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The Sensuality of My Memories of You

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How my memories of you affect me
There are times during a lifetime or even just a day, when our minds wander, when we remember times past or times wished for. Below are a few of my thoughts and their effect on me.

There's something about you that makes me want to kiss you. I would love to take you to dinner, share a bottle of wine as we talk but all the while, watching your lips as we talk, wanting to kiss them. After our dinner/wine/banter we walk out. I can't stop it, I take your face in my hands and kiss you; softly at first, but then, breaking, looking at you, your taste on my lips, I kiss you again. This time more deeply, more passionately, more hunger. As I look in your eyes I see that same hunger. We literally can't keep our hands off of each other as we drive to our room. Upon entering we kiss again as we pull at each other's clothes, so hungry for the other's body. We try to slow down, but our hunger is nearly devouring our senses. Your face, hair, tits, pussy, your very being is too much.

As these thoughts flood in, I masturbate.

Soon we're nude, kissing, feeling, exploring each other. I can't keep my hands from you. Your skin so smooth, your mouth so hungry, your nipples so hard, your pussy wet; my cock hard, throbbing, ready. Soon you are on your knees, taking me in your sweet mouth... and god it feels so good! But woman, I can't stop myself from removing you from my cock and lying you on your stomach. You are so desirable. There I kiss your back, moving to the crack of your ass. You arch your hips as my tongue explores you, your ass, inner thighs, and soon moving to your wet pussy.
And I masturbate.

You then roll over, exposing your pussy fully to my mouth. Your taste is incredible! I can't stop from licking and sucking your clit. You fill my mouth with your sweet cream. I can't get enough of you. But too soon, you arch your back again as you cum with my mouth covering your sweet pussy and I drink you. I then move up your body and kiss you, and we share your taste, your smell, your wonderful sensual being.

As we kiss, I slowly slide into your wet hole, feeling you surround my cock. I look into your eyes as the incredible feeling nearly overwhelms me. You make us stop so you can again slide down my body and take me in your mouth. God, you make me feel so good! And you know I'm ready to explode. Neither of us can seem to decide where you want me. I try to pull out but you won't let me. I explode in your mouth; you literally drink me. And again we kiss, this time with our tastes mixing, our sex and sensuality mixed together. With our mixed tastes we are again immediately wanting each other all the more.

 And I masturbate.

But we can't stop here. We both are consumed with the other. We begin to regain our strength as we lie in each other's arms, our faces close, our eyes on the other. The closeness, the feeling of oneness is so near-complete. Yet once wasn't enough. As we lie close the feelings again begins to build. As when our evening started I take your face in my hands and kiss you; slowly, deeply, and the hunger builds.

You feel it don't you? My hardness pushing against your thigh? The desire in my mouth for you? So, unable to stop myself I slide downward, kissing you, sucking you as I go. Your dark nipples are so inviting, so luscious, so needing. I can't resist. As I suck you, my own needs arise. The need to again taste you, feel you, smell you.

Your pussy is so wet, inviting, needy. But this time you stop me and pull me to you. You look deeply into my eyes as you guide my hardness inside you. We begin slowly, slowly, looking deeply into the other's eyes. I rise up and we watch us as we fuck. Slowly at first, but the sensual sight begins to overtake us. We increase the pace. Our eyes move and lock on each other, and that very special look comes over your face. You're close, so very close. And with your face near, your pussy surrounding my cock, the look of near-ecstasy in your eyes, we explode, me filling your pussy with my seed.

And I masturbate.

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