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The Svenson Twins

The Svenson Twins

Two gorgeous Swedish models teach a NASA engineer a thing or two about sex.
I was flying back to Houston from New York City on a Friday afternoon. I always fly first class and sit by the window.

Today, I couldn't believe my luck when a stunning little thing with short blonde hair took the aisle seat next to me! Her hair was so cute the way she styled it, and her eye makeup looked professionally done. She really was a knockout.

And low and behold, what appeared to be her identical twin took the aisle seat in front of her. I thought, “Man, I sure did luck out today! How could I choose between these two gorgeous young girls if I had to?”

The one sitting next to me smiled when she sat down and said, “Hi. I'm Anna Svenson.”

“I'm Bill. Is that by any chance your twin sister sitting in front of us?”

“It sure is. That's Astrid.”

“Is that a Swedish accent?”

“Yes it is! Very good. Most people don't guess it the first time.”

“Do you two live in Houston?”

“No. We're going there for a photo shoot. We're models.”

“I can sure see why you are! You're absolutely stunning young ladies!”

“Well, thank you! You're rather pleasant to look at yourself.”

With my strongest Texas drawl, I said, “Aw shucks. Thank you ma'am.”

We laughed and the ice was well broken.

Anna said, “Do you live in Houston?”

“Sort of. I actually live down in Clear Lake City near Johnson Space Center.”

“Really? Do you work there?”

“Yep, for 12 years now.”

“What a coincidence! That's where our photo shoot is tomorrow, at the space center.”

“Wow! Really?”

“Yeah. We'll be shooting in front of the shuttle I think.”

“Really! I drive by that shuttle every day.”

“What a small world!” She leaned forward and yelled over the seat to her sister, “Hey Astrid, Bill here works at the space center where we'll be shooting!

Her sister turned around and said, “That's great! Maybe you can tell us a little about the area. We've never been there before. Hi, I'm Astrid.”

“I'm Bill. I'd be glad to.”

The flight attendant came by and told us we had to buckle up for takeoff, so our conversation ended for the moment. I sat back in my seat, thinking about the possibilities that meeting these girls might hold for me. They were both just so gorgeous! How could I be so lucky? But, girls this beautiful always have boyfriends, so I didn't get my hopes up.

After we took off, the plane made a left turn and headed south over Manhattan. Anna leaned across me to look out the window. She was so close to me that I could have leaned forward and run my tongue through her soft natural blonde hair.

I was absorbed in her hair when she turned her head and looked at me, “Sorry to lean across you like this. I usually get a window seat, but we booked too late. I love to look at New York from the air.”

“It is beautiful (just like you). Would you like to switch seats with me?”

“You wouldn't mind?”

“Not at all.”

We quickly switched seats and she gave me an adorable smile and said, “Thank you! You're so sweet!”

“No problem. I'm a pushover for a beautiful girl, especially a blonde one.”

“Hmm. I'll remember that.”

She turned back to the window for a while, then turned to me. “We're staying at the Hilton. Is that near the space center?”

“It sure is. You could walk there from the hotel.”

“Oh. Well, a limo will pick us up. I was just wondering.”

Now was as good a time as any, so I said, “I know this great seafood place down by the marina. If you two don't have plans for dinner, I'd love to take you there.”

“That would be great, Bill! We usually have to just eat in the hotel. Hey Astrid! We have a date for dinner tonight!”

Astrid turned around and said, “Wonderful! Where are we going?”

“Bill's taking us out for seafood.”

“Mmm. Our favorite! That's awfully nice of you, Bill.”

“Not at all. I just can't wait to show up there with a gorgeous blonde on each arm.”

Anna said, “Gosh, you're so sweet,” and kissed me on the cheek.

Astrid said, “Hey! Not fair. Bill, you'll get my kiss later.”

“I saw him first.”

We all laughed as I was thinking, “Don’t fight over me. We can have a threesome.”

* * * *

I picked the girls up at seven. They were wearing identical mini-skirts and halter tops and caught the eye of every man in the lobby as we walked through.

We had a nice drive down to the gulf and a wonderful dinner of talking and laughing. Anna sat in the booth beside me, and Astrid sat across from me.

At one point Anna moved really close and put her hand on my leg. I was so surprised that I jumped and looked over at her.

She leaned over to my ear and whispered, “What's the matter, Bill? Hasn't a girl ever come on to you before?”

“Not so overtly, no.”

Astrid ran her foot up my leg, “Hey you two. Don't start without me.”

As soon as we got in the car, Anna slid as close to me as the damn console would allow, started to nibble on my ear, and ran her hand up my leg to my crotch. When she discovered the bulge in my pants, she squeezed it and whispered, “That's my dessert.”

She continued to rub my swollen cock through my pants until it was about to bust out. She then slowly unzipped my fly, reached in, and pulled my cock out so it could stretch and breathe.

Astrid moved up and stuck her head over the seat, “Can I watch?”

Anna said, “Sure.”

She then bent down and took my cock in her mouth. I had to pull into a parking lot before I had a wreck. I could not drive with this gorgeous creature giving me such a fantastic blowjob.

Astrid was indeed watching. Not only was she watching, she started to nibble my ear, unbutton my shirt, and run her hand down my chest.

Anna came up and said, “Let's move to the back seat.”

I'm sure glad I drive a large Mercedes, because there I was in the back seat with Anna and Astrid. One intended to have me first, and the other was willing to wait for seconds.

Anna had me pull my pants down, then swung around and straddled my legs, hiked up her skirt to reveal her bare bottom, and sat down on my ten-inch cock.

“Ohh! You're so big!”

She moaned, “Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” as she ground her warm pussy against my cock.

“You feel so good!”

I grabbed her bare ass and helped her fuck my cock as I thrust up into her. She was quickly approaching her climax, but I didn't want mine to start. After all, Astrid was patiently waiting for her turn.

“Oh God! I'm cumming! Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!”

As soon as Anna finished, Astrid said, “Okay Anna. Move. It's my turn,” and replaced Anna on my lap. I'm sure the car was rocking and jumping like crazy as I fucked Astrid so hard that she climaxed in about thirty seconds, “Oh my God! Oh fuck me, Bill. Fuck me! Ohh! Ohh! Ohh!”

I was about ready to shoot off when Astrid jumped off, and Anna quickly jammed my cock in her mouth. I held her head against my crotch as I pushed up into her throat and started to shoot spurts of cum down into her stomach.

But before I was finished, Astrid's mouth replaced Anna's mouth on my cock, and I shot the remainder of my load down her throat. These two gorgeous girls were well practiced at what they were doing. There was no discussion required; no coordination; no mistakes. They had definitely done this before and knew what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.

I said to myself, “Oh my GOD! Is this really happening? Did I just screw these two beautiful models in the back seat of my car in the Walmart parking lot? Can anything in my life ever top this?”

I got the answer to that question later that night in their suite at the Hilton. Thanks to a little blue pill they gave me, I was able to fuck those darling, sweet, gorgeous little blondes almost all night!

Astrid wanted to be first, “Take me from the back. I love it that way.”

So I pulled her down on the bed as Anna watched from a recliner nearby. We rolled and kissed, our tongues darting around one another’s mouths, our bodies pressed together, urging us to move on to the final act.

“Why don’t you turn over face down on the bed.”

“I want your big cock in me so bad.”

I positioned myself behind her as she grabbed handfuls of the sheets. She knew what was coming next.

“Spread you legs further Astrid. I’m going to fuck you hard.”

I rammed my cock into her as she moaned loudly, “Ohh! You’re so hard!”

I thrust and thrust into her; sweat dripping from my face.

“Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!” she grunted with each thrust.

Then I leaned forward, put my hand over her mouth and pulled her up against my chest, and began to cum inside her. “You’re a nice fuck, Astrid.”

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” Astrid moaned as her orgasm swiftly approached.

I didn't think I would ever stop cumming! Astrid’s strong pussy muscles were squeezing my cock like a fist; her head felt good against my chest. Her short blonde hair felt so soft and silky as it rubbed against my skin. I didn't want it to end.

But it finally did. I let Astrid drop back onto the bed like a used rag doll and rolled over onto my back.

Gasping for breath, she said, “Bill that was great! You knew just what I wanted!”

I was so out of breath that I could only look at her and smile.

My cock was still standing at attention as Anna came over and sat down on it, facing away from me and said, “I love it from the back, too.”

I grabbed her hips and pushed up into her so hard and fast that she almost fell off the bed.

“Oh, Bill! You're amazing!”

I continued to thrust up into her so hard that her body would fly up, and my cock would slip out. She'd guide it back in, and I'd push it deep into her again so hard that she asked for help.

“Astrid. Hold me down. He's bucking me off.”

Astrid quickly moved beside us on her knees and held Anna down by the shoulders.

Anna said, “No. Move here in front of me.”

Astrid straddled my knees facing her sister, put her arms around her neck and held her close as I continued to fuck her harder than I'd ever fucked a girl before. Now both of them were bouncing up and down on the bed as I thrust into Anna.

Anna whispered to Astrid, “God Astrid! He's so good and so big!”

I reached up and pulled Astrid's arms away from Anna and flipped her face down on the bed without missing a thrust.

“Oh Bill! Oh Fuck! What are going to do to me?”

“I'm going to fuck you until you beg me to stop.”

“I won't ever beg you to stop.”

I continued to pound into Anna for the next twenty minutes, my stomach slapping against her little ass. She moaned and cried out and climaxed over and over, but wouldn't beg me to stop.

After her eighth climax, I growled, “Have you had enough yet?”

“Yes. Stop. Please! I can't take any more. I have to work tomorrow.”

“Finally!” I collapsed back on the bed beside Astrid, who had been watching us the whole time.

“Why don't you rest while I suck you clean?”

As I went to sleep, Astrid sucked my cock and Anna cuddled up in my arms and went to sleep. At some point I woke up to feel myself shooting off in Astrid's mouth, then went back to sleep.

At six the next morning the phone rang. It was their wakeup call. Both gorgeous girls were cuddled next to me, sound asleep.

Anna kissed me and said, “Why don't you order a big breakfast for yourself and order English muffins and fruit bowls for us. We're going to jump in the shower.”

They showered together and were out in ten minutes. Ten more minutes and they came out of the bathroom with perfect eye makeup, damp hair, and not a stitch on.

“Did you order breakfast?”

“Sure did. I just saw it walk out of the bathroom.”

“Oh, that's so sweet. But you'll have to wait ‘til tonight. Astrid and I have to work all day.

They dressed in identical mini-skirts and tank tops, ran their fingers through their hair to help it dry, then sat beside me on the bed, nibbling my ears and kissing my neck, making sure not to get me too aroused.

Our breakfast arrived, and we talked about the activities of the night before while we ate. They talked about our sex together like it was the most fun they'd ever had; as though they had spent the day in an amusement park. They laughed and giggled about my stamina and how hard my cock was all night.

“That little blue pill we gave you really did the job.”

They laughed at that and kissed me on my cheeks as someone knocked on the door.

“That will be our limo driver. See you tonight.”

“Can I come watch your shoot?”

“Sure. That would be nice. We'll think about what we'll do with you tonight as we're working. That will be exciting.”

* * * *

I watched the Svenson twins model their bikinis in front of the shuttle all day. They must have worn twenty different ones and posed endlessly in each. They gave me knowing glances as they worked. I knew what they were thinking.

There must have been thirty or forty guys from the space center watching and drooling as Anna and Astrid modeled their bikinis on their perfect, well-fucked little bodies. When they took a break for lunch, they headed straight for me. All of my co-worker's jaws dropped open when each girl gave me a big hug and kiss and walked with their arms around my waist to a tent that had been erected for our lunch.

* * * *

For dinner that night the girls wanted Chinese, so I took them to one of the best Chinese restaurants in Houston. It was almost an hour drive, so Astrid played with my bulge on the way there, and Anna played with it on the way back. I was leaking pre-cum something awful by the time we got back to the hotel.

That night was not a repeat of the night before. The twins wanted to make it in the big Jacuzzi down by the pool. So after taking another little blue pill, off we went…me in my trunks and them in one of their many bikinis. It was about ten o'clock and not many people were still in the pool; two guys were in the Jacuzzi. They got noticeably excited when they saw us approaching. I don't think they saw me. I think their eyes just zeroed in on the twins. I guess I couldn’t blame them.

I thought, “Oh great! These guys will hang around now, hopeful that they can score with the twins.”

But Anna and Astrid gave no notice of the two guys. They made it obvious that I was there for them and they were there for me. They were all over me from the moment we sat down in the warm water. They made no attempt to hide their hands as they wandered over my body, down to my legs, and up to my crotch.

The two guys watched, shocked and uncomfortable for a few minutes then said, “We can take a hint,” and left.

Luckily, the Jacuzzi was isolated behind rocks and greenery as Anna pulled down my trunks just far enough to let my cock out, then straddled me, put her hands on my shoulders, and slowly sat down on it. We fucked for several minutes as Astrid stood guard, looking for anyone who might come along. Then Astrid stood guard as Anna and I screwed. It was a fantastic hour-long session of sex. They each climaxed twice while I was able to hold back for later.

We then went back to their suite where they wanted to do it in the shower.

“I'll do it in the shower if you'll let me shampoo your hair. That has to come first.”


I thought, “These darling little girls are SO agreeable! What will my life be like when they return to New York?”

We got in the shower, and I was in heaven for fifteen minutes as I thoroughly shampooed their beautiful blonde hair. It was so sensuous that my cock was standing out at attention the whole time.

Astrid said, “This really turns you on, doesn't it?”

“Like you'll never know! Natural blonde hair really turns me on!”

“Well, I think Anna and I can arrange to fly to Houston occasionally so you can shampoo our hair. Would you like that?”

“Are you kidding?”

“No. We don't intend to go home after this weekend and never see you again. We want to see you whenever we can. Right Anna?”


“I would love to do this as often as possible.”

I turned Astrid around to better rinse her hair, then pushed her against the wall and thrust my cock into her, lifting her feet off the floor.

“Oh God! Fuck me!”

I fucked Astrid until she climaxed twice, then did the same to Anna. They loved every minute, and I was in heaven!

Then it was their turn to get me off. They dropped to their knees and sucked me until I started to cum. They each tried to get as much as they could.

* * * *

The Svenson twins slept all night in my arms and left the next morning. They have kept their promise to return to Houston as often as possible. As of today, they have flown down to spend a weekend with me once a month for the last eight months. Those have been the most wonderful and memorable weekends in my life. The twins are always so horny and aggressive when they’re here that it is sometimes hard for me to keep up with what they want. I wondered if they would like for me to get a buddy to help me kept them satisfied?

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