The Teacher Learns A Lesson, Chapter 2

By WayneGibbous

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More of Erica and Harrisville
"Oh, Erica, you have no idea. It is just wonderful being with you. It couldn't be better."

"You're so sweet, Adam, I'd like to keep you around," she whispered and she lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my back and pulled me tight into her. "I'll never forget tonight, me being your first. It's a first for me, I think. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I've never had a virgin guy before. That's lovely," she murmured and I continued going in and out of her, the feelings getting better and better.

I might have gotten a blowjob from this lovely creature just this afternoon, but I was still a very horny guy. As I went in and out of her, I was surprised that I was lasting this long. Her pussy was simply wonderful. I have no other to compare but it was wonderful.

Then, all the fantastic feeling seemed to culminate in the head of my cock as I bolted forward, shoving deeply into her, my legs stiffened as I cummed into this beautiful woman.

"UUNH, UUNH, uh, uh, oh, Erica, oh, it's so good, oh, you've made me so happy," I groaned and I dropped down over her as her arms surrounded me and she kissed my face and lips over and over.

"Oh, Adam, I'm so happy. So happy we're together like this. I want us to be like this, it just feel so right."

"Yes, Erica, I want us to get to know each other better, lots better. What a wonderful way to start," and I leaned down and kissed her as romantically as I knew how.

"I can come visit you, too, Adam. Where are you staying?"

"Oh, just a place I'm renting week by week, I don't plan on staying there, I'll get a better place."

"Well, I have a garage apartment in the back. It's empty. It's pretty nice, too, I don't really try to rent it, you could stay there if you want. I'll show you before you go."

"How much do you want for rent?"

"Well, I think I can figure some way for you to make it up to me, Adam. Let's say, help around the house?"

"I guess it depends on the kind of help I might be able to give."

"Oh, you've already helped a lot. Would you like to help some more? Is your nice 'helper' ready?" she asked as she reached down to feel my cock.

"Mmm, pretty much. Let's see what we can do to help," she said as she got down and began sucking me, it was that wonderful feeling again. Every suck got my breathing pumped up even more.

"There. Oh, yes, that's perfect. Now lay down, it's my treat," and she swung a leg over me, reached under between her legs, took hold of me and lowered herself, wiggling and twisting as I disappeared up inside her wondrous body.

"Mmm, oh, yeah, oh, this is nice, really nice. Feel good, Adam?" she asked as she twisted back and forth while she pressed down on me.

"Oh, so much better than good, Erica, so much better. Simply wonderful," I moaned as I massaged her beautiful breasts and rubbed her nipples between my fingers.

"Mmm. I love my boobs played with. You can do that all you want."

"Is that part of the rent?"

"Could be, Adam, could be," she grinned as her hips moved up and down over me.

Well, I was no longer a virgin. But I'd only had sex once. It was just wonderful and here we were doing it again, now with Erica up on top and it felt rather different. Still wonderful, still very sexy and erotic but different. I really liked this, with her on top. Not because I'm lazy or anything, just because it felt so good. And, I got to rub her nice boobs as she fucked me.

As she moved up and down over me, my hands kneaded her breasts and she put her hands over mine and massaged along with me. My cock was feeling so good. I was not far from another orgasm by the feel of it.

"Mmm, this is so nice, Adam. You feel so good inside me right now. Oh, so good," she said as she began twisting her hips around back and forth while she pressed down. This was going to do it, oh, yes, for sure.

"UUH, UUH, uh, uh," I grunted as my semen flooded into her depths and she fell over me, kissing me over and over, now, bucking her hips up and down faster and faster.

"Oh, OH, OH, Adam, Oh, it's so good, oh, you make me feel so good," and she stopped with me still deep inside her as I could feel her contracting deeply around me, gripping, then releasing me over and over. This was exquisite, like nothing I'd ever imagined before. I just lay there, my cock still up inside Erica, her head resting on my shoulder, awash in the most lovely feelings I'd ever had.

We just laid there for a long time, my dick slowly relaxing, our kisses keeping ourselves awake, a thin film of perspiration over Erica slowly cooling us both. Every once in a while I felt her pussy contracting around my cock, squeezing it, then relaxing. Oh, it was heaven.

"Mmm, I've really missed that, Adam. I just love having you here," she said as she nuzzled my neck.

"That was just spectacular, Erica, I just never thought it could be that good. You are a wonder."

"Well, we'll have lots of time to have fun together, Adam. Especially if you decide to move in the apartment in back. Let's go look at it, shall we?" and she got me a robe out of her closet and put one on herself.

We went out through the kitchen and to the garage out back, up the stairs, where she unlocked the door and flipped the light switch on.

The apartment opened into the kitchen which was nice enough, especially for my style of cooking, then into a living area and to the bedroom in back.

Erica then turned to me, slid her robe off to the floor and pushed mine off my shoulders where it fell to the floor. She then took a step forward toward my erection, put her arms around me, looked up and we kissed once again, her hand down between us, her fingers encouraging my cock.

"I wouldn't want you to consider the apartment unless you had tried out the bed first," she said softly as she led me to the bed, sweeping the bed linens aside and getting down on her all fours facing away from me.

She turns her head back toward me and asks, "See any place you'd like to put that thing, Adam?" and wiggled her butt a few times. What a sexy woman.

I waddled right up behind her beautiful butt with that pretty pussy winking back at me, placed my cock head right on the moist crevice and began rubbing myself up and down, then pushed my hips toward her watching my cock slowly go up inside her.

"Mmm, yes, oh, now that feels good. Oh, yes, Adam, just go in and out while I…mmm, oh, that's good. You like me going round and round while you do me from the back?"

"Oh, it feels heavenly, incredible, just incredible."

I can't believe I never tried harder to have sex with some of the girls I had dated. Now that I knew how great it was, I just wanted to kick myself for always being the gentleman. Even with Erica, I probably would never have made a pass at her, now look at us.

"Just push in, Adam, push into me real hard and just stay there nice and still," which I did as she pressed back against me. Then, I felt her contracting her vaginal muscles around me, alternately squeezing, then relaxing around my cock. I just couldn't resist, it felt so, so good.

"UNNH, uh, oh, Erica, that is fantastic. Oh, you do that so well, It just feels fabulous when you do that."

"Now go fast, Adam, try to get me off now," she said back to me and I began pumping back and forth, not trying to take too long a stroke, worried that my dick, now being a little soft, might slip out of her at a crucial point. But, I suppose, I did the right thing for she started pushing back on me, dropping her head to the mattress and moaning, "OH, OH, Adam, OH, more, Adam, oh, fuck me more, OOOH, OOOH, mmm, oh, so good, yes, so good," and I slowed down just pulling back slowly, then pressing in, just letting her enjoy her orgasm as much as she could. I could see my semen dripping down the bottom of her pussy lips. What a night.

"Oh, Adam, that was lovely. Did you like it that way?"

"Just wonderful, Erica, that was doggie-style, right?"

"Yes, woof, woof," she said laughing.

I turned her over and we kissed for quite a while. We both knew it was getting quite late, that she had kids to get up and going in the morning and that I had a full school day as well. So, on went our robes and we went back inside her house to her bedroom where we stood kissing all nice and naked, she, again, fondling my cock which was, yes, getting hard again.

"I think you'll just have to come back over for dinner again tomorrow night, Adam. And bring this, please," she whispered as she gave me a squeeze and a smile. She then helped me get dressed, I accepted her lovely invitation and left to go home to my lonely room.

I laid there, unable to sleep, thinking back over the sex-filled evening I had just had. I had simply fallen into a paradise of sexual pleasure. Who would think that Harrisville would harbor such a wonderful and sexy creature. And I drifted off to the happiest sleep of my life.

The next evening, I was greeted at her door with an embrace and long kiss as she fondled my cock. Then, as she turned to go inside, she flipped up the back of her skirt revealing to me, once again, the lovely half moons of her ass, turning her head back to me with a smile.

Our evening was much the same as the one before, a nice meal with her children, then some television and sending them off to bed so we adults could be adult. I was fucked and sucked more than I ever thought possible. I had decided to take her up on her offer of the apartment out back and I got an excited kiss which was very nice indeed.

"I'll give you the key before you leave, you can move in any time. I'm looking forward to having you this close by, Adam, both you and your nice cock, here," which she bent down to kiss. What have I ever done to deserve this? I wondered.

Then, about one in the morning as I was leaving, Erica said, "I'm having some friends over on Saturday evening, just a few women friends of mine. Could you come? You could get to meet a few new people."

I graciously accepted, not that I had any other plans, hoping that after the women left, maybe we could be together again.