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The Second Black Friday Sale

Sister does brother in law and then runs into her doctor at the mall
As they lie in bed, his arm was around her as they snuggled closely. She told herself God, he’s good. I could do this all night with him. Then she smiled. Once that idea came to her she felt the sensations in her body. Her heart warmed and her loins did too. Something from somewhere told her she was ready to do it all over again with him. She could easily have sex with her brother in law as good as he was. He was a good lover and he had a style she couldn’t get over. No, he is a great lover she said to herself.

Out of nowhere she couldn’t shake the feelings. She wanted it and she wanted it badly. She had to have some with him again. She had to do it with him and him only. The smile seemed to disappear.

But at least he was there in bed with her. Yes he was she told herself. So Beth Ann did it. Her fingers and of course her fingernails trailed along his body. She began to play to play on his flesh a little. Then she got there. She knew he’d like it.

She started to play on his fine firm ass crack. Slowly she did her thing on his ass’ crack. Up that crack and then down it too and Beth Ann smiled as she did it too. She liked doing it too. She felt like she was teasing him and she noticed that he tightened up his ass cheeks when she did it. She was all smiles. She began to love doing it.

It was turning her on more and more as she did it. She wanted to wrap a leg around him. She always liked doing it. She knew he always did it too when she was laying there on her belly next to him. She’d tease him and begin giggling so hard when she did that to him.

To hold him, to be held by him, and to receive everything a woman receives during an intimate encounter like they did was so, and then she stopped a moment. She looked at his ass. It’s such a great looking ass, she said to herself. She could have easily leaned into his ass cheeks and given them a kiss. That was how much she loved that ass of his.

She did it again as he laid there flat on his belly. He turned to look at her. She smiled at him and he smiled back. “I like that you know,” he said.

“I hope you do,” she replied in that young like voice of hers. “I could do this every day with you like we did just now. You do know that, right?” She leaned in and kissed his cheek. He smiled and winked at her. He soooo good she thought to herself as she trailed another finger up is ass crack again. His butt cheeks tightened up again. She smiled seeing that they did. She didn’t say a word. He didn’t either. He just let her do it.

By doing it she felt more aroused. Beth Ann was becoming hornier as they lay together on the bed. Suddenly, she had a thought rush through her. She wanted him inside her again. She wanted him to do her like before. God did she ever. She wanted him all over her again.

She wanted the two fucking again. She wanted to feel his long and strong hard cock inside her as it pulsated and moved in and out and out and in of her vagina she said to herself. She felt her pussy tightening and loosening. She felt him in her already.

She felt the movement of his cock already even though he wasn’t there. He could do it. Yeah, he’d the one. He could get me going she said. He could get me to have another orgasm again.

Oh God yes she thought. Another orgasm make me cum Frederick she told herself Sex with you…yeah that’s what I want. I want to fuck you and I want to fuck you hard Fredrick. She told herself that she’d lie on her back and let him go at her like he does. She pictured it. She’d spread out her legs like always and she’d just let him go into her so they could fuck cleanly.

But then she said it and she said so out of nowhere. “Frederick will you make love to me again like before?” She said it in a sweet tone and quiet voice.

He pulled up and turned in her direction. He looked at her. She was smiling and he smiled back at her. He said “You really want to have sex again? Funny thing you said that you know. I happened to be thinking that same exact thought. I was just thinking the same exact thing when I felt you doing a number on my ass.” He smiled some more. “That’s weird isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” she said. “Yes I do Frederick. So would you like to make love to me again?” she said. She wore a hint of a smile on her face. There was hope in her eyes as well. She looked at him and showed him the smile and of course he liked it right away.

He gently pulled her slightly large but curvy body against his. She immediately liked it when he did. She knew what it meant. She knew what was coming. His lips began kissing her upper body all over and before she knew it his lips were on hers. They were kissing. The two of them were kissing madly suddenly. She let him lead the kissing. She loved it. Romance was in the air. She felt that love had exploded all around them. Hormones were busting out and these two were kissing crazily. She could not get enough of his body. Each one was pushing into the other as their hormones pulsated and pressed on.

Before she knew it his tongue had gone into her mouth. He was doing crazy things with it. She couldn’t doing anything about it. She felt one leg and then another curling around his body. She couldn’t stop herself. She had to do this to him. Her arms held him tightly. Her fingers grabbed at his back and shoulders. She loved it. She felt something poking her in the pelvis but whatever it was felt nice It made her feel wild inside.

Oh God Frederick she thought, let’s fuck one another right now. I’ll get your cock hard. I’ll even suck on it if you want. His cock was already hard but she didn’t know it yet. I want you now Frederick she went on to think. Her pussy was ready. He wouldn’t need to lick her out she’d fuck him either way. She loved being with him

She got hornier then ever. Her hands and fingers and even her body moved all about him some more. Her legs crawled wildly around him some more as their lips and tongues went at it. They crawled around. So did his cock so to speak. She said to herself God, sex with Frederick is going to be wild. I think no I know I could do it all day long with him.

He rose above her as he smiled. She liked what she thought was happening. He kept on smiling as he did so. It seemed to put her at rest when he smiled and then spoke to him. That smile of his made her ready to get it on with him.

She closed her eyes for a moment. She smiled back at him and then said “You do know that I love you, right?”

He answered her, smiling, and said yes. Then he said “That’s why you and I are going to make love right now.” Leaning over her he kissed her lips and he did it softly. She loved it. He did it again but he did it slowly. Once he did all that she felt it.

He pushed his cock into her once he kissed her on the lips.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she cried out as she felt it going in to her pussy. “Ohhh that is soooo good and I mean it Frederick!” She said it louder and even more passionately and then she said “You feel so good in there. Right there, don’t move! Oooooohh yeah that’s perfect. “Oh, right there is absolutely uh perfect. Now don’t move! Don’t move an inch. Just stay right there. Oh God,” she cried out. “That feels…you can’t imagine how that feels. Your cock inside me like it is happens to be perfect.” She quieted down, holding him tightly, and then she said it.

“I wanna do it now. I wanna do it badly Frederick!” she cried out as her fingers held on to him even more tightly.

He did it. He fucked her and they fucked long and hard. As these two fucked and she orgasmed twice. And she came a couple of times. When he pulled out of her he was still smiling. She loved it. He took hold of his cock and stroked it as she watched. He came on her big round and juicy breasts. Her breasts were coated with his cum.

He saw her nipples rising above it all. Even though her tits were coated in cum he could still see her nipples sticking above it all. They were hard and fat and they stuck out like cannons.

He said “God Beth Ann, do you realize just how beautiful your nipples really are right now?” he stared at then not touching them at all.

“Nooooo,” she said in a quieted voice not realizing how hard they were to him.

He lowered his head. “Ohhhhhhh man,” he went on to say “they’re just gorgeous! May I lick them? Huh, can I?”

“Oh God sure Frederick,” he said. “You can do anything to me that you want honey.” She said so in a little more excited like tone.

So he did. He licked her nipples and he licked them some more. He turned her on immensely. She became very turned on only because he was licking her nipples until she felt they were practically ready to fall off. “Let’s do it again,” she cried out. “Huh, can we? Let’s make love again Frederick? Oh God, when you make love to me its soooo,” but she didn’t say it right away. She looked hard into his smile but then she finished what she was saying to him. “You make me feel, soooo good inside. I feel so special.”

“It’ll need to wait so I can get hard for you again,” he told her. “Here, hold it and hold it gently.”

Doing that alone could have brought her to orgasm but she wanted to feel his cock in her. She practically rolled her head when she closed her eyes. She pictured his body, as he looked into her face, and he imagined his body fucking her freely. They were a good couple she told herself. Yes they were. She could easily make love to him. Yes she could.

As he moved about her his cock gradually got bigger. Slowly and surely he got harder and firmer. Both of them knew it too. He was ready. Yes he was. He didn’t care. She loved having sex with him. He knew that. So he fingered her and he felt her pussy up all over. She loved it as he moved around it or in and out of it. He went down on her and even licked her out. He played around using his fingers. In and out and in and out he went using his fingers while he watched her face throughout it all.

She seemed to love it all as they laid there while his hand rested on her upper thigh and toyed around on her clitoris. He knew it for sure. His cock was more then ready. It was throbbing as he played around on it. What he didn’t know was she was getting there. He “climbed” atop her anyway and looked right down into her eyes as he smiled.

“Ready?” he said softly. “Because I am and I know that.” He knelt upright and allowed her to see his erect cock

“Yes, I guess I am,” she said. “Go on, go ahead,” she went on to say. Let’s do this. God let’s do this.” So they did. He went into her slowly. He pulled out of her slowly too. She howled when he did. She absolutely loved how it felt when he shoved his hard, erect cock into her cunt. She wanted more and even more so she said “God damn boy you really do have a great cock you know. Fuck me and fuck me hard Frederick. Don’t stop. Don’t ever stop doing that to me. Please don’t stop doing it to me,” she cried again.

So he didn’t. He fucked her and he pounced on her hard. She orgasmed just like she wanted to and Beth Ann leaked all over her thighs. It was streaming all over the place and Frederick could feel it doing exactly that as he made love to her that afternoon. She loved him and he found that he loved her too. Life was good but he knew he had to go.

He was ready, again. “I’m ready if you are,” he told her. She asked ready for what. “I can cum on you again,” he said.

“You can, really?” she said. “Oh Lord can you? Oh God yes, yes please cum on me all over me. Do it on my stomach, do it on my breasts, and even do it on my face will you? I’ll suck on it if you want me too! I mean it! I will really! Can I? Can I?” she said hoping he’d say yes to her.

“You really want to put your mouth on my penis Beth Ann?” he asked.

“Yeah, I do,” she said, “I really do! I mean it too!”

So that was what she did. He positioned himself so that she could put her mouth on it and then she took her time. Slowly and gradually she licked it starting at the very tip of his cock. Moving down the shaft she aroused him and got him hornier and hornier. She even licked his balls which he absolutely loved and adored.

But best of all she got him ready. She got him ready to cum so he came all over her belly, breasts, and then he did her face. She was either wiping it off her belly or boobs or she was licking it off her face. Either way she was smiling. She was happy she got him to do it the way she wanted it done.

He finally smiled again and she saw it too. She pulled him down on top of her soft sexy body. “I love you. You do know that, right?” she said.

“Yeah, I know it,” he said. “And I love you too.” They turned and looked into one another’s eyes. Before either knew it they were kissing one another on the lips. Before they knew it they were kissing one another hard on those lips. Before they knew it they had wrapped their arms and then their legs around one another. He was reaching for her breasts and feeling them gently.

“Mmmmmm,” she uttered. “Are we going to do this again?”

“No, I just love feeling them,” he told her. “You have to know that you have the most incredible breasts in the world, right?”

“You mean that?” she asked as she looked up into his eyes.

“I mean it. I really do Beth Ann.”

“Ohhhhhhh Frederick, when can you come here again? I loved that…I mean it too!” she cried out. “I love making love to your body. I love making love to you. God, I’ll even probably end up playing with myself later on tonight because I had so much fun here today. You know that?” she told him.

He smiled and shook his head. “I should too but you know Tiffany Rae. She’s got her eye on everything. I never jack off at home. I’ll be here. I’ll come back over. You can bet on that. Plus, I have the best time in the world when I’m over here. I mean it. I love you. I love your body. I love making love to it. I could probably do it again. But I have to get going. You know that,” and Beth Ann nodded her head knowing he did.

But she reached down anyway and touched his limp dick. He liked that. He didn’t move an inch. He wanted her to hold it in the palm of her hand. He wouldn’t mind. Her hands were so soft and went she do it normally he knew he’d get hard in moments so he let her hold his cock. She took it in her hand and he let her as they did their thing. He kissed her on her lips and he smiled. “Life is good isn’t it?” he said.

“Oh yeah,” she said, “Life is very good.” She was smiling, holding his cock in his hands, and she went on to ask “want to do a quickie with me?”

“I’d love to but no you know I have to get going. I have to get home. I loved being here today. I did. You are beautiful and sexy as hell Beth Ann. I don’t know if you see yourself that way but I do. I’m sure lots of men do too. And it’s fun making love to you. God is it ever,” he said.

He slowly slid out of the bed. Once he did he got dressed and she watched him. She knew he was about to leave for the day. Sex with Frederick was over. The orgasms would be gone. Anyone petting her tits and licking her nipples so she’d feel that tingling and arousing feeling in her stomach wouldn’t come back. She wanted that again. She wanted that terribly.

He turned in her direction and he was smiling as usual. She loved and adored that smile of his. It made her want him badly. She was under the covers and due to his smile she could have began doing it to herself. That smile easily aroused her on the spot. Come here big boy, she thought. Come here so I can rip off those clothes of yours. You know I would. You’d probably let me too. Mmmmmm, I want you. You want me. Let’s get hungry for one another. Let’s make love one more time she said to herself as he sat and tied his shoes.

She climbed out of the bed and grabbed a robe to see him out. She walked him to the front door and unlocked it. Before opening it she turned around. “God Frederick, spending the day with you has been great. I think I could do this everyday couldn’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m thinking that too Beth Ann,” he replied smiling.

She hugged him firmly making sure she received a kiss from him on her lips and he made sure he gave it to her. It was a long, succulent kiss, and his hands found their way inside her robe. Once inside it they found her ass. Once on it he squeezed her ass and her ass tightened up firmly so he continued to squeeze her ass.

“Stop that,” she squawked. “That tickles And it making me horny again.”

“So go get one of your vibrators and do what you do best when your alone,” he said as he smiled down into her face.

“You know I’m going to,” she said back to him as she nodded her head and smiled too.

She opened the door, patted him on his ass, and said goodbye to him. “I love you.”

He turned around, smiling, and said “Love you too.” He walked to his car and drove away as she watched. Then she went back inside her place. Inside and on her bed she tried to masturbate but soon found that wasn’t happening whatsoever so she got up and went and took a shower. She cleaned up, which she enjoyed, and that cleared her head completely.

Done with the shower she dried off and without doing her hair or make up she put on some clothes. She “felt” 110% percent better or so she told herself that even though she’d open that front door for him any day of the week, especially at that moment. Yes, she still loved the guy, but for now she had to shake the memory of him out of her mind. He was not coming back that day. They were not going to have sex with each other. They day was done and so was the sex. Get over it, she said to herself. Go lay down. Grab a dildo or something like that. Get it on with yourself. He’d like that girl. He’d like that a lot.

She went into the other room and looked at her weekly schedule. “Oh, the doctors appointment,” she said. “I have to go and see the doctor on Tuesday. Gosh, I wish it was Friday. Then maybe just maybe we could hook up and make it a three day weekend. Yeah right Beth Ann, like he would want to spend a whole day with you. Mmmmm, he is so soooo fine. He is isn’t he? God if I had him and Frederick here I could have an awesome time couldn’t I? Yes girl I could.”

So she knew about the doctor’s appointment on Tuesday. What time was that doctor’s appointment? It was at 4:30 in the afternoon. Perfect, it really wouldn’t interrupt her day for the most part. Monday went well and then came Tuesday. She woke up and she was nervous as hell. She was going to go and see her doctor. He was going to check out her body. Her body, her physical attributes she thought. What can I wear? What should I wear? I am an emotional wreck aren’t I she asked herself.

She grabbed it anyway and put it into a bag. She smiled once she did that. He’ll like this she said to herself. He’ll fall head over heels because I’m wearing it. I’m sure of it. I paid a lot of money for it so he better fall head over heels. She went to work. She did her thing and she left it in her drawer so she’d have it ready for Tuesday.

Tuesday she woke more nervous then Monday and she thought about that. The last few days had been “wild” she thought. What will today bring she wondered. God I hope it’s a spectacular day. Oh I hope I find some formidable result in this day. It would be great if he found me pretty and nice. It would be great if he found me to be delicious wouldn’t it she asked herself.

She lowered her hand to her crotch and she began rubbing herself once she did. It felt good. It felt great. Her yes closed and she allowed her head to fall back once that all happened to her. Mmmmmm, keep doing that Beth Ann she said to herself. “Slowly” she said quietly. “Press down press down harder uhhh oooooohh that is soooo good,” she went on to say in a whisper as her fingers moved about her underwear on her cunt. She reached in under her dress and she moved her fingers about her underwear. No one was around so Beth Ann felt comfortable as she played on her pussy at work and in her office.

She moved her fingers around some more. “Oh God,” she said out loud and as she closed her eyes. She sat back down once she closed and locked the door and then she pulled up her dress and continued. It felt great to her. With her eyes closed and her head facing upwards she spoke loudly. “Oh fuck yes. Oh God fuck yes oh yes. This feels soooo good.” It was probably a little louder then she wanted it to be. It didn’t matter. Nobody heard her speak loudly. Beth Ann smiled once she said what she did and she pictured Frederick in her thoughts. Then she saw the doctor smiling and he was smiling at her too.

He nodded his head as she masturbated and that made her wonder. Would the doctor do it to me if he liked me at all? Nah, he’s a doctor and doctors don’t do that sort of thing do they? Nah they don’t she said to herself. They day progressed and as it did she became more nervous. It was almost time to go and see her fine looking doctor. Mmmmmm yeah he is sure fine looking she thought. I could lick his body all over.

“Yes I could,” she said aloud as she began to smile. “Yes I could,” and then she waived her tongues as if she was licking him all over.

3:30 came and it was time to leave. She could not wait to get to his office. She walked slowly out of her office. Her briefcase was in her hand and so was that special bag of hers. “I’ll put this on in the car,” she said. “He’ll love this. He will absolutely love it.”

She did spray it on but she did not overdo it. Anyone who would walk by her would be able to smell her amazing perfume she put on herself. Women in the building smelled it and smiled at her. Once they smelled it some threw compliments and she thanked them for the compliments. Two slightly younger women even winked at her. Did that mean they wanted to hook up with her she asked herself? I don’t know if I’d do it with another woman. Hmmm, to do it with another woman, to kiss and play around with another woman…huh I just don’t know about that.

She registered and then she sat down to wait. Unlike her last visit this one seemed to take longer then usual. She waited and she waited longer. She grew particularly nervous. She wanted to see her doctor seeing as she sprayed on that special perfume and she did that just for him. She thought about that and when she did she found herself “smiling” for a moment. But as a result of having to wait so long she grew more nervous and her legs began to twitch.

She wasn’t the only one in that office. An older man and two older women were in there too. She looked at them. They happened to look at her. They exchanged glances and each person smiled at her. Then they’d look at her legs. She didn’t know it but they were looking at how her legs twitched. She wondered why so she looked down and saw it herself. As a result she tried to stop it from doing that. Temporarily she was able to do it but she had to wait longer and it started up again.

They finally called her name. She jumped up and walked to the door. ‘Mmmmm, that is a really nice scent you have there,” said the nurse. “I really like that. What is that? She asked as they walked down the corridor. Beth Ann told her what it was.

“This room and you can sit here if you want. He will be right in. I know he’s running a little late but he’s caught up so relax. Relax, he’ll be right in here,” the nurse said to Beth Ann.

Beth Ann waited and as she did she wondered. She really let her mind run about her. All of a sudden the door opened. “Good afternoon,” a voice said. She was in another world. She wasn’t paying attention. “How are you doing today?” It was bright and cheery. The smile was like Frederick’s smile. It was brilliant. It was tremendous. And then he smelled her perfume. “Whoa is that you I smell. That’s nice. That is really nice.” He closed his eyes and breathed in through his nostrils. He took it all in as he smiled. “I think I could lie around and smell that all,” and he said it slowly, “day long.” He smiled and looked right into her eyes. “You must know that right?”

“Yeah I guess. Is it wrong that I put it on?” she said.

“Nooooo uh uhhh no way,” he came back. “What guy and I am saying this as a guy doesn’t love a perfume like that?” He closed his eyes and sort of moved closer. He smelled her up again.

Beth Ann smiled as he did it and said to herself alright, it’s working!

“You didn’t do that for me did you?”

“Yeah kind of,” she said by accident. She didn’t mean to say that but she had and it all stopped there. He opened his eyes. She saw them open and realized what she said. “Oh uh I’m sorry,” she told him. “No I really didn’t. I put it on to see what kind of reactions it would get me.”

“Well you wear that and you will have all sorts of boyfriends hanging around,” he said.

She smiled. “Do you mean it?”

“I mean it. Now why are you here? You uhhh look physically healthy to me Beth Ann. You could probably stand to lose a little weight but here stand up,” and she did. “Hands at your sides,” he said so she put them down at her sides. “Turn around” and so she did.

He looked at her hips and boy did she have hips. He could see her waistline. His eyes got bigger. He looked at her ass. He liked it. He liked it a lot. He even said to himself how he could lick her bare ass all day.

“Come from work did you?” he asked.

“Yes but on Friday I’m going to go to that second Black Friday sale going on at that mall,” she said.

“Ohhhhhhh that one,” he said. Yeah, I was thinking about that too. Is it pretty good?”

“Doc, I think it’s phenomenal. This past weekend I got some pretty nice clothes for myself.”

“Did you?” he said. Like did you get any lingerie for this sexy and fantastic body of yours he went on to say to himself.

“No but me and my sister went alone,” and then her husband and I spent the next day in bed together she told herself.

“Ohhhhhh that’s nice,” he said as he began checking her out. He checked almost everything. He went from top to bottom. He said she w as in great shape although she could stand to lose a few pounds.

“That’s all?” she said. “Other then that I am a healthy and hearty and possibly even a sexy woman as far as you are concerned?” she went on to ask.

“Yep, you do keep in pretty good shape to me. Off the record and I mean this off the record. You have a nice waistline, great looking hips and one incredible looking ass for a woman your age. Do you know that?”

“Stop it doctor,” she said in her come back. “I think you’re turning me on by what you’ve said to me.”

“I didn’t mean to,” he replied.

She thought about his words as she checked out. He liked my ass. He likes my ass a lot. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could get that man in my bed and we could make love to one another? Yes it would. She went home and as soon as she was home she got undressed. In her bra and panties she danced around in front of a mirror as she smiled and played with her tits. She loved her big round tits and assumed he would like them too. She took the bra off and let the tits hang wherever they pleased as she smiled and toyed around with her nipples. The nipples slowly became hard and she gradually got hornier as the late afternoon proceeded.

“I’m going to lie down,” she said and as soon as she said that she locked t he door and went on to her bedroom where she opened her small “chest” of dildos and vibrators. “Ooooooohh, I soooo love these,” she said out loud. “I wish he was here. Heck, I even wish Frederick was here to see this too.

Lying in bed she played with her tits and also with her nipples. She loved doing that. Doing it got them hard and also made her horny as ever. It was an extremely enjoyable period of time as she laid on her back and toyed with her nipples. She kept on doing it seeing as it caused her to become hornier and hornier. She even got wetter and wetter as she went along.

Beth Ann grabbed a dildo out of the case. She slid it into her wet vagina as she smiled grandly and allowed herself to picture the doctor but she let herself also see Frederick on the other side of her almost naked body. For her this situation was perfect. “Two more days and I get to go to that Black Friday sale. I get to go to it all alone,” she said smiling and plugging her pussy with the dildo. “Ooooooohh, this is real nice. I sure wish one of them was here right now doing this.” Her eyes were closed again but she maintained a smile on her lips as she plugged away at her pussy. The night passed and so did Wednesday and Thursday. Friday came and she could not wait to get going.

She dressed appropriately. She showered and did all the right things. She put on a lightweight, low cut top. She was in a good mood so never did she think about what effect it would have on her.

That top displayed a gorge of cleavage and when she looked at herself she never saw it that way. It was only a top to her but as a man, a man would see it differently. No, she did not see it that way. It was nine in the morning. It was time to go. She grabbed a lightweight jacket and put it on. It did cover up her cleavage. She got in her car and left. She couldn’t wait to get started shopping. She was ready. When she arrived she realized the parking lot was already full of cars.

She found herself a place and parked. It was sunny and warm outside so right then she took off the coat. Right there and then she bared her beautiful upper body in a manner of speaking. Yes she did. Beth Ann knew it by then. She felt sexy because of what the doctor told her the other day and she walked away from her car, flashing all that cleavage, and she was practically smiling as she flashed her boobs to the public. She felt like she was a Goddess that morning.

In the mall, she started walking. It felt good for two reasons. She got to walk. She got to look at all the women oriented stores. “Sales, sales, and more sales,” she said out loud as she passed them up and smiled. She began going into them too once she saw a lingerie shop. She found that she loved those more and more. She checked them out. She sized herself up. Before she knew it she was buying some stuff for whatever reason. She didn’t know why but she told herself she’d find a reason.

She went on shopping at another store and another store and she walked around a little more. Then she saw someone she knew. She slowed down as that person began to see her. They both smiled at one another. Finally they stopped to talk to one another. Of course they greeted and caught up with one another. Everything went well but all of a sudden, she became distracted in a manner of speaking.

“Hey Kyle, how’s it going?” someone said behind her. She blew it off. “How’s that practice of yours going the man said to Kyle.

“Good,” replied Kyle. “It’s going well. How about your end?” he then asked.

“Ohhh its going great,” the guy said.

By that point and time, Beth Ann had turned around to look who was talking. She recognized that voice. Wow, it’s my doctor she said to herself. Wow, does he ever look good or what she went on to say to herself. She smiled as her friend kept up her end of the conversation. Beth Ann had nothing to say at that point. All she wanted was this Kyle’s attention. All she wanted for sure was this Kyle complete and full attention.

“Well I’ll talk to you later then, alright?” she heard the guy say to Kyle.

God, I have to get his attention. Somehow I have to she said to herself. I just have to she said again to herself. Beth Ann’s friend and the woman she knew were speaking to each other throughout the whole time but she’d turn around often and look at him. He still hadn’t noticed she was right there. How could he she asked herself. My back is facing him. He can’t even see my face. All he can see is but then she realized something. If she was turned around how could he see her? And seeing as he is a guy there was most likely only one thing that would change that. And she had the materials to make that change. She smiled. Her friend asked why she was smiling.

“Uh no reason,” she s aid lying to her friend.

“Well then I’m going to get going. I wanna get one of those tops you’re wearing,” said the friend.

“This…this top but why?” said Beth Ann.

“Maybe because I think it’s pretty and in addition to that I think it’s sexy too,” the friend also said.

They smiled and hugged and said goodbye to each other. Kyle, her doctor happened to still be behind her for whatever reason. She turned around. She planned it perfectly. She bumped into him but it was her boobs that did the bumping. She loved that it happened that way. So did Kyle even though she didn’t realize it.

“Whoa, excuse me miss,” he said. “I did not mean to…” he paused a moment to get a good look at her cleavage and whatever else lie before him. There wasn’t anything else laying there. All that lay there were the outer edges of two large boobs and seeing as they laid there bunch together like they were that created that cleavage, which he loved deep inside. “Umm that is a really nice uhhh top you have there,” he went on to say.

She smiled. She noticed his eyes. She saw them reeling all over. She noticed that they focused in on her breasts. And she liked that they had that morning. “Hiiiii doc, how’s it going?” she said as she looked at him and she looked down at her cleavage. She smiled some more. Her body even felt warm all over. “Not working are you?”

“No, I decided to take the day off. It’s my mom’s birthday in a couple of days and I thought I’d come over and try to see if I could find something for her,” he told her.

“Tell you what doc or may I call you Kyle seeing as were both here on non-official business?” she asked. He told her Kyle was fine for now. “Well then I’ll make a deal with you Kyle. You take me to dinner and I’ll help you find a present for your mother. How’s that sound?” She gave him an up down and liked that she had. She knew he had a really good body and boy did he she said to herself.

It didn’t take long. She found the present almost right away. So as agreed he took her to dinner but dinner wasn’t at the mall. It happened to be a few miles away. They went, had dinner, and both of them had a good time. He was surprised seeing as she was maybe a little older and more then he “physically” bargained for. Instead of going all the way back to get her car she had him just drop her off at her place.

“This it?” he asked and she said yes.

“Want to come in for a drink seeing as it is only the afternoon,” she asked.

It was interesting to him what suddenly happening. He was being invited into her place. He thought to himself I’m never in a situation like this. Wow, all of a sudden I’m in some woman’s place? That is cool. It really is. I mean like stuff could happen if I wasn’t careful. Awwww man, I don’t care. She is sweet. She is pretty. She’s offering me something to drink. Go for it. See what happens. Just do it.

Then he smiled openly and she turned in his direction. “Kyle, what’s so funny?”

“Ohhh uh nothing,” he said. “Nothing at all; I was thinking about uhhh something from the other day. Then I looked at you I noticed how umm pretty you looked. I guess that’s why I umm smiled.”

She pulled in and they got out. Then the two walked towards the door. Inside, she got a couple of drinks for the two of them. Once she did that they sat down to talk about their week.

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