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The Straight Girl from the Gay Bar

He never thought he'd pick up a girl from the gay bar.
It had been quite the summer for Richard. An emotional roller coaster had accompanied the warm breeze as his long term fiancée called off the engagement to figure out what she wanted in life. Richard had been offered free passes before but had never taken them, not believing he really needed one. This night was a different story, though.

He’d been thinking about hooking up with a random for a while. It was a question of rebooting his ego and confidence, which both had plummeted within the last two years. As he drank his beer at the pub with one of his mates, quite possibly the biggest alpha male and womanizer the small city has ever encountered, and will ever encounter, he knew that the testosterone filled atmosphere would only benefit him to loosen his morals and find a fuck.

The night had been disappointing, after a few drinks on the terrace they moved to one of the higher end clubs of the area where Richard paid $30 cover to skip the line, only to walk right out as his friend gestured him over. There he stood with two other guys from work who flat out said “There’s no pussy in there, we’re going to Boom, come with us.” And off went the four merry bunch.

As they neared the local gay bar they knew the night was going to become wild. They made their way in and immediately the beers were flowing. The music was loud, the air was hot with sexual tension and sweat, and it was packed with a variety of gay couples, singles and a few straights which were hard to identify. Once the lads relaxed a bit they made their way to the dance floor, and being the idiotic party go-ers they were, they quickly declared a shirtless party was in effect. Here were four straight guys, shirtless, dancing like complete knobs and making even the queerest of patrons think they were above the normal level of gay. However, as they moved to the platform Richard was accosted by a guy dancing with a voluptuously breasted girl and without waiting asked Richard if he was straight. As Richard nodded his head, the guy pushed the girl to him and instructed him to go with it.

This girl was pretty, she had big soft lips, long curly brown hair, blue eyes and a smile which was inviting. Her white short shorts displayed her long legs well and the fact she was only wearing a black bra made it clear that she was down with the shirtless party.

Richard and her danced for a while but every time it began to get heated, she would put herself between him and another guy or simply return to her gay roommate. Richard wasn’t sure what was happening; she had grinded his leg for nearly half an hour, licked his washboard abs, pulled his belt towards her and had quickly passed her tongue to his a few times. Undeterred, Richard went for a smoke to calm down and figure out whether he should push on or let her go. As he came back in, he moved to her, grabbed her by the hips, pushed her against the mirrored wall and she caved to his determination. He nibbled her neck as she moaned and said “You’re so bad…” Words which he would hear all night…

They kept dancing and it only became more sexual, hands were groping and exploring, she would dip down in front of him and seductively move back up maintaining eye contact and at times Richard would dip down with her to the beat of the music until she was essentially sitting on him as he gyrated his hips into hers. “You’re sooo bad” she said again, with a slight smile.

As the night was nearing its end Richard came up to her a final time and directly asked her :

“What are you doing after this place closes?”

“Going home, she said, you?”

“I was hoping to take you home actually…”

She stared him in the eyes and said “Why don’t I take you home with me then?”

Richard grabbed her ass and pulled her into him as they kept grinding to the last few songs of the night.

As they walked home she was pulling all the usual “good girl” lines. “I can’t believe I’m doing this”, “Don’t have any expectations”, “We’re not going to have sex!”. Richard knew she wanted it, why else would she be taking him home. He comforted her by saying “Don’t worry, we’re just going back for a massage and if anything happens, it’ll happen, but you’re setting the pace.” Her gay roommate laughed as he said “Yeah, he’ll massage your clit!”

Once they arrived to her home the place was a mess. Your typical Fredericton home, with the scent of dampness in the old walls, littered communal hallways and old wallpaper barely covering the walls. They walked in and Richard excused himself to the washroom, he could over hear her, her roommate and his boyfriend saying how cute he was, and how sweet he seemed. Richard smiled at himself in the mirror. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening.

As the gay guys excused themselves they closed the door to her room and she was clearly nervous. Richard took her in close and told her to relax as he laid a soft kiss on her neck. He took her shirt off, and peeled his off as he told her to lay down for her massage. He’d worked at a massage place and it seemed that women always loved hearing that, they immediately assumed he knew what he was doing. As he massaged her back he was explaining what he was doing, including what encompassed a non-sexual ass massage, full of bullshit saying how people sit too much and thus they’re posterior holds much tension which affects their backs. She bought it faster than he could sell it. He massaged her legs and gave a quick foot rub but by then she was panting and whispering “Come here, fuck me”.

Richard wouldn’t cave; he wanted her to really want it. He rolled her over and massaged her front, exposing her gorgeous supple real tits. They were more than a handful and she was shy to display them at first, but quickly relaxed and moved her hands away. They were massive, probably DD, with nice, small nipples. As he started to massage her inner thighs she sat up and grabbed him by the neck, pulling him in closer to kiss him. She was nearly begging for it.

Richard explored her neck, her collar bone, her great tits and made his way down her stomach with soft lips and his tongue. Her breathing was deep and short. He ripped off her shorts and laid down between her legs. He kissed her inner thighs, ignoring her pussy which he knew would only make her want it even more. He could feel the warmth forming in her cunt and her red panties were wet. He smiled. After a few minutes of teasing and more kissing, he parted her panties and softly licked around her hole. Passing from her lips to the clit, tracing circles around her hard button, she whispered “Oh God, that’s good”. She was moaning and rubbing her hips into him. She removed her panties and kept trying to grab Richard’s cock so she could get fucked but he kept saying “Nono…not yet…” much to her annoyance in a teasingly way.

He fingered her for a bit as they kissed and he told her he was going to go wash up and for her to keep herself in the mood. As he left the washroom, he had removed his pants and walked back out naked.

She sighed at the sight with delight “God…you’re fucking hot… Come here and fuck me?” begged Lauren.

Richard was tempted, but she still wasn’t horny enough for his liking. He wanted her to be on the verge of ecstasy before parting her lips and ramming his throbbing cock into her moist pussy.

He lay down and she started sucking his cock. The new tongue, the different sensations than what he’d been used to felt great. He moaned as she took him into her mouth. She sucked and licked for a few minutes until he told her to straddle him so he could eat her out some more. He had always loved eating pussy, and although she was a stranger they were both in the moment and Richard could tell that her worries about disease essentially ruled out her having anything.

As he took her clit into his mouth, admiring her landing strip he grabbed her tits and pushed her back. She grabbed onto his cock and stroked it as he voraciously licked her wet cunt. She was loving it. Pushing her clit back and forth along his tongue, pulling his hair, holding onto the wall as she moaned and coated his face with her cum. “You’re so bad” she said once more. Richard winked at her.

She couldn’t wait anymore, she leaned over and grabbed a condom. She ripped open the packet and rolled it onto his cock. It was hot seeing her so determined to get fucked and putting the condom on for him. He couldn’t remember ever having a girl put a condom on, but it was nice to see her grab his cock and preparing it so she could take it. As she sat there, still straddling his muscular body, he passed the head of his hard cock by her lips, occasionally giving a shallow jab just to give her a taste of what was to come.

At every jab she moaned louder. Finally, he shoved his full cock deeply into her. He could hear her wetness sticking to his lower abs, balls and shaft. He fucked her hard and quick, then slow and gentle as she came in for another kiss. She looked him in the eyes and whispered “You’re soooo bad…”

He laid her down on her stomach and entered her from behind, slapping her ass between thrusts. She was nearly tearing the sheets as her pussy was getting beaten up by his big cock. He was fucking her from every angle he could. Pushing on her gspot, going in deeply into her hole, holding her shoulders down, holding her wrists, pulling her hair; she knew she was his toy for the night. She had no problem letting him use her body as long as he stayed hard and fucked her.

He pulled out, brought up her hips and once again licked her wetness. She moaned loudly as his tongue passed between her lips. She was dripping wet by now. He licked her lips, her clit and slipped a few fingers in to finger fuck her cunt. At this point, he was in the mood and couldn’t believe what happened next…

She grabbed his head from behind as she looked over her shoulder and brought it to her ass. Richard asked her if she wanted to get rimmed, and she moaned “I fucking love it” He licked around her ass for a bit before realizing what was happening and quickly made his exit of the situation by ramming his cock back into her. “You’re a filthy girl, aren’t you? And you say I’m bad, eh?”, quipped Richard.

She rolled on her back and guided his cock into her. Her pussy was so wet for him that he kept slipping out every now and again. It was frustrating for both but he fucked her harder every time to make sure she knew that she was his toy for the night. He brought her leg over his shoulder and went deeper into her. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She kept tracing her hands on his muscles - which were glistening with sweat in the red lit room. Her hands moved from his body, to her breasts, to her clit, back to his body and then to her mouth where she sucked on her fingers looking at him. She threw her head back and moaned “Fuuuuuck Richard, this is so good. You’re so bad.”

He smiled as he told her to lift her hips and propped her up with pillows. He started fucking her gspot, she moaned louder once more as she propped her hands against the wall to brace herself. Her tits were bouncing so he grabbed them as he thrusted his cock into her. He looked down at the great sight. His cock, slipping back and forth between her lips, her clit being slapped at every thrust, her wetness dribbling down his balls and almost splashing as he pounded her. He felt close but not quite there yet.

He pulled out, moved over her body, told her to squeeze her tits together as he prepared to tit fuck her. “Come all over my tits.” She moaned. Richard would have loved to. The thought of his hot cum covering those luscious tits was awesome. “Too bad I don’t have a camera for this” he thought to himself. She then grabbed his large cock and sucked it as though she was trying to get air under water. She vacuumed his head into her mouth. Richard looked down, in joy and slight disbelief as to this girls hunger for his cock. It had been so long since a girl had begged for his cock in her and he could tell she was enjoying every inch of him. His ego was growing as fast as his cock had. Here was a complete stranger with his cock in her mouth, fingering herself as she begged for his juices to cover her.

He laid down for a bit, exhausted, even though he hadn’t cum and they spoke for a few minutes. She was still stroking him, admiring his 7 inches; simultaneously he was passing his fingers along her wet lips, slipping a few fingers in and rubbing her gspot. He couldn’t believe how wet she still was. Was it the situation, had he really turned her on that much or was she just naturally well hydrated down there, he wondered. They grabbed a new condom, slipped the fucker onto his dick and he then dominated her.

He grabbed her legs by the ankles, lifted them above her and stabbed his cock into her. She was begging for him to cum. “Fucking blow in me” said Lauren. He was fucking her harder than he had been all night. His hip bones crashing with an audible slap as they met her ass. Her wetness was palpable, it filled the air with a sweet scent and added noise to the experience. “Fuck, you’re wet for this cock aren’t you?” asked Richard. “”Cum in me, she said. I want to feel you cum”.

As he neared his climax she was finally begging for it. He couldn’t take it anymore and let off a loud moan and grunt as he shot his jizz in the condom deep inside of her, with a violent thrust as each rope left his cock. It twitched as it bulged with more blood during his orgasm. He collapsed on her, sucking on her tit, as she kept complementing how hot he was, how hot the orgasm was and how hot his cock was. He smiled as he began to pull out, but then his face changed. “Uhhh…are you on the pill?” he asked. “Yeah, why?”

“Well, the condom is at the base of my dick…and uhh…I’m pretty sure I just filled you up!”

“Don’t worry, it felt fucking good” she said, with a nearly carefree attitude.

“Ok, cool, but you’re clean right? I know we talked about it already, just want to make sure. Also, prolife or prochoice?” chuckled Richard.

She laughed as she said she believes in abortions. Richard sighed with relief.

“Well I’m going to go clean up then, be right back” He kissed her on the forehead before leaving but she quickly grabbed him and said “On the lips!” He smiled, gave her a peck and made his way to clean his cock from his cum and her juices which had covered him. Much to his surprise, and worry, she didn’t want to go clean herself up and she lay there, with his cum trickling from her lips.

After his return, they laid in bed, talking for a bit as she still admiringly stroked his cock, talking about failed relationships, life, school, a bit of everything. “You’re so sweet. You probably do this all of the time” she said, feeling slightly used and complementing his game. Richard comforted her, assuring her he hadn't hooked up with a random in over two years. In the back of his mind, his confidence was glowing! He had managed to pick up and have a girl eat out of his hand. His game was back, even this attractive women next to him was convinced he did this gig every weekend. After all, he had studied drama in high school, it might be safe to assume that he immersed himself in a persona for the night. His persona was a confident, highly sexual yet sensitive guy, and the women fucking loved it!

The next morning, he woke up after hearing her roll over and see him and she exclaimed “Oh fuck!” She moved to the washroom and returned clothed. Richard took the cue and after some small talk got dressed and left. He thanked her for a good time and asked if she regretted it. She smiled and said “No, it was worth it. I just wasn’t sure if I had dreamt I took you home.”

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