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The Snack Shack

Two single people meet up
It's tough being a single dad. It's tough enough being a dad, but being a single dad makes it that much harder. All of his activities plus my own, and watching him.

It makes it pretty tough. I enjoy watching him play little league, but all the other stuff that goes with it makes me wonder whether it's worth it to me. Today is a classic example. I have snack shack duty. I have to spend a couple of hours helping out in the park's snack shack. Not that I really mind that so much, but what do I do with my son for those few hours. Luckily, I have some family that are willing to baby sit him. In fact, he's sleeping over so after I am done here, I can go home and relax before falling asleep.

Well, as much as I was really not looking forward to this, my mind changed completely once I stepped inside. She was there. Lady. Her son is on my son's team. I have seen her at the practices and games. She is a sight to behold. A gorgeous brunette with hazel eyes, luscious lips, and a curvaceous body. She was wearing a white T-shirt and jeans that I think were a bit tight on her. I was enjoyed gazing at how all her curves were just right. I'd be surprised if she couldn't see me salivate just looking at her.

I have never gotten the nerve to say much to her, but as she looked over to me and smiled, I figured she at least recognized me. It was hard at first for me to see her working there. So close. Not a lot of parents around. And seeing her bend over the counter to help someone may me quite hard. All I could think of was stepping behind her, grabbing her hips and....


The microwave went off. Someone's popcorn was done. She retrieved the popcorn and as she did, gave me a quick smile. After awhile, the crowds subsided, and we didn't have much to do. We started to chit-chat a little bit. Our sons are about the same age, and they are even in the same class at school. Not long before she tells me that she's also single... and wouldn't you know... she's had trouble working up the courage to talk to me.

If I thought she flirted with me before, I was wrong. She turned on her flirting skills on me. She smiled at me and all I could think of doing was grabbing her, kissing her, and ...


Damn microwave again. I guess she sensed my feelings, because she giggled right after the microwaved went off. The person in charge came in and soon was telling us what we needed to do to close up. I didn't mind so much anymore. It meant I got to spend more time with Lady. I think she felt the same way with the way she smiled at me.

It wasn't long before she was kneeling on the counter pulling down the shutters. It looked a little dangerous, so I went to make sure she didn't fall. Wrong move. There I was standing behind her with her incredible ass in my face. I couldn't help myself. I stared right into her ass and all I wanted to do was take a bite out of her. I noticed that she looked down at me, and smiled. She carefully moved down, turned around, and she was now sitting on the counter with me between her legs. We stared into each other's eyes and started to lean in towards each other to kiss, and then....


What is it this time?? It wasn't the microwave. The man in charge in the back room answered his cell. Something was wrong. He sounded quite distressed. It wasn't long before he came in and told us he had an emergency. He apologized but said he'd have to let us finish up. He warned us that the park is deserted. He asked Lady if she was ok being alone with me. She said she was, and then he told me to make sure she got to her car without a problem. I told him I would.

With that he left. We looked at each other, and laughed. We did have a bit of work to do. I couldn't help looking at her as she cleaned the counters. I couldn't help but noticed how her jeans showed off her body. Her cleavage was so enticing. And she had the most beautiful face.

We got to know each other a little better as we cleaned. We found that we had a lot of similar interests. Similar humor. Similar outlook on life. I found myself flirting with her very easily. Then it happened.

She went too far. She squirted me with water. Got me wet. At first, I didn't like that. But then I said, what the hell, and squirted her right back. Good move. Seeing her T-shirt cling to body -- showing off her ample breasts -- was a treat beyond measure. She looked at me in shock - at first. Then I noticed the look in her eyes change from shock to lust.

"Look at what you did" she complained. "Look at what I did? Who stated it?" She then took off her shirt and pants, looked at me, and in a lusty voice said "Well, I always finish what I start." There she stood in front of me. Nearly naked. The look on her face almost begging me to help her.

I sat her on the counter and began licking her. She let out a sudden gasp of air. She told me it had been a very, very long time since anyone had touched her like that. I stopped and told her I couldn't believe that. She told me that a lot of guys have vied for her affections, but she didn't like any of them. I smile, and thanked her for the compliment, and began to lick, and suck her like I have never done before. I was not going to disappoint her after that.

I wasn't long before I was licking and sucking her clit. One finger found its way inside her and I was finger fucking her and eating her like she's not had in a long time -- if ever. My thumb found its way to the spot between her cunt and ass, and as soon as I started to massage her there, she had an incredible cum. All at once she cried out as her thighs and hands clamped down on me keeping me in place.

Slowly, she released me and hopped down. Soon, though, she was bent over on the counter. She was bent over so far on the cold stainless steel. I could see her shudder from the sensation. But there she was. Bent over and all I could think of was fucking her -- fulfilling the fantasy I've had since I walked in. I didn't want to be too fast though.

I ran my finger nails up and down her back as I struggled to remove my pants. I kissed her shoulder and neck as I removed my underwear. She turned to the side and said "Fuck me. Fuck me hard. I need your hard cock in my cunt so badly." With that, I sucked the nape of her neck, giving her a hickey. And just as she was about to say something, she felt my hard, stiff cock enter her tight, wet cunt.

Slowly but steadily, I began to pump my cock into her cunt. Quickly, my thrusts became longer, stronger, and quicker. Her breathing became erratic as she felt my cock fill her hungry cock time, and time again. I was holding on to her waist as I fucked her hard. I could feel her cunt grabbing at my cock. Urging me on to continue fuck her. Then she turned her head and told me "Spank my ass. I'm a bad girl and I need a good spanking", so I did. That just turned her on even more. And it turned me on as well. Before long, I was fucking her as hard as I could.... as deep as I could go. She pushed against every inward stroke to force me that much deeper into her.

One more spank, and then I began to explore between her ass cheeks with my thumb. Soon after that, she declared that she was about to come. As I continued to pound her cunt, my thumb found that spot between her ass and cunt again. As I again applied pressure, she came all over my cock.

It felt so good. And as her cunt squeezed my cock, I sent a load into her cunt as I came in her. Her cunt continued to milk my cock until we were both spent.

I lied there for a moment. Kissing her shoulder, her neck. I told her how incredible she was. All I got from her was an attempt to catch her breath.

We hung our clothes out to dry while we went into the back room. There we found a cot we used to cuddle.

We got dressed and I walked her to her car. I told her it would be a shame for her to be alone (since her son was also spending the night at a relatives), so I invited her to my home.

When we woke up, late, we talked a bit more. We decided that we wanted to see more of each other. Not just because of the sex, though that was a definite plus. But we seemed to like each other anyway.

Well, it's a good thing our sons are friends, because they found themselves spending a lot more time with each other. Sleepover became commonplace as well. Of course, we enjoyed the sleepovers much more than the boys did.
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