The Reunion Chapter 6

By Donato

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A young mother attends her college reunion
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Carol arrived home later that afternoon hornier than hell only to find her husband was out for the evening playing cards with the boys. She wanted sex really bad at this point so decided to do the unthinkable  for her; go cruise a few bars to see what she could find.

She dressed somewhat provocatively but certainly didn't want to come across as a hooker. She did her hair up, applied a bit too much makeup and put perfume in just the right spots. She wore a tight skirt and a tight blouse with a very filmy bra that showed off her prominent nipples.


She drove to a place she had a read about called Cosmo's. It would be described as a high class pick up joint but since it was Monday and only 8 PM when she arrived, the place was quiet. She seated herself at a table and a waitress quickly took her order for a dry vodka martini, straight up. As the drink was delivered she heard a deep voice behind her say, "May I join you pretty lady?"


She turned and a very handsome black man stood there. She was somewhat taken aback about being approached by a black man but covered her consternation quickly and responded with a nod. He said down opposite her and introduced himself, "My name is Edmund and I have not seen you here before. Are you new in town?"


"Umm, you might say that, yes, very new, and I'm, uh, Sandy."


"Ha ha ha, yes, right, OK, Sandy it will be,"


She looked confused and he said, "Honey, many women come in here looking for a little diversion and you'd be surprised how many are named Sandy,"


"Edmund, I've just returned from a very wild weekend and I'm very confused about myself."


"Tell me more."


She proceeded to tell him the whole sordid story of her debauchery for the past four days and he sat there, fascinated. When she got to the part about really needing to get laid he became more than interested. Here was one fine looking white lady and he would certainly like to oblige her., In fact, his Johnson was responding already just listening to her.


"Well, Sandy, if you have no qualms about being with a black man, my place is only five minutes from here. We can even walk in case you change your mind.


She looked at him closely. He certainly was handsome, clean shaven, well dressed, and, she had come here to get fucked, so why not? She finished her drink, smiled and said, "Let's go Edmund."


He escorted her from the lounge to his car wordlessly. She got in and he went around to the drivers side. Her breath was coming in short gasps already. He got behind the wheel and she reached for his crotch. His eyes widened in surprise and she smiled at the huge bulge she felt.


They were at his place in a few minutes.


He lived in a high rise on the top floor with a great view of the city. He escorted her out on the deck and offered her a drink. She looked at him and shook her head and dropped to her knees unzipping his fly as she slid down. She reached in and began to fondle his fat prick. This guy is hung she thought as she brought it out and gazed at the enormous prick as it began to stiffen. She took the head in her mouth and began to suck in earnest and marveled at the size as it grew between her lips. It didn't take long and he was fully erect. She drew back to admire him. He was a foot long and about 3 inches thick. This would be the fuck of her life!


She suddenly felt another soft prick lay over her shoulder and heard, "Hi, I'm Rodney, Edmund's friend, we always do everything together."


Carol turned at looked Rodney, definitely a keeper with that beautiful fat cock. "Rodney, why don't you take my sweater off on feast your eyes on my gorgeous tits?"


Rodney did as bidden and as he unhooked her bra he uttered a s small sigh as her perfect 36Ds spilled out. "My, oh my, you sure didn't lie and he knelt down and began to suck on her right nipple. Edmund meanwhile, had taken his clothes off and dropped to his knees and began to suck on her left tit. There the black and white trio knelt, Carol's head thrown back and the two black studs sucking on her tits.


Rodney released himself from the pleasure of her right tit, undressed quickly and resumed. Carol softly sought each man's now semi hard prick and began to slowly, ever so slowly, stroke them to full erection. Their cocks were magnificent: long, shiny black and thick, very thick. She wondered if she could take them both. Hell, she was going to try!


They retired to the bedroom and Rodney quickly began to eat her cunt. As he slid his tongue into her twat she exclaimed, "OMYFUCKINGGOD!" Rodney had an extremely large and fat tongue and most women thought it felt like a prick and that is exactly what  Carol thought. "Oh , oh, oh, yesssss, fuck me with your tongue you stud, oh yeah, suck my clit, eat my cunt oh, you are so fucking good, OHHHHHH"  and her orgasm crashed upon her, wave after wave as her body shuddered around that fat tongue stuck deep in her cunt.


Suddenly the tongue was gone and she could feel the tip of Edmund's cock poke at her hole. It was so fat and she was so wet from her own cum that he slid right into her. "Oh God," she screamed, "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me", and her words were suddenly cut off as Rodney's fat cock entered her open mouth. She sucked him hard and he moaned, "Oh yeah, you white fucking cunt whore, suck my black cock, make me cum, yeah, that's it..."


She lay on the bed with her head over the edge offering her full mouth and throat to Rodney as he shoved his fat prick down her throat. Edmund's cock was stretching her cunt to the limit. It felt like a huge, thick  pole  going up her pussy. Her cunt walls started to contract in another spontaneous orgasm but she could not cry out as he throat was stuffed with cock and her breathing labored. In and out went both cocks relentlessly driving her to her absolute limit. Her body shook uncontrollably in the throes of cumming and suddenly the two men cried out together in mutual orgasm. Streams of hot white cum shot down her throat and into her belly as her cunt absorbed a fusillade of thick jets of the silvery spooge.


"Oh fuck yeah, I'm cumming man, right down this white slut's throat. Eat my cum you filthy white slut, eat it all , " yelled Rodney as he pulled his cock from her throat still spurting streams of jism on Carol's face and hair. She kept her mouth open to catch and swallow as much as she could. "You fucking cum slut whore. I want you to lick my ass hole and stick your tongue up ," he said as he turned and lowered his ass on her face. She reached up and spread his black ass cheeks and started to lick his pungent asshole.  She had not done this before and found it both disgusting and stimulating.


He pressed down on her mouth and she pushed her tongue into his ass. "Yeah cunt, fuck my ass with your white slut tongue." He grabbed his semi rigid cock and started to jerk off. "C'mon cunt, fuck my ass while I jerk off." Carol fondled his balls as she pushed her tongue in and out of his ass. "More cunt, more!" So she inserted her index finger in his asshole and began to finger fuck him. "Oh yeah, that's so nice....OH FUCK, I'm cumming..." and he spun around, pushed Edmund out of the way and rammed his pulsating prick deep in her cunt just as he came. He was amazing; pumping even more cum into her than he had poured down her throat. Her hips met his thrusts and she came once again, unable to control her lust, just thinking of all the cum being pumped into her.


"Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, keep shooting that hot sweet cum into me, thats it baby, that's it..."


She lay there spent. Cum dripping from her pussy. She reached down and scooped us some cum with her fingers and licked them clean.


The two black studs looked down at her and Edmund said, "Ray, get on your back and have this cunt sit on your fat hog, then I'm gonna fuck her up the ass so she has the both of us at once."


"No, no," Carol mumbled as she was dragged over and placed on top of Raymond. She felt her legs being spread but was powerless to stop them and then Raymond's assault on her pussy began once again. Unbelievably, her body started to respond again. As soon as she felt her hot cunt fill with his man meat she began to rock back and forth on it whispering obscene things in his ear.


Edmund had lubed his cock generously meanwhile and was kneeling behind her and placed the tip of his massive cock at her asshole. He timed it just right as she slid down Raymond's pole his cock pierced her anus and she howled in pain. "Owwwwww..that hurts, oh its too big, please don't..."


But, that's what he wanted to hear and he ripped into her and she could feel her rectum tear as his huge cock invaded her, She had what she had dreamed of; two huge cocks inside her at once, Each hammering away at her ass and cunt. As she screamed she felt her orgasm start to build . The pain in her rectum was unbearable but the exquisite pleasure her cunt was feeling was taking over. She bucked back on them her cunt stretched to the limit and her ass bleeding but she and they could not stop. In and out went the black batons, deeper still, reaching to her very core when she suddenly screamed in both pain and ecstasy, "OH YES YES YES YES FUCK OH SHIT YES, FUCK I'M CUMMMMMMMMINGGGGG....!!!!" Her body shook so hard with convulsion that she forced both cocks from her just as they unleashed their silvery loads. Jism flew everywhere as the men were jerking their cocks to get the maximum relief and she fucked the mattress on the bed pounding her pubis into it time and again......


The trio lay there, exhausted.


End of chapter 6.