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The surfer

She found the perfect lover.

The onshore wind blew the curtains aside and the breeze coming of the Benguela current was cool enough to make Paula’s nipples pucker. Late afternoon sun bouncing off the ocean coloured her naked body gold. Her breasts were firm and faced straight up when she laid on her back, the tan lines of a small bikini, visible. The white of her panties contrasted with the brown of her legs and belly. Sun streaked hair tumbled over the pillow and her eyes blinked against the shaft of sunlight that crept in when the wind blew the curtain aside. She was not sure, if it was the breeze teasing her nipples or the dream she had but her hands had crept down her body and started stroking her pussy. Before long, she had pushed her panties aside and a long finger stroked her clit to a brief orgasm.


Jeffrey’s bay or J bay for the surfing community is a small hamlet on the south coast of South Africa . Better known as a surfing Mecca it attracts the wealthy of the world to its powder white beaches, miles and miles of unspoilt coastline and abundance of seafood. Paula had grown up holidaying in Jeffrey’s and saw the village become a bustling town. Her father was one of the largest property owners in the area and she took after him and developed her own empire before she turned 30. After her fathers premature death she inherited his estate and together with hers formed the single largest Eco-beach development in Africa .


Together with the wealth came the entourage of potential husbands and after several relationships that ended in harsh words and even once, in court Paula had decided to stay away from men. The saying – poor little rich girl was becoming a reality for her and she hated every moment of it.


After a particularly tough round of building site visits and inspections on the new development, Paula had decided to take some time out and retreated to her house overlooking the famous Super tubes at Jeffrey’s bay. Super tubes was one of the spots made famous by the movie, Endless summer and she always wanted to build her dream house right there. When the property became available, she jumped at the opportunity and a year later moved in. On this day, she crawled out of bed after her afternoon siesta and pulled a t-shirt over her head. Stepping onto the balcony, she could see surfers waxing their boards and swimming out to the back breakers. Before long, they were catching the waves that broke in perfect formation. There was something therapeutic about watching the young men catching the waves, trying to outdo each other with spectacular moves just to swim back out again to repeat the process.


When the sun had finally set in the west the last of the surfers came out and started rinsing off under the showers on the beach. Stripping of their wetsuits their lean, tanned muscles played under their smooth skin as they washed the salt and sand off their bodies. Not an ounce of fat was to be seen on their washboard stomachs as they discussed were the party was going to be tonight. The life of a surfer was – Surf hard, party even harder and these boys intended to keep the legend alive. One particular boy was not really part of the group and before long trudged of towards his rust covered beach buggy. Dumping his board and wetsuit in the back, he jumped in a turned the key… nothing!


Paula noticed the boy as he walked towards his car and something about him kept her gaze. He was a typical surfer boy with a lean body and sun bleached hair but something about him told her that he was different. The rest of the group had loaded their stuff and departed in a cloud of dust and cheers but the lone boy was still sitting in his buggy. The buggy was refusing to start and she could see his impatience growing. By this stage, he was the only one left in the parking lot and without thinking, she went down the stairs.


“Hi do you need help?” she asked. He jerked his head up from were it was leaning on the steering wheel of the stationary buggy. “I don’t know what's wrong with this piece of scrap, it’s been doing this for the last week or so and I am really stuffed”. “I can call my mechanic to come and have a look if you’d like?” she replied. By the way I am Paula” she introduced herself. “Richard” he said climbing out of the buggy and aiming a kick at a tire. Turning around he cracked a smile and said” I am sorry for being such a grouch, I really appreciate your help” “Well lets go inside and then I can give the mechanic a call, in any case its getting cold out here” Paula said whilst helping him to get his wetsuit and board from the buggy. She was not sure what she was doing or why she was doing it but something in her wanted to reach out to a young man that seemed almost lost. Every time she opened her mouth she had a million voices in her head shout – “Don’t” but she could not help herself.


Inside she skipped up the stairs to get her mobile and change into something a little more sensible than a t-shirt and pair of knickers and asked Richard to grab a drink from the fridge while he poured her a glass of wine. Stepping into her change room, she pulled the t-shirt over her head and noticed her breasts bounce free. She stopped to look at herself in the mirror and saw her long legs stretch upwards into her panties. The bulge of her pussy was visible through the material. A flat stomach with signs of a six-pack was evidence of 500 sit-ups every morning. She pulled her panties down and grabbed a pair of jeans. She hated wearing underwear at the best of times but normally did as she was out on site with builders and construction crew most of the day. Giving them a sample of her delights was not good for concentration and as her father said, “don’t let their minds wander because then they make mistakes”.


Down in the lounge Richard was sipping a soft drink and her glass of wine was standing on a coaster that protected the wooded table. “I called the mechanic and he will only be able to make it much later,” Paula said as she walked in on her bare feet. “You are welcome to stay here or I can drop you off wherever you need to be?” “I feel very embarrassed about this,” Richard said “but thank you very much”. “I think I will wait out at my buggy” No way” Paula replied. Its cold out and your buggy is perfectly safe why don’t you grab a shower and I will get you something to wear wile we wait.”


While Richard was showering, Paula went rummaging through the spare bedroom cupboard to see if she could find him something to wear. She was sure her brother had left some of his clothes after his last visit. Finding a pair of jeans that looked as if they should fit and a fleece pullover, she walked down the passage to put it at the bathroom door. The door latch has always been loose and you had to pull it in hard to ensure that it did not open. Richard obviously did not know this as the door was slightly open and the view to the shower unrestricted.


What Paula had seen from the balcony earlier was re-affirmed in the shower. A lean, tight body with not an ounce of fat. Richard was not aware of Paula as she stood gazing through the gap in the door. He was busy soaping his body and the noise of the shower must have muffled her intake of breath as she saw his penis. It was beautiful, not to long or too thick just perfect. She had not seen or touched one for a while but she could imagine the sensation of sliding her fingers along this one and guiding it into her mouth. The image was so vivid that her pussy was soaked in seconds and she stepped back in shock. “What the hell am I thinking, he is much younger than I am and I am not interested in another casual affair.”


She quickly turned away and ran down the stairs. Grabbing her glass of wine, she gulped it down. “Maybe this was bad idea because I have to be honest with myself and admit that he fascinates me”. “Why is if different from the others and what is it that is drawing me to him”. Realising that she never did leave the clothes at the bathroom as intended she took a deep breath and walked back up the stairs. “Richard I have something for you to wear” she called as she approached the still open bathroom door. He was busy towelling off and looked over his shoulder realising the door was open. “Thanks dump it at the door if you do not mind; I will be down in a second”. “Thank god, he did not realise that I saw him earlier” Paula thought when she got downstairs and refilled her wine glass.


“Let us go outside” Richard suggested when he arrived back in the lounge. “I am sure the view must be great from here”. “I have always wondered what Super tubes would look like from up here”. They made their way through the sliding doors onto a deck with pool. The ocean was breaking down below and the wind had died down making it a perfect evening to be out. Standing next to each other overlooking the ocean Richard turned to Paula. “I really appreciate your help, I am so used to having sort myself out that it comes as a bit of a surprise when someone helps me” “Its no problem I am glad I could” Paula said noticing that Richard was looking at her very intently. “May I ask you a personal question” he started, “why aren’t you married”? “I never got there she replied”. “To busy with building my life and making it work smoothly”. “A pretty woman like you should not have a problem with getting a husband,” he said. “That is exactly the problem; they came to easy and only interested in the money side of things”. “Yes men can be like that he replied taking a sip of his soft drink”.


“May I ask you a personal question”? Paula said. “I guess you can, I did”, he replied. “Do you have a girlfriend”? “No, I do not”. “My Mom and Dad were killed in a car accident a year ago and I just lost interest in everything except surfing”. “Even that has been difficult because the culture is always one of partying and I really do not feel like that”. “I am sorry to hear, it must have been terrible”. “My dad died a couple of years ago and I still miss him badly”. Paula replied looking out at the ocean.


“I tell you what, have dinner here tonight and let us forget about all our misery and sorrow, its time to move on”. Paula grabbed Richard’s hand and pulling him towards the sliding doors continued talking. “Will you light the gas barbecue for us please I have some steaks we can grill”. They enjoyed their dinner on the deck with the moon rising over the ocean. The conversation stayed light and skipped around sensitive topics but as they carried mugs of coffee to the deck chairs, Richard asked her. “Don’t you miss someone in your life”? “Yes I do was the quick reply but it needs to be the right one”. Just then, her phone rang and Paula ran inside to get it. It was the mechanic saying that he would only be able to be there in the morning.


“Richard I am afraid you will have to spend the night”, sounded slightly corny but Paula giggled at the same time as Richard processed the news about the mechanic. “I will get the spare room ready for you”. She was not sure if it was the wine or the moment but she reached out her hand and took Richard’s. “Come and help me make the bed”. As he got up from the Deck chair, she must have over balanced because she stumbled forward into his arms. Suddenly time stood still as she felt his chest against hers and his arms around her. Neither drew away or said anything and as she looked up, he lowered his mouth on hers. His lips tasted of the ocean and his tongue probed her mouth. Her tongue explored his lips and mouth in return and they stood kissing until they both broke away to carch their breath.


“Do not say a word,” Paula said as Richard blushed and stated to say something, which she did not want to hear. Taking him by the hand, she led him back to the deck chair and pushed him down. Straddling him, she leaned forward and kissed him deeply, his hands were on her back and exploring her bum. She could feel the first signs of an erection underneath her and she shuddered in anticipation. She moved down and started rubbing his erection through his pants and a loud moan escaped his lips. She had to feel if what she saw in the shower was true and quickly undid his fly. His erection had grown by now and jumped free as she slipped his pants over his hips. He was as smooth as it looked and as she slipped his penis in her mouth, she could taste the pre-cum on her tongue. Scratching his balls lightly with her nails, she sucked and nibbled his penis until she could feel the orgasm being close. Increasing the tempo, she swallowed him deeper and nestled his balls in her hand. The first glob of cum hit the back of her throat and she swallowed as he came in her mouth. She loved the smooth sticky taste of cum and sucked every drop from his dick.


By now, her pussy was throbbing but before she could do a thing, Richard had slid out from underneath her and flipped her over. His hands were gentle but insistent and she felt her jeans being undone and pulled down. Her top was pulled over her head and for a moment, she thought he was going to fuck her quickly and then lose interest like those before. She was surprised then when she felt his tongue on her lips and his hands stroking her body. Before long, she was ready to cry out with his hands alternating between firm and soft, driving her crazy. He was in control and purposefully avoiding her breasts and pussy. Every now and then, he would get close but teased her until she could not stand it any more. Sliding down her trembling body he softly spread her legs and the first touch his tongue on her clit made her jump. She was almost embarrassed by her own rough and ready treatment of him earlier but arched her back to feel his tongue on her soaked pussy. Richard was an amazing lover and sensed her wants and moods as they developed. He was rough and sensitive, young and mature, forceful and tender and she could feel a massive orgasm build in her.


Just when she thought she was going to cum he drew away and pulled her upright. She was confused, what now she thought has he lost interest. His response was perfect and he pulled her down on top of him for her to lower herself on his erect again dick. He felt larger than she imagined and she could feel her pussy stretching to accommodate him. His hands were on her breasts teasing her nipples and as she started to ride him, he moved them to her hips. Slowing her down he took control again. The subsided orgasm was up again and she could feel it washing over her like the ocean below them. It was like nothing she had ever experienced and when his one hand found her clit, the stars above exploded in her head and she cried out both in relief and in happiness.


Still soaked with their combined juices they both slid into the pool and the soothing water clicked the mood into a less urgent one. It did not take their bodies long to recover and soon the hands were exploring and the tongues grappling for territory. A low pool step was perfect and she turned around presenting her throbbing pussy to Richard. He did not need an explanation and moved in behind her. His dick found her pussy and he slid the tip into her keeping it like that. Moving in slow circles, he teased her pussy and she could feel the start of another orgasm. Paula reached behind her and grabbed his balls carefully. Massaging them slowly she could feel them tightening and she used this as a sign to pull him deep into her. His rhythm became more intense and picked up speed, just when she thought he was going to cum he slowed down giving her time to catch up. His hands were on her tits massaging her nipples and she felt her insides tightening in anticipation of her orgasm. She wanted to see his eyes when they came and she pulled away and turned around. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she slid onto his member and felt his hands supporting her bum. Their rhythm was perfectly synchronised but it was when she felt a finger on her bum hole that softly slid into her that she came hard and bit down on his neck.


The sunrise caught them curled up on a deck chair with a blanket protecting them from the early morning breeze. Paula cuddled up into the still sleeping body next to her and it was only when he stirred that she allowed herself to think about what had happened. He was a perfect lover but more than that had reconfirmed her belief that not all men are bad and that some were out there she had a soul mate waiting for her.

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