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The Tease at Work 1

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She thinks it's going to be all about her...
I sat on my hands like I was told. It was the Friday before a holiday weekend, so the office was empty except for us, which was a good thing since the office was glass on three sides. It was only about 6:30, but the massive rainstorm that beat the windows made the world dark as night. In front of me she sat on her desk with her legs spread to either side of the desk. A trickle of liquid seeped from her pussy and pooled where her tight ass met the desk. Her shoes were on the floor somewhere, along with the panties she had removed to give me the show I was enjoying. Her tan skin was smooth and flawless as I looked up her legs to where her tan met what must have been a very small thong bottom she tanned in, as a very small area of skin close to her shaved pussy lips was still white. I loved the contrast.

Not realizing what I was doing, I reached for her legs and placed my hands high on her thighs where her skirt fell. My head snapped to the side before I felt the sting of her slap on my face, forcing a small groan to escape through my gritted teeth.

“I didn’t say you could touch any of me you little fuck,” she snapped at me. Her fingers were now working three at a time in and out of her pussy while her other hand returned behind her for balance.

“Then what am I doing here?,” I asked I earnest.

She grabbed me aggressively by the hair. “You’re doing what I say at the moment. Understand me?!”

It was an unwritten understanding that she was probably the biggest slut on the floor, maybe in the building. She had a live-in boyfriend, a kid with someone else, and always one or two guys hanging out on the side. She got around for someone who was closing in on 40. And she didn’t go out of her way to keep it all that secret. She had a hard body and fake tits that she loved to show off by wearing clothes that pushed the envelope of the company dress code. I’d always wondered what she looked like naked, and figured she must be a total freak in the bedroom considering the stories she didn’t do so well with being discrete about. Then again, another part of me thought it was all hype and she just liked to be the center of attention. Turns out I was half right and half wrong; it appeared that it wasn’t all hype, and she did like the attention.

She threw her head back, moaning in pleasure enjoying her fingers deep within her. Periodically she would pause and bring her fingers to her mouth, sucking her juice off them. In the mean time, my cock throbbed, pressing against by pants, begging to be let out for the smallest relief. Reflexively, I reached out to unbutton my pants to find that relief and was slapped again, this time with the hand that was giving her pleasure. The juice ran down my cheek, and I licked it out of the corner of my mouth, almost making the situation enjoyable.

“You don’t get to touch yourself either you little pervert. Just sit there and serve your fucking purpose.” Part of me was tried of being abused at the hands of this slut. Another part of my was fascinated, loving every second of it, begging more and more to plunge my cock deep within her.

“No, I’ve had enough of sitting here taking your shit,” I finally said. “I’m going home,” and started to stand up.

“Fine,” she said with frustration, putting her foot in my chest and shoving me back into the chair. “I had a rough day and worked out hard this morning. Start and my feet and massage my legs,” she ordered.

“What the hell? And this is supposed to help me somehow? Screw that,” I told her.

“You wanted a new purpose, here it is. Now shut the fuck up and do as your told!”

Again, part of me wanted to leave. To tell her to go fuck herself. But I couldn’t help to be turned on by being ordered around a bit. I served my role, taking her feet in my hand one at a time, deeply massaging her starting at her toes, then the sole, then up her calves, and finally to her soaking wet thighs. All the while, she kept fingering herself, cumming time and time again. When my hands reached to far or came to close to her pussy, she would shoot me glaring looks, warning me not to reach an inch farther. Then before I knew it, cum squirted from her pussy, leaving a trail down my shirt.

Enough was enough. I pushed her skirt up her legs, and placing one hand on each of her thighs, pressed them apart giving me clear access to what I really wanted. Then moving my chair forward, I pressed my mouth to her soaking lips. I fired my tongue everywhere, taking as much of her juice as I could. Still shaking from the orgasm she just gave herself, she leaned backward moaning and pressing her box to my mouth, humping against it harder and harder. She scooted her ass down a bit, and I paused to kiss all around her ass cheeks before extending the tip of my tongue to tease her tight little asshole.

Coming off her massive orgasm and now realizing that I was breaking her rules, she grabbed me by my hair, pulling my head up. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?,” she demanded.

“Ow, shit. What the hell does it look like?,” I responded. Then shaking free, I put my mouth back on her pussy and with most of the force I had available, sucked her clit into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue.

“Oh fuck,” she breathed, breaking away from her angry mentality. Then snapping right back she cussed at me “You better get my off you little fucker….ugh….oh god….mmmmm….think you can just….mmmmm….think you just get to lick my pussy you little shit?.....oh fuck.”

Lightning struck outside, and thunder clapped and rolled giving a violent soundtrack to our events. I dipped my little finger in the wetness of her box, and with no warning, pressed it deeply into her perfect ass.

“OHHHHH…SHIT,” she moaned at me as I fingered aggressively into her ass. “Take it easy fucker!”

But I’d had enough of being slapped around and belittled by this woman. I added more pressure and fingered her with my other hand, the whole time sucking her clit like my life depended on it. Finally, her back arched and her thighs squeezed together as she erupted into my mouth, down my chin, and added to the pool that had been growing on her desk for the last 45 minutes.

Without missing a beat, she reached down to again take me by the hair forcing me to liberate her clit from my mouth and my finger from her ass.

“Now get your shit, and get out of my office,” she spat at me.

But I had no intentions of leaving without getting mine too…

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