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The Singer

I thought that this kind of love doesn't really exist, until i met him: my singer...

  I have always mocked those who are obsessed with celebrities, or such.   But what bugged me the most are people who are obsessed with singers! Calling what they feel “love”! How can you fall in love with a complete stranger just because of his voice? You’ve heard countless times of love at first sight, but have you ever heard of love at first hearing? It can’t possibly exist… Or can it?

I have spent most of my high school years with the most “popular” guy at school.   And he was my first. At that time I convinced myself that I was in love with him.   But looking back I’m not even sure if liked him.   He was hot, every girl wanted to be with him and he picked me… So I eventually thought that losing my virginity to him can’t possibly be a mistake. I remember thinking “Would you ever regret it?” But just as I was about to answer my own question, the outside voices rushed through my head telling me to go for it: “You’re so lucky!” “He’s the most attractive guy I know!” “He’s a keeper”.   Unfortunately it was unsatisfying and painful. Since the experience disappointed me completely, eventually, I swore never to have sex again until the day I fall in love.

I was 19 when I walked into that bar. It’s been a year since the unfortunate “incident”.    I was with some girl friends and I was feeling and looking incredibly sexy.   I have always been told that I was really attractive, but I never really believed it until I was in college.   Maybe what made me so attractive was the fact that I was so hard to get?   I didn’t know, but I knew for a fact that I was wanted.  

It was a hot summer night, and I was completely tanned from head to toe. I walked in there, wearing my white sundress. I loved that dress since it suited my coca cola bottle body perfectly.   It was extremely hard to find suitable clothe for my type of body. Almost everything I wore made me look like a hooker, especially with my C cup breasts that are hard to “control” at times.   With it I wore expensive red heals.   If there is one thing I’m really proud of in my body it would be my legs. And wearing those red heels made them look smoother and more elegant than ever. So in the end, the combination of both that dress and those heels got every guy in the bar checking me out, almost undressing me with their eyes.   And that made me feel like I had some kind of super power that I can use to seduce any guy I want!

  I sat down and started chatting with my friends.   Like everyone else I wasn’t really paying attention to the stage or the music.   And then suddenly out of nowhere a chill ran over my spine: he began to sing. I was chocked by the beauty in his voice. I had my back turned to the stage so I didn’t really see him. Instead of turning around I closed my eyes, mesmerizing with the magnificence of the melody. After 5 songs he stopped and spoke with a deep husky voice.   It was different of his singing voice but equally beautiful. It was only then that I turned around, and found an incredibly attractive guy with closed eyes singing and playing on his guitar. He had dark black spiky hair, with a natural tan. He seemed to have some sort of Mediterranean heritage, just like me.     He was well built, and not in a WWE wrestler kind of way. What really attracted me were his arms. That’s why there wasn’t any surprise when I started imagining him hugging me. But then something weird came over me, the image of him hugging me quickly turned to kissing… touching… whispering to me naughty things with his husky voice. I almost felt myself getting wet, that’s why I automatically crossed off that idea from my head.

Then I stared at him harder. He was wearing a very simple black T-shirt with jeans. Although His arms seemed so strong and manly, the way he held and played his guitar was soothing and gentle. My head wandered off again thinking of how smooth it would feel to have those hands on my breast. And my heart began to race. I was dumbfounded!   Who was this guy?

He stopped singing and opened his eyes.   A noise rose as peopled applauded him. But I was the only one who seemed sad. It was over. He stood up, and his eyes sparkled under the light. They were a combination of a honey yellow color, with a pinch of green in them.   I wanted to meet him. I wanted to let him know how much I liked his songs, his voice, his arms, his eyes!

He was smiling, and I stood up. I was the only one who wasn’t applauding. He looked at me, confused. But I couldn’t understand his confusion; I was too taken up by to notice why.   He then got off the stage and started socializing with his fans. But I still stood there, not moving one inch. I forgot all about my friends who ran to him, in order to congratulate him for his wonderful performance, and flirt a little.   Then something unbelievable happened he walked in my direction. He then asked me the most absurd thing that I ever heard: “was I that bad?”

I didn’t say anything for a moment. Then I said “The only thing that was bad in your performance was that you stopped”.

He looked at me with those puppy eyes with fascination, as if what I just said was a lie. He asked me my name. For a moment I forgot what it was, but when I regained my cool I told him it was “Noor”

This time a smile appeared on his face : “no wonder you have a certain glow in you!” . He knew what my name meant?   The name “noor” means light in Arabic. My dad, who was Lebanese gave it to me just before he died. My mom told me once that he thought I would be the “sunshine” of his life, his hope . I have always loved my name, and this guy in front of me knows already why! He then added :

  “My mom is Jordanian, so I learned when I was really young how to speak Arabic! I’m Adam by the way.”

  “It suits you”

“Not as much as your name suits you! So you’re Arabic?”

“Half Arabic half Italian! You? ”

“Half Arabic half Greek!”

So that’s what it was! I was talking to a greek god!

We continued chatting finding similar interest in every way! Our laughter filled the air. And for the first time in my life I was in love.

The night went by, and before we knew it , it was already 1 am and the bar was closing down. So he decided to walk me home. As we arrived at my door, I looked at him and thought about inviting him in. He then tells me that he doesn’t want to rush things too fast, because the last time he did his heart got broken. As disappointed as I was, I accepted his terms. When I went upstairs that night I came, while thinking about him.

The next day, he called me and we went to an amusement park. It was the most fun I had in years! Then once again we didn’t have sex! He didn’t even kiss me! Was there something wrong with him? Or worse something wrong with me?! The third day, he took me to dinner, this time I swore that I will make love to him tonight. As we were sitting on the dinner table in the restaurant, I took off one of my black heels, and stretched my leg to reach his thighs. Then I started gently caressing them, teasing him without reaching directly to his cock. He looked at me and asked me what I was doing. I leaned and whispered in his ears :   “I want you, I want you badly inside of me”. I felt his cock getting harder by the second. And I was satisfied: at least I know that I am capable of seducing him. But at the same time I was surprised by the words that came out of my mouth! Since when does “hard to get” noor sais these kind of words? I   didn’t care I wanted him and that was that. Just when he was about to say something my leg went over his penis, gently stroking it. He almost chocked while drinking his water.

Our dinner was really quiet, we continued chatting and occasionally I would stretch my leg and strike his cock.

When we finished we quickly went back to his place. The minute I walked into his house, he grabbed me and pushed me to the wall, kissing me lustily. It was like I have never been kissed before. He was kissing my bottom lip, and then he inserted the tip of his tongue in my mouth, gently moving it in and out. I was getting hotter by the second, and I almost felt sweat coming out of my body.   After ten minutes of making out nonstop, he looks at me and says :

“I’m a virgin”.

  This really surprised me especially since he was 20, and a very attractive guy for that matter. But instead of reacting in a shocked manner I looked at him, kissed him and said:

“I would be honored to be the one who takes away your virginity, if you’ll allow me.”

“Allow you? Baby I want you. No, I need you in me. “

“You have no idea how wet this made me feel. But I have to fess up to something, I only had sex once before”

We looked into each other and laughed. We both were inexperienced even though we’re adults, and still I had a feeling that this is going to be the most sensual feeling I will ever have. Boy I was right!

He reached over my shirt and took it off. Since I was hoping for this to happen I was wearing my sexiest lingerie: a black corset that made my boobs look more delicious than ever. He stared at my chest for a while. “You’re beautiful”

I then took off his shirt. He had a very manly rugged chest.

I close my eyes, and took his hands and started kissing the tip of his fingers, and then I slowly licked them, just like I imagined I would two nights ago. I kissed gently all of his arms and then looked up and asked:

“Would you hold me for a second?”

He hugged me and I almost fell out of breath. Then I unhooked his arms and I started sucking on his nipples. I wasn’t sure what kind of effect it would make since I never done this before, and I only read it once in an erotic stories, but apparently it worked. While his eyes were closed, his manhood was getting stiffer under his jeans. He suddenly opened his eyes and once again pushed me against the wall. He tore my corset open exposing my breast, and my erect nipples. He attacked my nipples, and it felt painful for a second; then he began licking me more gently and with his hands he twitched and played with them. Without even noticing I let out a moan. It drove him over the edge and he started unzipping my pants. I was wearing my red thong, and under it I was clean shaven. I smiled at him while he was admiring my panties for a while, then I turned around and dropped in a position where my hands reached my toes, giving him an excellent view of my bottom. His hand reached it and gently caressed it, then he pinched it. As surprising as it was, it turned me on even more, and I wanted suddenly to give him a nice blow job. I quickly unzipped his pants and took off his boxers. And what I saw was beyond my imagination, a big hard dick sticking out. So this is what a REAL dick looks like! I quickly took all of it in my mouth. He let out a moan. I then licked its head and slowly started to stroke it. My slow movement turned harder and faster, and soon, he told me screaming :

“I’m going to cum!”

he shook and he started shooting the creamiest cum I’ve ever seen. And for the first time in my life I licked him dry. He kissed my forehead and told me to open my legs. He took of my g string and buried his tongue deep in my cunt. He started massaging my pussy, then he started to gently rub it with two of his fingers. He soon inserted his fingers in me, while fucking me with his tongue. Gently, and slowly, then faster and harder.

No matter how heavenly it felt, I stopped him. Then I pushed him to the bed. I positioned myself over him, and he helped me to put his dick inside of me. Then I pushed him in. I started rocking him back forth. Riding him like a cow girl. Then I started jumping up and down on him.

  “Fuck me faster” he screamed

“I bet you like that you little bitch!” “You like riding on my cock don’t you?” he whispered as I was fucking him harder than ever.

  This drove me over the edge! His husky voice saying such naughty words! I couldn’t take it anymore, I lean my head back and rocked him harder, and then I climaxed over his cock, soaking it with my juice. Soon afterward he started moaning and shooting loads of cum inside of me. I fell over him, due to exhaustion. We kissed one more time and then we cuddled. I told him without hesitation, even if this was only our third date:

“I love you”

“I love you too”

And we fell asleep in each other’s arms.   

 Please Please comment on this story!!! This is my first story ever! And im not even a writer! So it would be interesting to get some pointers! :) Thanks!

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