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The Rose Petal - A Tom and Annie Story

A loving sexual encounter, a few months into Tom and Annie's Affair.
I walked into the pub at two minutes past eight and Tom was waiting for me. He was sat on a tall stool at the end of the bar, I looked at him across the room and my stomach fluttered.
“How do I manage to have my breath taken away every time I see him?” I thought to myself.
He looked up and smiled, not a wide grin, but one where his eyes light up his whole face. He turned to the barman and ordered a glass of Merlot for me, he knows me so well and I love that about him.
I removed my coat, put it on a hook, and walked over to him. He stood, being a gentleman; he knows how to greet a lady when she enters a room. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and since I am a lady who knows how to greet her man, I kissed him tenderly.
I stretched up and pressed my body to his. His arms enveloped my waist and pulling me to him, I could feel his already hardening cock press against my thigh. Everybody was watching us, but I didn’t care, I was falling in love with this man, not that I’d told him that yet….
He pulled a stool over for me and I leant forward slightly as I raise my bum cheeks just high enough to perch on the stool. I made sure that he got a good eye full of my generous cleavage, I little taster of what was to come.
Our bar stools close, we sat facing each other. With one arm each leaning on the bar with our glasses in hand and our other hands holding each others. I leant in and whispered in his ear.
“Tom, I am sooooo wet for you right now.”
He turned his face to look straight into my eyes, I saw that glint, and he saw the same in my eyes. Our thighs touched each others, scissored, as we sat opposite each other. I brushed my hand along the outside of his thigh, there was no need for me to look at his crotch; I knew the affect I was having on him.
“Come on,” was all he needed to say.
We drained our drinks, I grabbed my bag and coat and he took my hand, as we headed for the stairs. He had rung ahead and booked one of the rooms at this small country inn. It was a pretty room, low ceiling with rustic country furniture and a bed covered in floral chintz and lacy cushions.
Tom had placed a single red rose on a cushion in the middle of the bed, a small, but perfect gesture of his love for me. I sat on the bed, picked up the rose and sighed; it was so beautiful, not only visually, but in what it represented. But I couldn't take it home with me as I could not risk my husband seeing it.
Tom was the man I was falling in love with, but he was not the man I was married to. We had met a few months back, when he came to my home to advise my husband and myself on some financial issues. We had been seeing each other in secret ever since, we messaged each other every day, our conversations sometimes deep, often light hearted and always flirtatious.
Tom smiled down at me, he took my face in his hands and bent down to kiss me, tenderly at first, then with his tongue exploring, as I kissed him back. I reached for his belt buckle and deftly threaded the leather strap backwards through the loop so the buckle could be released. I yanked the strap back and his buckle fell loose, a flick of my finger and thumb took care of the button, and the pressure of his hard, eager cock trying to burst out, helped push his zip down.
Taking my prize in my hand, I pulled away from his lips to kiss the tip of his cock, glistening with pre-cum. I loved the taste of him, now so familiar. Tom sighed in that way he always does, as if to say, ‘Home at last.’
His hands rested on my head as he stroked my hair gently. I slowly took him into my mouth, my tongue flicking over his tip and round the edge of him glans. With one hand I cupped his balls and the other gripped the base of his shaft tightly, I took him as deeply as I could and with long, swift movements I pleasured him. I could hear him moan quietly, I glanced up, and saw his beautiful face bathed in pleasure, gazing down at me.
Suddenly Tom stepped back, “Ok Annie, steady on girl, much more of that and I’m gonna shoot right down your throat.”
I laughed, “You know I wouldn’t mind if you did.”
“Yeah, well I’ve got better plans, you know how much I love to cum inside you.”
He quickly shed his remaining clothing, pulled me to my feet and started to undress me. His fingers paused just a moment longer than necessary, brushing against my skin as he peeled my clothes from me. I loved the feel of his hands on my skin, he had wonderfully soft hands, with slender long fingers, quite feminine, but strong and very skilled in pleasuring me.
As he undressed me, he kissed and nibbled at my neck, then down to my breasts, oh how I love it when he sucks and licks them. They seem to have a direct link to my clit, and just the sensation of them being pleasured, can sometimes in itself bring me close to orgasm.
Tom knows this and took care to take his time, starting with my right nipple. He took it into his mouth, rolled round it with his tongue and sucked with just the right amount of pressure. My head fell back with the pleasure as he applied the same technique to my left nipple.
Then with those long fingers he reached down to my clit and quickly found my little nub of pleasure. He rubbed in a circular motion, just the right amount of pressure to bring me little pulses of pleasure in moments. Just as I started to feel the build of an orgasm, he stopped, and with a cheeky grin winked at me. He roughly pushed me back on to the bed. Quick as a flash he was on top of me and pushing my legs apart with his knee as he placed himself between my thighs. He took my hands in his, and with his weight pinned me to the bed.
As he hovered over me, I looked down and could see his long, thick shaft hanging down between my milky thighs. He lowered himself slightly and his tip just lightly brushed the lips of my engorged, sopping wet pussy.
He smiled and silently mouthed the word ‘teasing’, he knows how impatient I am, and I lift my hips off the bed, desperate for him. I wanted…. no, I needed, his hard thick cock inside of me. I yearned for him to fill me, to stretch my tight entrance, to relieve that ache from the swelling of my arousal.
He laughed, enjoying my desperation and delighting in his power as he pinned me down, having me helpless under his powerful frame. I wriggled, trying to reach for him in my frustration, but he just continued to tease me as he so slowly lowered himself. I felt the exquisite pressure of his cock at my entrance, I wanted so badly to put my hand down there to guide him, and to feel his glorious shaft as it invaded my warm, wet entrance. But I couldn’t move under his powerful grip.
Slowly, so exquisitely slowly, he pushed his way into me. I devoured every inch of him, until at last I could feel him inside me to the hilt, his pubic bone pressing against my clit.
Finally he released my hands and wrapped his arms under my neck and shoulders. I wrapped my legs around his, and closed my arms around his back until we were locked in a loving embrace that joined us almost as one person.
There we lay, locked tight, searching each others eyes and not moving, just living that one moment of pure physical and emotional unity. After a while Tom lowered his head and kissed me tenderly as he started to move slowly. He drew back almost withdrawing completely, and then entered me again, slowly and silently.
Taking all his control, he continued to slowly make love to me. His movements were fluid and sure. Every stroke delivering to me a beautiful flush of pleasure, radiating from deep within my pelvis, and also from my heart. I could feel my emotions building with my orgasm. My heart so full of love for him, I felt like I needed to weep, to release my emotion.
Instead I kissed him deeply and drew my legs up and back, Tom knew what I wanted and moved his arms so I could hook my legs up onto his shoulders. I reached down to rub my clit. Tom thrusted into me harder now, letting his control ebb away, riding the wave of pleasure. I rubbed purposefully and in only a short amount of time, and just as Tom called out with his release, I orgasmed, my pussy contracting against his cock as I felt him flood into me.
He stayed inside me as I lowered my legs and we rolled onto our sides, I rested my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes still reeling from the intensity of my orgasm and my emotions.
“You ok?” he whispered, I just nodded, I didn’t tell him that my heart was breaking at the thought of having to leave him and go back home.
He reached over and picked up the rose, “I know you can’t take this home, but we could both take a petal.”
I took the rose from him, plucked one of the perfect petals, kissed it and placed it into his hand. He did the same, and as he gave me the petal said “I will think of us every time I look at it.”
I looked down at the petal and as a single tear escaped from my eye, I said the words that had been ready to burst from my lips all evening, “I love you Tom.”
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