The Steam Room

By lensman

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A visit to the gym ends with a smile and a twist
It started off a normal Saturday, get up late, have a light breakfast and late morning trip to the gym. It's usually not too busy at that time and there are always one or two attractive women to help keep me from getting too bored.

That morning I spent 30 min on the bike followed by a 5km run and a short session in the pool. The pool isn't huge and it can get crowded but that morning I was pleased to see just one other person in the water. She was in her mid twenties I guessed and was wearing a dark one piece swim suit. I adjusted my goggles and slipped into the water. She was about a third of the way down the pool as I pushed off from the side. She was a slower swimmer and I soon gained on her. I noticed that her swimsuit showed her body off beautifully, especially her nicely rounded arse. I finished off the last of my 30 lengths and climbed out of the pool and headed to the steam room.

I lay on the bench and let the hot steam soak over me. I must have been in there a few minutes when the door opened and the beauty that had been in the pool came in and lay on the bench opposite me. I couldn’t help look over and check her out. She had long slender legs, her breasts were a nice round shape - not too small but not huge and her pubic mound was clearly visibly under her thin costume material.

She lay there, her eyes closed with a slight smile on her face, more than likely knowing I was checking out her beautiful body. She slowly smoothed her right hand over her flat stomach, up over her breasts then slowly trailed it back down her body and over her mons.

I could feel my cock stirring as I watched her. Without thinking I slipped my hand into my shorts and gave myself a slow stroke.

Her fingers lingered over her pussy with slightly more pressure on her swimsuit than before. I couldn’t believe she was starting to masturbate in front of me. I began massaging my cock, feeling it harden with every squeeze. Then, with her eyes still closed, she spoke..

“Why don’t you take that out and give it the freedom it wants.”

“Um….,” was all I could reply.

She turned her head and opening her eyes smiled at me.

“I love the heat - it makes me feel so horny.”

“I know how you feel” I croaked in reply.

She stood up and walked the short distance across the room to sit next to me.

“Let’s see what you are hiding in those shorts,” and with that slipped a hand into my shorts and pulled out my rigid cock.

“Mmmm tasty,” she said as she bent down and kissed the tip of my cock.

I couldn’t quite take in what was happening, sat in a public steam room with a sexy woman about to give me the best blow job I have ever had.. As her mouth enveloped my bulbous cockhead, I leaned back, closed my eyes and lost myself in the feeling of this beautiful stranger taking me into her mouth. She swallowed me whole, taking the full length of my 6’5inch cock deep to the back of her throat. With one hand she held me firmly, gripping my shaft at the base and with the other she began to massage my balls.

“Oh fuck yes that feels so good” I whispered in the clichéd style of a porn actor. But it did feel good. So very good. This girl knew exactly what she was doing and exactly how to take me to the point of no return.

She began to fuck her mouth with my cock. Sucking, licking, slurping and teasing me until I could feel myself tense up. She felt it too and with an extra suck on my head, tipped me over the edge. I exploded. My cock jerking five, six times as it pumped my hot cum into her mouth.

“Oh fuck yesss!” was about all the intelligent conversation I could muster as she drank down my juices. Finally she pulled her mouth from me and looked deep into my eyes and said

“Mmmm yummy, I love cock.”

She leaned forward, kissed me gently on my lips leaving the faint trace of saltiness from my cum then stood up and walked out of the steam room leaving me, my cock slowly losing it’s hardness, in a state of bliss and shock at what had just happened

I pulled myself together, and my shorts back up, and followed her out back towards the pool. She was there slowly swimming towards me so I slipped into the water and waited for her to finish her length. When she reached the end she looked at me, winked and set off immediately on another length. I waited for her to return. This time when she did she stopped in front of me smiled and said quietly:

“Wait for me in the car park, we have unfinished business I think."

With another wink and a slight giggle she climbed from the pool and headed to the changing room.

I have never managed to get out of a pool, showered, dressed and into the car park faster. She wasn’t there. I was wondering if she had decided to give me the slip when there she was, a vision in front of me.

“Your place or mine?” she smiled at me.

 “Well I’m alone in the house so why not mine,” I replied. “It’s only a short drive from here”

It was a very sexually tense 5 minute drive. Neither of us said anything but the atmosphere in the car fizzed.

As soon as we were in the house and the front door shut we were kissing. Stood in the hallway locked in a close embrace. Her hands were slowly moving over my back and mine seemed to have a mind of their own and soon gravitated to her arse. She was wearing loose jogging bottoms which made for very easy access to her skin. I slipped a hand into her bottoms and found she wasn’t wearing any panties. Fondling her cheek I could feel how soft yet toned her body was. I couldn’t resist slipping my fingers between her cheeks and round to explore the folds of her pussy. She was wet. Very wet and ready. Her knees buckled slightly as I probed her hole. I could feel her juices coating my fingers.

With hardly a break in our kissing she ripped my t shirt off over my head and I responded by doing likewise to her sweat top. As with her panties or rather lack of, she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her pert breasts hung there, proud and firm. I leaned down and kissed her breasts, taking one nipple into my mouth and then the other, making her moan with pleasure.

“Lets go upstairs,” I said grabbing her hand and leading her up to the bedroom.

She lay on the bed and I lay on top of her, kissing her deeply as my hand fondled and squeezed her tit. I began to kiss her neck then down her body over her breasts and down further over her stomach. As I reached the top of her joggers I slowly pulled them down. She raised her hips to help me remove them and soon she lay there naked. I took a few moments to drink in the gorgeous sight before me before going down, gently kissing around her perfectly trimmed pubic mound. She instinctively parted her legs to reveal her pussy lips which were puffed up and wet from her juices. My first taste of her was electric on my tongue. Sweet but yet tangy but so very nice. I slipped my tongue between her lips and took great delight in making her squirm slightly as I explored her pussy. Her clit was erect and just perfect to tease. She gasped as I took her into my mouth and sucked. Slipping a finger into her I began to work on her cunt until I could sense she was close.

Her hands grabbed the back of my head and pushed me closer into her. She was breathing in gasps by now and so close to her own orgasm. I think it was the combination of a second finger inside her and my tongue licking her clit that sent her over the edge. Her back arched and with a cry I felt her pussy spasm.

I continued to lick her until she pulled my head away and with a gasp said “oh fuck I needed that”

“felt like it too” I replied. She sat up and undid my jeans and pulled them down along with my pants so that my now hard again cock sprang out just inches from her face. She grabbed my shaft and gave it a squeeze causing a large drop of precum to ooze out. She leaned forward and delicately licked that bubble of clear liquid from my cock head. Savouring the taste she laid back, cock still in hand and pulled me towards her.

I needed no further encouragement and lifting her legs up onto my shoulders I was presented with her gapping pussy. Still holding me, she guided my cock into her. I felt my head enter her and held it just inside. I could feel her tighten and relax her pussy muscles tempting me to enter her further. I resisted a little longer, then, with a pull from her I slid my full length into her hot, tight hole. She let out a moan and a gasp at the same time as my cock filled her pussy. She felt very tight, the whole of my cock now wrapped and massaged by her pussy muscles. I began to fuck her. At first with a slow, steady rhythm then building up to a hard and fast pace. She was grunting with very thrust I made and responding with a buck of her hips just to ensure I was getting as deep as possible inside her. I didn’t want to end it just then so I slowed my pace and let her catch her breath.

I pulled out of her soaking cunt and lay down on the bed. She rolled over on top of me and straddled my stiff cock. She began to rub her pussy up and down the length of my cock and at the same time leaned forward so we could kiss. She reached back and slipped my cock back into her pussy and began to ride me. Like I did to her, she began slowly then built up into a fast bounce. I could feel my cock stretching her as she impaled herself on me.

We were both now breathing heavily and both not far from cumming. Her panting turned to moans then through gritted teeth ordered me to “cum now, cum deep inside me now” Not one to keep a lady waiting I gave an extra hard thrust and with a shout, came hard. The feeling was so intense. It felt like the whole of my groin was going to explode this time. My balls throbbed with every ejaculation as my spunk pumped into her At the same time she looked as if she was going to pass out. Her eyes were back in her sockets, her body convulsing and she was grunting the word “fuck” over and over.

Finally she collapsed on top of me causing my cock to slide out of her in a sloppy mess of our combined cum juices. We lay together, panting away both lost in post sex bliss.

Finally, after what seemed a good five minutes, I had recovered enough to speak.

“Giving me a blow job in the steam room was a little risky wasn’t it?”

Giggling she said, “that’s half the fun, makes it all the more exciting doing something like that”

She sat up, leaned across and with another kiss whispered,

“I’m off to have a shower, be a love and put the kettle on, I could murder a cup of tea.”

And with that my long term girlfriend got off the bed and as naked as she could be, headed to the shower room leaving me to wonder where our roleplay may take us next time.