The Reunion Chapter 5

By Donato

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A young mother attends her college reunion
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Carol drove the five short miles to the gas station and filled up. While she waited for the tank to fill she thought back on the last seventy two hours. She was forty two years old and just fucked more men in the past few days than she had in her entire life. She had sucked cock, ate pussy, been fucked in the ass and learned to deep throat in just a few days. It was as if a switch had been tuned suddenly on and she had rediscovered sex. All she knew was, she wanted more, much more than she felt her humdrum existence as a housewife and mother could give her. She loved the feeling of hot cum shooting deep inside her ass and cunt. She hungered for the bitter sweet taste of the silvery fluid in her mouth and the feeling of it sliding down her throat into her belly. The thought of two cocks rammed in her cunt and ass made her pussy start to itch with anticipation and she involuntarily ran her hand down to frig herself.


The sound of the gas pimp clicking off snapped her back to reality.


She walked into the convenience store to pay for the gas and noticed the good looking young man behind the counter.


His name was Todd and he worked there for only three days. He looked up when he heard her enter and saw she was a fine looking middle aged woman with a great set of tits. Man, he thought, would I like to suck on those puppies. She wore Bermuda shorts and he noticed she had a wild, disheveled look about her and saw her yes widen when she spotted him. Hey, maybe this is my lucky day. I always wanted to fuck a mother and this babe obviously is well taken care of and has kids.


"May I help you miss?"


"Yes, twenty dollars on number 2, please." She said as she handed him a twenty. Their fingers touched momentarily and the electric charge shot thru both of them. He put the bill on the counter, came from behind and took her in his arms. Her body melted into his as their mouths sought each other, Her tongue danced on his as he slid his hands down her back and cupped her full, rounded ass. She ground her pubis into his crotch and could feel him start to harden. "Wait," he said as he broke the kiss and went to lock the door and turn off the lights. "The back room, come.." and he led her into the back where there was an office and a well upholstered couch that was also a convertible bed. She stood there, head swimming with desire but wondering once again, why? A total stranger, why?


He stood before her, he was six- two and very young. She could see the muscles rippling under his white tee shirt.


He looked at her appraisingly. She was tall, five ten, magnificent tits, deep blue eyes, brown highlighted hair worn shoulder length, and great legs shown by her shorts. She had a marvelous scent about her too.


She pulled his tee shirt up over his head. He had a beautiful body. Broad shoulders, bulging biceps, well formed delts and a perfect six pack set of abs. "You must work out a lot," she murmured. He didn't reply.


He pulled her sweater up over head and looked at her with a smile. Her breasts overflowed the filmy bra she had on and her hardened nipples were prominent thru the material. He took each nipple between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed them gently. She gasped as another jolt shot thru her body, she reached for his belt, undid it and let his pants drop to the floor.


He stepped from his dropped pants and reached behind her and unhooked her bar freeing her gorgeous breasts. "Jesus," he said as he stared at them. They were perfect 36 C with huge nipples. He lowered his head to suck on her right nipple. It was hard in his mouth as he moved his tongue over it. Her body quivered a little. He took it into his mouth and placed his entire mouth over her areole and sucked. "Ohhhhhhhhh.......", she moaned.


She reached down to his shorts and could feel his hardness. She wanted to see his cock, fondle his balls, suck him, but she waited. She ran fingers along his shaft, feeling him, wanting him, but she waited.


He released her breast from his mouth ands dropped to his knees. He unzipped her shorts and slid them down. He smelled the aroma of her sex. She smelled as good as she  looked. He nuzzled his nose into her hairy pubis and inhaled her musk. His tongue made brief contact with her clit and she sagged to her knees.


"Ohhhhhhhhhh......ahhhhhhhhhhh", she moaned. He pulled back and stood. She pressed her face into his crotch feeling his cock beneath his shorts. She pulled them down releasing his firm, hard, young prick. "Its beautiful, you are beautiful...". She said. She stared at his prick marveling at the firmness and the bulging veins that coursed up and down each side.  She took his balls in her hands as she placed her lips over his cock head and stuck her tongue into his cock's eye tasting the sweetness of his fluid. He gasped.


She slowly drew his cock into her mouth, all the while running her tongue along his shaft and fondling his sack. He loved the warm, moist feel of her mouth and the action of her tongue took his breath away. His knees sagged a little but he remained up right. She sucked gently not wanting to get him too hot; this was going to be a long, slow fuck and she wanted to savor every minute of it. He started to push his cock in and out of her mouth and she kept a perfect rhythm with him. He slowly, so slowly, fucked her face while holding her head in his hands. Her mouth was like a moist , warm cunt to him and he fucked it with great enjoyment.


He pulled his dick from her hot mouth and she stood, looking at him. He placed her on the bed, legs over the side of the bed and she lay back. She smiled, she knew what was coming. She spread her legs wide, offering her warm pussy to him. He knelt and inhaled her sex. She smelled so good to him but, every pussy smelled good to him. He spread her labia and lapped softly at her inner lips. A loud groan escaped her. Her pussy was sweet and juicy as she waited for her orgasm to start.  He probed at her sopping cunt with his tongue, just inserting the tip and drinking her flow. He felt her thighs start to tremble so he inserted two fingers to probe her pussy as he licked at her clit.


"Oh yes, yes, that's it, right there, oh, make me cummmmm.....".


That was all he needed to hear as he inhaled her entire labia and clit into his mouth and sucked in earnest. Her body quivered and shook as wave after wave rolled thru her. Her hips bucked so hard he lost his grip on her pussy and quickly reinserted his fingers, three this time, finget fucking her and sucking as hard as he could. "OH YES, OH YES, SUCK MY CUNT, I'M CUMMINGGGGGG.....AHHHHHH.ARGGGGGG.....OHHHHHHHHHH, FUCK.YES!"


She lay there, legs splayed, her cum dripping, breasts heaving, fully satisfied. He lapped at the discharge emanating from her cunt and swallowed it all. She was so sweet to taste and eat.


He pulled her fully on the bed and straddled her placing his hard cock between her beautiful tits. He pressed them together and slowly began a French fuck of her tits. Her skin was so smooth and his cock slid back and forth effortlessly. She licked at it as he stroked up each time pushing his prick closer and closer to her waiting mouth. He spun on her quickly and buried his prick deep in her mouth while sucking furiously on her pussy.


They were locked in an passionate sixty-nine and neither wanted to stop. His cock slid deep in her throat and his tongue was buried in her sweet pussy. As he tongue fucked her, she let his cock slide completely down her throat and then let her muscles contract and relax to stimulate him even further. Their bodies just reacted to each other, mindlessly. Sex and lust were the drivers.


His hips bucked up and down as he fucked her throat and his tongue fucked her pussy. Her cunt began to gush as the second orgasm hit her and she thrust her pelvis hard against his face. Her body was on fire with desire as the waves of pleasure flowed thru her and over her. His mouth filled with her discharge and he slurped it down hungrily. He bit down on her clit and she howled in painful ecstasy. She focused on making him cum but he would not. His cock just slid in and out until she had to remove it to catch her breath.



He wanted to cum but it ha to be special. He wanted to cum right into her open mouth with her begging for it so he got up from the sixty nine, and positioned himself astride her again rubbing his cock between those magnificent tits again. She looked up at him and said, "Please cum for me, I have cum for you, I want your cum, I want to taste you, eat your cum, feel you run into my body...". He stood over her, his tool in his hands and he slowly, ever so slowly stroked his hard prick until he began to quiver. "Yes, yes, that's make it cum, cum on me, cum in me, I need your cum, NOW!". And he stroked and stroked  and finally could feel the sweet pressure begin at the tip of his cock and felt the flow of hot love juice start to burst from the end of his dick as he pointed it directly down at her open, waiting mouth. Thick rivers of his silvery essence flowed from him as he pumped his cock harder and harder. Her mouth overflowed with his hot semen and she choked slightly as she started to swallow him down. More and more shot forth and  he could no longer aim as it hit her eyes, nose, hair, tits and all over her body.


He cried out," Oh yeah! Take my cum you hot fucking bitch, suck me down, drown in my hot cum....!" As he pumped more and more out. Carol had never seen so much cum from one man before and she loved it. She rubbed it all over her body and grabbed his still pulsating dick to suck the last few drops out and into her hot mouth. "Yeah cunt, take my prick, suck my cum, take it love it don't you, bitch?"


"Yes, yes, I love your cock and your hot cum, can you cum again, I need to be fucked now?"


"Sorry honey, I'm done for the day. Come back in a few hours and I'll take care of you but my dick is shot now. I just came a quart."


"Oh shit, just my luck, a one shot wonder."


"Too bad, " he said, as he stood and started to dress. "Gotta open  the store again and make some money. Thanks for the great sex honey. Stop by anytime."


Carol dressed, drove off and wondered what lay in store for her next as she certainly had to get laid before she got home tonight. And maybe, she just might not go home.