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The Stranger

From bar to of the night unfold
While gazing at my reflection in the rustic mirror in the corner of my room, I smirk at myself, thinking I’m such a slut. I’m wearing a tight black dress that highlights my curves and because of its low cut, displays my cleavage, for all men to gawk at. My boobs have always been my pride and joy, cup size C (in my opinion just large enough), and I love the reactions I get when showing them off. Moving down my body the dress stops just after my ass, and lets my long and slim legs walk free. The muscles of my legs are accented by my favorite jet-black heals, a good 6 inches tall. I had decided to wear no underwear, because that could only slow down the events to come. With one last gaze at my reflection, I turn and walk out the door.

Ten minutes later I step into one of my favorite bars, The Drunken Muse. I make my way to the bar, on a Friday night it gets so crowded it can be hard to move, and as I walk I feel bodies colliding with mine and occasionally a drunken hand caressing my ass. I smile to myself and continue walking until I reach the bar. Finding a seat at the far end I take a breath and observe my surroundings. There is a woman completely passed out on the other side of the room being prodded at by some of her friends while only a couple seats down from me two girls eye each other seductively. Signaling to the bartender I get a drink and while taking the first of many sips I think by the looks of it, tonight will be a fun one.

Many attractive men are in the bar, all scouting the area for women, and one in particular, tall, dark, and muscular seems to be glancing at me. I give him a sultry look and walk to the dance floor, inviting him to join me. He immediately gets up and strides over to me with powerful, long steps. Soon we are dancing together one body formed to the other and enjoying each other’s company. He turns me to him and brings my lips to his and we share a passionate kiss. Smelling the alcohol on his breath and realizing he can smell it on mine I move closer, pressing my body against his and feeling every inch of him. His hands move down my body until they rest on my ass. My hands keep roaming however, feeling his bulking muscles and eventually his hardening package. Soon he can’t stand the teasing and breaks away from me. He grabs my hand and pulls me determinedly towards the exit. Drunk and full of lust, I lean against him and let him pull me out the door, all the while feeling him.

The cool night air slightly tugs me out of my drunken state, but nowhere near completely. I am expecting him to call a cab, taking us to his place but instead he changes directions, away from the streets, and we are consumed by the darkness of an alleyway.

Before I can realize where we are he wraps his arms around me and passionately kisses me. Soon all I can sense are his lips against mine and one tongue circling the other. He lifts me up and presses me against the wall, my legs then wrapping around him. My open legs show that I didn’t wear any panties and my shaved pussy is exposed for him to see. He smirks when realizing this and probably thinks the same thing I thought to myself while looking in the mirror only a couple hours beforehand.

He soon takes out his cock and thrusts it roughly inside me. I gasp and moan as he starts to fuck me hard. Now that he considers me a slut he looses all gentleness and thrusts his rock hard and giant cock fast and deep within me. I have always been loud in bed and as he fuck me I moan and yell for him to continue fucking his slut, to fuck his slut deep, fast, and harder, and telling him that I want him to cum inside me. I can feel his cock pounding the back of my vagina and since it is so big it hits all my pressure points, pleasuring me completely. Feeling my tight pussy wrapped around his cock he begins to moan and grunt louder and louder and until he lets out one last gasp and I feel a load of steaming hot cum fill my pussy as he climaxes, this sensation causing me to orgasm as well and I yell loudly, so loud he has to cover my mouth.

Minutes later we are still together, him still inside me, taking in the events of the last hour. Eventually, sweating and panting, he pulls out, zips up, sets me down from the brick alley wall, gives me one last lustful kiss, and strides away. I am barely able to stand, my legs are shaking so hard, and I gaze after him, admiring his walk. I look down to the other end of the alleyway where I am surprised to see a couple staring at me while fondling each other and themselves. I guess we put on quite a show I think to myself with a smile.

I walk out to the streets, the man I just had a splendid fuck with nowhere to be found, and call a taxi. On the ride home I realize I never heard him say a word and do not know his name, and think I was right, tonight was exciting and fun.

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