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The Shower

He stood transfixed at the beauty that was before him, he wasn’t sure if he should clear his throat or just stand quietly and watch the delicate balance of light and shadow. He paced his breathing so she didn’t hear him watching her, but how could he stop, what he was watching was such a dance of the female form in all its purity. She’s was behind the smoked glass shower door and all he could see was just her curves her lithe body , but he could hear the water as it caressed her skin , he could smell the mix of almonds and vanilla that wafted thru the steam filled room. He was helpless to this feeling of abject desire and need as she began to slowly cover herself with the sweet soap, as it gently glided down her body , how she sighed with contentment as she stood under the warm water and let it rinse away the days stresses. As he continued this obsession of watching the simple act of a shower he was overcome with the need to touch the same skin that had just been caressed by water to smell the almonds and vanilla in her hair, to bury himself inside her and feel the same contentment. He made a decision he had to touch the silkiness of that skin, he had to revel in the sweet smells he had to have her, he had to release the tension that she had built in him the way the shower had released the tension in her. He removed his shoes his tie, he shrugged off his jacket and started toward the shower door with a smoldering in his eyes.

She turned off the water with a sense of loss at the feeling the warm water sliding over her body gave her, with a sigh she opened the smoked glass door and he was there, standing there with a towel and a look of a man that had a hunger a hunger for her. He held out the towel for her and enveloped her in it, his arms went around her to provide even more warmth, she leaned back into him and once again had the same feeling as the shower gave her. She slowly turned around and faced this man, this man that with one look told her that he felt need, desire , hunger for her and only her. He ran his fingers down her arms slowly ,causing a heat to permeate her core, causing her body to tremble with the same need the same desire the same hunger.

He took her in his arms and gently began to kiss her, just light butterfly kisses, her eyes, her lips, her cheeks her neck. He could feel her tremble beneath him as his body tremble in response. His kisses were like fire on her skin, branded her his and he wanted her to know that, to feel that to, know that she was his in everyway that she belong to him . He picked her up still wrapped in the towel, not a word spoken between them, just the unspoken flames that were dancing in both there eyes. He laid her down gently in front of the fireplace to warm her skin, as he disrobed to join her, there eyes never leaving one another.

She watched in the dancing light from the flame of the fire as this man that had engulfed her with the heat of unrequited love lowered himself to her waiting arms. His kisses on her skin brought small moans to her lips as he circled one nipple than another with his tongue his soft fingers and his warm breath. His fingers and mouth began a of journey of discovery that her body ached for and she began to shiver with her need as the moisture gathered between her waiting thighs.

Her body entranced him, his need to posses this creature was overwhelming. He found the delicate flower of her womanhood and was overcome with the need to stroke her with tenderness to watch her as she moaned for his touch as she arched for him to give her more. Her body wept with the sweet juice of her increasing desire and with each stroke of his touch his tongue she moaned louder and arched into him higher. He had to taste this creature to savor the sweetness that was there, to feel her desire wrap around his tongue and moan for gentle kisses and nibbles.

She could not control the vibrations his touch his mouth his gentle nibbles were causing in her body. This man had started a liquid heat that could not nor did she want it controlled. Her body arched with each gentle lapping from his sensual mouth and talented tongue. Her body took over as waves of uncontrolled explosions began at the tip of her toes to the tingle in her fingertips. The promise of sweet release was upon her and her body convulsed with a joy of such abandon. Over and over the waves continued and he continued to tease and nibble and caress her with his seductive mouth and tongue.

He could feel when the release took over and he was transfixed with the ecstasy that she caused him by that simple act. He wanted all of her, his need to delve into her depths was all consuming. He gently rose up and kissed her as her body began to quiet . He lowered himself to her and felt the heat that he had caused . He joined there two bodies and began a slow rhythm that was known only to them. There eyes locked and there mouths sealed to one another and there bodies entwined to became one.

The silkiness of her the way her body held him within and caressed him was a magic that could never be explained. This creature from the shower was real not imaginary, she was his and he was hers and this was the moment of shared hunger of shared passion. The crescendo of what started out as just a glimpse of a shape in a shower under the warm water was at its peek. With each stroke of his throbbing manhood she became his he looked into her eyes as he gently held her head in hands and devoured her mouth with his and imprisoned her body beneath him, he glided within her with ease and experienced such sweet rapture at the delights of her body and how there joining was a kaleidoscope of color and senses, smells and tastes. She was holding him with such tension such desire her body was a instrument for which he would never tire of playing, the symphony of there love was at its crescendo and they were both ready for the final crash of the cymbals. There bodies both covered with the sheen of love and the sounds of twin heartbeats in there ears fell over the abyss into a new and wonderful world of passion and ecstasy joined as two in a union of love and desire.
This woman was the woman that tortured his dreams that took his breath away with every glance his way. This woman was the woman that made everyday better and every night sensual. . As both there bodies slowed she looked up into his eyes with the deep look of love and being sated and her eyes said what she did not have the breath to utter, and kissed him gently, she whispered to him you are mine My Love.......
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