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The Shower

A short recounting of coming home and joining you in the shower
You got undressed and stepped into the shower, the water heating a little more as it fell against your back. You relaxed as the water ran down your body. You heard the bathroom door open, then close.

I pressed my hands against your shoulders, moving them down your shoulder blades, then across your spine. You shivered at my touch, my hands slowly caressing your warm flesh.

"Let me soap you up."

I took the bar of soap from the shelf, and then rubbed the bar across your smooth back. You moaned with pleasure, your hands pressed against the wall of the stall while I lathered the soap all across your back, down the curve of your hips, then over the twin mounds of your buttocks.

You felt my hands gently sliding up your sides towards your breasts, sending pleasure waves through you. You leaned your head back, letting it fall upon my chest. I slowly turned you around to place a passionate kiss on your lips as the water stream washed the soap from your back.

I proceeded to soap up your flat belly and up to your breasts. My hands cupped your breasts and gently squeezed them. My fingertips feathering your nipples bringing them erect, tingling in response. I savored the sound of your soft moan as I rubbed the soap across your sensitive nipples. I lathered your tits generously and you thrusted your breasts outwards, offering them to me.

I took my time cleaning your tits. I stroked and caressed them until soap dripped down like a foamy waterfall from your breast tips. I spun you around to rinse your tits off, slapping your right buttock playfully, making your squeal.

I turned you back to face me. I lowered my face, drew your nipple into my mouth, and started to suckle it.

You moaned in pleasure, "Oh yes, suck it, suck my nipple!" you begged.

I sucked it harder, teasing it with the tip of my tongue. I started giving it little nips every now and then. I moved to the other nipple and started to do them same to it, while I lowered the bar of soap to the warm place between your legs.

You gasped when I placed the soap over your pussy, and then began rubbing it slowly up and down your slit. Squishy lather coated your labia.

I moved my head up to kiss you on the mouth while continuing to soap your cunt, our lips caressing each other frantically. I placed my left hand at the base of your neck, holding your head in place as I pressed my tongue between your lips.

You moaned as I flicked the inside of your lips and mouth. You leaned against my body; my erect cock pressed into your belly. I sucked deeply on your sweet lips, and then kissed the tip of your nose.

Your pussy was obscured by a thick coating of soap lather. I turned you to face the shower stream, and then leaned you back, spreading your legs apart so the stream could pour down against your pussy.

The shower stream pounded against your pussy, blasting away the soap that clung to your throbbing labia.

I ran my right hand up and down your cunt. I briefly inserted a finger into the folds of your pussy, rubbing energetically until I felt a trickle of your honey drip onto my digits.

You panted wantonly, your back pressed against my firm stomach. I kissed your wet hair, then knelt down in the shower stall, reaching out with my hands to spread your buttocks apart as you leaned forward.

You moaned loudly when I began sucking on your pussy, my tongue racing up and down your trembling slit. Your hands slid against the moist wall of the shower stall, your skin glistening with water as I nuzzled inside your cunt. The water stream rained down over you, engulfing you in a warm fog. You shivered while I thrust my tongue up your vagina, the probe tickling your pink tunnel until it glistened with your juices.

I slapped your buttocks, the sound of flesh hitting flesh reverberating within the small stall. You pressed your body against the slick shower wall, your breasts crushed into the hard tile, your ass thrust outwards into my face.

I moved my mouth back to tease your asshole with my tongue as a finger replaced my tongue to probe into your pussy. I pushed my tongue against your ass while my finger thrust inside your pussy.

I held your ass tightly, pushing my mouth hard around your asshole, trying to stab my tongue past the tight opening. Slowly you opened to me and I moved my tongue as far into your asshole as I could, feeling it pucker and grip, while adding a second finger to plunge into your hot, wet pussy.

I plunged my tongue in and out of your ass while my fingers did the same to your hot pussy. I feel your pussy juices dripping down to my fingers and hand, running down my forearm.

You squealed as you took my tongue up your asshole, grinding at my face, but in a way that helped my tongue fuck your asshole. You felt your cunt tingling hotly. There was no doubt this was going to make your come very hard. The wet sounds of my finger-fucking mingled with the sucking sounds of my tongue on your ass.

"I . . . you're going to make me cum," you squealed. "Oh, God, you're going to make me cum!"

This encouraged me to fuck my fingers faster into your hot pussy while continuing to plunge my tongue faster in your asshole.

“Harder!” you groaned. “Make me cum!”

I pulled my mouth away from your ass to allow me to finger-fuck your pussy even harder. You cried out, arching your back, and I pulled my fingers away to move in with my mouth as you orgasm, sending a trickle of honey out into my waiting mouth.

I devoured your secretions, and then licked up the crack of your ass until I reached the base of your back.

You stood up straight and turned around. Reaching forward, you wrapped your fingers around my prick and started to stoke it.

"Let me wash that for you," you said with a big smile. "Let me wash that hard cock."

You took the bar of soap and lathered up my cock and ran it all over my balls, working up a lot of lather. You pushed the soap further back, and built up a lather around my asshole as I pinched first one of your nipples and then the other.

Then, you let the jet of water wash the soap away from my stiff prick and tight balls. I stood under the spray of water, not moving my eyes from your naked body. You fell on your knees in front of me and grasped my cock at the base. You could feel my cock swell within your grip, making you want it more urgently. You leaned forward and stuck out your tongue, licking the head of my hard cock.

"Oh honey, that feels so good. Suck my cock, suck it!"

You took it into your mouth, running your tongue around and around the head of it. You took it all the way into your mouth, sucking on it hard as I stood there and moaned.

You pulled it out of your mouth and licked it all the way down the shaft, to my sensitive scrotum. You scooped my balls into your hands, and then returned to my hard cock.

You took it back into your mouth and sucked on it hard. You could feel my knees get weak as you reached up to tease one of my nipples, the other hand stroking my cock along with your lips and mouth.

You moved your mouth faster and faster, and my legs began to shake. Sensing how close I was, you released my dick and stood in front of me.

Then, you turned around and bent over at the end of the shower, placed your hands on the wall for support, spread your legs, and put your pussy in the air, giving me a perfect view. I stepped forward and pressed against you, and you could feel my hard cock press against your cunt. I slid my prick up and down your slit, pausing to rub your clit with the head of my cock.

You arched your head back and whispered, "Fuck me; put your cock in my pussy.”

Then I was inside you, and I wrapped my arms around you and fondled your breasts as I pushed into you all the way.

I began thrusting faster and faster, and you felt yourself filled with my hard cock. You could feel my balls against your pussy as I thrust forward again and again.

"Fuck me," you said. "Fuck me faster!"

I began moving in earnest then, my balls slamming against you as I thrust forward.

I grabbed your hair to pull your head back as I thrust hard into you from behind. “Like this, baby?” I asked roughly, “Is this what my naughty girl wanted?”

I pumped my thick cock harder and harder into your pussy, pumping you like a raging bull, pumping you so hard I could feel the slap of my balls against your pussy with each thrust. Your cunt was now soaked with your own juices, as I continued pumping fast.

You could feel yourself getting ready to cum, and you knew that I was going to cum soon also. You bent further over, giving me greater access to your cunt.

Then, your stomach jerked and your legs became weak as you felt my hard cock pulse in you, and you shivered and moaned as you came with my cock buried deep inside you.

You could feel my cock jerk again, and I actually shouted "Fuck!" as I shot a load of cum into you. You could feel your pussy fill with my cum, and as I kept stroking in and out of you, you could feel it run out of your pussy and down your leg. We stopped moving, and I held on to you tightly as I stabbed you with my dick, and it jerked for the last time, sending another spurt of hot cum into you.

We held that position for a few minutes, and then I pulled away.

Both exhausted, we embraced and kissed, then finished bathing. We finished our shower and went out to the bedroom to fell asleep in each other's arms.

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