The Reunion (Part 1)

By Coco

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A young woman finds herself missing her traveling boyfriend.
She is intoxicated by his scent as she feels along the contours of his neck, the subtly of his breath caressing her skin. She sticks out her tongue to taste, grabbing a glimpse of what is to come. The very essence of who he is appeals to her. She always regrets every time he leaves, but truly savors his returns...

Coco hears the shrill of the alarm, “Damn, another dream, it was a freaking dream. I miss my man!” Today, my sexy man returns from a week long business trip, home to his Coco! I have plans for him, as the two of us share a very active sex life.

Robert, 6 foot plus of pure man flesh, the kind of flesh that make girls cream their panties. He’s a fuckable African American, all sinewy legs, muscle, and hazel brown eyes, which just draws one in. He would say that he has to work on his abs as he has just a slight paunch. I would say that I love his little paunch and no one notices it but him. He wears glasses to give the appearance of intelligence and wit. It works for him, hell he’s with me! And he really is smart.

Robert and I are the epitome of a career couple, we are educated, ambitious, and if the truth is told, quite nerdy. But if our families and friends really knew how kinky, how dirty, how freaky we are…well, let’s just say that all would be shocked.

Well, enough of the daydreaming of Robert, a shower, then work, and finally I can have him here with me. I head for the shower still thinking of him, only now my mind is on fucking him. The first stirring of arousal shoots throughout my pelvis. The very thought of riding his dick is making me weak with desire. That dick, it’s a work of art. “Ah damn, there I go again.”

I run into the bathroom and turn on the shower; hot water shoots out from the double shower heads and damn if it doesn’t remind me of another liquid shooting from something. Hell, it is going to be a long day…

I hop towards the shower, slowly, allowing one of my 5 foot 10 inch legs to linger in the flow of the water, testing its temperature…perfect. I enter the shower and relax in the heat of the water. Heat, the heat is present in more than the water, my pussy twitches as another thought enters my mind.

I have the perfect homecoming for him. But for this need now, I grab the shower gel, lather up and begin the process of cleansing my body. I start with my neck, and drift down to my breasts, I linger there. Just the feel of my 38D sized tits, sends yet another twitch to my pussy. I caress my big brown areola, its nipple becoming erect under the practiced touch of my fingers. “Yes, I masturbate, hell, what person doesn’t?” I continue to manipulate my breasts, one at a time to a natural rhythm that is becoming more and more urgent.

My pussy is now begging for release and I begin to inch further still, my engorged clit awaiting expert fingers. I reach my nub and begin to rub, press, rub, press, and rub again until my clit thickens with energy. My body begins to heat up even more, and the juices at the apex of my being begin to drip and intermingle with the water on my chocolate thighs.

The aroma of my sex is tremendously heady, it is enticing me. I drop my other hand and begin to caress the gentle folds of flesh that are now fat and so fucking inviting. I dip further still, to slowly press against my opening. “Ahh!” That’s it; this is what I need, what I crave; a strong release in this heat.

The heat is not only outside, but it is inside…I feel abuzz with it, the burning heat that builds and builds and builds until it must be extinguished. Soaring sexual heat!

I slip two fingers deep in my sex and begin to slide the fingers in out creating a cream; my cream, it’s sticky and oh so fucking wet! I pull my fingers out of my pussy and thrust them into my mouth, tasting, sucking, and enjoying the pure nectar of my flesh. “I am so fucking horny!!” I reach around and grab my waterproof vibe and think, hell yeah; this will help kick this need.

I place my fingers on my clit and insert the vibe with the other hand…. “Ahhh Hmmm.” That’s it baby! I keep the circular motions up on my clit and began to undulate my hips to a rhythm all my own. I inch the vibe up further into me, reaching for that, for that.. umm..that spot. That spongy spot that produces the most satisfying orgasms this chocolate girl has ever had. I am so close, if only… “Haaa MMM!” I press the vibe further into the heat and that is where it needs to be, I let the vibe work is magic while I still handle my clit.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck ohhhh!” I scream as hot liquid gushes from within, and “Uggh!” there it goes again another stream of hot sticky, Coco milk forces its way out of me and down my legs. I slide to the shower floor after my legs and knees give out on me. Oh so fucking good! I remove the vibe and look at my cum juices and I thrust it into my mouth. Fuck, yeah! Now I can shower and get to work.


I arrive at work fifteen minutes late, and having no time to worry about it, I dive in. The morning drags on until I receive an email from Robert:

Robert: Babe, I’ll be in at 3:15. Will you be able to pick me up? Oh, never mind, I forgot I long term parked my ride. I have to swing by the office for a couple hours, get that pussy ready for me!

I jot Robert a note back:

Coco: I am so excited to see you, baby. How was your trip, did you close the deal? I guess you’ll fill me in later. Rob, we’ve got plans tonight, so don’t even think you’re going to hit this pussy all night!

I hit send and go about my day.

At 3:15, my cell phone sings, “Hey, beautiful, you’ve got a text message.” I smile and pick up my phone:

Babe, I’m gonna do exactly that, I’ma beat that pussy up!! LOL

I return the text: Stop it; you know damn well you don’t even talk like that!! Stop playin’!. I’m gonna let you get some and we are going to follow the plan for the evening! Lol

“Hey, beautiful, you’ve got a text message.” I smile again. You know, if you don’t think it, don’t feel it, then how can you expect your man to? So yes, I have this overused notification on my phone as a daily affirmation.

I pick up the phone:

Babe, no, I just want to be with you tonight. No interruptions, no work, no family, just you, a nice glass of wine, and that chocolate pussy and those luscious thighs in my face begging for my dick and tongue!

I immediately access the gallery on my phone, select a picture and send it to him via text:

Quit, whining! You know you will get all the lovemaking AND fucking you need! Just trust me on this, baby! Don’t text me anymore, or I will be late leaving this plantation and thus your chocolate pussy will be delayed. I love you! CUl8tr!!

With the texting completed, I click on a contact, and make a call.

“Trish, I need something tonight.” I say.

“What is it, V?”

I fill Trish in and set a plan in motion.



I clean up my desk, shuffling papers, I pick up the phone.

“Baby, are you at home?”

“No, love I am still at the office. Why, do you need me to do something?”

“No, all I need is you! I will handle everything. Will you be home by 7?”

“No, baby, more like 7:30. See you then and oh, wear something sexy!”

I end the call, pick up my laptop, stuff it in its case, and rush to the elevator. If I hurry I can shower and grant him his request.

I enter the townhouse, and rush to the kitchen to chill a bottle of red. After that was done, I hurried to shower. By the time, I was out of the shower it was 7:15 and I ran into the closet and selected thigh high black hosiery, a blue panty and corset and black strappy heels. I dressed and awaited my man.

At 7:35, I heard the garage open and the slam of the car door. I rushed to the living room and turned on the music. Soothing jazz streamed from the surround sound speakers in our home.

I poured the wine and smile.

There he is; I walked seductively to him, smiling, I noticed the pure happiness of seeing me on his face. I offered him a glass and a warm embrace.

“You look so damn good, babe!”

“I miss you!” our words stumbled out at the same time. We put the glasses down after only a sip and looked at each other with a lust that electrified the air.

He grabbed me and all of sudden the mood had changed. What I thought was to be a sweet reunion of lovemaking turned wild.

Robert grabbed my ass and began to rub my ass hard; he pinched and smacked it making it jiggle like jelly. He forcefully said, “I’m going to fuck you and I’m going to fuck you again, you played unfair today and you will pay!” I was instantly wet! Arousal sprang through me like a geyser.

I chuckled.

“Oh, you think it’s funny!” Without another word, I was tossed over the sofa, stripped of my pretty blue panty and entered violently! I moaned and hoped that he would let me get acclimated to his dick invading my pussy so forcefully. No such luck, Robert began to stroke me long and deep, fast and slow for a period much longer than I thought he would, after all, he had been away for a week.

He grabbed me by my locks and slammed into me, eliciting groans and grunts from him and soft whimpers of pleasure from me. I did not stop his violent attack on my pussy as I knew that my turn was coming. As I began to push back into him, throwing my pulsating, wet pussy back on his dick, he abruptly pulled out. What the fuck??!! And then I felt his tongue on me, he began to work his tongue like his life was ending; he couldn’t get enough and neither could I. Robert ran his tongue down the crack of my ass and over and in my pussy and I began to whimper and moan his name. I put my fingers on my clit and realized, I wanted it all; I wanted his tongue, his fingers, his voice, and his dick to fuck me senseless!! He slowly ran his tongue around my asshole, gently at first and then with abandon. Once he was done, he pressed the pad of his thumb against my anus. OMG, this man knew how to work me. Knew exactly what to do to me to push me to ecstasy! He removed his thumb and placed his finger in my pussy, removed it and pushed it slowly up into my ass.

“Fuck me! Fuck me!”

Needing no other encouragement, Robert sheathed my pussy with his rigid dick, grabbed my hair and fucked me! He was relentlessly fucking me, forcing my body to thrash into the sofa. I rubbed my clit and he reached around to pull and tweak my nipple until I yelped from the fierceness of it. I was so close to orgasm…until he stopped moving and said, “Why do we have plans? You know I want this pussy all fucking night!”

I responded, “Baby quit playin’ and make me cum!”

“Girl, if I didn’t miss you so much, I’d leave yo ass, sitting hear drippin!”

“Fuck!” Robert started to move again and he stroked deep once more, and I saw stars, and climaxed all over that dick! And with a few pulses, twitches, and pulls from my pussy. He moaned and shot his load deep in my womanhood.

After a few minutes, he pulled out of me and said, “Why is that so good, baby?”

I smiled and replied, “Because this pussy curves to your dick, baby!”

He cracked up laughing and grabbed his wine. I did the same and as he reached over to me and began to say “Show me, girl. Show me again how your pussy….”

The doorbell rang….