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The road less traveled

Being a traveling salesman canbe lonely......sometimes.

I drive a lot for my job sometimes in the city, more often in out of the way places.   It’s not a bad job, I get to meet lots of interesting people and go places that I never knew existed, but it can get pretty boring sitting behind the wheel for hours on end.   Sometimes I get sleepy and have to crank up the radio, open a window and slap myself a couple times to stay awake.   Other times my mind wanders and before I know it my pants are getting too tight and I have to touch myself….at first through my clothes, but if the road is clear, I’ll unzip and really go at it.   I know it’s stupid and dangerous, but it feels great to cum on a winding road driving fast!


That’s how I was feeling a couple days ago.   It had been a long day and I was on my way to another nameless hotel for another lonely night.   It had just started to drizzle and the rhythm of the wipers was lulling me into a relaxed, dreamy state.    I was just about to turn up the music and roll down a window when I saw her on the side of the road jogging toward me.    I didn’t get a good look- between the rain streaked windshield and the cap pulled down low over her face, but there was no mistaking her ample breasts bouncing as she ran along.   She looked so good from the front that I just had to get a look at her ass as I drove past.


It was at that moment, ogling out my side mirror, that I saw her trip.   She almost caught herself, but the shoulder was low and I could tell that her ankle twisted as she was trying to right herself.   There were no other cars, so I turned the car around and went back to see if she needed any help.   I’m a nice guy and would help anyone that I saw get injured…but it didn’t hurt that she was stacked


I’m also a big guy, well over six feet -build like a linebacker and I’ve learned that I can be intimidating to strangers.   Women, alone on a quiet country road, have every reason to be scared of a car suddenly turning around.   When a giant gets out of the driver seat and they can’t run away…well let’s just say that I noticed a certain amount of anxiety on her face as I walked towards her.   As I left the car I grabbed a first aide kit out of habit.   I had been an EMT and I still keep a jump bag in the back.   When I was still at a respectable distance I said ,”Hi, I’m Will.   I saw you fall down and wondered if you need any help.”    She smiled bravely and said ,”no I’m fine.”   I could see that she was hurt and said, “well at least let me give you a hand.”   I stepped forward and she reached out to accepted my offer as she struggled to her feet.


With her first step she winced and let out a stifled yelp.   I said, “ let me help you to my car and take a look at that ankle.”   She was reluctant, but the rain was starting to come down harder and there weren’t any other good Samaritans in site.   I eased her into the back seat and proceeded to examine her injury.   All the while I was chatting in a professional manner that made her more at ease.   She was leaning against the far door with her legs stretched across the seat.   They were nice legs, long and firm without being too muscular.   Her loose running shorts gave me a good view all the way to her white panties.   I tired not to stare and continued my gaze up her body with only the briefest pause at her bosom.   It took all of my will to pull away from those wonderful globes made even more appealing by her wet T-shirt. When I reached her face I saw for the first time that she was a bit older then me…maybe late 40s.   She was still very nice looking- handsome is the term and she kept herself in such good shape that I had thought she was no more then 30 when I saw her running.   If she noticed me checking her out, she didn’t show it.   Our eyes met briefly before we both returned our gaze to her injured foot.   I gently removed her sneaker, left the sock on and wrapper her ankle with an ace bandage.   I also cracked an ice pack and taped it over her injury.   “That’ll help with any swelling….do you live nearby or can I give you a ride?”


She said, ”You’ve already done more then enough.   I don’t want to be a bother.”


“It’s no bother,” I said. “ I’m done with my appointments today and just driving until I find a place for dinner.”


“You’re not likely to find anything out here…..why don’t I make you dinner as a thank-you.   I’m told that I’m a pretty good cook.”


“That would be great, but only if I can help…You don’t get to be my size without knowing your way around a kitchen!”


We made small talk the rest of the way as she gave me directions to her house.   I told her about my life and job, she made a joke about “Traveling Salesmen.”   I asked what she did and she told me that she was a stay at home mom, but her kids were all off at college.   She also thanked me for being such a Gentleman.   “Good men like you are a rare thing these days,” she said.   After about 3 miles we came to a dirt driveway and she said, “ turn here.”   I couldn’t see a house from the road and drove down to a moderate sized home at the edge of a beautiful pond.   “Nice place,” I said.   “It’s my dream house and I made sure to get it in the divorce,” she replied.   “Oh, I’m sorry.”   “It’s OK…it was a mutual thing.”


I stopped the car and helped her get out.   We were now comfortable enough with each other that she had no problem leaning on me as we walked up the front steps.   She seemed to enjoy the strength in my arms and her hand lingered on my muscled forearm even after I helped her onto the sofa.   The room was very comfortable with beautifully crafted furniture, handmade ceramics and lovely paintings on the walls, but the best thing was the view- an entire wall of glass looking across her pond and the hills in the distance.

“Really nice place,” I said admiringly as I took in the view.   “My little slice of Heaven,” she said.   “Help me up and I’ll show you the rest of the place.   Besides, I need to get out of these wet clothes and I’m not sure I can make it to my bedroom on my own.   My ex wasn’t your size, but I still have an old robe that may fit if you want to get out of your wet things.”   At those words I looked at her to see if there was something more to her offer and her hand dropped to my thigh.


My body started to respond before my brain had time to think about what was happening.   I could feel the rush of blood to my cock as I leaned my mouth towards hers.    As our lips met, her tongue was already out and searching my mouth.   It took my breath away to have this beautiful woman so obviously interested.   She pushed me gently away and removed her shirt in one swift motion.   “I’ll need some help with these,” She said as she was pushing her shorts over her hips.   I backed up to help her pull the shorts over her running shoes and the bandaged ankle.   She looked even better in just panties and a jog bra.  


I leaned back in to kiss her neck.    Her skin was still salty from the dried sweat of exercise.    I worked my way down as she released her breasts from their confinement.   They were magnificent!     Large, firm globes with nice pink areolas and a tan line that let me know her bikini was of the string variety.   I sucked and nuzzled her as my trousers became increasingly tighter and the smell from her panties more and more inviting.   I slowly worked my way down her torso, past her navel to the top of her panties.   I could see a neatly shaved patch of dark hair and the outline of her “camel toe” through the thin, white fabric.   I could also smell that she wanted more.  


I leaned back to unbutton and removed my shirt. Partly to make the anticipation linger , but mostly because I was overheating from excitement!   I moved back in, pushed her remaining clothes to one side and let my tongue work open her slit.   I love the taste of a woman.   It’s so primal, like the taste of the ocean.   My eyes were closed and all I was aware of was her cunt, her moans and how much I wanted to be inside of her.   There is no rushing this sort of thing- I sucked and slurped…kissed and moaned as her labia swelled and her clitoris came to attention.   Her nails were raking at my naked shoulders as her breath quickened and her moans increased.   I forced my tongue deep inside her pussy as she came and I could feel the walls of her vagina gripping and pulsing in spastic pleasure.   I continued softly kissing her wet pussy as she came down from the climax.   Then I arose from the sofa and stood in front of her.


She stared at my aching bulge and had a look on her face like a lioness over a fresh kill.   I knew as her hands adeptly loosened my belt and unzipped my fly that mine wasn’t the first cock she’d ever sucked.   I was so hard that it hurt as she removed my shorts.   My cock was raised like the flag pole at Iwo Jima .   She smiled, parted her lips and pulled me towards her.   A brief kiss at the tip took the pre-cum off then she let her tongue play along the shaft.   “Do you like to have your balls sucked?” she asked looking up into my eyes.   I moaned an affirmative and our eyes remained locked as she sucked on ball then the other into her hot mouth.   All this time her left hand was kneading my as while her right gently stroked my shaft.   Oh God!   This woman knew how to orally please a man!

Before I could cum she clamped her hand tight at the top of my nut-sack, raised her head and took my cock in her mouth……deep her mouth on the very first stroke.   Her nose was in my pubes and I could feel the tip of her tongue at the base of my shaft. She slid her mouth back, cheeks sucked in for the entire slow, exquisite journey and locked eyes with me again.   “ I Want your cum in my mouth,” she said just before she rotated the head of my cock   in her mouth like she was eating an ice-cream cone.   I grabbed her hair in my hand and forced my cock deep into her throat again.  


I don’t know if it was the intoxicating taste of her still on my lips, the feeling of my manhood so deep in her mouth or the considerable time that it had been since my last blowjob, but there was nothing gentle about this sex.   She wasn’t blowing me so much as I was fucking her skull.   She let go of my nuts and had both hands on my ass pulling my hips toward her hungry mouth.   She wanted to deep throat me as much as I wanted to dump my load down her esophagus.   I was running out of breath as I pumped her harder and faster.   I felt a low moan from her throat reverberate through my cock and that forced me over the edge.   Time stood still as my entire body shook with the power of my spasm.   I felt like lava was surging from the bottom of my feet to join the cum jerking out of me.

After the last exquisite shutter, she let my cock slip from her mouth.   When I finally opened my eyes and looked down she was smiling up at me, her eyes twinkling with a   mischievous   look that told me she knew that I was destroyed.   I was a bit wobbly as one last glob of sperm dripped onto her magnificent tits.   She hopped off the couch, skipped across the room and said, “I’m hitting the shower to clean up… to join me?”    “What about your ankle,” I asked?   “Oh, It wasn’t such a bad sprain,” she said. “You were very kind to stop to help and besides it’s always more fun sharing a good meal!”

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