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The Stranger: Ch. 3

A writer of erotic stories invites a stranger to her place to read him her stories

We were still lying on the floor, my head on his shoulder. The cabin was dark except for the candles and they were getting low. It was getting chilly. Through the window, I could see a full moon rising just above the trees. Finally, I turned my head towards Tristan.

“I don’t know about you but I am famished. I’m a great soup maker and made a pot of mushroom barely soup yesterday--want some?” I asked.

“That would be great,” Tristan answered, getting up on his elbow. “I only had that croissant at the café and yes, I’d say I worked up an appetite.” He leaned over and kissed me lightly. “If you make soup the way you write stories, I’m in big trouble,” he said.

“Well, buddy, you might be in a jam you won’t know how to get out of,” I said, smiling. “I make wicked good soup.”

“Sounds perfect, since you’re a wicked woman,” he said, smiling.

“How about making a fire in the wood stove,” I asked. “It’s going to be a chilly October night with that full moon.”

I got up and wiggled into my jeans, grabbed the flannel shirt I had thrown off and buttoned it half way up now that it was chilly in the cabin. “I’ll put the soup on and then I have to go feed Gypsy.”

He went to the wood bin next to the stove, gathered some kindling I had in a box and started a fire. I got the pot of soup out of the refrigerator and put it on the stove, then went out to the barnyard to feed the horse, goats and throw some cracked corn to the chickens.

Within fifteen minutes, we had a nice fire going and the smell of the soup filled the room. The stove had a glass front and the flames made a nice glow. While I got bowls and spoons and stirred the soup, Tristan stood by the window looking up at the full moon. We were both quiet, thinking, wondering.

After an afternoon and early evening of reading my erotic stories and then acting them out with Tristan, I was dizzy with thoughts racing through my mind. I could not believe what was happening to me. Years of living alone, raising my daughter, gardening jobs and writing these stories, then suddenly, out of the blue, this stranger enters my life. Would I ever be the same again? Would he stay or leave? Where was all of this heading? Where did I want it to go?

“What are you thinking?” I asked Tristan as he looked up at the moon. He turned to me and shrugged his shoulders. “This morning I was standing at my window, watching the leaves fall, realizing that my life was like those leaves falling to the earth to dry up and wither away and suddenly, impulsively, I make the decision to just take off, drive, get away, not sure where I was heading and now here I am in the cabin of a beautiful sexy, intelligent writer reading me erotic stories and living out sexual fantasies.” He paused. “I guess I’m trying to absorb all of this, nothing like this has ever happened to me before.”

I nodded, looking at him at the window. “Me, too,” I said. “I never expected to meet a stranger in the café and invite him to hear my stories. Do you think it was destiny that we met?”

Before he answered, he chuckled and shook his head and I interrupted, “Soup’s on,” I said, carrying two steaming bowls to the table. We sat down. I touched his hand and he took mine in his, squeezing it gently. Neither of us said anything.

He then took a sip of soup, “Hey, this is great. Perfect for a chilly night,” he added.

“So, mister, do you think it was destiny that we met?” I asked, wanting to continue the conversation.

“No, I think it was random luck, not destiny. I think I just happened to stop in that café and you happened to be there. I don’t believe in destiny or that this was meant to happen. It just did. I think we create our lives by taking advantage of opportunities that haphazardly present themselves.”

“Really, you think it was just an accident, a fluke that we met,” I said.

“Yep!” he responded, sipping his soup, looking at me.

“And now what,” I asked. “What do you want to happen now that we met by accident?” I looked at him, surprised by his philosophy.

“I don’t know what the future holds,” he said. “All I know is I got in my car and just started driving. I broke out of my routine. I abandoned my work, my garden, my responsibilities, but meeting you has opened me up to things I hadn’t realized I was missing. Now I’m not sure I want to go home to all of my responsibilities. I just want to feel free, let go.”

“You’re tired of being responsible and conscientious, aren’t you?” I said.

“Right, I want to feel alive and free. Meeting you and being here this afternoon, hearing your stories, acting out sexual fantasies is making me wonder how I can ever go back to how I’ve been living all these years. It seems so sterile.”

“What do you want to do?” I asked. “Are you going to keep traveling forever? Do you want to stay here and fuck everyday or go home?”

“Do you want me to stay here?” he asked. “You have your life and responsibilities?”

“Good question,” I responded. “I don’t know. We just met. We hardly know each other. This is so sudden.”

“That’s right. The fact is we’re both on journeys and our paths just happened to cross. I’m enjoying hearing your stories and getting to know you. Maybe if I stayed we could be good for each other. Maybe we would drive each other crazy. If I left, you’d be a great memory and I’d end up back at my cabin the richer for all that I experienced. Is there a good answer?”

Both of us were silent, finishing up our soup. I was thinking about what Tristan said and wondering what it would be like if he stayed. What it would be like if he left?

Finally, I said, “Sometimes I think the problem with us writers is we think too much. We’re always working out a plot, analyzing everything, imagining this scenario or that. We’re too detached, too serious.”

“That’s true,” he said, finishing his soup. “That was delicious.”

I took our empty bowls to the sink. I put on water for tea and then came back to the table.

He looked at me and smiled. I loved how his eyes looked in the low flickering candle light, the glow from the woodstove. It was dark and we could smell the burning wax from the candles. He then sighed deeply as he looked at me.

“You’re right about thinking too much,” he said. “And the problem with being too serious, too much in our heads, is that we don’t live in the present, the now.”

I nodded and thought about what he was saying. He continued. “It’s a dilemma because the present becomes the future. What we do in the now can affect what happens in the future.”

“You’re right, if we always think too much about the future, we miss the present. You’re here with me now and we just shared this soup, this candlelight, that wonderful full moon and a little while ago, we fucked like wild animals.”

Suddenly, both of us were quiet, staring at the flickering candlelight, deep in thought, not sure what we wanted or where we were heading.

“So, Tristan, do you think this a one night stand?” I finally asked.

“I’m not sure,” he answered. “You’re the one who said we writers think too much and you’re right, we should live in the present, the now, and I’m trying to do that.”

“Do you want this to be a one night stand?” I asked.

“Do you?” he asked back.

“Are you asking do I want to have a relationship rather than be two strangers passing in the night?” I paused. “My answer is, I don’t know. This is new for me, too. Since my daughter left, I’ve lived in this cabin for the last few years alone. I like it, but at the same time, I’m not sure I want to live the rest of my life like this. You know, alone and I don’t want to go out looking for Mr. Right. I just thought he would show up or we would meet by accident.”

“I understand,” I said. “So you’re wondering if I’m Mr. Right.”

“Yes, of course I’m wondering that,” I answered. “I guess, I would like more time to see if we should hang out together for awhile and I am wondering what you’re thinking.”

“I’m wondering the same thing,” he said. “I think it’s important to try to live without expectations. That way, you’re never disappointed and many times you’re surprised and delighted by the unexpected.”

“That’s a good philosophy,” I said. “But it’s hard not to have expectations.”

“It’s important though. I went on this journey just to get away. I didn’t think. I had no plan, no expectations. I don’t even know where I am or how far from home I am. I have no destination, but now I’m here with you and don’t know whether I should stay or head out tomorrow.”

“Let’s stop thinking,” I said. “Let’s just go hour by hour.”

“That’s a deal,” he said. “Let’s shake hands to that.”

After we shook hands and laughed, I got up and put another log in the stove. Tristan smiled at me when I came back to the table. We both took a deep breath, looking at each other without speaking.

“I could go for another story,” he said, “that is if you don’t mind reading to me.”

“Really, I’m flattered you want to hear another story or do you just want to get turned on.” I said.

“Both,” he answered and I laughed.

“I have a story that I think you’d like because it’s about being too responsible and conscientious but deep down wanting to be free.

I picked up my folder and thumbed through the pile of stories and pulled out the one I wanted to read. I looked over at him and smiled, “I think you’ll like this one, but it was a hard one for me to write, not sure why,” I said, staring down at the page. “Here goes, “Good Girl, Bad Boy.” 

Jessica Caldwell spent most of her time in the Biology Lab. She was twenty-two and finishing up her PhD work in Genetics. She was the youngest student to get a doctorate from the university. She graduated high school at sixteen, had a full scholarship at Smith. She finished in three years with honors and had a full scholarship for graduate school. She rarely dated and put all of her energy and time into her studies.

One night while she was working, a young man came into the lab with a bucket and mop. He gathered the trash from several trash baskets and then started mopping on the other side of the lab. He wore a black tee-shirt with the sleeves cut off. Jessica looked up at him, noticing his muscular arms then went back to her microscope. Every few minutes, she looked up from her microscope and over at the man mopping. She looked at his ass in his tight jeans and was having difficulty concentrating on her work. Something was attracting him to her. She noticed an earring dangling from one ear. He had long hair, down to his shoulders, but she couldn’t keep her eyes away from his ass in his tight jeans, his broad shoulders and muscular arms. He looked up and smiled at her. She smiled at him nervously then went back to her microscope, wondering what it was about him that attracted her.

As he worked his way closer to where she was working, Jessica kept looking up at him and caught him looking at her. He smiled each time their glances met as if he sensed an attraction. Jessica prepared some new slides for the microscope, wrote down some notes and tried not to look at him, feeling nervous at the way he smiled at her. Quickly, she glanced at him then went back to the microscope. 

One time when she looked over at him, he put the mop down alongside the bucket and walked over and stood close to her, “I seem to be distracting you,” he said, his thigh touching her thigh.

Jessica felt the warmth of his body as she turned and faced him. He looked her in the eyes and smiled. She was not used to a man standing so close to her, his leg pressed against her thigh, looking at her with such intensity. She never dated and the only men she talked to were her professors and other students. Jessica did not know what to say. She had one hand on the microscope as she looked into his eyes.

“I’m Vincent, what’s your name?” he asked, leaning against the lab table. 

Jessica looked at his arms and noticed a tattoo of an eagle and how tight the tee shirt was on his chest.

“I’m Jessica,” she answered. She wanted to tell him to move away but didn’t. 

“We keep looking at each other,” he said. 

“Yes.” Jessica said. “I was watching you work. I’m not used to someone in the lab late at night.”

“I liked the way we looked at each other. I’m feeling attracted to you,” he said. “And I think you feel attracted to me.”

“I don’t know,” Jessica said, nervously “I’ve got work to do. I have to get this experiment done before midnight.” 

“But I’m distracting you, aren’t I?” Vincent said, putting his hand on her hand.

Startled, Jessica pulled her hand away, but Vincent gripped it tighter, keeping it in place.

He moved his face closer to hers and smiled. “You’re getting turned on, aren’t you?”  

“What do you mean? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she said. “Now if you’ll let go of my hand, I have to get back to work.”

“You don’t really want to work,” he said. “You want to fool around with me.”

“What do you mean fool around with you?” Jessica responded. 

“Fuck! That’s what I mean,” he said.

Jessica was stunned and tried to pull her hand away from Vincent’s. “Let go of my hand,” she said, but he gripped it tighter

Vincent took Jessica’s hand and moved it to the bulge in his tight jeans. He rubbed her hand up and down his hard cock. Jessica had never felt a cock before and looked down at her hand moving along the long hard bulge. Suddenly, she was breathing heavily. “You like the way that feels, don’t you?”

With his other hand, Vincent reached inside Jessica’s white lab coat and found her breasts. He started squeezing one of her tits. Jessica took her other hand and tried to push his hand away. “Stop that,” she said, but suddenly felt a tingling sensation she had never felt before and held his hand on her tit and gasped, “Oh.”

“You like that , don’t you?” he said, rubbing her tit with one hand and moving her other hand up and down on his bulging cock. “Your cunt is getting wet and your getting horny, aren’t you?”

Jessica was panting. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip. No one had ever talked to Jessica like that. She wanted him to stop but found herself enjoying the feel of his cock on her hand and the way he was playing with her tits. She felt a tingle and herself getting wet between her legs. Vincent moved his lips to Jessica’s ear and started licking it, first around the edges and then inserted it, tickling her and causing a tickling sensation go through her body and between her legs. Jessica was sitting on her lab stool, wearing a skirt. Vincent took his hand from the one holding his cock and placed it on her thigh and then pushed her legs apart. He moved his hand up her leg until it reached her crotch and placed his hand on her mound then whispered in her ear, “You like how that feels, don’t you?” He paused, “Mmmmmmmm, you’re panties are soaked.

Jessica was feeling sensations she had never felt before from a man, though she had touched herself many times. She could not believe she was letting a stranger touch her like this or talk to her so boldly. She knew she should stop him, scream, do something but Vincent was arousing something in her that she had thought about but had never experienced. She had never been with anyone like him. He was from another world, the street, bars, motorcycles, while she lived in the ivory tower of science and now he was invading her safe world with his hands and his dirty words. 

Vincent moved his fingers inside her panties and played with the wet lips of her pussy. He moved up and down her slit causing Jessica to lift herself towards his probing hand. “You’re a hot little slut,” he said. “You want me to fuck you,” he said. 

“Oh God,” Jessica moaned, as Vincent’s fingers entered her wet pussy. She knew she should stop this. How could she let a stranger do this to her, talk to her like that? She wanted to push his hand away but the sensation of his fingers in her was making her want more.  

“You think you’re a good girl but you want to be bad and dirty with me, don’t you?” he whispered in her ear. He put another finger in her pussy and found her clit with his thumb causing her to shudder and gasp, “Ohhhhh!”

“You want to tell me to stop, but you like this too much. You want it bad, don’t you?” He moved his fingers in and out of her pussy, feeling it gripping his fingers, fucking her with his hand.

Jessica lifted herself off the stool wanting his fingers in deeper. She pushed upward against his probing fingers. She had never experienced sensations like this. She opened her eyes and looked at Vincent who was looking back at her with a devilish smile on his face.

“Your brain is telling you this is wrong, but your body likes what I’m doing,” Vincent said. “Tell me to stop, and I will or tell me you want more.” 

Jessica kept her eyes on Vincent’s face. His smile, the intensity of his eyes, the probing of his fingers going in and out of her made it impossible for her to speak. He then pulled his fingers out, grabbed her panties and pulled them down her legs. “I’ll stop if you want me to,” he said. “You can go back to your microscope and I’ll go back to my mopping,” he said. 

This was her chance to stop Vincent. Her skirt was high on her thighs. Her legs were extended as he pulled her panties down over her ankles. She could kick him away and run out of the lab. She could stop him. He was giving her the chance to give in to her desires or go back to her responsibilities and experiment.” What am I doing?” she thought to herself, unable to stop Vincent. 

Once her panties were off, Vincent unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. He wasn’t wearing underwear and his bulging cock was now released and stood straight out. Jessica had never seen an erection before and could not take her eyes off Vincent’s huge cock. Vincent then spread her legs apart and moved between them bringing the tip of his cock to the entrance of her pussy. Jessica’s mouth was wide open, wanting to shout for him to stop, to go away, but the sight of his cock between her open legs made her speechless. She was experiencing feelings she had never had before. Her pussy was dripping.

He rubbed his cock gently against her entrance, spreading her legs wide open, moving his cock up and down. Jessica looked down at what he was doing. The sight of his cock at the entrance of her pussy, her legs wide open, the sensation tantalizing her. He was playing with her, teasing her, inching his cock a little deeper with each swipe of her pussy lips. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear, “You like this, don’t you? You want it in you?”

Jessica’s eyes were closed, biting her lips and concentrating on the sensation she was feeling. She knew she should tell him to stop, to go back to work, but now she only wanted more of what he was doing to her. She was panting, moaning, whimpering, his words and hot breath on her ears, his cock going deeper into her was driving her crazy.

“You’re a virgin and you want me to fuck you, don’t you?” he whispered, then licked her ear with his tongue.

Jessica couldn’t speak, but was lifting herself off the stool, wanting more of what she was feeling, wanting more of his cock in her.

“You want it bad, don’t you?” Vincent whispered. “Beg me to fuck you,” he said. 

Jessica was desperate for more of his cock. She was lifting herself forward, but she had never used these words. Vincent was teasing her, taking her into another world. 

“Such a good little girl wanting to be bad,” he said, grabbing her ass. “Come on Miss good little girl,” he said, roughly pulling her forward by the ass, his cock going deeper in her. 

Suddenly, he thrust his cock harder into her causing Jessica to scream, “Oh my god,” at the sharp pain of his cock breaking through her hymen. It hurt but the pleasure was so intense and then the pain receded and the pleasure of his cock took over causing her to moan and hold back a scream but it burst out, “Ohhhhh god!”

Just then, Vincent pulled his cock out of her and Jessica gasped, “No! No!”

“No, what,” Vincent asked, looking at her with a devilish smile.

“Don’t stop!”

“Don’t stop what,” he said, “What do you want?” he asked, holding his cock at her entrance. “Tell me what I should stop doing,” he said, teasing her with his cock, moving it up and down her pussy lips. 

Jessica’s mouth was open but she couldn’t speak. She was breathing heavily. She looked down at the cock against her wet pussy, watching his cock tease her, when suddenly, she reached out and grabbed Vincent’s ass with both hands and pulled him into her.

“Fuck me!” she screamed. “Fuck me!” She had never said words like that before. I want you to fuck me!” she yelled.

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Vincent said, grabbing her by the ass, picking her up off the stool, putting her on the lab table, spreading her legs, ramming his cock into her.

“FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK ME!” Jessica screamed lifting her hips off the table, arching her back, taking Vincent’s hard thrusts

Suddenly, I stopped reading and looked over at Tristan sitting across from me, leaning back in the chair, sitting with his legs extended, his cock bulging in his unbuttoned jeans, the zipper half down.

My flannel shirt on was unbuttoned, my tight jeans pressing against my pussy. I stared at his bulge. I can’t believe how that story got to me, what it awoke in me.

“Are you going to stop there?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, putting the story down on the table. I looked into his eyes, “I want to be bad!”

“You do,” he said, a slight smile on his lips.

“Yes. I’m like Jessica and until today when we met, I never let myself go, except in my stories. I was always the good girl who did what I was supposed to, except one time when I met this guy and had an affair, got pregnant and he took off.” She paused. “I am little miss responsibility, always busy keeping this place together, working and writing.”

“And now,” he asked.

“Now, I want to be bad. I want to get out of my imagination and be wild. I want to be bad. I want to be bad with you. I want to say things and do things I’ve been afraid to say and do.”

“Even more than we’ve already done,” he said. “We’ve been pretty wild.”

“I want to be a slut! I want to give you a blow job. I want you to eat me. I want 69. I want you to you fuck my ass.”

Suddenly, I took off my flannel shirt and leaned back in the chair. I was so horny. I grabbed my tits and rubbed them, pinching and twisting my nipples. I unzipped my jeans and squeezed my hand in, spreading my legs, extending them towards him. Looking into his eyes, I placed my hand on my mound inside my tight jeans and started rubbing myself. The seam of my jeans pressed against my fingers. I closed my eyes as I moved my fingers in and out of my dripping pussy, the pleasure I was giving myself was so intense, I was close to cummming, aware he was watching me.

“Ohhhhhhgod! I’m so horny, I can’t stand it. I want you to fuck me hard. I want it raunchy and rough,” I said. I was letting go and didn’t care. I felt safe with Tristan and knew he would give me what I wanted.

I loved how he was watching me play with myself. He unzipped his jeans all the way then took his hard cock in his hand and started stroking it, moving his hand up and down. I was going out of my mind pinching my nipples and rubbing my pussy watching him moving his hand up and down his bulging cock.

I was breathing and moaning, whimpering as I rubbed myself.

Suddenly, he stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me to him. We grabbed each other by the ass and started grinding our crotches hard against each other, my tits crushed against his chest, grunting and moaning sounds came from our mouths. I then quickly wiggled out of my jeans and he took off his. We grabbed each others’ asses again and continued grinding harder against each other.

I then arched my back, pressing my wet pussy against his cock and started sliding up and down the length of his hot pole. We were out of our minds with lust. “Ohhhhh this feels so good,” I moaned, sliding my slippery pussy faster and harder up and down, the head of his cock rubbing my clit.

Suddenly, I couldn’t stand it any longer. I grabbed his hands and pulled him over to the couch against the wall. Lying down, I put one leg on the back of the couch, the other on the floor, my pussy completely open. He got on the couch between my wide open legs and thrust his cock deep into my pussy, causing me to gasp with the power and fullness. We were wild fucking animals. “FUCK ME,” I screamed.

“Take my cock! Take it! Take it!” he yelled, slamming deep into my pussy.

“Fuck me harder! Harder! Give it to me harder!” I yelled.

We were moaning and groaning, grunting and screaming at each other. He was on his knees, my legs wide apart, taking his powerful thrust. I then wrapped my legs around him, lifting my hips, pulling him deeper into me. I had never fucked so hard in my life. He was a wild man driving me in insane.

Suddenly, I got my hands on his chest and pushed him off of me and on to his back. I climbed on top, turned so that my ass was at his mouth, “Eat me! I want you to eat me. I want to suck your cock.”

Suddenly, I wanted to say and do everything I had never said or done before. His tongue was moving up and down my pussy, his hands squeezing my ass, while I devoured his cock, my mouth going up and down, making hungry slurping sounds. His tongue was licking my pussy, lapping up my juices. He then found my clit. My pussy was on fire and every lick of his tongue on my clit took me closer to exploding.

I licked his cock like it was an ice cream cone, my tongue moving along the length of his cock and then I devoured it again, swallowing and bobbing my wet mouth up and down faster and faster. He put his finger in my ass causing me to scream, “Oh, my god, Eat me! Eat me! Fuck my ass!”

I was out of my mind as his mouth and tongue sucked and licked my clit and he fucked my ass with his finger driving me over the edge. My whole body shuddered and shook just as a huge orgasm was building, but he suddenly stopped and I screamed, “Oh, no! no! no! Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” I was delirious.

He then pushed me off of him and said, “Get on your knees and lean over the arm of the couch.”

I got on my knees and crawled to the arm and leaned over it, my hands flat on the floor, my head and hair hanging, making me light headed--my ass and pussy completely open to him taking me.

He moved the tip of his cock up and down my pussy, “Where do you want it, your ass or cunt?”

“I don’t fucking care. Just fuck me, now,” I screamed.

I was so horny and on the verge of cumming, I just needed his cock. He then rammed hard into my dripping pussy, “Ohhhhhhyes, fuck me! I screamed, as his furious cock pounded me.

Suddenly, he stopped, roughly pulling me from the arm of the couch. He was sitting on his heels, leaning back his cock straight up, getting me to straddle his thighs, then lifting me, he pulled me down hard on his cock, impaling me with one big thrust, holding me down on it, filling me, making me swivel my hips, my pussy gripping his cock. I leaned back against his chest. He grabbed my tits, rubbing my hard nipples roughly as I started to ride him, going up and coming down harder and harder on cock, my hair flailing, his hands gripping my tits. He let go of one tit and put his hand on my pussy, pressing and rubbing my clit with his finger as I leaned back.

“This is so fucking hot!” I screamed.

I had never felt anything so intense as I rose up higher and came down harder on his cock screaming and suddenly, I felt my whole body tensing, trembling then shuddering in a huge convulsion as wave after wave of my orgasm swept over me. “Ohhhhh, fucckkkkkk! Oh my god,” I screamed at the ceiling.

I felt his cock swelling in me as he lifted me and brought me down harder and harder on his cock, “I’m cummmming!” he yelled, both of us filling the room with our ecstatic screams, both of us exploding at the same time, both of us out of our minds and then I fell forward and he collapsed on my back, straddling my ass. We were gasping and panting, unable to budge. I thought I would pass out but slowly recovered. I had never experienced anything like that. It was more than a fantasy come true.

“Thanks for being bad with me,” I managed to say, panting heavily. “I loved it.”

“Me, too,” he said. “I never knew being bad could be so much fun.”

He then rolled off of me and onto his side and turned me so that we were spooning. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me close. I loved the warmth of his body and his arms, embracing me. We lay like that on the couch, wallowing in the warmth of our bodies.

“So mister, what are you going to do? Go home to your responsibilities, or stay with me and be bad?”

“Are you giving me an offer I can’t refuse?” he asked.

“Yes,” I said, turning my head and looking into his eyes, smiling. “I want us to be fuck buddies until we can’t stand it anymore.” I paused, looking into his eyes. “You don’t get offers like that every day, buddy.”

“I know,” he said. “I’m still trying to make sense of what is happening. And I will have to go back home at some point.”

“Home is where the heart is,” I said, smiling.

He smiled back, “I guess I’ll make myself at home here and take one day at a time.”

And that’s what he did. We had time to talk and get to know more about each other and of course, we fucked a lot.

A few days later, he took off to go back to his place and invited me to come visit him. The following weekend, I arrived at his cabin in the woods and stayed for a few days then a week later, he came back to my place and stayed for five days. And that became our routine. We both love our privacy, space and independence. We love each other deeply and found that this was a perfect way to have a relationship without compromising our individuality. It’s been four years since the stranger came into that café and our lives suddenly changed. Maybe one day, we will share one place, but for now, it couldn’t be better.

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