The Storm

By Pussy_Predator

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I am having a good day so far. After kissing you and saying I’ll miss you as we both walk out the door, the day goes on and I constantly think about you, wanting you so much and missing you. Sending little texts here and there, telling you "hey baby, just thinking about you. Hope your day goes well".

Before I notice it the work day, which I thought would be long, comes to a close. It can't get any better. I arrive home from work and take off my army combat uniform, getting ready to take a nice shower. I text you quickly to say I am home. You text me back, saying that I better hurry up because you are exhausted from your long day. With that in mind I quickly take my shower, feeling fresh and clean as I wait for your arrival.

The clear day turns into a rough evening, full of rain. I get your bath ready, nice warm water with scented candles on the corners of the tub. I hear your truck pull up in the driveway and make a dash for the door to greet you with a kiss as I take the umbrella from you. I take you by the hand and guide you into the house.

"Awww baby, hope the rain hasn’t made your day more of a pain".

"No babe, its ok", you reply.

I close the door behind you and my eyes gaze at your wonderful sexy body in your business attire. You are wearing your short sleeve, button up blouse that hugs your breasts firmly and shows off a little cleavage with a few undone buttons. Your slacks fit snugly and firmly to your hips and the curves of your ass. I look down at your feet and lick my lips as I see you are wearing lovely matching high heels that show off your red painted toes.

I take you by the hand once more and lead you to the bathroom, where you see that the lights are off and just the candles are on. I stand in front of you and kiss your soft lips. Tilting your head to the side, I brush away your hair and kiss your neck, softly licking it up and down, ending with a gentle bite on the side. I slowly unbutton your blouse from top to bottom- button by button. As I undue your buttons I place soft kisses over your chest and along your breasts. You take a deep breath and sigh, blowing out slowly as I continue to work my way down your blouse. As each button becomes undone I place a kiss over your body, leaving trails of kisses from your lips to your neck, over your chest to your breasts, down your tummy, over your navel.

I’m now on my knees, undressing you as I lick and kiss your navel teasingly. I loosen your belt and unzip your slacks, slowly opening them as you step out of your high heels. I stand up briefly to kiss your soft lips once more as my hands and fingers guide your blouse off your body and unto the floor. My fingers trace upwards to unsnap your bra and release your straps off your shoulders, allowing your pink bra to fall to the floor. Our kisses become deep and passionate, as our lips part one another's. I get back down to my knees, my hands on the inside of your slacks, tracing around to the back side over your ass. I begin to wiggle them off you, not forgetting to kiss over the waist band of your pink see through panties.

My mouth hovers over your clit, breathing a little heavy on it, as your slacks lower down your thighs. As your body gets excited I look closely at what happens to your clit, I see it starting to swell. I breathe harder on your clit as you take one leg out at a time. I move closer to you and take the waistband of your panties with my teeth and pull the panties down, exposing your beautiful, smooth shaved pussy. I see how wet your lips are from my teasing.

You step out of your panties and place your legs in the tub one at a time. I let your body sink into the warm water, watching as you get comfortable. I place my hands on your shoulders and massage them slowly, easing away your stress. My hands slowly lower to your full breasts, cupping them and feeling their weight in my palms. I pinch your erect nipples, pulling on them slightly with my fingers and twisting them. You moan softly and your back arches with pleasure.

My hands softly lower into the water, down your belly and to your waist. I take my middle finger and place it on your clit, rubbing your swollen bud as your moans becomes louder. I rub your bud harder and faster, listening to your breathing as I nibble on your ear.

"Yes baby, just let it go", I whisper.

I slide my finger inside you and finger you faster and faster, feeling your tight, hot love cave, fingering harder and harder, pushing my finger in deeper and sliding in a second.

"Oh my god… oh my god…" you moan.

I continue going in and out faster and faster as your body moves around the tub, splashing the water around. You are trying to control yourself.

"Mmmm baby… just let it happen".

You grab hold to the edge of the tub, arching your back once again, your moans becoming louder and louder, you're breathing heavier.

"Oh my god baby it's cumming… oh my god I'm cumming baby… I'm cumming!" you half moan, half scream.

I finger your hot cave harder and faster as you release your orgasm over my fingers, your pussy tightens around them as your orgasm passes through your entire body, legs squeezing and trapping my hand between them. I kiss on your ears and neck.

"Yes baby you are so hot, I love that", I say as I remove my hand from between your thighs.

I take you by the hand and help you out the tub. I take a towel and dry off your dripping body, and then I wrap the towel around your body and walk you over to the living room.

Soft music is playing and more candles are lit along with the fire place. When you look down at the rug you notice I have laid out a pillow and some rose petals. I undo your towel and toss it aside, and then I lay you down on your stomach, your head resting on the pillow and straddle your back. I pour some warm massage oil into my hand and rub it slowly over your back. I massage your whole body with my strong hands, working over your neck, shoulders and back, rubbing the oil into your skin. I rub the small of your back and move lower to your ass and thighs, squeezing them as I move down your legs to your feet. I rub your feet gently, and then I start moving back up your legs, spreading them as I do. When my hands get to your inner thighs I feel the moisture of your pussy as it is getting wet again.

I touch your pussy gently and you moan, arching your body up toward me. I bend down and place my hands on your ass, spreading your legs wider and burying my face in your pussy from behind. I lick your pussy lips and clit, sliding my tongue up and down your wet slit, pulling your body onto my face as I lick you. I spread your cheeks wide and lick up and down as I squeeze your ass and slap it lightly. More and more moans are escaping your lips, getting louder and louder.

I pull my face out of your wet pussy and straighten up. I pull my throbbing cock out of my silk boxers and brush it over your clit and then push the head against your slit. You gasp with pleasure and I feel your pussy gripping the head of my cock. I grip your hips and push into you all the way. You thrust to meet me and gasp for air. I slap your ass with my open palm and leave a red handprint on it, then I reach my hand and grab a handful of your silky hair and pull you into me harder. You scream as I fuck you harder and harder, my balls slapping your clit. I feel your body shaking and you scream in orgasm, I feel it on my hard cock as your pussy clenches.

I pull out and lie down next to you; you collapse onto your back and smile the widest smile I have ever seen. We lay there, embraced, catching our breath. After a few minutes I get up and position myself at your feet, taking your feet and massaging them gently. I bring your feet up and start licking your toes, sucking each into my mouth and licking the delicate skin in between them. You moan in pleasure as I take all your toes into my mouth at once.

You begin rubbing your breast with one hand, squeezing and pinching your lovely nipple, pinching and pulling it; your other hand rubbing over your swollen clit, sliding your finger over your slippery mound and digging into your pussy. I listen to your juices squishing as you plunge one, then two fingers deep inside your pussy while I continue sucking your toes. I lick up your legs to your thighs, spreading your legs wide as I do so, kissing my way up to your mound. I remove your fingers from your pussy and lick the juices off them. I lie on top of you, my body over yours.

I kiss your mouth, biting your lower lip. I move down your neck, kissing, sucking and biting it gently, moving down to your breasts and squeezing them. Your hand moves to my cock, stroking it and guiding it inside your hot pussy. Your legs wrap around my waist, ankles locked, your arms also wrapped around me, pulling me deeper into you. I thrust hard and deep into you while you moan in my ear. I unclasp your legs from around me and adjust so they are resting on my shoulders, I lean up and forward off the ground, thrusting into you even harder now. The sound of my balls slapping your ass mingles with our moans and cries. More and more of your juices flow out onto my cock as I fuck you faster and harder. Your cries become louder and my groans deeper.

"Fuck me harder baby, harder…" you scream and I obey your desires.

I pound harder and faster into you as our orgasm’s build up, your pussy starting to tighten up and release even more juices, my cock throbbing and tightening up-ready to burst. Your legs start shaking as your orgasm starts.

"Oh my god! Ohhhhhhhhhh yessssssssssssssss", you scream.

Your pleasure triggers me and with one more deep thrust I burst inside of you, my body locking, feeling the cum shoot out of me and fill your sweet pussy. When my orgasm subsides I lie down next to you on the floor and you snuggle into me.

"Damn baby you're so amazing", I whisper in your ear.

I kiss your forehead and run my fingers through your hair, your leg and arm are thrown over me, your head against my chest- listening to my heartbeat. Your eyes shut slowly as you dose off to sleep snuggled in my arms- warm and safe in front of the fireplace. I sigh in contentment and fall asleep too.