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The Start

The start to an evening of love making - a quick, passionate shag even before dinner...
It is a mild spring evening and you are waiting to be picked up and whisked off for a nice meal and love making with your blue eyed lover.

You are stood waiting for him to pick you up, all sorts of scenarios regarding the activities for the evening running through your head…and having an arousing effect on your body!

You have had your hair done again recently. It is now longish and flowing, but has that sultry ‘bed hair’ look, your make up is not over done, it's classy.

You are wearing your high heel shoes; you know he likes them. It is a mild evening so you decided not to wear any stockings or hold ups; your anticipation is they will not be necessary as you want to feel bare flesh on bare flesh with your lover, or at least his hands on your smooth skin working their way up to your already aroused pussy as soon as possible.

You have a black dress on that opens at the front, showing your cleavage at its best. Your breasts are supported by the silky black bra he bought for you previously – again, in preparation for whatever erotic activities you may get up to with him in whatever location.

Finally you have your silky black knickers on that he bought with the bra; they are already starting to get moist with your aroused anticipation. You want to feel his touch and his hands, lips and tongue exploring your body already.

You can’t wait for him to arrive!

He pulls up in his car and immediately jumps out and greets you, kissing you on the lips and slipping his tongue into your mouth. His hands and arms embrace you, sending a shiver of excitement through your body. He looks into your eyes and around your face, your hair, your head, then steps back to look up and down your body. The smile on his face and twinkly eyes indicated his delight even before he says, “You look gorgeous.” He guides you to the car and opens the door to allow you to enter.

You are both in the car and he kisses you with his tongue longingly; he is already stroking the bare flesh of your leg and you automatically part your legs slightly although he doesn’t take the hint. He stops and starts driving but keeps looking over to you and holds your hand between gear changes.

You're happy; your heart is racing and your blood is flowing through your veins, heating you up. You can feel the anticipation as your nipples become tense and your pussy even hotter. You can’t help yourself and reach across and stroke his hard-on through his jeans; you want him and you can tell he wants you.

The plan was to go to a nice riverside restaurant and have a romantic dinner followed by a night of passion at a hotel, however, the sexual tension between you is electrifying. He is driving through the countryside. You are trying to free his cock from his jeans and he is rubbing your wet pussy firmly through your knickers. The anticipation for both of you is too much and without any indication to you whatsoever, he finds a country lane and pulls up it and drives a short distance before pulling over into the seclusion. It is quiet and doesn’t look as though many people pass through.

Your arousal is so strong that you don’t even care. He is out of the car and round to your side to open the car door. He grabs you firmly but not roughly, pulls you up and out of the seat, and expertly has the front of your dress open in no time.

He is fondling your breasts through your bra with one hand and continues rubbing your aching and wet pussy through your knickers with the other. He is also kissing you passionately, his tongue writhing against yours in your mouth. You are pulling at his belt and undoing his zip – you want to see his cock, touch his cock; have his cock….

His cock springs free and is fully hard. The pre-cum is glistening and dripping from its head. You stroke it gently at first, using the pre-cum to lubricate his shaft and then stroke it back and forth slowly, then slightly faster and more firmly.

He has removed your dress now and has also pulled your knickers down slightly to allow him easier access to your pussy; you have subconsciously stood with your legs wider apart to facilitate this and are now very wet. He raises his sticky hands to your lips for you to taste your own juices.

You want him inside you but before that you want to tease him. You fall back to your seat, level with his cock, and start to lick his bell end, first encircling it with your tongue but then swallowing it into your mouth. You look up with your bright eyes and see his looking down at you with utter satisfaction. You ride his cock slowly with your mouth, teasing him as a mixture of saliva and pre-cum drips down your chin.

He pulls out of your mouth and bends down to remove your knickers fully; he doesn’t remove your shoes (because he likes it when you keep them on!). He stands you up and pulls you out of the car at the same time and closes the door.

You are stood in front of him in only your stiletto shoes and your bra that has been pulled down slightly on your breasts and your nipples are hard, erect and exposed. He pulls you to him, kissing you hard and deep with his tongue, and rubs your clitoris delicately through your wetness.

He turns you round so he is behind you and you bend slightly over the side of the bonnet of the car propping yourself up slightly with your arms. He is kissing and nuzzling your neck and ear. One of his hands is playing with a hard nipple while the other is stroking your bum. His fingers are working their way between your bum cheeks and down to your wet pussy, exploring your bum hole delicately on their way, using some of your wet juices to aid this brief insertion. You can feel his hard slippery cock against your bum and feel round with your hand to continue stroking it. You are breathing heavily and moaning in anticipation and desire of having his cock inside you.

He starts to kiss the back of your neck and his hand moves from your nipple to your belly. He starts to kiss down your back, a finger on his other hand is now in your pussy, moving in and out slowly, then joined by another finger. You're so wet and you can feel your juices on the inside of your thighs.

His tongue is now sneaking gently between your bum cheeks and circling into your bum hole while the hand that was on your belly is teasing your clitoris. You are moaning and almost breathless. You spread your legs further apart and away from the car, firstly to stop from falling over but more importantly to aid deeper penetration from his tongue in your bum and his fingers in your pussy.

Now three of them are moving in and out more rapidly. He is teasing the soft tissue between your bum hole and pussy with his tongue and teeth which makes you writhe even more in ecstasy. All you want now is his cock in side you. You plead for penetration…"Please."

He stands up, pulls you up firmly and turns your head with one hand around your neck so your tongues and lips can meet. You taste your own love juices on his mouth. His other hand has found one of your hard nipples again, which he teases between his fingers, while the one around your neck is now fondling your ear.

As you kiss passionately you can feel his hard cock again on your bum between your bum cheeks. You rub him with your hand and then stretch lower to tease his balls behind you. You move away from his kiss to position yourself selfishly to take his cock in your pussy, continuing to tease and stroke his balls but at the same time encouraging his cock head into your pussy.

He takes the steer but slowly enters your pussy slightly and then withdraws. He moves into you again a little further, and then withdraws and repeats this slowly, penetrating you further and further each time. You have your eyes closed and your head thrown back in ecstasy, moving your body to slam against his ever increasing thrusts penetrating deep into your pussy. You are so wet and so ready to cum; you want him harder and faster…harder and faster…"Please!"

He is ramming into you hard, his cock penetrating deep into you. He keeps shifting his direction inside you to create maximum arousal. You are on the cusp of your climax as you feel him start to jerk and spasm. He is moving faster as the first spurts of cum explode from him inside you. Thrust after thrust, spurt after spurt, you feel your own body spasm as you collapse onto the side of the car, trembling in your own orgasm.

He is on top of you breathing as though he has just finished a marathon as he slides his cock out of you.

This is only the start of the evening!

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