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The Stable Ride

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Older guy and younger woman, could be one of my fantasies
Jon parked his car next to the stables as he had done so often with Carrie by his side, but this time it was different. She had left him for a co-worker and moved to France. He had been gutted by her decision, but realized that things had been bad for quite some time.

Although Jon was not an avid rider, he had paid for Carrie's horse Benji to be stabled. Jon got out of the car and walked to the stall Benji was in. He stroked his soft nose gently and talked to him. A neighbour had mentioned he knew of someone who would exercise and look after Benji and Jon decided to accept the offer.

Jack was the owner of the stables and as he approached Jon hand outstretched he said, “This is the girl I was telling you about. Adele meet Jon.”

He recognized the girl with long blonde hair, tight jeans and a denim shirt. She was attractive and he had already noticed her around the stables. He smiled at her and said, “Hello.”

“Hello,” she smiled and said back to him.

“This is Benji,” he said pointing to the horse.

Adele said, “I know, I have seen him around the yard with the lady who came here”.

Jon laughed and said, “Well it’s a long way to come from France to ride him now”.

“Will she be away long?” Adele asked.

“Forever,” Jon said smiling.

“Oh I am sorry,” she said.

“Shit happens,” he smiled then apologized for swearing.

“I need someone to ride him till I can sell him, if you are interested I can pay you to take care of him,” added Jon.

“Why don’t you ride him?” she asked.

“I can’t ride,” he replied.

“I could teach you if you want,” she smiled.

Jon smiled and said he would think about it and left.

They kept in touch when he went to the yard on Saturday’s to pay her and check on Benji.

Adele worked in a bar in town and one night when Jon was out with friends he bumped into her. They chatted for a while and then he said he should leave and catch a cab. Adele offered him a lift which he gratefully accepted. They chatted while she was driving and when they pulled up at his place Jon offered her a coffee. They chatted till the early hours and then she left and went home.

They started to meet regularly and Jon became a regular at the bar with his new found freedom. He found her attractive whether she was in her tight jodhpurs and boots, or the silky dresses she wore for work. He had on a couple of occasions masturbated in the shower thinking about her and had always thought that was as far as it would go.

One night at work, there was a party after hours and Adele was a little drunk so she shared a cab with Jon. She got out at his house and went in for a nightcap, as it was only a short walk home. They sat on the sofa chatting and as they joked with each other they got closer and closer together touching each other’s arm. He reached up stroking her cheek and as she looked up at him he leaned forward and kissed her cheek. Softly, unconsciously she turned her head and kissed him gently on the lips.

Jon kissed her neck and slowly down to her shoulders, his fingers lightly stroking her spine, making her moan softly. Jon stopped and started to apologise but Adele just smiled and whispered she didn’t mind. They lay back on the sofa kissing and cuddling as she rolled so her back was against him. His hand slid over her waist and rested on her stomach, softly stroking her smooth skin. Jon then slid his hand upwards until he cupped her breast, lightly squeezing it.

He slid the strap of her dress from her shoulder and pushed it down exposing her white silky bra cupping her lightly tanned breasts. Her chest heaved as he pulled the cup down and his fingers pinched and rolled her nipple. Adele gasped her nipple so hard and burning, she pressed back against him wriggling her ass against his body feeling his cock harden. She could feel his lips nibbling up and down her back as his hand slipped slowly down tugging her dress up around her waist. He then pushed his hand into the waistband of her panties, easing his fingers under the elastic. He moaned as his fingers slid over her smooth hairless pussy, he felt her legs part slightly and his fingertip felt her warm moist entrance.

Adele reached behind her and her fingers stroked his hard cock through his trousers making him groan. She squeezed a little harder as his finger found her clitoris, lightly rubbing it, making her squeal softly. His other hand rolled her nipple pinching it as her eyes closed. She unzipped him and wrapped her fingers round his cock, stroking the warm shaft as she felt him push his cock through her hands.

His fingers left her clitoris and slid back curling up into her pussy soon to be joined by a second slowly pumping. Her legs parted and she moved her hips so he could get easier access. She was gasping for breath as his fingers pushed in & out of her wet pussy, her breathing becoming ragged. He teased and circled her clit making her hips spasm; gulping for air she whimpered biting her lip

She felt him wriggling as she pulled at his pants forcing them down, giving her easier access to his throbbing cock. Her hand stroking him faster, she could feel his precum on her hand and used it to lubricate his cock, making him cry out and moan.

He rolled Adele over so she was lying on top of him, her weight meaning she could not stroke him. In this position her legs were wide apart over him and using one hand he eased the hood of her clitoris back exposing the sensitive tip. He pulled his fingers from her pussy soaked in her juices and teased her. She squealed loudly her whole body shaking, faster and faster his finger circled, rubbed and teased her making her cry out “fuck, fuck, fuck” He bit and nibbled her shoulders, up her neck and onto her earlobe. He whispered “cum for me” she was almost helpless her body writhing on him. She could feel his hard cock and ached to feel it inside her.

Her stomach felt as if it were filled with butterflies. She grabbed her breasts squeezing them firmly, her thumbs rubbing against her aching nipples. She closed her eyes and grunting loudly her body tensed as she screamed. Her hips thrashed against his finger, she grabbed the sofa and came flooding out. He quickly pushed his two fingers into her pumping fast making her jerk her hips. She could feel her juices running down over his fingers onto her thighs cooling. Her body collapsed against him she could feel his teeth nibbling her neck. He was whispering, but she could not make out what he was saying as her body calmed.

He slid from under her looking down at her smiling, dress pulled up from the bottom and down from the top. He smiled as he pulled off his shirt climbing between her thighs as he stroked her knee then hooked them under his elbows pushing them up. She felt the tip of his cock against her pussy and as he pushed, her eyes went wide. He then slid deep into her in one push, she squealed. He leaned forward and kissed her as she felt his hips start to pump, slowly then building momentum. He grunted as he sped up.

She reached up tugging his nipple making her cry “Oh yes.”

He took her ankles in his hands pushing them towards her shoulders. As he knelt, his hips were pounding her pussy, his body shiny with perspiration. He bit down on his lip as his whole body went tense, she felt his cock swell a little more and then he shouted, “Fuck yes, yes”.

His cock erupted and she felt it twitch as he filled her with his cum, gasping he let go of her legs and almost collapsed onto her. He lowered himself next to her and they kissed deeply, she felt his cock slowly shrink and eventually slip from her, their mixed cum seeping from her pussy.

As they lay together, they dozed on and off. She felt him jump a little later as he was chilly. Standing he took her hand, leading her along the corridor to the stairs and to his bedroom, she could not help but smile.

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