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The Shower Reunion

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I turn the shower on so it is nice and hot and steamy. Leaning back against the wall feeling the water pour over me, I stretch my muscles. They are so tired and getting cramped from leaning there, dreaming of what we could do to each other in this haven, when suddenly you appear.

Kissing your neck, nibbling on your ears, licking your neck as the water runs down. Finally meeting your lips, our tongues probing and twisting, reaching deeper into each others mouth like we have been dying of thirst for years.
I work my way down your neck again across those broad shoulders, licking and flipping, teasing your nipples as you do to me, then resting my head against the V of your chest. I continue licking and kissing my way across the delicate scars wishing I could have taken it all away, the pain that you have endured. Finally I reach what I have wanted and been yearning for. I kiss you and fondle him in my hands then bend slowly down to take him and your balls into my mouth. I feel you tense, a deep sigh escapes yo; one of pleasure I am assured by your reaction

I begin to lick and suck the head gently, flicking and sucking, licking the rim. Sucking him into my mouth, he grows and grows. I begin to lick up and down the shaft, softly holding your balls as I kiss them and gently massage them. Back to the head I begin in earnest to take him in my mouth and sucking; I must have some air to continue.

Your chest is matching my every heart beat. I turn the shower head to rain mode and slip myself over you as I sit back down. This time I gasp as I feel your hardness pulsating and pushing against the walls of my pussy. I begin to move slowly up and down, stopping only for a kiss. Quickly I plunge myself completely down and start to ride you, our juices floating away amidst the shower water.

I am losing control. Up, down and up pulling your dick into my pussy as deep as I can. Sounds escape me that show just what I am, an animal in the throes of passion You pull my hair back and begin to kiss me as I go up and down and up and down tightening with every thrust. I am not going to last long as you help me reach my climax.

Moving me to a standing position leaning against the shower wall, you begin to pound and ram me. Soon the rushing of our breathing hits its high, tears flow from my eyes I can barely stand; we did it we arrived at our peak together. You kiss me gently as I cling to you so as not to fall.

You turn off the shower and grab a robe and wrap me in it and carry me into the bedroom, laying me down gently as I am so spent from our fucking. I can barely keep my trembling body from shaking the bed. You pull the robe from me gently and pull the covers over us, kissing me and whispering sleepily that we have all night.

"Plus many more showers to get through, or not," I think as I drift off to sleep.

"Good morning my darling." As I wake slowly I see you carrying in our breakfast tray. Fresh hot coffee, juice, powdered benoits. We're so glad we ran into each other here in New Orleans. A complete surprise that we have taken full advantage of, assorted fun to be had.

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