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The Taking

This is my first submission- Comments welcomed
I walk into the room dressed as you requested: Hair in pigtails, plaid schoolgirl skirt, tall white socks, white button down shirt, no bra.

I stand in front of you while your eyes scrutinize me. You beckon me over, “Show me” you demand. I lift the hem of my skirt and reveal my white cotton panties. I pretend not to notice when you adjust the bulge in your pants.

You grab my hips and sit me on the desk. I spread my legs and place my feet on the arms of your office chair giving you a birds eye view of my white panties. You unconsciously lick your lips while slowly sliding your hands up my inner thighs. You pause at the edge of my panties, I hold my breath, silently willing you to continue. You retreat, I stifle a moan. I’m sure you can see the wet spot forming on my panties.

You casually reach over, unbutton my shirt, expose my breasts. I hear someone in the hall outside the office, but you seem unconcerned. You lean in and suck one nipple into your wet, warm mouth. My nipples harden painfully, my pussy clenches, I feel myself getting wetter. I want to ask you to punish the other one, but I hesitate. I fear what you would think of me. In time you move to the other one, biting me, watching my reaction to your brutality.

You start trailing your fingers up my thighs again, I stop breathing, hoping you won’t stop short of my pussy this time. I am rewarded, you slide one finger under the edge stroking my lips. Our eyes lock and I dare not look away for fear you will stop pleasing me. I moan silently when you find my opening, sliding your finger deep in me. My wetness spreads quickly. I see your eyes darken, I know that your passion is building, I wait silently.

I pout when you withdraw your finger and slide it in your mouth, tasting my sweetness. I slip my right hand into my panties, sliding two fingers deep in my pussy. I hear your sharp intake of breath….I smile….I withdraw my fingers and suck one at a time, enjoying my taste….you can’t take your eyes off of my mouth.

Your hands shoot out, rip my panties off, grab my hips and pull me closer to the edge of the desk. I’m so wet now. I throw my head back when you spread my glistening lips wide and stroke my pussy. I want to beg for more from you, but I let you set the pace, taking control of my pleasure.

I silently moan “yes”, when you find my clit, stroking me firmly. My engorged clit swells under your ministrations. I start panting now, not caring that I can be overheard, my pussy milking your fingers. My head flung back, a ragged groan escapes from deep within my throat. I am so close now. I can feel my orgasm building.

You reach down and free your cock from your pants, I’m too lost in my pleasure to notice. Suddenly you are looming over me, cock poised at my entrance, before I can react you are deep within me. I cry out from the brutality and the pleasure of your taking.

You hover over me, hands supporting your weight while you lift me off the desk with each thrust. Sweat is pouring off of you, I fling my arms around your neck, getting my fill of you but wanting more.

Then you tense…I know you are cumming. "No, no, no," I whisper furiously. I need more time, but it’s too late.

To be continued

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