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The Six Star Bed and Breakfast

Danny was sure that there were only five stars awarded for Bed and Breakfasts. Maybe he was wrong.
I was a little confused too. Six stars!

I had only ever known of five star ratings on hotels and the proverbial bed and breakfast, but here I was about to click ‘pay’ on the web site. It seemed a small place, in a more than ordinary location, but it was close to where I needed to be for the Monday morning. I checked out the images one more time and there was nothing special that suggested it was posh. I double checked the form and then I altered the number of days to two. Why not stay in a six star B&B for at least two nights, I thought to myself.

Saturday arrived and I found myself outside Court House quite late on in the evening. It was in the suburbs of London and I had been lost on more than one occasion, but it was only ten miles away from the big city itself. The road was full of what looked like standard houses, but Court House was larger and looked quite nice from the outside.

I knocked on the door, and checked to see whether a sixth star had actually been added to the sign over the door.

“Hi, you must be Adam,” said a lady to my left. She had suddenly appeared from around the side of the house. “I was out the back,” she continued, “here, let me help you inside with those bags.”

“Thanks,” I replied as I nodded and smiled at her. The door opened and I walked in with my overnight bag.

“My names Maggie,” she said as she held the door open for me and picked up my briefcase and small camera bag.

“Thank you Maggie,” I replied as I walked into the house. We got chatting.

In the short space of half an hour, I think Maggie extracted more information from me that I thought my head actually contained. I was told of her ex-husband and knew that she had two daughters who had now moved away and that she had set up her B&B only two years ago out of boredom. Even after the exchange of so much information I was still left intrigued as to why it was described as six stars on the website.

“Let me show you your room,” she started to get up from the settee and immediately grabbed the briefcase and camera bag once again. She marched upstairs, which consisted of a grand staircase that originated in the centre of the hallway. As she walked she pointed out the room on her right, the breakfast room. I looked in as I walked past and saw that the tables were already laid ready for their guests.

I followed Maggie upstairs, the staircase bent around ninety degrees and then ninety again. I was led off down the left corridor and saw that Maggie had disappeared into the room on the far right. I followed her.

It was a wonderful room, a lovely king sized bed was the focus point to the whole room. There were two chairs and an area cordoned off that contained a washbasin. Maggie showed me the shower room which was huge in comparison. She then informed me that it was shared with her, and that it had some conditions of use. Apparently the water system was awkward to use and get right, so she immediately told me that I should call on her when I needed to use it so that she could show me the ropes.

I just nodded my approvement, but thought that it was strange for a six star B&B to have a shared bath and shower.

“If there is anything you want at all, you must ask, don‘t be afraid,” she insisted as she smiled at me and then repeated, “anything...”

Maggie brushed past me as she made to leave the shower room. Her breast caught my arm. It was a noticeable contact, as if she had deliberately pushed them outwards as she turned. It was also noticeable because they were so full and soft and yet they still kept some firmness to them.

“There is one thing, actually,” I blurted out. Maggie stopped immediately and turned around.

“What is that,” she replied.

“Why do you have six stars on your website?” I asked.

“Oh! That,” she pursed her lips and smiled at me. Then she bit her lower lip in a contemplative manner.

“Well…” she continued slowly. “Initially it was a mistype, but a friend assured me that we should leave it as it was, because…what I wanted to put would put people off…I think she was right actually.”

I thought for a while, “A mistype? ” I questioned again. Maggie smiled again, this time it was a lot more suggestive and I thought I caught a naughty glimpse in her eye.

“Don‘t tell everyone,” she said, “but I wanted an S e X star B&B, but I typed it all up a little too fast and got the vowel wrong.” Maggie pursed her lips waiting for my response.

“I won’t tell anyone,” I replied.

“Good,” she said as she patted me on my bum, “it will be our little secret then!” she exclaimed.

I smiled back at her as she made her way to the door. She grabbed the handle and started to close it and then turned her head to look back over her shoulders.

“Don‘t forget, if there is anything you want…”

I smiled at her and watched her close the door. I was certain I saw her wink at me as she did so.

It didn’t take me long to relax, slip out of my jeans and switch the TV on. I flicked a few channels and eventually settled on the news channel. I started to put my clothes away, and found a complementary dressing gown and slippers. The dressing gown was lovely and soft to the touch. It looked and felt like pure quality.

I briefly freshened up, stripped naked and slipped on the dressing gown. I fell onto the bed and started flicking the channels again. Eventually I pulled back the covers and slipped into the bed, my laptop was now out of the bag.

I struggled to find the WiFi passcode in the room’s guidebook. I would have to go looking for Maggie. I wandered out of my room and found her in the lounge.

“Excuse me,” I started, “do you have WiFi here?” I asked.

“Of course,” she replied, “perform a search and connect to a WiFi called SexyGal and the passcode is DD44...that‘s capital D twice and the numbers four and four” she looked me straight in the eye as she called out the details.

My mouth kind of dropped open, then I started to smile again.

“SexyGal…DD44,” I nodded.

Maggie nodded with a smile. I repeated the two words as I walked up the stairs. I found it so funny as I repeated the words over and over.

I found the WiFi hub and typed in the passcode. I was on the internet and on my favourite Lush Story site in a flash.

I guess I must have been really tired, because even reading some of the horny stories I couldn’t keep awake.

The next morning I awoke with a start. It was 8:00am. I didn’t even know what time breakfast was but reckoned that nine would be about normal. I rushed into the shower room and looked at the dials.

It had to be easy to start a shower, but I remembered Maggie’s words of wisdom. I returned to the bedroom slipped on my fluffy dressing gown and started down the corridor.

I met Maggie coming out of the room on my right.

“The shower, do you have a quick minute,” I blurted out. Then I noticed that she too was wearing a Chiffon or satin type kimono with a belt tied below her breasts. My eyes were immediately focused on her breasts then they slowly slipped down to her feet. Maggie was only about five foot three. I would classify her as well proportioned.

My mind suddenly snapped me back into the real world and I once again focused on her smiling face. Her eyes were piercingly blue, something I had failed to notice the night before.

She immediately grabbed my hand and led me back into the room. “Come on, I will do it all for you,” she said as she pulled me along with her.

At the entrance to the walk in shower, Maggie reached up and turned one dial so that it was more than half way around then she pushed a button and the water sprouted downwards. She adjusted another one of the dials.

“Is that about right for you?” she asked. I held my hand under the water. “A little hotter perhaps,” I replied. Maggie adjusted the water again and then pulled a lever and the shower sprang into life. On the wall on one side was an array of different shampoos, shower gels and conditioner.

“Thanks,” I said

“Give me your dressing gown, I‘ll wash you if you like…” she suggested as I watched her hold out her hands to take the dressing gown.

I am not sure whether I was in control at that point or not. I remember being confused as to whether I should or whether I should have politely refused. I remember looking at her and thinking how harmless it would be to give her the gown. Then I remember her soothing words.

I stepped into the shower entrance. I removed the cord around my waist and let the dressing gown fall into her hands. I looked behind me as she placed it on the sink behind her.

“Go on,” she insisted, “get yourself wet…”

She waited for me to enter the wet zone. I stepped in and the hot water engulfed me. I then heard soap or gel being frothed into a lather. I felt her hands on my back as she rubbed her soapy fingers and palm into my back. She rubbed from my buttocks to my shoulders and then back down again. I heard more gel get squeezed into her hands and then she massaged my shoulders and upper arms.

“You feel a bit tense!” she exclaimed. I nodded not wanting to break the spell with any awkward words.

Next she concentrated on my arms. Both of her hands wrapped around my arms one at a time and she washed them from top to bottom.

“Hold out your hands?” she asked. I held out my left hand to the side, but looked straight ahead as I did so. I felt the gel ooze onto my skin.

“Wash you hair and face…” she breathed almost silently into the shower cubicle.

I raised my hand to my face and proceeded to wash my head and what little hair I had on my head. I let the water flow all over me and pushed it backwards. It was then I felt her wash my bum. One of her hands flowed down over the crack of my arse as she washed underneath. Then both hands cupped my bum at the same time and washed in circles, squeezing and squashing the cheeks as she did so. One of her hands then slid between my thighs, brushing against my balls as she circled my left thigh.

I stood still, rigid, just like another part of me was rapidly becoming. The sensation of being washed in this manner was excruciatingly pleasurable especially because it was being done by someone I didn’t even know. Maggie was caressing and washing me at the same time, she was whispering and talking to me telling me how nice I felt, how stiff my shoulders were and what a lovely bum I had, as if she was appreciating some form of fine art.

Her hands performed the same washing motions on my legs as she had performed on my arms with both hands wrapping around my thighs as much as possible and then stroking downwards to my feet and back up again. They brushed my balls each time she reached the top.

After she had finished with both my legs, her hands washed my bum yet again and then my hips. At that point in time there was only two places left for her to wash, my chest and cock.

“Turn around,” she whispered at me.

I turned slowly. I was unsure as to whether I should look her in the eyes or not. I was concerned about my cock growing slowly as I had been touched in such an erotic way. But I turned and opened my eyes nevertheless.

I looked upon her naked body as I turned. I had not known at what point she had dropped her kimono which now lay at her feet. Her breasts hung with pendulous perfection. Her nipples were outstanding and brushed with soapy foam. Her wider hips bloomed outwards from under her breasts which then curved into her stomach that slowly disappeared between her thighs. Her white legs ending at the red painted toes around which the white kimono lay crumpled on the bathroom floor.

I just looked at Maggie in awe. She smiled at me and then squeezed some gel onto her hands once more.

I felt her hands on my chest as she rubbed the soapy gel onto all over my chest and then onto my shoulders. More gel and more washing ensued. She must have thought my chest was rather dirty as it seemed like ages until she started to wash and caress my waist.

My cock was growing with every touch of her hands on my skin.

Then, out of the blue I noticed how wet her own body had become. I don’t know why I suddenly noticed it then, because throughout all of the washing the shower was dropping water all over my head and downwards over my body.

I watched as Maggie put the gel back onto the shelf and opened the bottle of shampoo. She squirted a large amount onto her hands.

“Hold this,” she looked into my eyes, “squirt it onto my hands when I tell you to,” she instructed.

Then I felt her hands engulf my cock. I felt the coolness of the white shampoo as it touched my skin, I felt her hands stroke and wash the shampoo into the full length of my cock and then I watched as she slid her hand onto the underside of my balls.

“More…” she nodded.

I squirted until she held up one of her hands. The coldness of the shampoo on my cock was exquisite. It frothed and foamed as she rubbed it in, covering my whole cock with white silky fluid.

Maggie rubbed my cock until I was rigid. I was as hard as I remember me ever being but in such a away that was strange. I had not touched her at all. I had not groped her breast or pussy or played with her in any way. All the pleasure was mine. I was a non-participating beneficiary in a sexual act that was erotic and it was making me horny.

Maggie wanked my cock with one hand as the other stroked my balls. Every now and then she would say the word “more” indicating that it was my turn to participate.

I looked at her with admiration. At the woman giving everything and wanting nothing. Her hands pumped faster on my cock.

I could see her look on my cock as a prize to be savoured. She was lustfully wishing it to spurt all over her hands and shower cubicle. She wanted the hot water to wash my spunk down over her body, to disappear through the drain hole in the floor.

My hands came up on either side of her breasts.

At that moment I had transgressed into participation in this sexual act. I was now involved. I was touching her too. I saw a smile of pure joy spread across her face as she too savoured my touch. I pushed her breasts together and then let them go, brushing my hands over both nipples as I did so.

I pickup up the shampoo. I reasoned that if it felt that good on me it would surely feel just as good on her as well.

I squeezed loads of shampoo on the top of her cleavage and then, after replacing the bottle, squeezed both breasts together and started to massage the shampoo into them.

Maggie wanked and pumped on my cock with an increasing need to make me shoot my load all over her. She was looking at me with a lustful urging in her eyes. Her mouth opened and closed and her tongue slipped between her mouth every now and then.

As her hand pumped on my cock, I pulled her towards me. Maggie was on the short side compared to me, but she was the perfect height for what I had in mind. I pulled her breasts apart and slipped my cock between them in one go. Her hand slipped off as she realised what I had in mind. With my hands clasped to each side of her breasts I squeezed them together and fucked my cock between them.

Maggie’s hands came up on the side of mine and she too pushed her breasts together. The voluminous amount of shampoo was ensuring our concentration was on keeping her tits on either side of my cock. I thrust my hips up into her tits as I pushed my cock into her soapy folds.

I can honestly say the situation was the horniest I had ever found myself in.

As I pumped my cock, Maggie started to lower and raise her upper body in unison. Her hands pushed harder to provide more friction and her lips - I could see her lips were aching to cover the end of my cock and suck on it.

I watched as she extended her tongue as she lowered her body. Once or twice she succeeded in brushing her tongue across the top of my cock and the smile on her face intensified when she felt the contact.

I concentrated on pushing my cock into her breasts as she concentrated on pulling it into her. With most of the lather now washed away, my orgasm was building up quickly.

I watched her as she dipped her breasts lower and lower. I bucked my hips faster and with one last dip of her shoulders the first spurt ejected out of the end of my cock onto her face.

I let out a cry of relief as the involuntary pumping of my cock took over.

Jet after jet of spunk shot from the end of my cock. Maggie stopped her rocking motions and held my cock between her tits, massaging my cock as she rolled her breasts with both hands. I continued to buck my hips up into her flesh until all the cum had been drained from my balls.

The early spurts stayed on her face but slowly the relentless falling water washed much of my spunk away to the floor.

Maggie finally sank her mouth down over my cock head which caused me to squeal with pleasure as she sucked on my pulsating cock head.

As she rose, she smiled, one of her broader smiles.

She scooped my remaining spunk off her face and into her mouth, licking her fingers one at a time. Maggie then turned around and washed her hands in the sink behind her. I saw her shaved pussy nestled serenely between her thighs as she bent over the sink. I too washed my hands with more shower gel.

Maggie bent to the floor and picked up her kimono and slipped it on. It moulded to her wetness, clinging to every round and luscious curve of her body. It finally clung to her body like glue. Maggie then reached out and handed me my dressing gown.

She smiled as she held it out for me to step into. As I stepped out of the shower she pulled it up over my shoulders.

“Breakfast will be in 30 minutes,” she announced matter-of-factly as she switched off the water.

She left the bathroom through the adjoining door which I guessed would be the door to her room.

I stood there for a few minutes, drinking in the emotions and eroticism of the moment. As I dressed for breakfast I thought silently to myself…’wow, definitely sex star.’

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