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The Student Becomes the Master, Part 1

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I had the hots for my teacher, so I fucked her
It was nearing the end of yet another boring day in college, I was thankful that it was Friday and that in a few hours the weekend would be here. As I left the second before last lesson of the day, packing my bags I remembered which class I had next, and couldn’t help but smile.

You see around about mid-term the regular I.T teacher had gotten sick and had to leave us, which wasn’t surprising seeing as she had to be about 100 years old and looked as if a sudden gust of wind would shatter her into dust.

This meant we had to have a new teacher, everyone expected some wrinkly old tramp whose attitude would resemble that of Hitler. SO you can imagine our surprise the first time we saw her, all the boys' jaws seemed to clench up as if to avoid caving through the floor. She was about medium height, long wavy hair that seemed to move as if being blown by the wind, even if all the windows and doors were shut. Her body was slender and firm in all the right places, yet with a few added curves which added to her attractiveness. She had an ass that most girls would die for, firm and tight with a slight jiggle, and big juicy firm tits, which caused any top or blouse she wore to seem extra tight.

I myself am around 5’11, medium build with muscly arms, a bit of extra weight but I tried to hide it as best I could.I have brown eyes, and dark blonde hair. Your usual college student, spending most weekends drinking and chilling with friends. However when it comes to women my luck varies from nil to that of what you may call a ‘man whore’. It is true that sometimes I had the habit of moving from one woman to the next. But recently I have been having a bit of a dry spell. It seemed like forever since I had last felt the warmth of a woman’s tight wet haven around my raging manhood, which may have explained my lust towards the new teacher.

I seemed to be spending most of every single lesson with her imagining what she would look like underneath her clothing, picturing what kind of lingerie was underneath, covering her most private areas, whilst at the same time trying to hide my raging hard-on under the desk.

So as I walked toward the last lesson, looking forward to seeing what she was wearing today. I effortlessly wove my way through the crowds of other students who were also making their way to their next class, some discussing their plans for the weekend, others complaining about how much of a tosser/bitch their teacher was.

In no time at all I found myself outside the last class, when suddenly I had an idea. I simply walked down the hall and walked through the courtyard doors, and whilst stood outside overlooking the college grounds, I lit up a cigarette as I thought of what the consequences for being late could be. Of course being a college student most of my daydreams turned sexual to some extent. After 5 minutes I dropped what remained of the cigarette and walked casually into the class, looking around, but there seemed to be no sign of her. As I walked to my seat the door closed, and as I turned around I almost jumped out of my skin. “Holy s...” I exclaimed, she was standing right behind the door with what I thought was a look of anger and disappointment.

“So good of you to join us, Mr Griffiths. Thank you for blessing us with your presence,” she said with an obvious note of sarcasm.

But as she spoke it was too late, my eyes were already looking at her figure. To my delight she was wearing a very tight and mid-thigh short skirt, and a very tight blouse which seemed a little see through. “No problem Miss, glad I could pleasure you,” I said winking cheekily before taking my seat in front of the computer, smiling as I noticed her cheeks had become a little red as she stood there almost gobsmacked.

Then as she continued with her lesson, I did my usual, making sure she couldn’t see my screen and using the internet to check my e-mails and messages on various sites. Then I for some unknown reason logged onto the school's message board site, and noticed that Miss had indeed got a private message board of her own, and before I could even think, my hands were typing a message.

‘Well hello Miss, glad I could pleasure you with my presence. ;). Maybe you’d like to see how else I could pleasure you?" I pressed 'send' and a smirk came across my face hearing her computer beep as my friends either side looked at my screen and stifled their laughs, giving me pats on the back as I swivelled side to side in the chair.

Walking over to her computer as she talked she looked around, continuing to talk about whatever it was she was trying to teach at the time. She quickly opened her messages, and I could see her mouth fall open as she looked from the screen to me and back. She must have thought I was messing as I winked at her, as she began rapidly typing her reply.

“That is very inappropriate language to use with a teacher, Mr Griffiths, if you are not careful I will have to report your behaviour to both the head teacher and your parents! ;)

Me: “Well, why not deal with my ‘behaviour’ yourself?” I chuckled as quietly as I could.

Teacher: “Enough! I can see your behaviour will not improve, so you will be staying behind after class and cleaning the ENTIRE classroom, and I will inspect your work when you are done, and if it is not to my satisfaction you will re-do it.”

Me: “Well as long as you’re gentle, you can inspect me all you want ;) I look forward to our after-class date baby ;)

She looked stern and shocked at the same time as she quickly logged off, her cheeks turning red once more.

As the lesson progressed I could see her looking over at me, and each time she did I winked and jokingly blew her a kiss.


The end of day bell rang and everyone was packing up and rushing out as if the room were on fire. I stayed behind to accept my ‘punishment’ and was glad I did not have to stand, as spending an entire lesson watching the sexy teacher walking round the classroom, her tits bouncing and her ass shaking, had got me all hot under the collar, as well as a hard-on that would put the Eiffel tower to shame.

She walked toward the door, closing it behind the last student, wishing them all a goodbye. As she closed the blinds, she turned to looked at me.

“Well, Mr Griffiths, it seems your attitude knows no bounds. I could have you expelled for using such profanity on the college network, let alone toward a teacher,” she said in an almost seductive tone as she walked toward my desk. And I could swear her hips were swaying more from side to side with each step, and that she had undone a few more buttons on her white blouse revealing more of her big firm tits.

Standing at the edge of my desk she looked at me and then toward the computer screen, then back to me and I saw her eyes suddenly drop to my lap. I knew she could see my obvious erection pushing against the fabric of my jeans.

“Now, as for your punishment…” She stopped, seeing me lean back in my chair, sliding my legs from under the desk and revealing the full obviousness of my erection to her gaze. As she looked at it, her words seemed to be lost to her. I stayed in my chair, swinging back and forth, enjoying the fact my teacher was staring at my erection as clear as day.

“Yes Miss? My punishment?” I said standing up and walking toward her. She seemed to be lost in a daze and paralyzed. “See, I don’t think you even want to punish me, I think you just wanted me all alone with you. I saw you smile and blush when I messaged you before, and I know you’ve undone a few buttons on this blouse.” I continued looking down her blouse as I walked up behind her before quickly and without hesitating, placing my hand on her hip, gently turning her around, and pushing her back against the desk. “Still can’t talk eh, Miss? Well, maybe this will help,” I said cupping her firm breast under her shirt and through her bra, feeling the warmth of her heaving bosom as her breath became more shallow and quicker, snapping her out of her trance.

“HEY! What on earth do you think you are doing? Get your hand out of my clothing right this instant,” she exclaimed trying to pull my hand out. My reply was simply rubbing and squeezing her breast more, flicking my thumb over her nipple through the very thin soft material. As my other hand slid round her waist and cupped her firm succulent ass through her skirt, which seemed to have risen up as her body rubbed against the desk. She was continuing to try and fight to get my hand out of her blouse, but with less effort.

“You can say that all you want, but I can tell you're enjoying this. Your nipples are as hard as little rocks and your breathing is getting heavier. We both know you want this, so just relax and let me take care of you. Unless that is you’re afraid you won’t be able to keep up with a young troublemaker like me.“ Without waiting for a reply I slid my hand from her firm ass to the front, slowly lifting her skirt up more and more until it was up around her waist.

I stepped back slightly, keeping her firm breast in my hand and from there I could see what lingerie she had beneath. “Well, well. Someone is wearing some very sexy underwear today, Miss. A black lace thong, and a matching bra. Very nice, and what is this?” I moved my hand between her legs, feeling her mound through the thong. “Oh, someone does protest too much, look at how wet you already are. You really are enjoying having your body felt up by a student in class aren’t you?” I said continuing to rub her tight sweet pussy through her thong. I slid the other hand under her bra, enjoying the feel of her warm bare flesh in my soft hands, feeling her hard nipple poking into my palm.

“Anthony...stop. can’t do this. I…I’m your teacher, it’s wrong. Stop right now and I won’t have you expelled. Oh god!” She exclaimed feeling me pinch her nipple with my thumb and finger.

“Yeah that’s right, just enjoy what you are feeling. We both know you need this, from the moment I walked in I could tell you needed a good seeing to. And I’m going to be the one to give it to you,” I said suddenly moving her thong to the side and pushing a single finger all the way into her, feeling the heat and wetness of her sweet little hole, as a groan escaped her lips.

Any protest or attempt to stop me had stopped, she knew she was now completely at my mercy. I knew that turned her on as I felt her hips move back and forth against my finger, which was slowly working its way up and down inside her surprisingly tight pussy. I could feel her getting more and more wet with each thrust. I began slowly thrusting my finger harder and deeper into her as deep and as hard as I could, causing her to moan and groan louder each time, knowing she had by now lost all control of her self-control as her body bounced up and down on my finger, groaning as she felt me push a second finger all the way into her.

“Yeah you like that don’t you MISS. Having your tight shaven cunt fingered by one of your students, in the same classroom you teach in. You know you’re a little prick tease, walking around in your slutty little outfits, showing off this hot little body of yours. Go on, admit it.” I grunted, fingering her faster and harder, pushing them all the way in up to my knuckles.

“Oh fuck, don’t talk like that please. Oh god, why are you being so rough!?” She moaned almost as if in tears, as she held onto the desk.

“Because this is what happens when you tease a college guy. And don’t act like you don’t like it, look at how wet you are. I bet you are close to climaxing, your pussy is squeezing my fingers even tighter. Yeah, that’s it bitch, cum all over my fingers. Let it all out, you fucking slut.”

My words must have had an effect, because the next thing I knew her body was convulsing and she was thrusting her body around, out of control as she orgasmed strong enough to rock the desk she was leaning against as she screamed. She could not believe she was forced to an orgasm by one of her pupils, but she was enjoying the feeling that shook her body to the core, and couldn’t wait to see what I made her do next.

The wait didn’t last long, as the second her orgasm subsided, I removed my finger and pushed one into her mouth, making her suck and taste her own cum, which she did with pleasure, sucking my fingers with earnest before I pulled my fingers out of her mouth and pushed the other into my mouth, finally tasting her addictive nectar.

“Mmm, teach, you sure taste delicious. I think I need to have a taste of the source,” I said before sitting her on the desk, pushing her until she was lying with her head just hanging over the edge. I ripped her skirt up to her waist and without trouble, ripped her thong right off, leaving her cum soaked pussy exposed. “Well, it sure looks tasty and willing, but let’s give you something to keep that mouth of yours busy,” I added, unzipping my jeans and pushing them down along with my boxers, allowing my thick long hard cock free as it slapped against her face.

“Ouch, oh god. Please, I’ve never even sucked my boyfriend’s cock,” she said, before her pleas were silenced by the head of my cock pushing into her mouth. I slowly thrust back and forth, deeper into her hot wet mouth. I bent over, spreading her legs, massaging her thighs as I looked at her tight shaven haven, flicking my tongue out against her clit, causing her to twitch.

She groaned at feeling her sensitive clit flicked, and her mouth being violated by a hot young thick tool. She began to enjoy the situation she was in once more, enjoying the fact she was being used and pleasured at the same time. She ran her tongue along the underside of my thick shaft, slowly starting to suck harder and with such a passion, her moans now turning to that of pleasure. The vibrations of her moans moved down my thick cock as I began fucking her beautiful face deeper and harder, forcing it into her throat, causing her to gag.

“I think I should return the favor now don't you?” I said before thrusting my tongue as deep into her honey pot as I could, clamping my lips around her pussy not wanting to waste a drop of the leaking fluids as I tongue fucked her cunt faster and deeper, occasionally stopping to suck her hard little clit.

The feeling of her warm breath and wet tongue, as well as the sensation of having her throat milk my thick dick, I knew I would not be able to last much longer.

“Get ready Miss, you’re about to swallow your student's hot load, here I go.” I grunted, shoving my cock deeper into her throat and blasting her throat walls with my hot thick load, more than I ever had before. Her throat continued to milk my thick dick, taking every last drop down. I slowly began to pull out, until the last of my load shot over her chin and down her blouse. My shaft slapped her face as she gasped for breath. “You are one hell of a cock sucking little slut. Now, let me show you how wicked my tongue really is,” I added before thrusting my tongue back into her dripping wet pussy, anxious to taste her cum flood my mouth, which didn't take long. I guess having her mouth and throat flooded with my cum had exited her more than I thought, as in no time at all she was screaming her lungs out as her legs gripped my head, forcing it harder against her cunt. Her orgasm overtook her body, and she flooded my waiting mouth with what seemed like gallons and gallons of cum. I hungrily sucked and licked every last drop out, pushing my tongue as deep into her as I could, not wanting to waste the delicious liquid, swallowing it all.

I stood upright, observing the woman in front of me, her tits glistening with my cum as her skirt stayed around her waist. The desk was now covered with her juice and her face plastered with my dry cum, her hair hanging down behind her head as she gasped for breath, recovering from the second most intense orgasm she had ever experienced in half an hour.

“Oh fuck. Anthony you sure are a wicked devil. Are you proud of what you've done? Look at me, I’m all wet and sticky from you," she said sitting up and turning around, not even bothering to tidy herself up as she scooped my cum off her chin and licked her finger clean, whilst looking me in the eyes.

Taking a step forward, I was an inch away from her, my still rock hard cock pressing against her clit as my hands ripped her blouse off, miraculously without breaking any buttons. Quickly stripping her top and bra, I kissed her lips, making her taste her own cum on my tongue. I wrapped her legs around me, reaching down and slowly pushing the top of my prick between her hungry pussy lips, as her hands grabbed my ass and pulled me toward her,

“OH FUCK!!!” she screamed loudly resting her head on my shoulder. She felt her tight little cunt stretching wide and deep to accommodate my intruding dick, hitting her g-spot like a sledgehammer.

“Fuck, teach, you really are one tight bitch, your pussy is squeezing my dick like a fucking vice.” I groaned loudly, feeling her tight pussy squeezing my prick more and more as it stretched and adjusted to my thick member. I slowly started pushing back and forth, firmly squeezing her ass, keeping her on the edge of the desk.

With each thrust I felt her cunt squeezing my prick. We both groaned in pleasure, knowing that what we were doing was wrong and that anyone could walk in on us at any time.

I could not believe I was actually balls deep inside my hot teacher, and she loved the feeling of a student's cock pounding her wet cunt in her very own classroom.

The pounding and groans grew in intensity until I was pounding her so deep and hard I could feel her womb against my cock as she screamed, biting her lip. She must have climaxed at least 4 times as I continued to fuck her hard, deep and fast.

“Oh fuck, I think I am about to cum. I’m going to flood your cunt with my young seed, bitch.” I grunted as I firmly gripped her ass, keeping her body right against mine. I pulled out all the way to the tip and then forced back all the way in, smashing against her womb, before I unleashed the biggest load I could remember to date, right into her fertile womb. She screamed with bliss, the feeling of my young seed hitting her pussy and womb like a fire hose sent her over the edge once more.

I stayed deep inside her, my thick prick still twitching after unleashing its load into my teacher’s womb.

“Fuck that was intense. We definitely have to do this again," she said, running her hands through my hair. She looked into my eyes, enjoying the feeling of my slowly deflating dick still inside of her well fucked and filled cunt.

“Well, why don’t we go back to yours, and we can blow each others brains out all weekend long,” I said, gently kissing her lips.

“Well that’s one hell of an idea big boy. Let’s go then,” she said getting off the table and causing my cock to pop out of her pussy. She sorted her clothes out, pulling her skirt back down and rearranging her bra and blouse. She then turned all the lights out, and got her handbag before telling me to meet her at the car park in 3 minutes.

We didn't want to get caught and have our fun ruined.

Stay tuned for the next part where we have a little fun in the car, and we get to her empty big home.

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