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The Shower

Shower sex, is there any better?
I stop outside the bathroom door, feeling myself getting wet as I think about what’s about to happen. I smile and open the door. The sound of the water in the shower gets louder as I step into the room and softly close the door. The shower curtain hides you from me…and vice versa. I quietly make my way up and peek around the edge of the curtain knowing what I’ll find.

You sit on the bottom of the tub, the water pounding over your neck and back. My body stirs at the sight and my breath catches as you look up and see me standing there. From this vantage point you can only see a strip of naked skin, so tantalizing and so you reach up and pull the curtain back to reveal more of me. I watch your penis enlarge as you take in the sight of me fully nude, my thighs glistening with my wetness. You rise up on your knees as I step into the tub.

You close the curtain again and wrap your hands around my waist. I lift one leg up on the side of the tub and you bury your face into my mound, breathing in the scent. You then push my hips forward and dip your head down and lick me long and hard from the back of my vagina to my clit. My head goes back, eyes fluttering closed and a low moan escapes me. You seal your mouth over my clit and my legs start to shake. Your grip on my waist tightens to ensure I don’t fall over. You make me cum once, hard and fast, my hips bucking against you fast but this only causes your tongue to flick over me more, repeating the cycle.

As I catch my breath, you lower my leg and turn me to the wall. You place my right leg over your left shoulder and then my left leg over your right shoulder and as I brace my back against the wall, you lift me up and then again dive into my cunt. You pin my forearms to the shower wall so you can keep your balance, but again, to soften my thrashing. As I convulse, I try not to crack my head against the wall but it’s so hard to control myself as you keep making me cum. It’s almost painful, but not quite. You balance that edge of pain and pleasure so beautifully. I reward your efforts by screaming your name. As I gulp in air, you lean back and slide me down the wall. I’m deep in the effects of afterglow, so I’m soft and pliable in your hands. You cradle me in your arms for a minute and kiss me. I taste my juices on your tongue and this sends another small shiver through my body.

The water is still warm and our bodies are heated up from the foreplay. You smile at me and then lay me down on the bottom of the tub and raise my hips. You position yourself behind me and I feel your hard tip at my entrance. I moan and try to nudge myself backward to make you enter me, but your grip on my hips stops me. I growl my frustration and I hear your soft laugh; the laugh that all men can do when they know they’re teasing a woman but won’t satisfy her yet. It’s purely masculine and makes me growl a bit more, but you make it turn into a moan as you finally, slowly, inch-by-inch insert yourself into me, stopping at the very end of yourself.

My body constricts around you, and I convulse and you keep your hands firmly on my hips as I raise myself uncontrollably. Once the shuddering has subsided you pull yourself out again, ever so slowly. It’s driving me crazy. Your cock is so hard inside my wet cunt, and you’re completely encased inside of me. You pull out, almost to the very edge and then without warning, slam all the way back into me. My body rears up and I scream this time and then you don’t hold back, slamming into me, making me cum over and over, the orgasms having no chance to finish before you give me another one.

I hear your breath becoming shorter and faster, your thrusts doing the same and I know you’re going to cum soon. I clamp around you knowing this and it pushes you over the edge, making you cum inside me. I can feel your cock pulse and I shiver and scream your name again. We collapse on the bottom of the tub, and small shivers still take me as your cock pulses a few more times and you fully spend yourself.

The water pours down on us, but we don’t mind as we curl up beside each other, content, warm and wet, letting the water wash us clean.

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