The Summer House

By TheBandit

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After two weeks apart it was wonderful to see my wife again
I had been away at the summer house for two weeks, just me and the kids, my wife was stuck in the city with a big project at work and now, finally we were driving to the train station to collect her for the last two weeks of summer. We had all had a great time but were very excited that Dee was finally going to join us, the kids missed their mother and so did I, but more than anything after two weeks, I was just plain horny as hell.

We were early to the station and the kids were restless, each train that pulled in and she didn’t appear was a huge let down, then finally the New York train arrived. Through the crowd she found us, pulling her bag behind her in a white summer frock, it was skimpy but tasteful and very stylish. She had a huge smile for us, I couldn’t help taking a peek down her dress as she bent down to hug the kids. It was just a quick look at her lovely, pert breasts. I was thinking to myself, “How are we going to manage this? The kids are not going to leave us alone for one minute.” She gave me a nice long kiss and a hug hello. She looked stunning.

I took her bag and we made our way to the car, the trip back to the house was full of stories from the kids about what they had been up to the past two weeks, dead crabs found on the beach, friends they had made and the fun they had been having. Dee was tired from the overnight trip, but happily listened to all the stories and answered all the questions the kids had for her.

Back at the house we unloaded the car and brought the bags in, Dee went upstairs to unpack and I settled the kids down on the porch with their jigsaw puzzle, hoping this would distract them for at least a little while. After a few minutes I snuck upstairs myself and found Dee busy putting her clothes away, I came up behind her and put my hands around her waist and kissed her neck, she moaned in approval and I reached up and squeezed her tits, tonguing the lobe of her ear and pinching her nipples. She turned around and we kissed, my hands caressing her back and squeezing her bottom.

“Where are the kids?” She asked looking over my shoulder.

“They’re busy.” I said and pulled the little straps of her dress down exposing her gorgeous tits, I bent down and took her hard nipple into my mouth. My cock was so hard already, it had been two weeks and I had hardly had a moment to jerk off, I was really ready for this. I had my hand up her dress pressing against the front of her panties rubbing slowly, her breath was quickening and she clutched at my head as my tongue switched to her other nipple. I undid the zipper at the back of her dress and it fell to the floor, there she was standing in front of me in nothing but tight white panties, she let down her long dark hair that had been pulled up on top of her head and it fell down around her shoulders. She looked a vision standing in front of our bed, and from the look on her face she was just as horny as I was, her face was red and flushed, I stood there for a moment just gazing at her, she reached up and squeezed her breasts and rubbed her nipples. I knelt down in front of her, kissing her stomach and hips, and slowly pulled the thin elastic of her panties down, slowly, savouring the moment, but not wanting to wait for what I would find underneath, I pulled them past her hips to expose a completely smooth waxed pussy, not a Brazilian, not a landing-strip – there was nothing, I looked up at her and she smiled a dirty little smile.

“You didn’t think I would do it, did you?” she smirked.

While I was away I had sent her a gift certificate to her local beauty salon for a ‘Hollywood’. It was kind of a joke, but I thought she would at least get a Brazilian – she often did, but this time she went all the way. I didn’t waste a second, I laid her back on the bed, spreading her legs as wide as I could to take in the whole view, it was so sexy to see her there naked and waxed clean on the bed, the windows open, curtains flapping in the warm summer breeze. I worked my head right up to her snatch and started licking her wet hole, darting my tongue in and out, it felt so wonderful to be together again, finally tasting my wife’s gorgeous box. I slid a finger into her and started licking her clit; I had complete unfettered access and rhythmically lapped away while I worked another finger into her pussy. She was moaning softly as I continued to tongue away at her, her hands clutching her breasts, kneading them and pinching her nipples. I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and reached under her and squeezed her ass cheeks as I licked her clit even faster now. “Oh God, that feels so good.” She said, and I just kept licking and licking. Her breath was even faster now and she had raised herself off the bed just a little, her legs getting tighter and tighter around my head, I knew she was close so I kept going. She was pushing forward now, shoving her cunt right into my face, her hands tightly on her breasts as she let go, her body buckled and wriggled with delight as she came right on my face. Her orgasm was long and intense and I revelled in the taste and smell of my wife’s smooth snatch with my cock achingly hard at this point.

She laid there on the bed exhausted, still breathing heavily; sweat glistening across her naked body. I stood up and looked down at her, my cock was so hard inside my shorts that I had to let it out, I undid my belt and pulled my shorts and boxers off in one swoop and slid onto the bed next to her, my hard-on digging into her side. I kissed her breast and neck, then her lips, mouths open, tongues intertwined. She rolled over on top of me still kissing, her breasts brushing against my chest, she reached down and grabbed my dick tightly in her hand as her head slowly worked down my body, my neck, my chest, her tongue on my nipple, still gripping and gently stroking my hard cock. Finally her tongue brushed across the head of my cock, then down the length of the shaft and back up again. She opened her mouth and took the head completely in and slowly pushed down, sucking and tonguing as she went, her hand still on the base of my shaft pumping along with her bobbing head. It felt fantastic, I had been dreaming about this reunion for two weeks now and finally it was really happening, I was so turned on from eating Dee’s shaved pussy that I was already on the verge of exploding.

“I’m going to cum.” I said.

She kept sucking and pumping my cock and I was getting closer and closer. She slid up just a little on the bed bringing her tits right to my cock and she stoked me with her hand.

“Come on, cum on my tits.” She said as she stuck her tits out towards my cock. That was all I could take and let loose countless thick streams of cum all over her gorgeous tits. It was nearly two weeks worth and it was everywhere. She kissed the tip of my cock and smiled, “Happy to see me?”

Dee jumped into the shower and got myself cleaned up and went back down to see what damage the kids had done during our little session. We spent that day at the beach relaxing and chasing the kids around, it was the local nude beach and Dee was topless and watching her boobs bouncing around all day made me just want to get straight back home. We had a long lunch at our favourite spot and went home in the early evening to clean everyone up and get the kids to bed, after a few DVD’s and a bit of fuss they finally crashed out and we were alone again.

I sat on the couch watching TV and waited for Dee to come down after making sure the kids really were asleep. When she finally came down she was completely naked, she walked slowly toward me, my cock hardening with each step. She stood in front of me and I slid my hand between her legs, feeling that smooth pussy, I spread her lips and started running my finger along her opening, it was slick and wet and I slid my finger right in, she leaned back with her eyes closed making an almost purring sound. I fingered her pussy with one hand and played with her tits with the other. I wanted to fuck her right there.

“Let’s go upstairs.” She said. And I followed her naked form up the stairs; she was a few steps in front of me, so her ass was right at eye view as I followed her up. I was out of my clothes before she even hit the bed. We laid side-by-side, kissing and caressing each other, our tongues dancing around each others mouths, our hands gently stroking each others bodies, her finger nails scratching across my back, up my neck and through my hair. I rolled her onto her stomach and kissed her shoulders and her neck, I started massaging her shoulders gently and rubbing her back, down to the small of her back and back up to her shoulders, firm circular movements, then light finger tips all over her back, I slid down a bit and caressed her ass, firm kneading on her buttocks, then all the way up her back some more. I leaned in and kissed her neck and moved my kisses slowly down her spine, across her ass cheeks and down between her legs, she raised her ass in the air just enough to give me access to her slit, I licked up and down her pussy lips and found her clit and slid my tongue across it in one wide, firm stroke, then again and again. I took a finger and slid it into her wet opening and finger fucked her cunt as my tongue worked her clit. She had raised her ass in the air a bit more now, so I slid a pillow under her to position her pussy just right for me to eat, she was moaning and clutching at the bed sheets and rocking her body back and forth as I continued to flick her clit with my tongue.

I would occasionally stop and suck her whole snatch with my mouth, and spread her lips open with my tongue and stick it as far up her pussy as I could, then went back to working her clit. I reached my hands up and grabbed her butt cheeks and lifted her up just a little more, she pushed backward, my nose slipping into her pussy hole as she did, my face was covered in her juices as I could sense her orgasm building, still clutching her ass cheeks, spreading them wide and I kept my tongue going, I could see her tight little butthole, my cock twitched under me thinking of moving my tongue up and licking her asshole, but I kept going on her clit, her body was rigid now, her knees locked and I strained to keep my tongue on her clit and keep my rhythm. she was making a lot of noise now, moaning loudly and calling out, “I’m cuming.” she screamed. Her whole body was tense for a moment, and then collapsed into a heap back onto the bed.

I stayed where I was, resting my head on her butt cheeks. Dee was slowly getting her breath back as I scratched her back and bottom with my fingers. I started kissing her thighs and ass with small little kisses, my hands spreading her cheeks apart again I moved my tongue to her butthole and started licking and circling, burying my face deep between her cheeks. Dee started to moan again and I spread her cheeks apart even further and started to poke my tongue into her asshole, she raised her ass off the pillow and I stuck my tongue in deep. At that point Dee pulled away and got up out of the bed.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.” She said, and went over to her make-up bag, she unzipped it and pulled out a clear plastic zip-lock bag, I immediately recognized its contents, a white plastic bottle with fancy blue writing on the side “Anal Intimacy’. It was the bottle of lube from our bedside table at home, we would have anal sex from time-to-time, but it most certainly was never Dee’s idea when we did, the thought of her bringing the lube on vacation was incredibly exciting. She strolled over with a wriggle in her step and handed me the bottle of lube.

“Fuck me in the ass.” She said got on all fours on the bed in front of me.

I couldn’t believe it, but I wasn’t going to miss this for anything. I got my face right back between her cheeks and started tonguing away at her cute little hole. Dee leaned down resting her head on the bed so she could reach back and spread her cheeks apart for me and I kept my tongue working over her backdoor. She turned around and looked back at me, “Fuck me.” She said, “Fuck my ass.”

I took the lube and started to work it around her butthole, then I slid one finger in and felt the tightness surround my finger, I added more lube and worked my finger in-and-out, in-and-out. Then some more lube and I slid in a second finger, Dee was still holding her butt cheeks apart for me, I took another big helping of lube and squirted it all over her butthole and worked it all around, one finger, two fingers, finally three lubed finger in her asshole, deep. With my other hand I reached under and played with her clit, rubbing back and forth as my fingers slid in-and-out of her asshole.

“OK,” she said, “fuck me, fuck me now.”

I got on my knees behind her, my cock was hard and throbbing, I took a huge handful of lube and smothered my dick with it, Dee was still reaching behind spreading her ass cheeks for me when I pressed my dick against her tight hole, I slowly pushed forward and the head of my cock slid right in, I stopped there and reached under and played with her clit some more, with my cock head just inside her asshole, Dee started to rock backward as I rubbed her, then back a little more, my cock sliding deeper and deeper up her ass. It was warm and tight and felt so fucking good; looking down at my cock sliding in and out of my wife’s asshole with her hands spreading it wide for me was amazing. Now I was trusting the length of my cock in-and-out, pulling it almost all the way out and then sliding it right back in the full length of my shaft.

Dee had taken her hands away now and was busy rubbing her clit, her fingers brushing against my balls as she did. The sensation of my cock in her tight ass and her fingers on my ball was more than I could take, I tried to hang on as long as I could but I just couldn’t, I pulled my cock out of her and shot one enormous spurt after another all over her asshole and cheeks, all the way up her back. We both collapsed onto the bed out of breath, exhausted, blissfully happy.

It was the finest start to a vacation ever; I am going to have to buy her a travel size bottle of lube for our next trip.