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The Surrogate Mother Pt 1

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Peter and Jan got more than they bargained for when they used a surrogate mum
They met at a motel just off the A14 north of Cambridge.

Peter and Jan had opted for natural insemination. It was no problem for Jan. She knew her husband would have to insert his penis into the body of another woman but she knew her man. To him it would be no more significant than planting seeds in his neighbour's garden. She also knew he was doing it for her. It was she who yearned, at 56, for the child she could never conceive.

He arrived in good time, parking his car and checking into a room at the inexpensive motel. There were butterflies in his belly and he had sweaty palms. Peter splashed his face in the sink and looked at himself in the mirror. He was 52, shortish and stocky, with thin brown hair. His eyes were brown and they were grainy. His nose was large for his face, pointing slightly to the left as you look at him. He was dressed casually like a middle aged man might dress, in brown cord trousers, beige shirt and a black pullover.

Peter read the motel handbook while he waited until a jingle on his mobile broke the silence. He answered.

"Hello. It's Joanne."

"Oh hullo." said Peter, and he gave his room number.

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door. Peter opened the door and saw before him a small, plump woman. He had met her at the agency with his wife so knew what to expect. Her eyes bulged a little but she was quite attractive, with a well shaped little nose, blue eyes and a clear complexion.

"Come in won't you." said Peter.

Joanne smiled shyly and asked to use the toilet.

While she was doing that Peter killed time by looking out of the window at the car park. The toilet flushed soon after and the surrogate mother appeared.

"Right!" She said cheerfully.

"Oh yes" said Peter, shrugging his shoulders awkwardly. He looked at Joanne's bust which was quite ample. She was wearing a white t-shirt and her breasts made a pleasing shape out of the material. Her cleavage was youth itself - white and fresh.

"If you're ready" said Joanne, "Uh, shall we."

"Yes" said Peter, clearing his throat and coughing.

"I'll just get into position," said Joanne, "and when you're quite ready."

She took out a band and tied her hair into a pony tail at the back and then she removed a pair of black knickers. Then she hiked up her skirt and kneeled on the bed, buried her face in her arms and pushed her bottom up.

Peter took his position behind her and dropped his trousers and y-fronts. Although she looked very inviting he did have a problem.

"Everything okay?" asked Joanne.

"I say, I'm terrible sorry but I can't seem to,"

"It's alright, not to worry." said Joanne, and she felt for him between her own legs. "Is that better?" she asked as she massaged his balls and felt his erection rising. Peter cleared his throat but did not say anything. Joanne guided him to her opening.

"You can put your hands on my hips" she said.

Peter complied with this suggestion and pushed inconclusively against her vagina.

"You'll need to really push hard," she advised, "thrust from your hips!"

Peter pushed again but could not penetrate. He felt himself start to convulse and feared not hitting the target.

"Oh no!" he groaned.

"Push for fucks sake!" Snapped Joanne, and Peter thrust sharply at her, breaking through and achieving full penetration.

"Oh my god!" he moaned and grabbed at her buttocks as he shook and convulsed and she pressed herself against him.

He stopped trembling and fought off an urge to fall on top of her. Joanne turned a little.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

He withdrew from her and went off to the bathroom while she laid face down on the bed with two pillows propping up her bottom.

Peter emerged and saw her lying on the bed, a towel covering her naked legs and arse.

"Shall I," he began.

"You can go, I'll take care of it, just leave the keys I'll check out for you. I need to stay like this for a while." She spoke softly, almost whispered.

"I'll be in touch through the agency." she said.

"Thank you" said Peter. "Well goodbye."

Peter left the hotel and sat in his car, closed his eyes and rested a while before going home to face Jan. On the way home he could not stop thinking about Joanne. What a lovely woman, he thought. He re-lived the moment when he penetrated her and felt the moist heat. How erotic! He had never felt so good. But ... He had to get a grip on himself. And the orgasm. So that was an orgasm, he thought, never experienced anything like that before. So intense, overwhelming, so fulfilling. And the ejaculation - the powerful contractions making his back arch till it ached. What was he to do with that experience? Pretend it didn't happen? He would have to. Jan knew him too well.

At home he went to Jan in the kitchen and embraced her but she felt something from him that was new to her and looked at him, shocked and dismayed.

She realised there and then that she did not know him as well as she thought.

To be continued.

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