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The Reunion

I keep reminding myself that we're just friends now as you walk ahead of me along the little path. I know that's how it should be but I'm still very attracted to you.  I love the way you walk, all relaxed and confident. At the end of the path, there's a small hedge that overlooks the beach and you stop. I put my arms around you from behind and kiss the back of your neck. You take my hands in yours and raise them to your mouth, kissing my fingers. This gentle, intimate gesture takes me by surprise and I pull away.

"Hey - what's the matter?" you ask as you turn to face me.

"I'm sorry" is all I can say before the tears start. You put your arms around me and pull me close. I move my arms up your back until they are wrapped around your neck and run my fingrs through your hair.  Before I can stop myself, my lips brush against your neck and I kiss my way up your throat. I hear a quiet groan as you take your hands down my back to squeeze my bum. You take my face in your hands and kiss me very tenderly.

"What are you sorry about? Don't you still want this?"

I can hardly bear to look at you. "I'm sorry I left. But I'm more sorry that I didn't come back sooner."

You don't say any more as you kiss me passionately and deeply. I can't fight it any more and I respond in kind.  All those months apart, all the longing and fustration, all the arguments forgotten in a heartbeat. I press my body hard into yours as your strong arms hug me tight. You almost take my breath away as your mouth hungrily matches mine. My blood races through my veins as I feel your hand sneaking under my blouse to touch my skin.  I jolt as if I've had an electric shock and I pull away from your embrace.

"What's wrong?  What the hell are you afraid of?" you ask, angrily.

"There hasn't been anyone since you. Since last time. What if it's not the same now?"

"Well, there's only one way to find out, isn't there? And you never know - it might be better."  You tilt my chin up and kiss me. Again, I feel your fingers touch my stomach and I lean into you.  Your other hand grasps my ass and pulls me hard against you. I feel how aroused you are and I slowly trace your length with a finger, making you gasp.

I can feel myself getting warm and moist as your hand reaches down the front of my skirt. My hand continues to stroke the length of your hardness as your hand goes lower. It feels so good to know that you still turn me on this much, how good it feels when your flesh touches mine.  I pull down your zip - I want to feel you in my hands. Just as I wrap my hands around your shaft, your fingers reach in my knickers and I tremble in anticipation.

Expertly, you part my lips and slip a finger inside me. I moan as you slowly stroke all along my folds, spreading my juices. I keep stroking your shaft, matching your movements. My mouth rests against your neck and my hot breath hits your skin. I'm so wet that your fingers are getting covered with my juice and you bring them to your mouth and lick them. My thumb caresses the head of your cock as I hold you tight. You kiss me hard as you dive in again with your fingers and stroke my clit. I'm powerless as I feel the first waves of orgasm approaching. My thighs tighten as I climax, gasping with surprise at how you still trigger such a response in me.


I'm shaking as you lead me over to the steps and sit me down. You kneel on a lower step and raise my skirt. Slowly, you ease your hands under my ass and remove my underwear. Then you spread my knees and kiss your way up to my inner thighs where I'm aching for you to take me. I place my hands on the grass behind me and recline a little as you begin to tuck in. Slowly and softly, you lick all along my folds and suck up all the fluids pouring out of me.

"Mmmmm .... your taste...I'd forgotten..." you mumble as you lick and suck, driving me wild. Your tongue flicks my swollen clit as I try to hold out, prolonging the ecstacy as long as I can. I lean back on my elbows and wrap my legs around your neck. Your mouth and tongue work their magic as you take me higher and higher. I can feel the wteness pouring out of me, knowing that you're drinking it all in. Unable to bear it any longer, I lie back and press your head into me, urging you to bring me to climax.

I can feel my stomach tighten as the tension starts to build as you drive me crazy. I'm moaning and groaning with total abandon. My whole body ignites as a series of orgasms shake my entire body. I writhe on the grass with you between my legs, making me wild, eating and licking me exquisitely. It is the same as before - unreal, beyond words and sensation. The throbs echo all through me as you soften your movements, brining me back down.

"Oh God....I feel like I'm on fire" I struggle to say as I sit up and feel the aftershocks rippling through my soul. You lick all back down my inner thighs, kissing my legs and licking up the juice that's running down. I take your head in my hands and lean forward to kiss you, tasting myself on your lips. My fingers trace along your jaw. "Let me taste you." I say and you stand before me.

Your cock stands proud and excited right before me and I'm almost salivating as I take you in. I breathe the smell of you in as I slowly take you as deep as I can. I release you into my hand as I concentrate on licking and sucking your balls. Your quiet moans and groans are like usic to my ears after all our time apart. I twirl my tongue over your velvety head as I fondle your ass. I take you in my mouth as you rock your hips in a soft thrusting motion. I start to suck as my tongue traces the veins on your shaft.

"Oh yeah...that's right....suck me....deeper.."

I take you as deep as I can as I start to taste the pre-cum you're producing, pushing the head into my cheek. I release you and lick along the length of your shaft while my hands fondle your balls as you continue to slowly sway. I take you back in my mouth, easing you as deep as I can manage, softly sucking. You take gentle hold of my head, guiding me because you know how difficult it is to take you deep because of your size.

"Suck me harder" you say but I don't.  I want to keep like this for a little longer - hard and oozing pre-cum into my mouth. Before I know what's going on, you pull out and drop to your knees. Your cock is twitching and throbbing, almost ready to burst. You take my legs and raise them, making me lie flat on my back. You enter me fully in one thrust, making me cry out. You start pulling out, slowly almost all the way before ramming back into me over and over again.

It's almost painful but wonderful. Feeling you fill me completely. Your face is focussed and concentrated as you slide in and out and I surrender myself completely to you. Both your hands grip my waist and hold me tight as you take out all your fustrations in our coupling. I wrap my legs around you as you pound against my clit. You're stretching me and pushing me to the edge of consciousness as you continue to press into me.

"Fcuk yeah...oh yeah...fuck.." you cry as you pound and hammer me until I'm not in control of my own body and it erupts into orgasm after orgasm. My muscles grip your cock and pull you deep into me as you finally scream your own orgasm and I feel you burst inside me. I'm arching up against you as you carry on pushing into me, grunting like an animal.

You pull out of me and I sit up and take you into my mouth, still twitching and leaking cum. I hear your moans as I clean you, tasting our combined juices. I wash you with my tongue as you start to subside, leaning against me breathing heavily. You sit down on a step and rest your head on my lap. I lean down and wrap my arms around your neck and kiss the top of your head. You're shaking and trembling as much as I am. Just being here with you - like this - makes me feel at peace, like I've come home.

"Don't let me leave again" I say quietly.

You raise your head and look at me. My face is a mixture of tears, smile and post- coital flush. But mainly smiles. You take my hand and kiss my palm. "I won't" you say. You stand up and pull me to my feet. Kissing me and affectionately patting my bum, you say "Come one, its time we should be getting back."

I laugh and say "Yes, we should or you'll start me off again. Now- where did you put my knickers?"






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