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The Six Star Bed and Breakfast - Afternoon Tea

Adam is teased at breakfast and returns to the BB for some quiet afternoon tea!
I finally managed to make breakfast. It was hard getting dressed. Every time I tried to put clothes on my mind would remember something that Maggie had done in the shower, and I would feel my cock twitch and then I would have to give it a little tug. 

I saw only one table laid as I entered the breakfast room, so I sat down at it and looked around me. The decor was nice, clean and with a big wide window at the front of the house letting in loads of light from the early morning sun. Just behind me was a few photos which I presumed was of her daughter. I wondered whether her daughter knew of the way Maggie ran her B&B.

I found myself smiling as Maggie entered the room. I noticed that she was wearing a kind of maid’s outfit. Modest sized heels for this time in the morning, and what looked like black stockings but they could have been tights. She was wearing a semi-open white fluffy blouse and short black skirt. I wondered if it was all for my benefit, or whether she always wore this when she served breakfast.

“Hello, and what would you like for breakfast this morning?” she asked politely, and as if nothing had actually happened between us at all that morning.

“Full English breakfast please,” I responded eagerly.

“Would you like tea or coffee?”

“Coffee please,” I replied.

“And toast, white or brown bread or a mixture if you prefer?”

“White please,” I replied.

“Any sauces?”

“Just brown sauce please,” I smiled as she smiled too, and with that Maggie left me to peruse the room once again. I noticed orange juice and cereals on the sideboard behind me and decided to fill a glass of what seemed like freshly squeezed juice. A smile broke out on my face as I remember my juices being freshly squeezed earlier.

As I sat down Maggie brought the coffee. I sipped the orange juice and watched as she walked to the side of me and towards a small cupboard. I watched as she bent down to open the drawer and retrieve the sugar bowl.

My mouth fell open at the sight of her lascivious movement. Most women would have knelt down, Maggie just bent at the waist with her legs slightly apart. She had her back to me but her movement was deliberate and timed to perfection. As she bent forwards to unlatch the door, I saw her dress rise upwards slowly revealing her stocking tops, and then her bare flesh of her upper thighs together with the suspender belt holding up her stockings.

I found myself breathing heavily and staring all the time at her wonderful thighs and stockings. It was not until she retrieved the sugar bowl that I caught a glimpse of her bare pussy nestled between her milky thighs.

I could feel my heart pumping. I took another sip of the orange juice before she returned and left the sugar bowl on the table.

“Breakfast won‘t be long,” she said, “please help yourself to cereals or fruit or anything else that you would like.”

I nodded, “thanks,” I replied.

As Maggie turned to leave, I kicked myself with some urgency. I had probably just passed up one of the best opportunities to put my hand up a maid’s dress and fondle her pussy that I have had, and will ever have, in my entire lifetime.

I poured the coffee into my cup, sipped the orange juice and then added milk and sugar to the coffee. It was a lovely strong pot of coffee.

I was half way through the coffee when Maggie returned with my full English breakfast and rack of toast. It looked wonderful.

“You wanted brown sauce, yes?” she asked for confirmation. I nodded.

Maggie then walked to the same cupboard as she had done before. With the same procedure, she bent forwards opening the door. This time my gaze was firmly on her pussy. I watched as she fumbled in the drawer for the sauce bottle, but all I wanted to do was to push my chair back walk up behind her, sink to my knees and bury my face between her thighs, and then extend my tongue firmly between her pussy lips. I would hear her groan and then I would lick and lap at her pussy.

All too quickly Maggie stood up and walked back to leave the sauce bottle on my table.

“Will that be all for now?” she asked.

I wanted to say no. I wanted to tell her to bend over so that I could lick her pussy. I don’t know what stopped me. Even though this woman had only this morning washed me and brought me off between her tits, I still didn’t think that I was allowed to do anything that I wanted to her. I didn’t feel I had the right.

“Thank you, this looks really nice,” I commented on the food.

Maggie smiled, turned and left the room. I felt she was perhaps a little disappointed as I watched her leave, wiggling her arse as she disappeared through the door.

About twenty minutes later Maggie reappeared.

“Would you like any more toast? Coffee?” she asked me, as I was coming to the end of my breakfast feast.

“Thanks you, but no, that was absolutely lovely,” I replied.

Maggie gathered up the dishes into one pile to take back to the kitchen.

“Do you have anything planned for today?” she asked before leaving.

“I haven‘t thought much,” I replied, “I will probably head off into London for a few hours sightseeing.”

“You‘re quite welcome to use the room for as long as you need to,” she replied, “I will just make it up when its available.”

Once again I found myself nodding, “I will be going out soon anyway,” I replied.

I watched as Maggie left the kitchen for the last time. I stood up and made my way to the same door, up the stairs and then onto my room for my camera and coat.

I spent around five hours in London, not all that much time for serious sightseeing, but my mind was more than pre-occupied. It was summer and all I could see were buxom women, wobbling their titties in my face at every opportunity. I saw long smooth legs, forever climbing into skimpy shorts or dresses that were far too short to be called dresses. I saw bums and buttocks that curved so tightly, they could squeeze even the last drop of juice from a wilted lemon.

I was more than pre-occupied with legs, breasts and bums. When I saw one woman with ample cleavage, bend over to pick up something she dropped on the floor, my eyes nearly burst from my sockets. I swear her breasts bounced free of her flimsy bra as she righted herself.

At three thirty I decided to head back to Court House for a quiet afternoon, maybe catch up on some work ready for Monday morning.

I entered the house at about four fifteen, and made my way up to my room. Maggie was coming out of the lounge as I was just making my way up the stairs.

“Nice day?” she asked.

“Yes, lovely,” I replied. I couldn’t tell her about the tits, bums and legs that I had been watching virtually all day long.

“You must be a little tired,” she commented, “Why don‘t you put your dressing gown on and come and join me for a relaxing cup of tea and biscuits in the conservatory. It‘s nice and warm in there at the moment the sun‘s been on it all afternoon.”

It sounded like a superb idea.

“I think I will,” I replied and off I trotted up the stairs to my room to get changed.

It seemed rather liberating to be walking around someone else’s house in just your dressing gown. Just under the surface of this thick, fleecy material, was my horny cock and yet I was going to have tea in the conservatory.

I took a few turns in the wrong direction but I eventually got there. It was a classic conservatory, with Ratten furniture and wonderful cushions. There was a corner unit at one end and I headed for that; it seemed the most comfortable unit to lounge in.

Maggie entered shortly after me, carrying the tray with two cups of tea on it and a plate full of biscuits.

“My favourite,” I cried out, and they actually were my favourite biscuits. I started to get up to help her.

“You sit down,” she said, and so I returned to the chair.

As Maggie lowered the tray on the glass table, I caught a glimpse of her breasts. This time they were trying to hide under a small summer dress that more than accentuated them. As she reached out one of the cups of tea in my direction, I could see that she had no bra on at all. The light shone through her dress and accentuated all her lovely curves.

She grabbed her own cup of tea and placed it opposite me. She then handed me the plate with the biscuits. I took two of them and put them down on the side panel of the conservatory just to my right. Maggie took just the one biscuit and sat in the chair opposite the corner unit.

We chatted aimlessly. I told her about my day in London; censored of course. She told me about what little had happened to her during the day. We sat and drank tea in a very civilised way.

That was until Maggie leant forward to take another biscuit. It wasn’t the leaning forward that did it, though her breasts did wobble wonderfully as she reached out her hand to grasp one, and it wasn’t the fact that they also wobbled as she sat back in the chair. No, it was the fact that she had now opened her legs slightly to my gaze and I could see right up her dress to her pussy.

It looked beautiful as it tried to lay hidden between her thighs and under her dress. But there was so much light around that it was actually quite visible. I felt my cock twitch. I swallowed and drank some more tea.

As we chatted some more, Maggie lifted her right foot onto the chair. This pose was even more erotic. Her dress had fallen back high onto her thigh on one side, and had slid slightly up her other thigh. But with her knee tucked in on the outside of her breasts, it just pushed them both together and they jutted out and wobbled together whenever she moved her leg.

My cock was now aching. It was all I could do to keep it down and to not let it show through the fleece dressing gown. I looked at Maggie as we chatted and hoped I would lose the sensation.

In fact it just got worse.

With every sip of her tea and every movement of her leg, her tits wobbled wonderfully and my cock twitched every time.

“Are you having trouble controlling that tool of yours?” she asked, nodding in the direction of my cock.

My jaw dropped at her directness. I looked at her and just saw a lascivious grin beaming back at me.

I eventually smiled and nodded. “Seems I am,” I replied, “It must have something to do with your position.”

“Took you long enough…” she replied biting her lower lip.

I looked into her eyes. They were bright blue and they oozed a sense of wickedness.

Then she moved her other leg upwards and placed her knees together. Maggie smiled as she watched my reaction. I looked into her eyes all the time. I saw them glint first, then I saw her open her legs to reveal a perfectly shaved pussy. Her hands caressed down her thighs and she opened her legs and then back up to her knees.

All control to my cock had now vanished. It was useless trying to pretend nothing was happening. It had a mind of its own and had tented the dressing gown rather visibly. I could see Maggie’s smile broaden as she watched the effect she was having on me. I too watched her with intent on what she would do next.

Her hands caressed her thighs, and then one hand came to rest on her mound. A finger protruded from her palm and gently stroked her pussy lips. I got the feeling she would have liked them to be mine.

At the sight of her openly fingering her pussy, I opened my dressing gown to give a little more light to my growing cock. It was now rigid and as I parted the gown at my waist, my cock swung from side to side until it eventually settled on top of the gown. I too opened my legs so that she could see my balls. Two could play at this game, I thought.

I watched and saw Maggie’s finger disappear inside her now wet pussy. She pushed it in and then out a few times. I watched her breath heavily and I watched her eyes close as she fingered herself.

I grabbed my cock with my right hand and pulled on it a few times. Slowly and sensually, so that Maggie could savor every stroke. As I did this, Maggie pursed her lips and lowered her legs to the floor.

A decision had been made by her, and a determined look crossed over her face. She was no longer looking at me. She was focused entirely on my cock. She stared at it as she rose from the chair. She walked towards me, her breasts wobbling from side to side as she did so, in a most erotic way. I thought she was just going to raise her dress up, crawl over me and lower her wet pussy onto my waiting hot cock. I was waiting for it to happen.

Maggie stopped a little too short for comfort. She slipped to the floor and knelt in front of me. I looked at her in awe. She was entirely focused on my cock. Her hand lifted to take the place of mine. My head moved backwards, as I felt her take my cock in her hand and pump it up and down, just like I was doing earlier.

I then opened my eyes to see Maggie place her other hand on my balls and roll them on the palm of her hand. She watched them as they moved, then her focus changed back to my cock. I watched intently as her tongue extended from her mouth in the direction of my balls.

When Maggie’s tongue touched my balls, my cock jumped in her hand. She proceeded to flatten her tongue onto my balls and coat them with her saliva, then she sucked one of my balls into her mouth.

Pre-cum oozed from the end of my cock as her hand stroked it continuously.

Maggie’s tongue then slid up my cock. She licked the underside of my cock until she was level with my glistening head. I saw her eyes widen as she spotted my cum coated slit. She immediately clamped her mouth around my cock and sucked hard on it. I nearly came in her mouth right there and then. I don’t know how I managed to control it but I did.

Maggie raised herself up onto her knees and proceeded to push my cock to the back of her throat. I watched as it disappeared inside her. Inch by inch, it was engulfed by her red lips, and I could feel her throat clasp my cock as it entered her. There was only about two inches left when Maggie raised herself off and then sank back down again.

I groaned. Each time she raised herself off and then sank back down, I groaned loudly into the room. I was about to cum, and at that moment in time, it would be a lottery as to whether I spunked inside her or over her lips and hand.

Maggie then made my own eyes widen. I soon found out that she was just toying with me. As she sank back down, she didn't stop when she had hit what I thought was her limit. She kept going. I felt my cock enter her throat as if it had hit something hard. I watched as Maggie’s nose nestled in my pubic hair. Then she did something I was not expecting.

Maggie swallowed. Not once but three times. Each one, timed to perfection, and each time I could feel my spunk rising closer to being forcibly thrown from my body.

Suddenly the sensation was gone as Maggie raised her head from my cock. She sucked on my slit and once again fondled my balls.

A knowing smile spread across her face, she lowered her mouth back onto my cock. She circled my cock head a few times with her tongue and sucked on it before she slid it down her throat.

I watched her reach my pubic hairs again. If I hadn't have seen this with my own eyes, I would not have believed it was possible. But here was Maggie with my cock all the way down her throat. I felt her swallow again. She was milking my cock in the most sensuous way possible. Each time she swallowed I felt ripples of pleasure start at my balls and flow to the end of my cock.

“Oh! Fuck, Maggie,” I announced.

Maggie kept my cock firmly down her throat. I felt her breath through her nose, and then I felt her swallow three times in quick succession.

As I felt the sensations, I knew there was no way I was going to withstand such intense pleasure. Maggie swallowed once and then three more times in quick succession.

My cock was now about to explode.

I wanted to put my hands on the back of her head and hold her still, as I pushed my cock down to the back of her throat in one last attempt to ejaculate.

Three more swallows in quick succession and Maggie did that for me.

Spunk erupted from my cock directly down her throat, as my arse lifted off the sofa. I felt her swallow once, and then again, and then more spunk joined its relatives down her throat. My cock pulsed every time I spunked into her. After about the eight contraction of my cock, Maggie raised herself from it. She pumped it with her hand and flicked her tongue out to gather the remnants of spunk on the tip of my cock.

She eventually licked her lips and smiled at me.

“I love doing that,” she commented. “I love it when men spunk right down my throat.”

She rested my cock on her cheek and licked at it every now and then.

“I fucking love spunk,” she said, quietly to my cock.

I looked at Maggie with complete love and lust at the same time. My balls had been drained by this gorgeous woman for the second time in one day, and she hadn’t asked for anything in return. It was as if she was made to pleasure other people. She looked happy and content.

When she actually lifted herself from the floor. Maggie smiled at me and covered my clean cock with my dressing gown. She finally lifted my hands onto the sides of her breasts and wiggled them from side to side before laughing at me.

“More tea?” she asked.

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