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The Snow Storm

A stranger gives her a lift after she is stranded in a snow storm

Kyle tightened his grip on the steering wheel, his knuckles turning as white as the heavy snow falling outside. The storm wasn’t supposed to hit until later that night, yet here it was. The steady snowfall over the past several days had already accumulated several inches and caused more than a few car accidents.

When Kyle had ventured into town for supplies this morning, the sun had finally made an appearance long enough to turn things into a slushy mess. Now, with the temperature plummeting to below fifteen degrees, everything was refreezing. The two-lane road Kyle was navigating towards home had become his personal ice rink. Luckily, there was never much traffic this far out of town to have to worry about other drivers in addition to the weather.

A sudden blast of wind hammered against his old Ford, briefly forcing it towards the shoulder of the road before he could counter it. The snow pelted angrily against the glass like bits of dirt, and the whole world went momentarily white. He slowed his speed even more.

Sitting forward in the seat, he squinted at the road ahead, looking for familiar landmarks to tell him where he was, but it was impossible to see anything past a few feet. Finally, the road began to incline up a small hill, and Kyle knew he was just minutes away from his turn off.

As he crept down the other side of the hill, the wind died down, slightly improving visibility, and he could just make out a soft blinking of lights several feet off the road. He pulled over and stared at the minivan that was buried nose deep in a mound of snow.

Well shit. Guess I’m going out there, he thought to himself as he tugged on his gloves. The wind tried to rip the door from his hands as he stepped out of his truck, and he had to slam his weight against it to get it to close. He clapped a hand over his baseball cap to keep it from flying off as he staggered through the deep snow towards the other vehicle. The cold bit at his face as he lumbered closer, and despite the short distance, he was freezing his ass off by the time he reached the minivan and peered inside.

A woman, slightly younger than himself, peered up at him with a set of beautiful, big blue eyes. She yelled in surprise at the sudden appearance of his face pressed against her glass, but then a look of relief quickly came over her. She had a thin coat wrapped around herself with her arms tucked inside and her legs pulled up inside through the bottom. Kyle watched half amused, half irritated, as she fought to free herself from the coat’s confines. She was eventually successful, and then managed to hit the button to roll down the window.

“I’m stuck,” she yelled in order to be heard over the blowing wind.

“In your coat or in the snow?” Kyle returned with a small grin.


“Nothing.” It was too cold for making jokes. “Come on, I’ll give you a lift.”

“What about my car?”

“It’s not going anywhere. Now hurry up, before I freeze to death!”

The woman hesitated, probably wondering if it was better to spend hours trapped in her vehicle or to go with the stranger who materialized out of the snow. She looked Kyle over, saw something in him that told her he wasn’t a serial killer, then rolled up the window and yanked the keys out of the ignition. She gathered a few things into a small purse, cursing under her breath at her dead cell phone. She started to get out of her car when Kyle stopped her.

“Don’t you have gloves or anything?” he asked incredulously. The woman only flipped the collar of her thin coat up, as if that would protect her from the bitter cold, and continued to step out. “Fuck me,” Kyle said, exasperated, then tugged his own jacket off and shoved it into her chest. His hand briefly rubbed over a breast during the exchange, and he turned to hurriedly start trudging back to his own truck to hide the blushing of his face.

By the time he fought against the wind to pry open his door, the woman was clambering into the passenger’s seat, his coat comically too large on her small frame. He cranked the heat to its maximum setting, pulled his gloves off with his teeth, and rubbed his hands up and down his arms trying to regain some warmth. His passenger fought against the too-long arms of his coat to free her own hands and hold them against the hot air blasting out of her vent.

“Thanks....?” she said with a raised eyebrow.

“Kyle. And you’re welcome. What happened?” He gestured his head towards the minivan, then buckled his seatbelt and started to slowly maneuver the truck back on to the road.

“There was a deer. When I was coming down the hill. I couldn’t even see it until it was right there in front of me. I guess I panicked, turned, just went off the road, stuck,” she shrugged. “I’m Erin, by the way. And where are we going? The town is the other way.”

“I’m going home,” Kyle said, and as his passenger opened her mouth to protest he added, “There’s only one tow truck in the whole area, and I guarantee you he’s going to be at home tonight; nice and warm as can be in bed, and he’s going to stay that way unless the police call him out for help clearing an accident. There’s also only one hotel in town, and I spoke to Jim myself this morning and he’s booked to full capacity.”

“But...” Erin tried to protest. She was grateful this man had showed up to her aid, but the thought of going to his home, in the middle of nowhere, with a dead cell phone, unsettled her.

“But nothing. In another hour this road will be impossible to use, in or out. I’m not getting myself stranded out here. Now, you’re welcome to stay the night at my place, or you can try hoofing it back on your own.”

Erin slumped down in the seat, defeated. He was right. She told herself she had nothing to worry about, he was just a Good Samaritan lending her a hand. As Kyle focused intently on the road, she focused intently on him. If she could have chosen one word to describe him it would have been ‘country’. He was tall, broad shouldered, large hands that appeared rough from labor, driving a Ford, wearing a dingy baseball cap, and had a no-nonsense way of talking. He also had the most amazing green eyes she had ever seen. She vaguely wondered if the rest of him was just as big, her eyes darting to his crotch.

Her analysis of him was interrupted as he made a turn on to a smaller, much bumpier road.  Erin turned her gaze ahead, and after a few short minutes, the shape of a small cabin began to appear. “Home, sweet home,” he announced as they approached. He parked and cut the engine before grabbing a large paper bag from the back seat and leading the way into the house.

Once they were inside, he kicked off his work boots to a mat by the door. Erin followed suit, then watched as he set his bag of supplies on the counter and went to work on starting a fire. Erin looked around as she peeled his heavy coat off, hanging it over the back of a chair to dry. It was a small, but cozy and tidy, home. She made a slow circuit of the house, taking it in, memorizing the layout in case she needed a fast escape.

Kyle watched her as she inspected his place. She was a petite woman who carried her weight in all the right places. Without a coat to hide her figure, Kyle was pleasantly surprised to see she had an ample chest and a perfectly round, tight ass. Suddenly she turned to him, and they both blushed as he was caught checking her out. He cleared his throat, “Fire’s going,” he said lamely then stood and crossed to the kitchen.

Erin smiled at having caught him checking her out, then she went to stand in front of the fire in an attempt to dry her cold, soaking wet pants. “You wouldn’t happen to have an extra pair of pants, would you?” she asked to fill the silence.

“None that would fit you.” He smiled and added, “Guess you’ll just have to go without.” He had meant it as a joke, but a silence filled the room as they both considered that as a real possibility. She couldn’t just stay in wet clothes all night, and he really didn’t have anything to fit her, except maybe a large shirt for her to sleep in. The thought of her in his bed, wearing one of his flannel shirts, sent a whole series of sexual images through his head.

Kyle grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the supply bag on the counter, turned to get cups from the cupboard, and hurriedly set to making himself a drink. It had been many months since he had been with a woman, and having this attractive one in his home was setting his imagination on overdrive. “You want one of these?” he called over his shoulder, as he filled the first glass with soda and whiskey.

At some point since their arrival to the cabin, Erin had decided that this man posed no threat to her. The snow storm outside, the warm fire next to her, the gentle giant of a man in front of her, and maybe one too many romance movies playing in her head all contributed to her next move. With his back still to her, Erin undid her pants and shimmied the wet material down her legs. She stood in just her tank top and black panties, enjoying the heat of the fire against her bare skin.

Kyle had turned around when she hadn’t replied to his question and now stood frozen to the spot as he watched Erin saunter across the room to set her pants to dry on the back of a chair next to his own coat. She met his gaze then, fixing him with a small smile and a shrug of her shoulder. Then she walked up to him, took his drink from his hand with a soft, “Thanks,” and gave him a great view of her ass as she made her way back towards the fireplace. She collapsed on his couch, stretching her feet out towards the fire and taking a small sip of her drink.

Kyle quickly made a second drink, finishing it off in several long pulls. He willed his erection to go away without any luck. With another glance at Erin, relaxed and half nude on his couch, he decided he needed a shower and to relieve himself. He set his empty glass down and told her he was going to shower.

“Oh, a shower would be amazing right now,” she said, suddenly realizing she smelled like road and travel. “If you don’t mind,” she quickly added seeing the conflict that played over his face.

“No. That’s okay. But it’s a small heating tank.... you can go first if you promise to save me a bit of hot water.”

Erin stretched, her shirt pulling up to reveal her lower stomach. Kyle stood, drinking her in, while thoughts of the things he wanted to do with her played out in his mind. Erin took a slow drink, eyeing him over the rim of the glass before standing up and making her way to his bathroom. She closed the door behind herself and stripped off what remained of her clothes. Once she figured out the knobs, she started the shower and climbed inside.

There was a knock on the door, and Kyle stepped into the room with a towel in hand. “Brought you a clean towel,” he said while placing it on the edge of the sink. He eyed the shower curtain, wishing he could see through it at the beautiful woman behind. He reached for the door knob to let himself out again when her voice made him freeze.

“You could join me if you wanted,” she said nonchalantly; a new boldness fueled by the drink. When he didn’t respond, she quickly added, “You know, to save hot water and all.” She turned in the shower, letting the hot water stream down her front and beginning to think she was talking to an empty room. Just as she was going to peek out to confirm this, the shower curtain was pulled aside and Kyle stepped in behind her.

Erin smiled to herself, then made a show of slowly bending over to grab a bar of soap resting on the tub’s edge. She could feel his eyes taking her in, so continued teasing him by staying bent over while she lathered her legs. She straightened back up and, looking over her shoulder, offered the bar of soap to Kyle. “Would you mind getting my back?” Her eyes roamed down his naked form, and she bit her bottom lip when his hard cock jumped under her gaze.

Kyle took the soap from her, stepping closer, and begin to wash her upper shoulders. He watched the bubbles cascade down her body and over her ass. His hard member twitched again, begging to be buried inside of her. Erin moaned quietly under his touch and pressed her ass backward until she felt his hardness against her. Kyle couldn’t stand it any longer. He let the bar of soap fall as his hands grabbed Erin around her waist and pulled her back harder against his body.

His rough hands moved slowly up her sides and to her front, where they cupped each breast, lightly kneading. Erin tilted her head up, letting the water and his touch roam over her. She wiggled her ass slightly against him, the need for his cock mounting with every second. She moaned and closed her eyes, as his mouth found her neck and started to kiss and suck against her flesh. She ran a hand through his hair, then placed it to rest at the back of head, holding his mouth to her neck.

Kyle brushed his thumb across a hard nipple, then lightly rolled it between his fingers. He kissed higher up Erin’s neck to behind her ear, as her hips continued to slowly grind back against his cock. He groaned against her, and she responded with another quiet moan of her own. Slowly, he trailed a hand down the center of her body, over her clean shaven mound, and rubbed his fingers in a circular motion over her clit.

Erin’s need for him to fill her overtook her. She tugged his head by his hair, pulling his mouth away from her neck, then she bent over with her arms bracing herself against the shower wall. Kyle quickly used his hand to guide himself against her awaiting, slick entrance. He slowly flexed his hips forward, as she pressed herself back against him, and entered her with ease. They groaned in unison as his length filled her completely.

Standing on her the tips of her toes to better accommodate their size difference, Erin began to slowly gyrate her hips. Kyle ran his hands down her sides, appreciating and enjoying her body. He rubbed across her ass, squeezing while following along with her movements. He moved against her in a slow rhythm, her tight pussy gripping every inch of him and her circling hips sending waves of pleasure through him.

Using her arms and the shower wall, Erin pushed herself harder backward into him, wanting more. Kyle took the hint, grasping her roughly around the waist and matching her pace. Her moans came more frequently as she grew closer to her climax. Then the water begin to lose its heat, quickly becoming as cold as ice.

Cursing under his breath, Kyle reached around Erin to shut the water off. With ease, he lifted her off of her feet, cradling her in his arms, and carried her out of the stall. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her mouth laying kisses and playing bites over his shoulder and neck. Erin couldn’t help but giggle at his frustration, as his wet hand struggled to turn the bathroom door’s knob. With a look of victory, he finally toed the door open, then carried Erin straight to the couch near the fire.

Kyle laid her down gently and immediately climbed over top of her. Erin parted her legs invitingly, her hands grabbing around at his ass, yanking him back towards her. He slid back inside of her wet, tight hole with one hard thrust. Erin moaned loudly, her back arching, and her fingernails digging into his flesh. He leaned lower to kiss her briefly then, sitting back up on his knees, began to pound into her hard and fast.

Erin ran her hands down his forearms, her head tilted back, eyes squeezed shut as she let him use her body for his own pleasure. He continued to hammer against her, pulling out all but the head of his cock and ramming it all back in. The sounds of her own wetness, his balls hitting against her, and his quite groans were bringing Erin’s orgasm on fast. She squeezed her pussy muscles around him and lifted her hips up at him, wanting him to come with her.

Kyle was close, his balls tightening, his breathing coming in short gasps. Erin looked up at him with those big blue eyes, as if begging for him to bring them both to their ends. He licked the pad of his thumb then placed it over her clit, rubbing against her quickly. She moaned loudly, her hips rising, back arching, and fingernails dragging harshly down over his arm as she reached her climax. A new wetness filled her, her pussy clenching and releasing around Kyle. He buried himself one last time into the back of her pussy before exploding into her.

Erin’s hips continued to slowly stroke him, milking every drop from him. She smiled against his neck as he laid over her, breathing heavily near her ear. When he caught his breath he pulled away, slowly slipping his spent cock from her and watching their combined juices leak out from her. He crossed the room and grabbed a towel, handing it to Erin to clean herself off.

“Krazy Kyle’s Towing?” she read aloud from the stitching on the towel. She looked him as a big grin spread across his face. “Yeah. Told you I’d be home, nice and warm,” he said with a wink.

Erin tossed the towel at him playfully. “But you lied then. You said you would be nice and warm in bed.

She laughed as he scooped her up from the couch, carrying her into his bedroom, and dropping her into his bed. Erin pulled the covers back, patting the bed beside her, and he crawled in next to her. “There. Not a lie,” he told her. She snuggled into him, warm and content then asked, “What should we do with the rest of the night?” Kyle moved his hand down to rub over her ass. “I can think of a few things.”



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