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The Snowglobe Conspiracy #001: A Splash of Cold Water

Where Am I?

Bombarded by sunlight, my eyes flutter suddenly open. Blue sky. Wet. Am I in the water? Ughhh. Salty… Seawater? Yuck… Where am I?

The liquid I’m immersed in is cool, but not icy. I try to sit up as I think about the last question I’ve asked myself, but fall backward before I am an inch off the sand, and determine that I am in fact, on a beach. As I collide with the sand once more, the water is disturbed, splashing outward. For a moment it recedes, drawing away from me, and for the peak instant of that moment I can feel myself start to dry in the warmth of the sun. Of course, that ends abruptly and I am submerged in the tide again, splashed in the face by the ocean. Well, what I assume is an ocean, at any rate.

After a few more of these and I am a bit more awake. Panic grips me when this one hits, though. My face is completely submerged. If I don’t move, I will drown. Now I am sufficiently motivated. As a matter of instinct, I sit up as quickly as I can. Beginning to fall again, I heave myself to one side and flip over so I can keep my chin up. This way I can scramble out of the water on my hands and elbows if I have to.

Still sputtering in an attempt to expel the ocean from my mouth, I fall onto dry sand. It sticks unpleasantly to my wet skin, and further heightens my desire to figure out where the hell I am, and get out of this hideous sun. I can already feel myself burning. As I roll over once more, I see a palm tree wafting in a warm breeze, but my eye is quickly caught by more significant motion. I spot someone running toward me. She has red hair, and she’s wearing a white bikini. Definitely on a beach. Maybe somewhere tropical… How could I possibly have gotten anywhere that looks remotely like this?

Her voice is sharp, and confident. “Yo! Emily! We got another one!”

Moments later, another young woman – presumably Emily – appeared and stood over me. For a moment, she scrutinized me, then asked, “Are you okay?”

“Uh...” the sound lolled out of my mouth in a vacant drawl.

“...Okay,” she said back to me. “We’ll give you a second on that one. What’s your name?”

“Name…?” I am so confused right now…

“Alright then.” Emily clapped her hands as she stood, “Help me take him inside, Xandra.”

Two arms hook under my own and pull me roughly to my feet. They take my hands and put them over their smooth shoulders. We enter a building through what appears to be the mouth of a cave, but once inside, I find that it is tiled – floor and wall, with pale colors like sand brown, and dingy seafoam. I am led through a maze of similar rooms, and I stagger slowly between them. Some have benches, others have shower heads and drains… The labyrinthine nature of the architecture eludes me, but I think this is a locker room. Okay. Makes some sense. We were just on a beach.

We pass into another chamber, and what do I see? Lockers. Painted blue or brown, depending on which wall they are on. Yep. It’s disjointed as fuck, but it’s definitely a locker room. In a cave. Of course, that doesn’t make any sense at all, but my cognitive functions are pretty limited right now, and I have to balance the energy I spend on analysis with what I spend not falling over. My vision and consciousness are somewhat intermittent at this time. I am still coming out of a very intense fog. One might even call it a delirium. I’m not sure if I would, but someone might. My head is spinning a little. Perhaps I’m not coming to as well as I’d like, but I am trying. Soon though, unconsciousness takes me again, and as it does, I am oddly aware of the experience. Peculiar sensation.

When my eyes open again I have the strange sense that time has passed, despite the fact that it feels like only an instant of blackness. I am now painfully aware of my sopping, salty clothes. Mostly I am confused right now, but I am very curious. I admit to myself that small part of me is afraid, and that an even smaller part is excited. What am I laying on... a cot? I don't think so... The texture is cold, smooth, and my exposed skin sticks to it a little. Leather? No, that’s not quite right either.

Vinyl. It’s an exam table. What the fuck is going on here?

There are hands touching me, moving over and under my clothes, incidentally massaging me with strong fingers. What clothing I have left is being stripped away. A great yawn escapes my lips as I manage to open my eyes with adequate vigor to keep them from immediately closing.

“Who are you?” I manage to ask aloud.

“We were about to ask you that.”

“Oh,” I say. Thinking about it for a second, I tell them my name, and then reiterate my question.

“I’m Emily,” one says.

The taller of the two women says, “Xandra.”

“Alright...” I respond, making serious effort to keep my eyes open, “Where are we? What is this place?”

“Uh…” Emily starts.

Xandra finishes her thought, “That’s a bit complicated.”

“Well, I’m pretty smart,” I tell them between yawns, “Though I am very tired.”

“We’ll do our best to explain, but we actually don’t have all the answers.”

“You don’t?” I ask, starting to get more than frustrated by my apparent abduction. “Who does, and when can I see them?”

Looking annoyed with my tone, Xandra says, “I don’t know, and you probably can’t.”

Emily chimes in now, “We didn’t bring you here though, I promise.”

Being who I am, I tell her, “I accept your promise for the time being, though I am also treating it as suspect.”

“Good idea,” Xandra tells me, then says to Emily, “This one actually might be smart.”

Emily ignores her, and tells me, “Try to get some rest. We’ll tell you everything we do know as soon as you’re awake.”

Sighing in exasperation as well as exhaustion, I tell them, “Fine. I’ll have a lot of questions.”

“Of course."

"And I will be expecting some answers."

My heavy eyelids settle to their resting position once more, and I drift lazily back into the darkness. At first it is comfortable, restful, even. In my dreams I have returned to my normal life. I dream of a normal day filled with normal activities.

When I wake, the dream is easy to remember in its entirety. At least for a few minutes. After that it begins to fade, but quite slowly. I do everything I can to commit it to memory, but I am still so tired that I close my eyes again. I’m not asleep, but I don’t have the mental strength to sear something into my mental archives in the way that I would have to.

Suspended between sleep and awareness, I half dream about the women who brought me here. Emily is about my age, I think. Give or take a year, at any rate. Xandra is probably a few years older. Maybe in her early to mid thirties? I am bad at guessing. Her body is beautiful, curvy, and soft. Stiff nipples in the center point outward from the center of her perky round breasts. They are impossible to miss, even through the cups of her pristine white bikini. Her hair is vibrantly blue, and very long. Despite the artificial nature of the color, it had been soft when it brushed my shoulder on the way in.

Fiery red hair clashes with Emily’s lime green swimsuit. Well, one might argue that it’s a swim suit. Perhaps more accurately its a few strings that holds a few small triangles of fabric in place. More or less in place, anyway. I like it.

I think I’m naked now. Drier, too. A damp towel lays on the floor near me – presumably used to dry me off. I still feel salty though, which isn’t awesome. A thin, white sheet is draped over my body. I'm not comfortable, but I am far more so than I would be on one of the benches we passed; or if they had left me in the ocean.

As I flit between consciousness and not, I start realizing how erotic the imagery floating through my subconscious is. I can feel the blood pulsing toward my cock. It twitches a little in response to the images, and then begins to swell. Once again, my heartbeat sends a strong pulse through it, and it jumps, growing larger.

My cock continues bouncing upward of its own volition, and I am starting to think it is probably noticeable through the sheet. That suspicion is more or less confirmed by the soft giggle that comes from the corner. Choosing to roll with whatever punches came next I smile slightly, but don’t open my eyes. Part of me is embarrassed, part of me is turned on, and part of me is just amused at the absurdity of this situation. It’s that last part who’s smiling.

At this point, my cock is outright erect. It is very hard. Bordering on painfully hard. The blood is still pulsing throughout it, circulating rapidly. My heartbeat is causing it to visibly throb, straining against its own size. Another giggle in the same voice breaks the silence. That giggle is followed by an actual laugh in another voice. Seems that I’m definitely waking up, at this point.

A voice comes from beside me, “Hey.”

From the other side, “You coming out of it?”

“Maybe a bit,” I tell them, “But still foggy.”

“That’s not surprising.”

“How are you feeling physically?” Xandra asks.

“Better,” I say, considering my state, “At least, I think so. My head is just cloudy now. I think I’m waking up.”


“A little, but I think it’s passing.”

“Good,” Xandra says, “You probably didn’t swallow too much seawater while you were drowning then.”

“I’m sorry,” I interrupt her, “While I was what?”

Emily interrupts her before she can answer me and says “You were starting to drown. More like you were in danger of drowning, really. You did not actually drown.”

Sarcastically, I say “Oh. That’s reassuring.”

“It should be,” Emily says.

Reconsidering my words at her implicit suggestion, I say, “I suppose. I haven’t actually ruled that out as a possibility, though.”

Emily raises a skeptical eyebrow at me, and Xandra asks, “But, you’re feeling okay?”

Suddenly, I am aware of how hard my cock still is, and how obvious that must be to the two beautiful women standing in front of me.

“It looks like he is,” Emily says, looking to the tent in the blanket they had thrown over me.

Laughing silently in my head at the timing, I tell myself Well, there it is. That was predictable. I try to sit up and excuse myself, but I am not quite ready. Waves of dizziness lay me down again. At least I am getting a bit more comfortable. Neither of them seem hostile. Xandra a little more than Emily maybe, but I don’t feel quite as unsafe as I did a little while ago. I do feel extremely aroused, and that doesn’t exactly make me comfortable under the circumstances, but I am definitely less afraid. Good sense should be overriding my libido, but this is a battle that could definitely be won by either side.

“Don’t worry about that,” Emily says. She gets a little closer to say, “We don’t mind.”

“Don’t mind what?” I stammer, already ashamed of my attempt to feign ignorance.

“That your cock is so hard,” Xandra says plainly.

Before I respond, Emily asks, “Is it alright if we touch you?”

For a moment I look from one of them to the other, but I only miss half a beat before responding. With a stupid grin, I say, “I don’t mind at all, but I have to wake up for school now.”

Emily smiles at my joke and chuckles a little. Xandra almost does too. She quickly conceals a smile which could easily have turned to laughter. Instead, she simply informs me of her reaction, “That’s funny.”

“It is,” Emily’s hand dropped to my side, beneath the blanket, “How does this feel?”

Her fingertips run over the smooth, sensitive skin of my chest. “It feels great,” I tell her truthfully, “Please don’t stop.”

Emily’s nails continue to scratch lightly across my chest, my sides, my hips. Xandra kneels beside me, and slides her own hand under the sheet. She does not take her time, or even take the time to tease me like her friend is doing. As soon as she reaches it, her fingers wrap around the base of my cock and make a fist. Immediately, she begins jerking me off – stroking my shaft with her tightly closed hand.

“Fuck!” I exclaim, “You are good at that.”

“Thanks,” Xandra tells me, “It’s a skill I value, so I’ve made sure to practice a great deal.”

I’m pretty awake now, and acutely aware of what’s happening. “Well, its paid off,” I inform her with great enthusiasm.

The room is small. There’s a little desk in the corner, and an antique cabinet full of medicines and very old medical instruments. Those items, combined with the table I am laying on are surrounded by graying white tiles on the floor and walls. The bare concrete ceiling is decorated by pipes and conduits of all sorts – clearly the sort of thing one would find in the basement of a much larger building.

Emily strips the sheet off of me in a smooth motion, leaving me exposed and nude with Xandra still jerking my cock. Actually seeing her hand on my shaft is different than just feeling it. I was enjoying myself before, but this is getting me off in a different way.

The uncertainty of where I am or why they’re doing this is a strange turn on. Everything about this situation is confusing and fucked up, but I am enjoying myself like I did when I was a teenager. I kind of feel like a teenager, actually.

Even just over the last couple of years, as my mind has started to crystalize, I started to find myself less driven by the urges of my body. Of course, I still had a distractingly high libido, but it's at least manageable. It’s definitely been a struggle to keep up with my studies with all the pretty ladies on campus. I like to learn. Really, I do… but I just want to fuck. All the time.

Now – or perhaps here – it’s back to the old ways. I just can't resist. I am so sensitive, so responsive. Doesn’t really seem like I’ll cum all that fast as all that, though, so that’s good at least. For a moment though, I reconsider that opinion as Xandra starts working the edges of the head of my cock with her thumb. The already stimulated nerve endings sparkle with excitement as she smears me with my own precum, sliding her hand around my slick cock. I gasp, and hold my breath a moment. I manage to hold back, but I have to close my eyes and breathe deeply for a few seconds.

It’s this moment that Emily chooses to join in. She softly cups the soft skin beneath my shaft, and rolls my balls gently in her hand. A stray finger circles the hole beneath them. She does not press on it directly, but applies a gentle pressure as she orbits the perimeter.

This is amazing. Looking at these two beautiful women handling my stiff cock like this – trying to get me off and obviously enjoying themselves... This is an extraordinary feeling. My whole body is tingling with excitement and anticipation. Once again I’m nearly overwhelmed by a flash flood of hormones and neurotransmitters.

What is happening? I ask myself, Where am I? Is it the sexual paradise I yearned for as a teenager? Someone’s completely absurd interpretation of an afterlife? Sexy purgatory? The questions continue to flow for a few moments, but they are interrupted by a new sensation. As I look toward her, Xandra locks her eyes to mine, and begins kissing down the side of my shaft. When she reaches the base, she licks me from balls to tip.





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