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The Reward

A long time friend comforts a friend and ends up having his desires met.
My boyfriend is such a jerk. He and I had never been exclusive, but now he wants me to himself. I want my lovers, so he’s out. I was depressed and wanted some attention so I called my ‘friend’ Alex. He came over right away and held me as I cried over the jerk. After venting and bawling for a few hours I excused myself. I went to my room feeling much better; I looked like a train wreck. My eyes were red and puffy and I looked very tired. In reality I was not even close to tired, I was feeling frisky.

Alex and I had been good friends for years and better ‘friends’ for only a few months. He was the first person I wanted when my now ex-boyfriend wanted to be together, but see other people too. Alex was overjoyed and I was shocked to see what he was into, he is deeply involved in the master/slave society. He wanted me to join him, but I was hesitant. Alex agreed to show me the life slowly and let me decide what I wanted.

Over the last few months I knew Alex liked his slave to be dressed in a corset and stockings. I had purchased a pair of black, lace topped stockings. I told Alex I was looking into a corset at a local shop and maybe one day he would get to see me wear one. That was a partial lie, I had ordered a corset. My last fitting was the day before and I was going to show my boyfriend my new outfit that night. I saw the light blue, over the breast, boned, full corset on my bed and frowned. ‘Well so much for my debut,’ I told myself. I was on the verge of tears again when my naughty mind came up with a plan.

“Alex, make yourself at home, I will be just a few minutes. I’m going to call my Mom for a few,” I yelled into the living room. I needed a few minutes to put my plan into action.

After just a few minutes I opened my bedroom door and walked the short hallway toward the living room. I stood at the end of the hallway and looked at Alex sitting on the couch unaware that I was dressed the way he had wanted to see for years. I stood before him in my new corset and stockings.

“Alex, sorry to make you wait alone; but I think that you might not be too mad you were alone,” I purred.

Alex turned to me; his eyes grew larger, his mouth opened and he stuttered, “Ohh… ummm… a… wow.”

I smiled and strutted toward him. I sat on his lap straddling him and told him I was his reward tonight for taking care of me. He was still in shock and just nodded. I kissed down his neck to bring him into reality.

“Alex please be my naughty master and I will be your obedient pet?”

I got a 'rise' out of him as he started to caress my bare ass. His fingers found my pussy and started to rub hard and fast along my lips causing me to arch my back and push harder into him.

He kissed between my breasts and wrapped an arm around my back as I arched. I was in such need of touch that just his attention was getting me close to climax.

He continued to tease me and said, “You are under my control and you will do as you are told or severe punishment awaits. You are to only do what I tell you and only what I tell you to do.”

He kissed my breasts and bit my nipples while he continued to rub my pussy. I was in heaven and never wanted to leave. I was ordered to stand, reluctantly I stood. He took off his shirt and unzipped his jeans and removed them. He was not quite as hard as I wanted. He told me to do what I thought would please him to get him hard.

I bent over and kissed his nipples and down his belly. I knelt between his legs and grasped his cock. I looked into his eyes, licked my lips and then licked him from base to tip in one long, slow stroke flicking a bit at the top. I took his head into my mouth and slowly lowered until he met the back of me. He shuddered and grabbed my hair. I looked at him and nodded slightly to let him know that I was ok with this.

He winked and pushed me farther down onto him. I felt the gag and relaxed as best I could, my tongue massaging him. He pulled me back with a slight groan and pushed me down on him a few more times, always slow and controlled. I was wanting to feel his control much lower and was getting wetter by the second.

He pulled me to my feet by my hair and turned me away from him. I could feel his body rise up against my back. He pulled my head to the side, kissing my neck and whispered lets move to the bed. I shuddered feeling his hot breath on my neck.

He marched me to the bedroom with a firm grasp of my hair. Just as we passed the doorway he picked me up by my waist carrying me to the bed. He bent me over the edge face down and rubbed my shoulder; then down my back to the corset. He continued lower over the corset to my ass. I know he is an ass man. He loves to watch, touch and fuck asses. Tonight though was not that type of night.

His fingers crept lower to my wet pussy; I felt his light, warm breath blowing on my clit and lips and shook. He grabbed my hair and balled it up in his hand pulling me into an arch and said, "You will not cum."

He licked, suck, and bit all over my pussy. God I wanted to cum. He almost got me when he started fingering my pussy and my ass.

“Please, god, please. I want to cum, I will go to the club with you and do anything you tell me, but please let me cum, please.” I begged, not thinking what I was offering.

Alex smiled and said, “I will hold you to that. Cum baby, cum for me knowing what you traded just for this one release.”

The second his cock entered me my will power was over, I came instantly. He fucked me hard and fast using my hair as leverage. As my body spasms slowed he picked me up and laid me on the bed on my back. He tortured my pussy again letting me return to the world of the living slowly. He kissed up my body and then to my lips. Oh a pussy flavored kiss, is there anything better?

“So you owe me a night at the club, I would love to see if I can get a second night out of you,” Alex breathed into my ear sending chills the length of my body.

He moved above me and started to kiss, suck and nibble my breasts; I kneeded my hand in his hair enjoying and encouraging him to continue. He kissed up my neck and was nibbling and breathing in my ear causing me to get aroused. He then kissed me with tremendous passion unlike he had ever done before. I could feel his excitement as his cock pressed more firmly into my body.

I ran my fingernails down his back and playfully caressed back up. We moaned in each other’s mouths from the passion of the kiss and the growing desire for round two.

I tried to push him off me, but was met with great resistance. Still kissing me Alex grabbed my right wrist and moved it above my head to a waiting hand cuff. My eyes flew open remembering I had set up the bedroom for a playful night. I tried to squirm out of his grasp. He was too strong and soon had my other wrist cuffed above my head. I was now at his mercy and wetter than ever.

He kissed, sucked, nibbled, tickled and teased every inch of my body; but stayed away from my pussy. I was begging for him to stop torturing me and to take me, to fuck me. I was nearing orgasm as he tortured me. He teased my pussy by getting very close with his hands and his mouth that my back was arched. My eyes were closed and an almost constant moan and pleads for mercy were all I could do.

Not expecting him to end the torture I jumped as he licked my pussy from bottom to top and devoured my clit in his mouth. As he flicked and sucked my clit furiously he put two fingers inside me and was met with the clenching and clamping of my walls. He moaned as his strokes on my clit and in my pussy sped faster and faster. I was close to cuming and told him I was, he warned me that I would be punished if I came without permission. I tried to keep my composure, but with him making my clit rock hard and toying with my pussy it was too much. I came like with a furry. I let open the flood gates spasming and thrashing. I was moaning and screaming his name, arching my back and pulling on my restraints.

Alex continued to massage my pussy with his fingers as I came down from my euphoria. As I returned from the bliss I knew I was in big trouble. I could feel his extremely hard cock pressed up against my leg, I wanted him inside me. Feeling the bed move I knew Alex was getting up; the question was where was he going and what was he getting?

As my mind wandered to what was going to be next, Alex returned with a glass of ice and a bowl. He set them on the night stand and returned to my side.

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