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The Roommate Agreement - Chapter 5

Makeup sex is the best kind of sex

“I’m going to walk away now unless you’re stupid enough to think that ‘she wanted me. I could tell’ would hold up in court against a rape charge.”

I inwardly winced at even the memory of the harsh words that I had shot at Eric not an hour ago. I was mad and what he was doing, what he wanted me to do with him, was wrong, sure. But to insinuate that he would ever force anyone to have sex with him? I knew him better than that. Didn’t I?

I also wasn’t wrong to draw that line. I knew that too. Even if the words were wrong, my decision to tell Eric “no” wasn’t, and I was proud of myself for that. I was just scared to see what my decision would do to our friendship.

I let out a sigh and watched the fog my hot breath created as it hit the cold, February air swirl above me like rolling clouds. It was obviously below freezing outside at that hour, but I couldn’t stay in that place. I was in such a rush, I was lucky I remembered shoes, let alone a jacket, as I ran from my own dorm.

I heard a crunch come from above my head as someone approached where I was sprawled out on the frozen, dew-covered grass.


It was Xander.

One word and I knew him instantly, his deep voice rolling over me and warming me better than any jacket.

I thought about ignoring him, debated whether that would be easier than dealing with the additional drama that might come from whatever conversation I would be avoiding, but I knew it wouldn’t help. Instead, I turned my head so I could see him from where I lay without actually having to get up.

“Hey, kid. 'Sup?”

“We’re really gonna get into this now? What are you doing out here in this weather? Trying to freeze yourself to the grass?”

“I wanted to see the stars, but they’re shy. I thought you weren’t gonna stumble home until tomorrow.”

“Stumble…? Never mind. What do you mean ‘shy?’”

I looked back up to the sky where only a faint smattering of stars shown overhead and pointed.


After a minute, I felt a tug at one of my hands and looked to see Xander attempting to pull me to my feet.

“What are you doing?” I groaned.

“I’m trying to get you to stand up, obviously,” he said, still tugging at my limp body as I offered no assistance in his attempts to move me.


“Don’t you want to know where the stars are hiding?” he asked with a crook of his eyebrow.

I looked at him again and nodded.

“Then get up you lazy sack of potatoes. I’m not gonna carry you.”

I reached up to him as if I did, in fact, expect him to carry me, but Xander just rolled his eyes and began to walk away.

I scrambled after him after I detached myself from where I had actually begun to freeze to the grass. “Where are we going?” I asked.

“The parking lot,” he answered shortly.

“Why?” I ask. “You can’t see the stars any better there. I checked.”

“The parking lot isn’t where the stars are. It’s where my truck is.”

“You can’t drive.”

Xander turned to yell in my face then. “God Laine! I’m eighteen, not ten! I can drive! It’s all legal and everything!!”

“I didn’t mean you’re too young to drive. I meant that you can’t drive if you’ve been drinking.” It came out as a whisper and I hated how weak my voice sounded just because he raised his voice at me.

He didn’t apologize, but a look of regret did cross his face. Then he blinked a few times and looked away from me stepping back before he responded. “Then it’s a good thing I’m sober. Isn’t it?”

We remained silent for the rest of the walk and for a few minutes as Xander drove us further and further away from the school and town.

Finally, the silence became too much. I had to say something. “You’re taking me to the middle of nowhere to kill me. Aren’t you?”

He didn’t laugh, but I saw a small smile cross his face. “Now why would you ask that? Obviously, I would say ‘no’ whether I was going to kill you and bury you in an unmarked grave or not. Right? Saying ‘yes’ would either be a lie or make me the worse murderer ever.”

I just looked at him with suspicion as if I was trying to figure out whether that was a confession or not, and that actually made him laugh.

Talking was a little easier after that, but it was only a few more minutes until he stopped and parked in the middle of a dirt road between an empty field and what looked like an abandoned barn. I couldn’t tell for sure though since it was so damn dark outside.

“I knew it,” I said turning to him. “You are gonna kill me. Probably after you pull a shovel out of your back seat and force me to dig my own grave.”

He kept his face straight before he did, in fact, reach being him into the back seat to grab something. “I guess you’ll have to get out of the car to find out. Won’t you?”

I only hesitated a minute before I hopped down from the truck and froze where I stood as I finally got a proper look at the sky.

The open field surrounded by trees left a big space open to the sky while managing to block out all the human-made light pollution from the city I knew was less than a mile away. The result was a view of the stars so breathtaking that I didn’t know you could see something so spectacular without driving a hundred miles away from any civilization big enough to dare call itself a city. A countless number of tiny dots lit the sky and I did nothing but marvel at the sight until something warm wrapped around my shoulders from behind.

“Close your mouth before you catch flies,” Xander whispered in my ear. I hadn’t even noticed that he had joined me until he had spoken.

“Where…? How…?” I stuttered, attempting to put into words the questions flitting through my mind, but I kept getting distracted by the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

“I got lost one night trying to find this warehouse everyone says throws awesome parties every Friday night. I never found that warehouse. I don’t even believe it exists anymore, but I found this place, and it’s easily ten times better than any party.”

I was surprised I was paying attention to him enough to register his words, but I laughed. “The warehouse? Seriously?”

“What?” He asks confused.

“The warehouse is a stupid joke upperclassmen play on freshman or transfer students. It doesn’t exist. Even the address is fake.”

“Is not!” Xander argued defensively. “I found the street and everything”

I laughed again. “Yes. The street exists, but the street number doesn’t belong to a building on that street and ends in a dead end with no street lights, so it’s hell to make a U-turn on. It’s a school-wide hazing ritual that ‘cool people’ do to listen to the pathetic stories of the gullible freshman getting stuck, lost, or breaking down in an attempt to find this party central that doesn’t actually exist.”

“You fell for it too!” Xander exclaims. “Didn’t you? Little, freshman Delaine wanted to go to a cool college party, so she got all dressed up only to end up in a ditch on that very same dead-end road!”

I spun around until I was face to face with a smiling Xander just a few inches away from me. “Everyone falls for it. Freshmen are led to believe that anyone that says it doesn’t exist just isn’t cool enough to have gotten the address. I was obviously cooler than everyone that told me I was being gullible.”

I smiled at the amused look on Xander’s face, and at the memory of my own stupidity.

“God, you’re beautiful” he whispered, reaching out to tuck some loose hairs over my ear. Then he leaned in slowly, giving me plenty of time to pull away if I wanted.

I didn’t though. For that moment I wanted him to kiss me. It had been so long since I had been kissed, really kissed. I’m not talking about when I’m drunk and being taken advantage of or when my mouth was assaulted by someone I didn’t want to be kissing.

Right then, I wanted him to kiss me and I didn’t question it.

He waited another breath before finally closing the distance between us and pressing a light kiss to my lips. It was hesitant and simple and soft and beautiful and so unlike the Xander I knew. The Xander from Miami who was all hot and sexy Alfa male, but knew how to laugh and have fun. The Xander I had been treating like a yo-yo lately was far more serious and aggressive if just as hot and alfa. This kiss was none of those things, and for all of those reasons, it felt like our first kiss ever.

It also wasn’t very long until he backed up again, a look of sadness in his eyes.

“I can’t believe I fucked this up” he murmured so quietly I couldn’t tell if I was meant to hear it at all.

It came back to me then. The lie that turned a summer of fun into what felt like a giant scam. Worse yet, it turned my sweet, fun-loving Xander into a liar.

Wait… my Xander? When did that happen?

“I’d go back and change it if I could.”

“Change the lie or change the fact that I found out?” I asked. I had to know.

“The lie” he answered without hesitation. “It was stupid. I shouldn’t have done it.”

“Then why did you?”


“No” I deadpanned. “Please, lie to me some more and see how that goes.”

He winced but answered without comment on my sarcasm. “I was stupid and thought that you wouldn’t be interested in me if I was just eighteen. I thought it would be one night, maybe two, then I’d never see you again and it wouldn’t matter.”

“You thought I’d have turned you down because if I knew how old you were?”

“Don’t pretend it wouldn’t have been a little weird for you. I hear you with Julia. You two call anyone under twenty years old ‘babies.’”

I winced because he was right. We did say that. A lot. I just didn’t think Xander ever overheard, and really, I never thought of Xander as an eighteen-year-old. He was just Xander.

“You still shouldn’t have lied to me. Or you should have come clean earlier and not let me walk into that room the day you moved in and get blindsided by you and the truth all at once.”

He placed his hands on either side of my face and bent until our foreheads touched. “I’m so sorry, baby. If I’d have known it was gonna be you…”

He kissed me again. He applied more pressure this time, but it was still hesitant. It was me that pulled away that time.

“I get that we can’t change the past, but no more lies. Okay? I need to be able to trust you.”

He looked me straight in the eyes and said “No more lies. I promise.” Then he kissed me again.

When he remained tentative, I was the one to deepen the kiss, letting my tongue dart out to run along the seam of his lips before disappearing back into my mouth.

My little move seemed to embolden him because he growled against my lips before he bit down and used my moan as an opportunity to slip his own tongue between my lips. I reveled in the sensation as his tongue explored my mouth and I returned the favor in kind as soon as the greedy bastard let me.

After we spent some time biting and licking each other’s lips, he bent me down and grabbed my ass hefting me into the air. My legs wrapped around his waist instinctively and I moaned at the feel of his hard length pressing deliciously into my pussy.

The blanket that he had apparently wrapped around my shoulders earlier as I first took in the view of the stars fell from my shoulders, but I didn’t miss it even as the cold air wrapped around me in its place. Xander was keeping we warm enough that I barely noticed.

He walked us somewhere until he stopped to readjust me and I sat in one of his hands. He then used his other hand to open the back of his truck bed before depositing me on the seat he created.

The kiss broke as I scooted back to allow him to join me in the bed of his truck.

“I’ll bet you take all the girls here to fuck,” I half-joked.


“They’re too wimpy to withstand the cold? I’ll bet they need a bed to have sex," I teased.


“No beds?”

Xander didn’t look at me as he walked to where he picked me up to grab the blanket off the ground where it had fallen. “No other girls.”

I laughed incredulously, but he just looked at me with a serious look on his face.

“You’re kidding. You must be," I accused. “Girls follow you around like little kids chase the ice cream man. What do you mean ‘no other girls’?”

“This ice cream man only stops for one girl.”

I flopped back in the bed of the truck, taking that in. Just me? He must be joking… or lying. I’ve been playing with him for weeks, getting him riled up, letting him get me off, then leaving him hanging time and time again. No way was he not blowing off steam with someone else.

“You don’t believe me.” It wasn’t an accusation. It was just a statement, though I could tell he wasn’t happy about it.

“How can I? Look at yourself!”

He smirked and I had to throw my arm over my eyes to shield myself from the sexy. “Thank you.”

The truck rocked under me as he hopped up to join me.

“How are you gonna see the stars if you stay like that?”

I peek around my arm to find him hovering over me. He sat back until his back hit the cab of the truck then he crooked a finger at me in invitation.

I sat up and crawled over until I settled between his spread legs. Then he grabbed my hips and twisted me until I sat between his legs the both of us wrapped in the blanket.

We sat like that for a while pointing out constellations and planets we recognized. Then we just talked. That was new for us. Even in Miami, we rarely stopped fucking long enough to talk, and when we did, it was all small talk about the then and there. Nothing serious, nothing personal.

Just then, a small speck of light flitted across the sky for just a second and I exclaimed at seeing a shooting star and flung my arm out to point. Graceful person that I was, I somehow managed to hit Xander in the process.

If the impact with my elbow wasn’t enough to tell me that, his groan of pain did.

I whirled around to see how much damage I had inflicted when I hit him in the face with my ponytail.

He caught my hair mid swish and growled, “Stop moving.”

“I’m sorry” I whispered. He wasn’t visibly bleeding and he wasn’t holding anything in pain so I just waited patiently until he decided that he was safe enough to let me go.

But he didn’t let go. He just held my hair as he held my gaze. I actually watched as something carnal filled his eyes.

Two minutes ago we were talking like pals and now I was wondering if he wanted to eat me since he was looking at me like that.

Then he kissed me. There were no hesitations at all this time. There was no playfulness either. It was all raw passions and I thought maybe this is his way of consuming me.

Then he rolled until I was beneath him and released my lips only to kiss down my neck.

He growled in frustration when he was met with the resistance of my jacket and the rest of my clothes.

In response, I sat up and he let me. I could tell that he thought I was going to stop him, but instead, I just shrugged off my jacket and lay it out behind me before stripping off my tank top.

His eyes widened appreciatively when he saw I wasn’t wearing a bra.

The cold air bit my skin and my nipples pebbled, but it wasn’t windy and I had a feeling that Xander wasn’t planning on letting me sit in the cold for long.

He didn’t disappoint, as a second later he bent to take one of my nipples in his mouth.

The contrast between the cold night air and the heat of his greedy mouth did something to me and I moaned threading my fingers through his hair and clutching him to me.

One of his hands pinched and tweaked the nipple he wasn’t running circles around with his tongue and the other hand went straight for my crotch to rub up and down the seam of my pants.

I moaned again and ground my hips attempting to use his fingers to get me off.

“Xander. I want you.”

He stopped his playing to look up at me in wonder. “Tell me this time is different, Laine.” His voice was gruff with need and I suddenly felt awful for how I had been treating him the past few weeks. “I’m gonna go crazy if I can’t be inside of you tonight. I want you so badly, baby.”

I nod my head because even though I haven’t been waiting like he has, I still wanted him so badly it hurt. “Condom?” I asked hopefully.

He scrambled off of me and literally jumped out of the truck to get to the passenger side. When he came back, he had an entire case of condoms with him.

I laughed. “Optimistic much?” I teased.

“More like prepared,” he corrected. “Don’t tease or I won’t share.”

“We both know that that’s an empty threat.”

“True,” he admitted as he climbed back into the truck “but you’ll hurt my feelings.”

I laughed again and I marveled at how easy it all was just then. I was truly happy in that moment, and all because this sexy, silly, amazing man was just so damn easy to be around. Despite all his faults, all his mistakes, he made me happy. The steel rod in his pants that I got an eyeful of as he joined me again certainly didn’t hurt my good mood either.

“Get down here so I can fuck you so hard you’ll see stars no matter where you’re looking when you come.”

His sexy smirk was back, but he didn’t do as I told him to. Stubborn man. Instead, he bent down and grabbed the legs of my sweatpants and pulled until he met with resistance once more, this time in the form of my boots.

“I hate winter sometimes” he grumbled as he worked off first my boots, then my pants until he was able to toss them away. “Remember summer?” He asked. “You barely wore anything then. It was all flip-flops, bikinis, and sundresses. I could get at your pussy in under five seconds any time of the day if I wanted.”

He sighed wistfully then groaned when he saw that beneath my sweatpants, I wore a pair of the little shorts I usually slept in. “You want to make this difficult for me,” he accused.

I shrugged, but still lifted my butt as he wriggled my shorts and panties off too until I was naked and bared to the open sky and the cold night air. And to him.

I let him look his fill enjoying my own show as I got to watch his dick get even bigger and harder than it already had been.

Finally fed up with waiting (and freezing my tits off while I did), I hooked a leg around his hips and pulled until he fell on top of me.

There was another growl of desire before his mouth met mine again.

He gripped the back of my neck to deepen the kiss as I clutched at him to make it easier for me to grind into him. The friction created by his jeans and tee-shirt rubbing against my naked skin was amazing, but what I craved most just then was the warmth of his skin on mine.

With that in mind, I let my hands travel up and under his jacket and shirt to run lightly over the skin of his lower back. When he groaned I slid my hands up higher before dragging my nails back down.

His mouth tore away from mine after a parting nip to my bottom lip. “Laine,” he warned.

“Take it off.” My voice was a little breathy, but the command was still obvious.

Xander didn’t say anything, but a small smirk grew on his face before he sat up and practically ripped his jacket from his body. The Shirt soon followed, but that was all the time I was willing to give him before I needed his body pressed to mine again.

“You’ve been gone too long. I’m cold.”

“Poor little Laine,” he chuckled. “Do you need me to warm you up?”

When I nodded, he laid back down pressing his body into mine, his bare skin sliding deliciously against mine and I moaned at the sensation.

As he kissed my neck I shivered at the sensation his light scruff created as it lightly dragged over the sensitive skin. I began to run my fingers over the skin of his back marveling at how smooth it was. Then my hands continued further up until it tangled in his hair just in time for his kisses to leave my neck and begin to travel south.

Xander explored me with his mouth kissing, licking, and nipping his way down my body. He let his tongue dip into the hollow by my collarbone, then a soft brush of his lips traveled down the valley between my breasts. He gave a long suck and a quick bite to both nipples before licking down my stomach so lightly I began to buck at the teasing touch only for it to stop suddenly with a languid lick around my bellybutton. The burning path Xander blazed with his mouth made me squirm, but he held me firmly so he could continue his slow torcher.

His mouth left my body just so he could run his nose down… down until it ran over the crease between my leg and my pelvis, first one then the other. I started to relax when I thought he would finally put me out of my misery and touch me where I needed him, but then he skipped right over my pussy and my aching clit and began to run little kisses down my thigh.

“Xander!” I cried in protest.

“Shh, baby. Don’t rush me. I’m exploring.”

“But I need you now.”

“Delayed gratification, little one. I’ll make it worth your while.” And with that, he went back to his “exploring.”

His big hands grabbed my knees and forced them apart before he slid his hands down my legs.

At first, I thought it was odd when I realized that he was maneuvering to lick behind my knees, but once he got there, I was officially done thinking.

That was as for south as he went before doubling back and running his nose up the inside of one of my thighs. I was marveling at that sensation when it abruptly stopped. His hands returned to forcing my knees apart and his tongue was shoved deep into my pussy.

I cried out in shock and pleasure and he ran his tongue in and out and around my sex again and again, eating me like a starving man. I couldn’t help but writhe under his mouth and hands from the sensation his oral attack sent pinging around my body.

What were usually light and playful licks and flicks were now a ravenous consumption and it was driving me wild while sending me hire and hire.

“Xander!” I cried “Just a little more. Please! I’m so close.”

The secant the words leave my mouth, he was gone. I looked up to see Xander, his pants and boxers pulled just under his ass, rolling a condom onto his straining erection.

“I was so close,” I groused.

He chuckled at me before leaning over me to press a kiss to my nose. “You wanted more” he pointed out. “I’m giving you more.”

Then I could feel his cock as he rubbed it up and down my dripping pussy lips before he pushed slowly into me. I could feel every centimeter of him as his dick dragged along the inside of my pussy. I had nearly forgotten just how well-endowed Xander was and the stretch required to fit him stung a bit and I let out a small whimper, but even that added to the sensations ringing through my body and the feeling was so electric that I couldn’t breathe until he was finally sheathed to the root.

We both let out a groan of satisfaction. No memory of what he felt like deep in me could ever hold a candle to the reality. For a while, neither of us moved, content in simply being connected like this again. It had only been a few months, but it felt like it had been years since I had felt this full and complete. Looking back, even the two months that we had spent together before were nothing compared to this feeling.

That was the last thought I had before Xander propped himself up on his elbows and began to move.

At first, his strokes were agonizingly slow and methodical. It was almost like he was savoring the feel of me around him, and maybe that’s exactly what he was doing. To a certain extent, I was doing the exact same thing.

I traced my fingers lightly up and down his back marveling at the way his muscles bunched and flexed as he moved over me and inside of me. Then I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair scratching his head a bit while I did. He moaned a bit and stopped moving so he could look me in the eyes.

Then I pulled him down for a kiss.

The kiss was very much like our coupling had been up until this point: soft and slow and savoring, but I wanted more. I deepened the kiss and Xander didn’t hesitate a moment before he joined me in making the kiss into the passionate melding of mouths that I think we both needed at that point.

When he started to move inside me again, his thrusts very much matched the level of passion being achieved by our lips and tongues. He moved faster, thrust deeper, pushed harder until we were racing together towards our mutual release.

I ripped my mouth away from his to cry out wordlessly as my burning orgasm ripped through me. It washed over me like a wave then kept going like a steady pulse as Xander continued to move inside me.

Then his hand was between our bodies and he quickly located my sensitive clit so he could give it a quick pinch before I was falling over another edge I hadn’t realized I had reached.

When Xander’s yell cut through the air, I realized he too was coming as he pistoned his hips into me wildly. When he too came back down, he collapsed next to me.

After taking a minute to calm our breathing, he pulled off the condom and tied it off to dispose of later before he gathered me into his arms and I settled into his side, head on his chest and I listened to his heart still beating madly in his chest.

“I missed you,” I heard him whisper into my hair before he pressed a soft kiss to my forehead.

A few minutes passed in comfortable silence as we just lay there cuddled together under the blanket.

I thought I might drift off to sleep until Xander murmured something into my hair.

“Hm?” I hummed sleepily.

“We should get going," he repeated.

I groaned and pulled the blanket up over my head in protest.

“Blanket cocoon? Really Laine? I thought you were the adult and I was the kid.” He gave the blankets a tug, but I had already wrapped the blanket around myself and I clearly wasn’t going anywhere.

He sighed but left me there. I could tell from the rocking of the truck that he was getting his clothes back on. “I could always drive back to campus with you and your blanket cocoon right where you are. It’s not like you’re not already in my truck.”

In response, I popped my head out form the blanket and stuck my tongue out at him before disappearing back into the warmth of the blanket.

“Is that how we’re going to play it?” Then the truck began to rock furiously and loud thumping announced his presence next to me before strong arms wrap around my waist and I’m hauled into the air, blanket cocoon and all.

He threw me over his shoulder and I tried to kick and pound on his back, but my limbs easily got tangled in my own cocoon and I went limp in defeat.

I didn’t put up any struggle at all as he maneuvered us until we were both out of the truck and back on solid ground. Then he dropped me from his shoulder and set me on my feet before he began to pull at the blanket.

I held on the best I could, but my strength was no match for his and I was soon standing in the dirt sans blanket, shoes, or clothing. The rocks beneath my feet were uncomfortable and I was freezing all of a sudden without him or the blanket to keep the cold at bay.

I make a grab for the blanket, but he held it over his head. More desperate than determined, I gave up and jumped back into the truck bed and made a mad dash for my clothes. They were cold, too, having been off of my body and in the cold long enough to lose all its heat, but it was better than being out in the open in my birthday suit.

Xander was still laughing when I joined him in the truck cab once I was fully dressed and I lightly smacked his chest for his teasing.

Unlike the drive to the field, the drive back to campus and out walk back to our dorm was filled with easy conversation and laughter. The best part though was Xander’s refusal to keep his hands off of me.

It wasn’t inappropriate though, or even sexual. It was just like he didn’t want to break contact with me.

The whole time, his hand remained on my leg, on my back, or in my hand, and it was nice. It felt natural. It felt right.

The easy atmosphere was shattered just as we got to the door to our dorm though when the door was yanked open and Gavin practically threw himself out the door and straight into Xander.

It wasn’t until they shove apart that I saw that his eyes were red and tears were streaming down his face.

“Gav!” I gasped and reached for him. Something was clearly wrong and I wanted to comfort him. But what happened? Why was he running out of our dorm at this hour? He and Eric must have had a fight. It was the only explanation.

I went to give him a hug, but he jerked away from me and out of my reach before he shoved a finger in my face. “You!” he screamed. He went to make a move for me, but suddenly Xander was between us shoving the sobbing, screaming man away from me and against the wall.

Xander was protecting me from anything physical Gavin may have done, but it did nothing to protect me from the string of hateful words Gavin threw at me before he shoved Xander’s arms away and ran down the hall.

“What was that about?” Xander asked as he turned to look at me. I was nearly in tears myself at that point and it must have shown on my face because he immediately went to me and wrapped me in a hug.

The whole encounter must have only lasted a few seconds, though it felt longer. I marveled at how I already felt like I was about to collapse from exhaustion when I was wide awake and so happy just a minute ago.

“Come on, little one,” Xander crooned. “Let’s get you inside and do bed. It’s late.” He pressed a lingering kiss to my forehead just as the door opened again. This time, it was Eric that stood in the door.

“What. The. Fuck?”

The end

JK Part 6 coming soon


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