of your life." He lay on the ground and held his huge hardon upright for her and she began to squat down on him. He wasn't very long but he was thick, at least three inches in diameter. She had to spread her pussy with her fingers just to get his cockhead in and once it was in, it felt heavenly. She felt his prick move into her, inch by heavenly inch. Her cunt was so full of cock she couldn't control herself and screamed as another orgasm hit her. She rode him cowgirl style and came again and again. Her cunt was full of juice from her multiple (who knew how many?)orgasms and he slipped easily in and out of her, all the while letting her do the fucking.


He pulled her a little forward to expose her ass one of the other guys was ready to shove his well lubed cock deep within her. He timed his thrust as she went forward and she slipped back and felt his cock pierce her sphincter. "Oh yes, two beautiful cocks in me at once. C'mon boys, FUCK ME! HARD!"


And they fucked the shit out of her. Each prick drove her in and out, harder and harder, faster and faster. She responded by ramming herself onto them so hard thudding noises and slurping noises be heard. The entire group was caught up in the frenzy and every women was being fucked at the same time. Pants, gasps, cries of "I'm cumming" were heard thru out the camp. And Carol fucked on and on. Lost in her sexual world of lust and depravity. Feeling the cocks, loving them, wanting more and more. Spider's dick was suddenly in her mouth again and she grabbed it with both hands to jerk him off and make him cum on her.


Big Mike was straining to keep up with her but knew he had to blow his load so he let loose and screamed, "Fuck you, you filthy cum slut, take my load, take my cum up your filthy cunt!"


"Yes, yes, yes Mike, I can feel it , its soooooo good!" and then Spider erupted in her mouth and she let it flow out her lips, down her neck and on her tits. The guy in her ass pulled out and shot his cum all over her back in spurt after spurt. She fell onto Mike, covered in the spooge from them all.


It was quite a while before anyone recovered and could speak coherently.


Carol knew she had to get out of there and fought down the urge to grab another cock. Have to save some for George (her husband) she thought. Isn't he in for a big surprise?

"OK guys, we've had our fun, now I need that gas and need to hit the road."


Big Mike replied, "Sweetie, you have made our day so I will personally get your gas and get you on your way. But, you might want to shower and clean up first. There's an outdoor shower over there and no one will bother you." She accepted the offer and went and showered and redressed.


Mike got the gas cans and drove her back to her car giving her simple instructions on how to get to the next gas station which was only five miles away.


"Why you big prick," she exclaimed when he told her, then she smiled and said, "well, it was fun, wasn't it?" She kissed his grimy face and drove off.




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Copyright © This a copyrighted original work and the exclusive property of the author. You may use this work for your personal use only. If you wish to use it, or a portion of it for any other reason, please contact the author for permission. This is a work of fiction written for mature audiences only and if you are not 18 years of age please do not go any further. The author hopes you enjoy it and if you have, or have a particular plot you would like to see developed let him know at

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