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The Slow seduction

The seduction of a woman.
Melissa and John have worked in the same office for over 2 years now. They have the usual joking and playing around that co-workers have, but lately they have been staying late together and there has begun to be a sexual undertone to all their joking. The sexual tension between them has been growing with every late night. She catches herself following him with her deep blue eyes from across the room. He always seems to find a reason to go to her desk and chat with her for a minute. Tonight was a little different than usual. Usually there was at least 1 other person there with them, but because of a family emergency, Melissa and John were all alone tonight. Both were thinking of all the possibilities and wondering what the other was thinking.
Melissa gets all her work done and looks across the room to see is John is done yet but finds him still hard at work. She knows that they have to leave together for safety reasons and knows that she has some time to kill. Her mind starts drifting. She starts to daydream about John walking up behind her to discuss something, they way his breath would feel on the nape of her neck, what it would feel like if he would caress her cheek and kiss her.

Without her fully realizing it, her fingers glide up towards her underwear and she starts to rub underneath her skirt. Her eyes are closed, her pussy starts to get tingle. Rubbing her fingers on the outside of her panties she can feel the wetness through the cloth. She starts to rub her clit harder, imagining what John’s tongue would feel like. She runs her hand down the inside of her panties until she reaches her soaking wet hole. Inserting two fingers, she releases a quiet moan, wishing it was John’s hard dick inside of her. 

"Ahem, sorry to interrupt.”

Melissa’s eyes fly open to see John standing above her, watching very intently. She is so turned on from fantasizing about what John would feel like and taste like that she seizes her opportunity. She stands up, placing her body against his, pressing her breasts against his chest as she kisses his neck. He grabs her shoving her against wall. He holds her with both hands firmly against the wall kissing her deeply.

“Do you know how long I’ve wanted to kiss you Melissa?”

Melissa can feel his dick instantly becoming rock hard, as he slides his hand up the inside of her thigh reaching her pussy. Feeling how wet she is, he whips her around and clears off the desk throwing everything onto the floor. Placing her on her back he removes her clothes and places his face into her pussy. Tasting every last drop of her delicious pussy. Sticking his tongue deep inside her, listening to her moan with every pump of his tongue. Running his tongue and lips over her clit he can feel her legs twitch with excitement.

She moans, ”Please John, fuck me, make me cum for you.”

John quickly unbuckles his belt allowing his pants to drop to the floor. Not wasting anytime he pulls out his stiff cock, the tip wet from all the precum.. Melissa sees how wet he is and begs for him to let her lick it off. He walks towards her head as she grabs his dick and pulls him towards her mouth. Her lips glossing over the head of his dick, he feels her hot, wet mouth sliding up and down his shaft. One hand on his shaft pumping it fast, wanting him to explode inside her mouth. He can feel himself start to tingle in his balls as she licks and sucks on them. Still stroking his dick she is begging for his cum now.

“Cum for me John.” Melissa moans.

Not wasting a moment he feels his whole body tense as he feels the cum start to flow out of his dick.

"God Melissa, I'm Cumming"

Melissa moans out "yes" as he cums inside her mouth and she swallows every drop. She is still stroking it making sure she gets every last drop, not wasting any of the cum.

Now is her turn, not wasting a moment he lifts her up and starts to eat her pussy. Running his tongue all over her clit and and lips. He raises up and turns her around doggy style on the desk. He pushes his dick deep inside her. She screams "Harder, Harder" as he pumps his hard cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Every stroke makes her pussy quiver and she can feel her orgasm getting close and closer.

She screams "I'm Cumming"

He can feel her hot cum run all over his shaft. He sees her body tensing and releasing as the climax is subsiding. John pulls his cock out and places his mouth on her pussy licking up all of her juices. Making sure he doesn't miss anything he runs his tongue inside her pussy swallowing all of her cum, as she moans even more with each lick.

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