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The Stowaway

Needing a ride from San Antonio to Houston to visit a friend, Heyna decided to use an old trick her older sister had taught her. She walked to the nearest truck stop and waited around for an available truck heading west. Heyna positioned herself in the diner area where she could see the rigs coming in from the highway so she could spot the westbound drivers.

After a twenty-minute wait, Heyna was sure that she had spotted her target. An independent driver in an old red Mack with a sleeper on the back pulled in from the westbound feeder. Heyna tracked the truck across the parking lot to the next-to-last fuel pump, away from the station. Perfect.

As the driver got out of his rig and started pumping his fuel, Heyna gathered her things together and headed out the back door. Through the cover of dark, she crept along the edge of the parking lot until she got to the red Mack that would hopefully take her to Houston. Heyna walked briskly to the truck, stepped up to the passenger door, and pulled the handle. She almost fell off of the steps as it swung open. Keeping her balance, she lifted her body into the cab, shut the door and quickly stowed away in the sleeper.

Heyna tucked herself away in a dark corner of the sleeper behind the driver. She left herself in position to see the road, but in a place where the driver couldn’t see her. She leaned forward and pulled the curtain to just enough to allow a peek through. Comfortable with her hideaway, she relaxed and waited on the driver to return and take her to Houston. As she contemplated her trip in the darkness, a thought hit her that hadn’t before. If the truck did take her as far as Houston, how would she get out when she needed to? What if the driver drove right on through the Bayou City into Louisiana? She would have to worry about that when the time came.

Heyna sat in the darkness of the sleeper another fifteen minutes before the driver returned to the truck. He had been pumping gas while he was in the store. That had finished a few minutes ago. He returned the nozzle to the pump and climbed up in the cab. The driver tossed a heavy plastic bag onto the passenger seat and Heyna heard the jingle of his keys.

The rig shook to life as the driver started it. Heyna could see as he reached over and pulled something out of the bag. It looked like a pack of magazines. Probably porn magazines, she thought. There was a tear and rustling of plastic, then a piece of plastic and a couple of magazines landed back on the passenger seat.

Heyna heard a zipper open. She knew what her driver was up to. The little pervert was going to get off to porn while he was going down the road. That kind of turned Heyna on, but then she wondered if she had picked the right truck. Would she be safe? If he was horny and discovered her, she could risk being raped. That thought was pushed out of her mind at the thought of the driver’s hardening cock as she heard the slap of flesh as he stroked his cock. She wanted to get a peek at the bare cock just across the curtain from her.

Heyna heard the driver flipping through the pages. She poised herself, waiting on the truck to jerk as it lurched into gear, so she could move her body to a better view. She heard the gears grind, then the truck jumped forward. With each rock and wobble through the lower gears, Heyna shifted her body a little further over. Finally, she could see the magazine resting on the steering wheel, and the driver’s hard cock sticking up out of his pants.Heyna was immediately aroused at the sight of the driver getting off to the porn girls. She could feel her pussy tingling and getting wet. She reached her hand below the elastic waist of her warm-up-like pants and touched the crown of her cunt. Heyna rubbed her finger across the top of her lips and felt them separate slightly.The driver continued pounding his dick at the sight of the magazine sluts. With the magazine resting on the steering wheel, he flipped through the pages. Sometimes he would flip through a whole pictorial quickly. Other times, he would camp on one page or several pages of one girl. It seemed at times that he was about to cum, but he would squeeze the head of his dick to hold it off, wait a little while, and then start jacking off again.

As the driver was exploring his new magazines, Heyna’s finger had slid easily into her moistening pussy. Constrained by her pants pushing against her hand, she could only move her fingers a little bit. She pressed her longest finger as deep in as she could inside and moved it around. Even that little bit of pleasure felt so good.

Heyna’s chauffer was stroking the miles away in the front seat. He seemed to be very preoccupied with the task before him. Heyna pulled the front of her pants down with her left hand to give her right hand more liberty in masturbating. Using her left fingers, Heyna stimulated the erogenous zone between her pussy and asshole. Still protected by the dark of the sleeper cabin, Heyna slowly started stimulating her lips and the edges of her pussy just inside them. Her finger ran smooth across the wet insides of her cunt and easily slid up to brush across her clit.

After a few minutes of self-stimulation, Heyna’s pussy was flared open. Heyna picked up speed with her finger movements. With quick back-and-forth motions of two fingertips, she worked her way down to the bottom of her pussy, and then up to the top. Then she would rub her clit, or massage it between the two tips. Pretty soon, she was masturbating as hard as the driver was. She took a cue from the driver and paced herself. Heyna, too, could have orgasmed in a matter of minutes. Both Heyna and her driver knew that there were many miles ahead to cover, so there was no need to rush a good thing.

As Heyna got hornier, her pussy was dripping its juices. The saturation along with her masturbating movements had caused a stream of pussy juices to flow from the bottom of her cunt toward her asshole. Heyna took advantage of the natural lubricant to make herself further aroused. With her pinky, she rubbed the outer surface of her asshole and then gently slipped her tiny finger into the hole.

Getting herself off with both hands, Heyna was coming closer and closer to orgasm. The anal penetration felt so good, even though it was just her tiny pinky. Heyna switched fingers and began fingering her asshole with her next finger. Working her finger deeper into her asshole, Heyna moved her right hand up to her clit and began massaging it vigorously. The driver was still getting off in the front. It seemed to Heyna like he was about to orgasm too.

Heyna could feel her pussy about to cum. The ecstatic numbing sensation deep inside her cunt was getting stronger, and it was slowly creeping its way up. Heyna kept flicking her right hand against her clit as she prodded her left-hand finger deeper into her lubed asshole.

Suddenly, there it was. Heyna felt a small squirt of her cum land on her left hand. Her orgasm was pressing to be released. As she kept masturbating her clit, she cringed at the impending release of pleasure. She was trying to be absolutely silent, but the pleasure was just too great to hold in.

Heyna was gritting her teeth as her sensation peaked. As the first major squirt of cum came out, she let out a tiny peep. Her hand was still attacking her clit when the second and third gushes squirted out onto her hand, her pants and the bed. She could take it no longer. Heyna released a loud groan of pleasure. She stopped her hand-flicking motion and let her finger rest inside her asshole. For several moments, Heyna’s pussy kept throbbing out tiny gushes of cum.

The loud expression that Heyna released with her orgasm obviously caught the attention of the driver. With a “What the fuck!” exclamation, the driver turned back, swung open the curtain to the sleeper and reached up and turned on a light. To his pleasant surprise, he was greeted by a pretty Latina cutie, still holding her moistened pants down, exposing a throbbing and soaking pussy. Truckers have seen worse.

The driver looked at Heyna, looked down at her wet pussy, and then looked down at his own rock-hard cock. He gave her a smile as he put the whole thing together.

“I would ask if you’re alright.” He told Heyna. “But it certainly appears to me that you are.”

“I’m sorry for sneaking into your truck.” Heyna immediately began apologizing. “I just needed a ride to Houston.”

“Don’t worry about it, little lady. Any girl who masturbates in the back of my truck can hitch a ride wherever I’m going.”

Heyna began to feel more at ease. She realized that she was still holding her pants down and her finger was still in her ass. She eased her finger out, pulled her pants up and at the driver’s invitation, crawled into the front seat. His name was Paul, and she introduced herself to him. He was headed to Baton Rouge, and he offered to drop her off anywhere in Houston that she needed to go.

After a few minutes of chat-chat, Heyna noticed that the driver’s dick was still out of his pants, and it was still rock hard. Heyna decided to let the driver jack off to her tits and pussy instead of those magazine girls. Without disclosing her plans to Paul, Heyna slipped off her shirt and unsnapped her bra in a matter of seconds. It took just a little bit longer for Heyna to slip her pants off. She kicked off her shoes, peeled her socks off and propped her feet up on the seat, spreading her legs apart. Heyna was sitting stark naked on Paul’s passenger seat and was ready to be his centerfold.

Heyna stretched out a long finger and rubbed it from bottom to top up her pussy, then slowly licked the juices from her appendage. Paul grabbed his dick and started jacking off as Heyna continued her show.

Continuing with the pussy-play, Heyna spread her lips wide. Paul could see the folds and texture inside her pussy, as well as the deep hole the led down into her cunt. Heyna rubbed her pussy lips and fingered herself. She was immediately starting to get horny again. Her pussy started oozing its sexual liquids. The horny, desirous look on Paul’s face turned her on more and more.

As the juices flowed more, Heyna cupped some of the moisture onto two fingers and rubbed them on her right nipple. Then she stretched her 36C breast up to her reaching tongue, licked her nipple with her tongue, and then sucked her nipple and areola into her mouth. She had to make an effort to reach the full nipple into her mouth, but it was still a great turn-on for Paul. He grunted at the pleasure as he stroked his dick harder.

Heyna continued with the juice-play, sucking her juices off of her fingers, rubbing them on her nipples and rubbing her nipples together. Heynas self-pleasure exhibition really turned Paul on, and had turned her on pretty well also. The driver was stroking hard as Heyna pleasured herself, and he was ready to cum.

Still stroking at his dick, Paul spotted a rest stop. He steered the truck off the freeway and into a parking spot. Heyna was fingering her pussy persistently and really starting to shows signs of a nearing orgasm.

As soon as Paul stopped the truck, Heyna had him sit on the edge of the bed with his feet hanging into the cab of the truck. Still fingering her own pussy, she immediately went down on his cock. She hit it aggressively and started pumping her head up and down with vigorous motions. Her lips and tongue were wrapped tight against the bulging shaft and Paul could feel his cum rising quick.

Within thirty seconds, Paul was moaning the final sounds of pleasure that come before orgasm. His dick started shooting its load into Heyna’s pumping head. She moaned with each jerk of his cock. Paul shot a heavy load into Heyna’s mouth. She wasn’t swallowing, so her mouth filled up quickly. Before Paul was finished pumping out squirts of cum, Heyna pulled her mouth from his dick. Small drizzles of cum continued dripping from Paul’s cock.

Heyna cupper her hand in front of her mouth and let Paul’s load drop down into her palm. It filled her hand and was almost dripping off of the edges. Being careful not to spill it, Heyna reached her hand down and smeared the gooey mess all over her pussy and back to her asshole. As she kept rubbing it in, she had Paul get up and she leaned over the bed where Paul had been sitting, with her thick Latina ass sticking straight out to Paul.

Paul had just cum, but he was still stiff enough to take care of business. He aimed his dick at Heyna’s little asshole and guided it into the tight opening.

“Oh, Yes!” Heyna grunted out as Paul’s dick inched deeper into her ass. She grabbed hold of the blanket that she was lying on and held on for the ride.

Since Paul had cum just a while ago, his dick wasn’t at full erection, but because he had a long masturbating session as foreplay, he still had a decent stiff. It was just enough to give Heyna good pleasure without causing her any pain.

With Paul’s own slippery cum lubing the way, he steadily began pounding at Heyna’s ass. She moaned with each thrust of Paul’s cock into her ass. Heyna was already horny as hell. The deep pleasure of an ass-fucking brought her to the brink of orgasm quicker than she expected. Her pussy swelled with a deep throbbing sensation, then it was released as she wrenched with orgasm.

Through five and six moans and throbs of her pussy, Heyna released her second orgasm of the night. Paul slowed down the pumping motion of his dick into her ass, but Heyna kept up her movement as well so he didn’t stop completely. Finally, Heyna stopped swaying against Paul, so he stopped as well.

Heyna lay motionless and quiet on the sleeper bed. Paul twitched his dick inside her ass, just to see if she was still alive. The motion kind of tickled her, and Heyna laughed.

Paul slowly slid his cum-soaked cock from Heyna’s ass and the two cleaned themselves up. Heyna sat in the front seat for the rest of the trip to Houston. The two talked about their families and past, just like they were old friends. Paul dropped Heyna off at the end of her friend’s street. It was just a short walk down to the house.Before leaving the cab of the truck, Heyna kissed Paul and thanked him for a good trip.

“The pleasure was mine.” Paul said. “I don’t have a trip like that very often.” He laughed, “Actually, never.”

“I’m glad we could help each other out.” Heyna said, then hopped down from the cab and shut the door. Paul watched her until she made it to the front door, then he put his rig in gear and drove away.

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