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The Sex Diaries: Part One Pleasing The Teacher

Calvin Calverley, once said, "Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach." In many cases that’s true, but not in every case. Take me. You could, if you were here with me right now. There’s something about hot, humid weather that makes me insatiably horny. The bottom line is that I wish that all the guys reading this were here with me right now because no one guy can get it up long enough or keep it up long enough to satisfy me for long during my horny season. Anyway, if I wax incoherent from time to time, you’ll have to excuse me because I’m about to have another violent climax. I have one of those fancy vibrators that look like a 10-inch cock with balls and it works great. Oh…Jesus…time out…I’m cumming again.

Anyway, back to what Calvin said. I thrive on sex. I need it everyday just to function normally. The bottom line is that it really doesn’t matter how often I have sex, no matter what the weather is like, because I’m always in the mood for more. Any erotic sight, sound, smell, taste, touch, or thought has me wet and ready for more in a heartbeat. Just thinking about what I’m about to share with you here has me sopping wet again. Getting laid when ever I really need to could be a real problem for me if my big brother, and he was definitely big in every way, stripped me of all my inhibitions and taught me to take my pleasure wherever I can find it, with whomever turns me on. He taught me to enjoy all the many pleasured that my body has to offer me. It happened during the long, hot summer of my fourteenth birthday….Well that’s a story for another time. My point here is that I definitely can, and I do, do. I also teach a creative writing course and seminars for those interested in writing erotica. These diaries are the result of one of those seminars that I taught last summer. Actually, I started out teaching Freshman English Composition but the Dean of Students felt that I would be a good teacher for the new "Creative Erotica" course, a senior year elective, as well. Now I teach both. Here’s how it all came, pun intended, about.

Unlike most of the other girls teaching on campus, I never hid my sexy curves beneath layers of loose fitting clothes. Instead of demure dresses or pant suits, I wore short skirts and thin, cotton blouses with nothing on under them except for a skimpy g-string. I never wore a bra because I enjoyed the way the soft material caressed my sensitive nipples, making them tingle with arousal. I like the way the cold air from the air conditioner flowed through my open blouses making my nipple harden and thrust out against the gossamer fibers that held them captive. My thin, cotton blouses left little to the imagination with my huge, ruddy colored nipples and saucer-size aureole clearly visible through the tautly stretched fabric. For all practical purposes, they were in plain sight for anyone who cared to look and almost everyone looked. Guys and gals alike. So what. I was teaching on a college campus populated with young adults, I wasn’t teaching at an elementary school populated with children. I had a great rapport with all my students. We shared dirty jokes at the beginning of every class before they settled down to work and my students ranked the highest in the school. We flirted openly. Still I had never become physically intimate with any student before the start of the summer semester. Everyone looked forward to seeing me in class and they excelled for it. Most of them pulled A’s for the whole semester. Not one of my students earned less than a B- as a final grade. I’m digressing. I was about to tell you how I got the job of teaching seminars on erotica.

Like most tenured instructors, I was always assigned a graduate student as a teacher’s aide. At the beginning of the spring semester, Carol, my old grad student left to get married and I was assigned Steven. Steven was a real hunk. At 6’6", he had a body that rippled with muscle. Hell, it looked to me like his muscles had muscles. However, it wasn’t his muscle that had me wetting my g-string whenever we were alone, it was the bulge in the crotch of his tight fitting Jeans. Like many right handed guys, he wore his long, thick cock down his left pants leg. He had to because even in its flaccid state it looked to be a good nine inches long. If that wasn’t enough to send my mind reeling with erotic fantasies, it looked as if he had balls the size of tennis balls. Steven and I spent many long hours alone together in my office preparing lesson texts, grading assignments, and working on his doctoral thesis.

I was always horny after teaching a class. The minute we got back to my office, I would slip out of my shoes and start unbuttoning my blouse as I headed for my private bathroom and shower to masturbate with my custom massaging shower head. After getting myself off two or three times, I switched the shower to an icy cold spray. I never dried my body after a shower, just slipped on a fresh g-string, and slipped back into my skirt and blouse. With half the button still unfastened, I walked back into my office to join Steven. The fact that I looked as if I just stepped out of a wet tee shirt contest always caught his attention.

When the summer semester started, Steven and I was comfortable with each other. We’d been sharing our most intimate thoughts and feeling for months. Our sex lives was a frequent topic of conversation between us. Actually, we had our most intimate conversation the morning of the first day of the summer semester. It all started out with me telling him how the hot, humid weather made insatiably horny. I confessed to enjoying having the guys in class undress me with their eyes. I confessed to having to masturbate in my shower several times after every class. Then he shocked me by saying that he knew because he could hear my screams as I climaxed. Then he told me that hearing me cum in the shower turned him on and he had to masturbate in the men’s room. As we stood there looking long and hard at each other, looking deep into each other’s eyes, an understanding passed silently between us.

The air conditioning quit before noon and classes were canceled for the rest of the day. By 1 o’clock, our office was a sauna bath. Steven suggested I take a shower while he found us something cold to drink. A half-hour passed since Steven had left and I was still in the shower masturbating when he returned. I switch the shower to its coldest setting and rinsed off. I wrapped my still wet body in a thigh-length, white, silk Kimono Robe. Cinching it tight around my waist, I walked back out in our office. Steven had changed clothes. In place of his sports shirt and tight Jeans, he was wearing nothing but loose fitting Jean cutoffs.

"Jesus, Sandy. Do you know how fucking sexy you look in that Kimono?"

For the first time he wrapped me in his arms and kissed me. He kissed me long and hard. My body collapsed against his as my mouth opened under his.

"Steven, please…I’m so fucking horny. I need you inside me…." I gasped out against his devouring lips. There were to be no more words. Our tongue met like two fiery serpents in mortal combat, circling over and around one another, devouring one another. Everywhere his tongue touched set off a violent pyrotechnic display of lust in my body and mind. Currents of sexual arousal were coursing through my body like currents of high voltage electricity. Without breaking our kiss he scooped me up in his arms and carried me over to the large, leather couched. As he lowered me gently down on the cushions. I found the snap and zipper of his shorts, releasing his now rock hard cock. As it sprung free to stand straight out from his body, I gasped at his size. His shaft was as long and as thick as my forearm.

Pushing my Kimono apart, he settled himself between my thighs. Slowly, ever so slowly, teasingly, he inched that beautiful hunk of meat inside my sopping wet hole. Treating me as gently as if I was a virgin, he slid his throbbing shaft all the way up inside me until I felt his pubic bone mashed down against mine. As he held himself motionless deep inside me, his hands slid between us to take my nipples between thumb and forefingers. He squeezed them gently as he pulled and stretched them, milking them until they grew longer and harder then they had every been before. By the time he finally started moving slowly inside me my nipples felt as if they were going to explode.

With each mighty stroke he pick up speed until he was ramming that might tool in and out of me like a jackhammer, pounding my lust inflamed body down against those leather covered cushion. I had known many men in my twenty-one years of fucking, but none of them had ever done to me what this twenty-one year old was doing to me. I had never known a young man, or any man, for that matter, with this much control. He had already taking me higher than anyone had ever before and he was still taking my arousal to higher and higher planes. Over and over again he brought me to the brink of that wonderful abyss of orgasmic nirvana and then held me back from slipping over its edge and plunging down into climactic relief. Finally, when I thought that I was going to go crazy, with one mighty thrust he pushed me up and over the top. We exploded together, our cum meeting and mingling deep inside my grasping pussy. I scream at the top of my lungs and kept on screaming as one wave of orgasms after another rolled over me. After mighty spurt of his steaming hot jism ignited a new wave of explosive orgasm for me. I felt as if I would never stop cumming. I had never experienced anything so intense before in my life. I clamped down on his shoulder with such force that I tasted his blood in my mouth. I dug my nails in and raked his muscular back.

In the end, I must have passed out because it was dark outside our office window when I opened my eyes. Steven was still inside me and hard again when opened my eyes. We made love again. Slowly and gently this time before showering together. Only after we dressed, did I look at the clock. Only then did I realize that it was 9 o’clock and that I had been in Steven’s arms since 2 o’clock. I suddenly realized that I wasn’t horny. He had fucked the horniness right out of me.

Before we parted, Steven invited me to spend the long Fourth of July weekend with him and his family at their summer camp. He told me to pack light because clothes were optional at camp. Everyone ran around naked.

I rummaged through my bag and came up with my spare house key.

"Will you wake me up with you already inside me. I’d love to wake up in your arms. Then you can pick out the things I need to bring with me…help me decide what to wear on the trip…Take this. Keep it. It’s my spare house key. Use it whenever you want. Ok, Honey?"

"I could get use to that, Sandy. I could get use to having you in my bed and in my arms. I’ll wake you lovingly when you least expect it."

With that said he left me.

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