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The Storm - Part 3

Fun with ex the morning after the storm...
I woke up to the sound of birds tweeting outside and the bright sun shining through the curtains. It seemed somewhat of a contrast compared to the tumultuous storm which had deluged all night.

Aiden's arm was coiled round me, his hand lightly cupping my left breast. He was spooned behind me, his strong chest pressed against my back and his light breathing breezing against my neck as he slept. Further down, I could feel a bulge pressed against my bum as his morning glory appeared to be waking.

I glanced up to see what time it was. 06:45 my alarm clock read. I sighed and patted my head back on the pillow, but as I did, the hand wrapped round me started twitching; the fingers brushing my milky skin and tweaking my nipple.

Soft kisses pecked at my neck as the tweaking became harder.

"Morning gorgeous," croaked Aiden in between kisses, his hand now grabbing my breast fiercely. "Did you sleep Ok?"

"Mmm not bad... " I purred, slightly twisting myself towards him.

The kisses on my neck grew stronger and more eager as his hand grazed down my torso making it's way to my core. I gasped as his index finger found my clit and began rubbing it.

I turned my head to face Aiden, "Someone's in a good mood this morning?" I said.

He didn't say anything, just moved his face closer towards me and pressed his lips on mine. His long finger plunged inside me as he kissed my lips, sneaking in a little tongue.

"We don't have long till I have to leave for work," he said as he inserted another finger in me and thrusted them in and out, lightly tickling my g-spot.

I writhed as he continued to play with me, and reached my arm behind me taking his full erection in my hand and glided the foreskin back and forth.

His kisses moved back down my face making their way back down towards my neck. I squeezed his shaft tighter as I stroked him, wanting to please him as I squirmed to his touch inside me.

"You're so wet," he whispered in my ear.

"Surprised?" I asked, smirking.

He pulled his fingers out of me, then, he grabbed his erection from my grasp and lingered with his head teasing it up and down my moist slit. He slipped straight in to me and set to work pounding my pussy from behind me.

I moaned as he plowed into me back and forth filling my tightness with his hardness. He playfully nibbled my neck, grabbed my breast, teasing the nipple and flicking it with his fingers. I swayed my hips back so my bum was pressed against him, pushing him deeper into me. I grabbed the headboard above by head and squeezed hold of it as pure waves of pleasure moved through me making my pussy throb. His hands brushed down my ribs and he dug his fingers into my bum cheeks, allowing him to hit me harder and deeper. I continued swinging my hips and arched back, pressing my bum firmly into his groin. His fingers slid from my bum and found my mound, lightly stroking it at first then vigorously circling round my aching clit.

"Oooh god!" I screamed out, tilting my head back as ecstasy took over my body; my insides shaking, my right hand gripping onto the cold metal bedframe, the other hand squeezing Aiden's thigh and digging my nails into his skin deeper and deeper as my orgasm rippled through me.

"Harder!" I demanded.

Aiden picked up the pace immediately, thrusting in and out of me as his teeth lightly pecked at my ear. I could feel he was close, based on his breathing. His fingers gripped into my loins as he finally thrusted his load straight into my waiting pussy.

He pulled out and we lay tangled in each other's limbs, trying to catch our breath back.

"I'm going to shower," Aiden said after a few minutes, kissing my cheek then clambering over me and heading for the bathroom. I rolled on my back and laid there, mixed juices seeping out of me, my breathing still heavy. I lightly rubbed myself feeling the wetness. I heard the shower flick on in the bathroom and the rhythm of the flowing water change as Aiden stepped inside.

I glanced back at the clock to see it was only 07.30. Only forty-five minutes until Aiden had to leave, and truth be told, I was still feeling aroused. I sat up and perched on the end of the bed, goosebumps spreading over my porclain flesh, my boobs bouncing as I stood. I crept towards the bathroom and slowly turned the door handle and peered inside.

I was met by a fog of steam as I stepped in. The shower curtain was closed gaping a little at the wall. I sat on the cold corner of the bathtub and swung my legs round, tiptoed in the bath. Water trickled at my feet as I moved closer to the waving curtain.

I slowly pulled the curtain to the side to see Aiden stood with his back to me; dripping in water. I moved my hands up and caressed his back, rubbing down towards his waist.

“What the…” Aiden seemed confused and turned around quickly. His expression soon changed to a smile as he looked down at me, and brought his lips down to kiss me.

“This is a nice surprise,” he said rubbing my shoulders making them wet.

I took my hands and moved them down his dripping chest and moved them down, taking his member in the palm of my hand. I gazed up at him, fell down on my knees and twirled my tongue around it’s head before taking it fully in my mouth.

Aiden exhaled and stepped back in surprise, the water showering down his chest and splashing onto my head. I placed my hands on his hips and bobbed my head back and forth, sucking his fullness which was becoming harder by the second. I kept my eyes focused on his as I twisted my tongue up and down his shaft, and sucked, then moved my hand to tease his balls.

He grabbed my hair scrunching it into a ponytail and forced my head farther onto his dick, pushing it into my throat and making me gag, then pulled me back, taking his erection in and out; so my teeth lightly grazed on his shaft. I took the base in my hand, stroking it softly as I teased the head with my tongue.

Aidens lips pursed, slightly smirking to one side as I looked up at him. He picked me up, pulling me back directly into the jetting water which trickled down my goosebumped flesh. He squirted a blob of shower gel in the palm of his hand then bobbed down to kiss me, his fingers massaging the gel into my body, lathering it round my breasts and tweaking my hard nipples.

His hands rubbed up and down, exploring every millimetre of my ivory skin, eventually moving lower & lower down my back until they grabbed my bum cheeks, lifting me off my off feet. He elevated me to his level, pulling me close for a passionate embrace, my wet boobs pressing against his chest and my legs wrapping themselves round his dripping lower back.

Our lips locked with passion as he pulled me closer to his body & turned, pressing me against the wall; the cold tiles stinging my back. My arms wrapped round his neck as he maneuvered me so his dick teased my opening, then thrust straight into me, making me gulp as his hardness filled me.

He swung his hips pounding my tightness as I slid up and down the slippery wall digging my nails into his dripping neck. Water hit our tangled bodies, dampening my hair, trickling down the cool wall which I was pressed against. Aiden fucked me hard and fast pushing deeper into me as he nuzzled my neck. I bit my lip as my pussy throbbed, waves of pleasure engulfing my body. Aiden ducked his head down taking my erect nipple in his mouth, flicking his tongue round it in circular motion and playfully nibbling it.

I pulled him closer to me with my legs, pressing my nails further into his shoulders. Aiden pumped himself further into me with no abandon, pressing as deep as he could. He drove into me one final time,as his head nuzzled into my neck.

I remained pressed against the tiles, rubbing his slippery back with my fingers. He pulled me away from the wall and sat me own on the side of the bath. I felt weak at the knees to say the least.

“That was amazing,” I panted.

“No, you’re amazing,” Aiden cooed, tilting his head down to peck me.

I watched as he continued to shower himself, taking a blob of shampoo and massaging it in his dark locks.

“I’ll leave you to finish,” I said, winking as I slipped out of the shower and wrapping a towel round me and tying it above my bust.

Aiden emerged from the shower moments later and continued getting ready for work.

Finally, came the moment I’d been dreading, as he walked towards me and held me in his arms. The towel fell to the floor and he massaged my moist breasts.

“Goodbye my sweet,” he whispered, planting a huge kiss on my lips.

With that, the door slammed behind him as he left. I stood there watching from the window, holding the towel close to me as I watched him drive away...

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